The Summer Country

PDF The Summer Country Author Lauren Willig The New York Times Bestselling Historical Novelist Delivers Her Biggest, Boldest, And Most Ambitious Novel Yet A Sweeping, Dramatic Victorian Epic Of Lost Love, Lies, Jealousy, And Rebellion Set In Colonial Barbados.1854 From Bristol To Barbados Emily Dawson Has Always Been The Poor Cousin In A Prosperous Merchant Clan Merely A Vicar S Daughter, And A Reform Minded Vicar S Daughter, At That Everyone Knows That The Family S Lucrative Shipping Business Will Go To Her Cousin, Adam, One Day But When Her Grandfather Dies, Emily Receives An Unexpected Inheiritance Peverills, A Sugar Plantation In Barbados A Plantation Her Grandfather Never Told Anyone He Owned.When Emily Accompanies Her Cousin And His New Wife To Barbados, She Finds Peverills A Burnt Out Shell, Reduced To Ruins In 1816, When A Rising Of Enslaved People Sent The Island Up In Flames Rumors Swirl Around The Derelict Plantation People Whisper Of Ghosts.Why Would Her Practical Minded Grandfather Leave Her A Property In Ruins Why Are The Neighboring Plantation Owners, The Davenants, So Eager To Acquire Peverills So Eager That They Invite Emily And Her Cousins To Stay With Them Indefinitely Emily Finds Herself Bewitched By The Beauty Of The Island Even As She S Drawn Into The Personalities And Politics Of Forty Years Before A Tangled History Of Clandestine Love, Heartbreaking Betrayal, And A Bold Bid For Freedom.When Family Secrets Begin To Unravel And The Harsh Truth Of History Becomes And Plain, Emily Must Challenge Everything She Thought She Knew About Her Family, Their Legacy And Herself.The Summer Country

Lauren Willig is the New York Times bestselling author of nineteen works of historical fiction Her books have been translated into over a dozen languages, awarded the RITA, Booksellers Best and Golden Leaf awards, and chosen for the American Library Association s annual list of the best genre fiction After graduating from Yale University, she embarked on a PhD in History at Harvard before leavin

[Epub] ↠ The Summer Country  Author Lauren Willig –
  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • The Summer Country
  • Lauren Willig
  • English
  • 26 June 2019
  • 9780062839022

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    It s not often that I come across a book where I fall in love almost instantly not just with the characters, but also with the setting, the story, the writing basically everything about the book from the first page to the very last It s also increasingly rare nowadays for me to get so swept up in a book that I lose track of time and next thing I know, I ve finished the book in practically one sitting and at 480 pages, this was certainly no small feat In her newest release The Summer Country , author Lauren Willig delivers a beautifully written, sweeping historical saga that felt epic in scope and magnitude, yet did not feel at all like a chore to read.Set in 19th century Barbados, this family saga spans 4 decades and revolves around two neighboring sugar plantations on the island Peverills and the adjacent Beckles Told in a dual timeline format that alternates between 1854 where we are introduced to Emily Dawson, a vicar s daughter who unexpectedly inherits Peverills when her grandfather dies and 1812, with the story of the original owner of Peverills, Charles Davenant, and his relationsh...

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    A run down sugar plantation was the last thing Emily thought her uncle would leave to her, but Emily was thrilled about it even though her cousin wasn t.Emily, her cousin, and his wife traveled to Barbados to meet a few people and to see the plantation We meet the family from 1812 and the opulence of their home, food, and life style and then turn to 1845 and meet friends of the family The connection between the time periods was smoothly done I really liked how Ms Willig ended one chapter with a comment and started the next chapter with that comment but in a different time period.Some of the characters were quite devious, and as the pages turned we find out there was to the family than what was known or heard and something about the plantation and about the Davenant family that someone wanted to keep a secret.Ms Willig definitely knows how to use adjectives for describing the characters and settings with her beautiful prose The characters are described and perfectly portrayed for the time periods.It was as though I were right there immersed in the lives of the characters whether they were the wealthy or the indentured I became attached to a few of the characters.If you enjoy learning about past cultures, delving into life in another country and century, and finding out fam...

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    .Lauren Willig will completely captivate you with this sweeping family saga A beautiful story that spans over four decades Steeped in family history, family secrets, and family ties The story is set in Barbados and introduces you to two sets of characters living 40 years apart 1850to Emily s beloved grandfather has passed away and left her a sugar plantation on the island of Barbados So Emily travels from England to Barbados with her cousin Adam and his wife to check out this plantation that nobody had any idea of What follows is Emily discovering family history and secrets with deep ties to Barbados In 1812 Charles and Jenny find themselves in a torrid and forbidden love affair with great consequences Two tales seamlessly woven together into one beautiful engaging story This book was clearly well researched and I learned something about a time and place I new little about previously Slavery and the slave trade were a big part of life in Barbados in the early 1800s I have to admit it was really disturbing to read about people referring to other people as their property and talking about leasing them out The Cholera outbreak in the 1850s was not as disturbing but was equally as devastating There was a large cast of characters in the story that took me a while to get straight, but once I did I was completely invested The story jumped perfectly between time periods that were well ...

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    Lauren Willig s THE SUMMER COUNTRY is a sumptuous read, evoking M.M Kaye s lush and sweeping tales of nineteenth century colonial life Set in the island location of Barbados, Willig attains the ideal aim of the historical fiction genre educating the reader about a little known part of history while thoroughly engaging them in the stories of the characters I read THE SUMMER COUNTRY slowly doling out exquisite chapters one at a t...

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    I want to thank Haper Collins for this ARC I do love Historical novels but did find this one a little slow in the beginning Trying to go back and forth from the year 1812 to the year 1854 Barbados and keep the characters straight was a tad tricky ...

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    I read a lot of historical fiction and noticed the genre seems to be WW2 heavy I just finished The Summer Country and absolutely loved it Yes, it s historical fiction but a subject not widely known Lauren Willig s research shines through as she expertly blends fact with fiction One of my favorite books is The Thorn Birds and The Summer Country has that same pull for mesweeping family saga that I don t want to put down and ch...

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    This is my first Willig, a gorgeous narrative set in exotic Barbados in 1812 and 1854 Emily Dawson inherits Peverills, a sugar plantation destroyed by an uprising of slaves Owners of the adjacent plantation want desperately to own it Why As the multigenerational story unfolds, the truth reveals forbidden romance between owner and enslaved, terrible betrayal, a brave fight for freedom, and enough island Victorian atmosphere to absorb you for day...

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    In 1854, Emily Dawson, the spinster daughter of an English vicar, has inherited a plantation in Barbados from her grandfather When she arrives to claim her inheritance she finds that Peverills was destroyed in a slave revolt in 1816 and was never restored It s owner sold the plantation to Emily s grandfather The book also flashes back to the story of the intertwined inhabitants of Peverills and another plantation Beckles in 1812 1816 This book is in part historical fiction about slavery in Barbados However, it is primarily women s fiction soap opera about tangled family rel...

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    This epic family saga is set in colonial Barbados It begins when Emily Dawson from England inherits an abandoned sugar plantation from her grandfather It follows a dual time line with Emily s story and approximately 40 years earlier I did have a bit of trouble at the beginning keeping track of all the characters By 75 pages in or so, I was ...

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    I m bumping my rating up from 4.5 to 5 because I finished this book for the first time a couple of weeks ago, then restarted it right away and read it again So I ve read it twice in the past three weeks It is breathtaking, and I found so much depth to the story in the second reading since I knew everything that would come to pass by the end of the book.The Summer Country by Lauren Willig is wonderful, fantastic, brilliant This story was so immersive that it pulled me in and I felt like I was right there, watching everything unfold with both generations Taking place over about forty years, this story has everything wealth and slavery, love and romance, betrayal and secrecy At first, I wasn t sure how the two timelines would connect, but by the time they intersected, the stories felt seamless and I was in awe of Ms Willig s work.1812 Charles Davenant is the owner of the large Peverills plantation and the favorite to wed Mary Anne, the heir to the Beckles plantation A wedding between the two would merge the two properties and fortunes However, Charles has his eyes not on Mary Anne, but on Jenny who is a slave in her house and Mary Anne s closest confidante.1854 Emily Dawson arrives in Barbados to claim the Peverills property that her grandfather has left to her after his recent death ...

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