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Download No Cameras Allowed Author Julian David Stone No Cameras Allowed My Career As An Outlaw Rock And Roll Photographer Tells The Story, In Words And Photos, Of How Julian David Stone, Entirely By Sneaking His Equipment Into Concerts, Amassed An Incredible Archive Of Over Ten Thousand Rock And Roll Photos Starting By Simply Stashing A Camera In His Socks, Then Taping Equipment All Over His Body, To Finally Customizing A Jacket To Hide Equipment From Security Guards, He Shot Dozens Of The 1980s Greatest Acts Prince, U2, The Police, David Bowie, R.E.M., The Ramones, Elvis Costello, The Talking Heads, The Grateful Dead, Joan Jett, And Many, Many Culled From This Incredible, Never Before Seen Archive, This Book Contains Over 250 Of His Best Photos, Along With Some Of The Craziest Adventures He Had As He Evaded Oversized Roadies, Aggressive Security, And Than A Few Drunken Fans.No Cameras Allowed

Julian David Stone grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, eventually relocating to Los Angeles to study filmmaking and then enter the entertainment business Other work besides this book includes screenplays for Disney, Paramount, Sony, and MGM the full length play, The Elvis Test and several short form documentaries on Frank Sinatra for Warner Bros He is also the writer and director of the hit

!!> EPUB ❁ No Cameras Allowed  ✼ Author Julian David Stone –
  • Hardcover
  • 252 pages
  • No Cameras Allowed
  • Julian David Stone
  • English
  • 17 June 2018
  • 9780989831512

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    No Cameras Allowed My Career as an Outlaw Rock and Roll Photographer by Julian David Stone is a compilation of the author s concert photos, taken on cameras he smuggled into venues by any means necessary, until eventually he was well known enough to be invited by magazines aching for the shots The book spans through the early and mid eighties, covering multiple groups with crisp and seemingly up close photography, and bite sized stories on how he got in and what the experience was like They run the full gamut, from receiving some serious stink eye from the lead guitarist of Bonnie Hayes and the Wild Combo, to a somewhat haunting Springsteen finale and the end of his career as a music photographer.I have something of a special connection to No Cameras Allowed, as Julian David Stone has unknowingly captured one of my earliest and most vivid childhood memories December 30, 1983 at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco, the author and I shared a space as we listened to Huey Lewis and the News Stone clung to a camera he d had little trouble getting in, and I, at barely six years old, clung to my father s hair as I sat on top of his shoulders This was my first concert Nostalgia is a glorious thing and Stone delivers it in spades The photos are just s...

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    My son is a huge 80s music fan I got this book for him and it arrived right on his birthday I m so glad I bought this book for him The pictures are vivid and authentic This book is a treasure and every household should have a copy For sure No Came...

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    Just got my copy amazing Not just another rock n roll coffee table book This extensive compendium of 80 s rock photography covers a spectrum of bands and genres, popular and niche prog rock, new wave, psychedelic, punk, arena rock and Wow Fun, endlessly pick up able ...

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    If you re a fan of 80s music, especially if you were lucky enough to attend any live shows by major acts during that era, Julian David Stone s new book will be an essential part of your Rock n Roll book collection Given the fact that Stone smuggled professional gear into most of the concerts he photographed, the images have a sense of immediacy and energy missing from the kind of stock shots you get from photographers sanctioned by the artists Having attended shows by quite a few of the musicians featured in the book, it took me back to a adventurous time in live music when you could blow into town, score a ticket on the street or at the box office and see your favorite band up close without having to take out a second mortgage Equally engaging and exciting are the stories the author tells about smuggling his gear into shows, getting hassled by roadies and security, including the pitfalls associated with capturing so many stunning images without being apprehended and ejected The book is an impressive 12x12 inches, coincidentally the same size as a vinyl LP In fact, going through it will make you want to dust off your turntable and spin those old copies of Purple Rain, Synchronicity and War The printing quality of the images contained within is stunning, with sharp contrast and vivid color that you can only get from old fashioned 35mm film So if you re old enough to remember what it was like to hold up a cigarette lighter during a rock show encore instead of a smart phone, or...

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    I bought this book as a gift for a friend who is really into music based on the stunning images I took some time to read it before gifting and it also has an interesting story about the photographer I enjoyed this book even though I was not that into live music at the time The quality of the photos w...

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    This is a beautiful compilation of photography of some of the most prominent musicians from the 1980 s, that now resides on my coffee table transporting me back to another time whenever I choose The author has shared that during the time these photos were taken, he did not take these with the intent of making a profit, but rather for the sheer admiration of the artists themselves to enjoy on his own afterwards ...

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    What an incredible collection of rare photographs professionally taken by a rock n roll die hard No Cameras Allowed My Career as an Outlaw Rock Roll Photographer is an one of its kind coffee table book of stunning photographs, complete with author Julian Stone s exhilarating shooting moments and humorous anecdotes, that brings back vivid on stage images, joy and fond memories of some o...

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    Wow This is an absolutely stunning collection of previously unpublished shots of some of the greatest rockers in their prime If you were lucky enough to catch these acts during their heyday, this book is like an incredible yearbook Wish I could...

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    It s great to flip through Julian s collection of rock n roll photos and see seminal artists like Prince, Bono and Sting captured at the height of their creative powers in ecstatic moments of performance The photos will make you wish you d been there and if you were there, they ll awaken ...

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    This book was interesting to look through Very large in size which helps you really get a good look at the photos.The photos themselves Some great, others very good, and interesting in that he snuck in the...

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