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EPUB Before Your Lies Author Sandie Jones From Sandie Jones, The Author Of The Reese Witherspoon X Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick AndNew York Times Bestseller The Other Woman, Comes An Addictively Readable New Domestic Suspense About A Wife, Her Husband, And The Woman Who Is Supposedly Her Best Friend.THE WIFE For Alice, Life Has Never Been Better With Her Second Husband, She Has A Successful Business, Two Children, And A Beautiful House.HER HUSBAND Alice Knows That Life Could Have Been Different If Her First Husband Had Lived, But Nathan S Arrival Into Her Life Gave Her Back The Happiness She Craved.HER BEST FRIEND Through The Ups And Downs Of Life, From Celebratory Nights Out To Comforting Each Other Through Loss, Alice Knows That With Her Best Friend Beth By Her Side, They Can Survive Anything Together So When Nathan Starts Acting Strangely, Alice Turns To Beth For Help But Soon, Alice Begins To Wonder Whether Her Trust Has Been Misplaced.The First Mistake Could Be Her Last.Praise For The Other Woman One Of The Most Twisted And Entertaining Plots Reese Witherspoon A Perfect Beach Read Kristin Hannah Whiplash Inducing New York Times Book Review Such Fun You Ll Cheer Emily S Chutzpah PEOPLEThis Thriller Will Hit Close To Home Refinery29Before Your Lies

Sandie Jones has worked as a freelance journalist for over twenty years, and has written for publications including the Sunday Times, Woman s Weekly and the Daily Mail She lives in London with her husband and three children The Other Woman is her debut novel.

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Before Your Lies
  • Sandie Jones
  • English
  • 02 January 2018
  • 9781250192028

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    4.5 starsI read this almost a month ago and I ve put off writing a review because there are so many things I want to say about this book but I m having a hard time trying to find the words without giving too much away about the plot So my apologies, but this review is going to be pretty vague I will say though I had so much fun reading this one If you enjoyed the author s previous novel, The Other Woman, I highly recommend checking this one out as I think this one is better.Alice runs a successful business with her second husband, Nathan, and is also busy raising two children Life is pretty darn good, or at least it seemed that way until Nathan started acting differently So Alice turns to her best friend, Beth, for support And let s just say life is about to get real interesting for Alice whether she likes it or not.This might sound like a stupid statement but in my opinion whether or not you like this book is going to depend on your reading requirements for the genre Overall, the most important thing to me when I read a book in the suspense, thriller, or mystery genre is I want to be entertained and just have a fun reading experience and that was the case here I also like that feeling of confusion in which you think you know what s going on but yo...

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    Many moons ago November of 2017 to be exact , I had the privilege of reading an early manuscript of Sandie Jones s debut novel The Other Woman, and I knew once I finished it that the publishing industry had found something really special I was completely shocked by the ending, and perhaps that set my expectations to unrealistic standards while going into The First Mistake Don t get me wrong, this was another entertaining page turner, but unfortunately I found that it fell into many of the same traps that psychological thrillers today seem to keep doing Obviously, we ve reached a point where it s difficult to find any twists that haven t been done before, and it has been causing quite a buzz amongst readers of what the future holds for the genre I sympathize with suspense novelists everywhere when I say that it s quite a predicament, and not one that I have an answer for All that to say, I feel like this book fell into the realm where, if it had been published in an earlier era, perhaps it wouldn t have felt so predictable.Poor Alice has been living in survival mode for quite some time After the sudden disappearance of her husband, Tom, she fell down a dark hole of depression and anxiety Even after a decad...

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    3.5 stars.Another thriller, another crazy ride.Truthfully though, the thrillers I read, the I feel that my life isn t nearly as screwed up as I think it is sometimes Alice had an idyllic life with her husband Tom, a growing business, and a beautiful young daughter His sudden death at a young age tore Alice apart, leaving her shattered, and unable to regain control of her life for a short while Ultimately she realized her daughter meant the world to her, and she owed it to her to the both of them to pull herself together.Years later, Alice feels like she has a second chance at happiness Her second husband, Nathan, has stood by her through thick and thin, indulging her anxieties and her fears She now has two daughters, and the business she started building with Tom is now flourishing But when Nathan starts acting suspiciously, Alice s sense of security starts to erode Her best friend, Beth, tells her that she has every right to be concerned about Nathan, but Beth is dealing with her own issues as well And then bombshell after bombshell is revealed, leaving Alice to wonder whom she can trust and how much of her life and her relationships have been a lie.Sandie Jones throws a lot of twists into The First Mistake , so I m being purposely vague on my plot summary, even though many of the surprises seemed well telegraphed early on But having read so ...

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    4 StarsBe Careful WHO you place your trust in Alice is a happily married mother of two Nathan really has been a life saver and she loves him desperately Not as much as her first husband Tom, but still, enough Their business is thriving and life is good Beth is Alice s best friend Beth has always struggled ever since her boyfriend left her alone and pregnant Through thick and thin, Beth and Alice have always had each other Who knew they would be tested with something like this What happens when it turns out you don t really know the people you love the most Trust is a slippery slope.It s the First Mistake you make that s always the hardest. just ask Alice.What a fabulous suspenseful read The First Mistake by Sandie Jones was Gripping my kindle for dear life I couldn t swipe fast enough Though I ...

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    This is a book I ve been hearing such great things about lately As anxious as I was to immediately dig into it, I feared the hype may be overrated, leaving one disappointed reader Wellmy worries couldn t be further from reality I loved it It most certainly deserves all the buzz it s been receiving Early on I was sure I had a handle on this twisty gem Not even close The curves never quit coming And the endingBAM How well do you really know the love of your lifeor your best friend for that matter Who can you really trust Are you sure If you love a masterfully crafted, twisty thriller guaranteed to keep you in the dark guessing throughoutlook no further This is the book for you As much as I enjoyed Sandie Jon...

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    FOUR STARSI like THE FIRST MISTAKE I was afraid I wouldn t.I like it mucho mucho than The Other Woman and since I gave that one a three star rating, it seems only fair to give Jones s newest novel four big ones.There are only three main characters in THE FIRST MISTAKE and I love that We have a wife and husband and wife s best friend That s it These three characters become so entwined, confused and convoluted you can t even imagine While the writing borders on a bit cheesy for me, the characters are fleshed out and the situations are somewhat believable Jones really sells this saga in an interesting way Similar to one of my faves, The Wife Between Us, the first part of the book is told from the wife s viewpoint and the next part is told from the best friend s point of view I have to leave it at that The fun is in trying to put the puzzle pieces together Serious psyche suspense lovers will likely figure out what is going on a bit earl...

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    3.5 Stars A fast paced and twisty read that is full of twists and turns I absolutely loved this author s debut novel, The Other Woman, and went into this one with high expectations.This one was predictable, but I was pleased at how the reveals slowly expose what is going on beneath the surface I figured out all the big twists, but I was still pleased Still found myself whispering what the heck is going on here It moved quickly and kept me interested and the whole the wife, the husband, the best friend triangle was very clever and fun There is so much going on and it is just so darn entertaining to put all the clues together and have your awe moment Even though I saw it coming And the ending I admit..was a shocker Recommend for a fast, light, and FUN vacation read Thanks to ST Mar...

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    I had fun reading The First Mistake by Sandie Jones It was a quick easy read for me and had my mind reeling with all the twists and turns Despite the fact that I was correct with some of my suspicions about what was going on the in the book, I enjoyed finding out why things were happening and who was doing exactly what Alice lost her first husband in an accident, had a nervous breakdown and was saved by her second husband, Nathan, who now works with her in the business that Alice and her first husband created Beth is Alice s best friend and the person Alice confides in when she starts having suspicions concerning Nathan Then Alice s life goes farther downhill when she finds that her life with her first husband could have been a lie Things get twisted and tangled and it s hard to know who to believe or whether Alice is overly paranoid and mixing too many drinks and medicines to even think clearly One minute I m thinking that Alice is ...

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    If you loved Sandie Jones debut novel The Other Woman, then I urge you to pick up her upcoming The First Mistake when it hits shelves this Spring This fast paced domestic thriller packs a punch friendship, love and relationships, sex, betrayal it has it all The story is centered around a wife, her husband, and her best friend, but the mystery behind all three characters is not your typical domestic thriller Alice and her husband own an architectural design company and its become a flourishing and lucrative business by its own rite Alice doesn t really mingle with the other mothers in town, but has gravitated towards this woman Beth Beth and Alice both have daughters around the same age, and they just have become inseparable Beth starts noticing some peculiarities in her husband Nathan, and when she reaches out to her friend for help and guidance she starts realizing fast that her friendship with Beth may been challenging than she would ve thought I can t divulge any than this blurb so go into this story as uninformed as possible.First and foremost, I just have to say this The First Mistake is a tad predictable and a little cheesy THAT SAID, it s a fun domestic thriller, with impeccable writing I found the dialogue between the characters very gripping, and each of the characters is strongly characterized It s a...

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    Where do I begin with The First Mistake I am again torn as to what to give this book for a review This was such a fast, engrossing, and quick read I was hanging on by the edge of my toes My goodness I couldn t turn those pages fast enough to figure out what was going on.Although my detective skills definitely didn t steer me wrong on this one I had some of the plot twists figured out but just needed a bit of help for that final twist But, unfortunately, the final reveal just left me a bit disappointed like her first novel did.I will be honest I feel like this plot continues to play out in psychological thrillers Again, as I felt with her first novel nothing unique something we have seen before I think it s really hard for this genre to take unexpected turns with something we haven t seen before I m h...

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