Magic for Liars

Reading Magic For Liars Sarah Gailey Sharp, Mainstream Fantasy Meets Compelling Thrills Of Investigative Noir In This Fantasy Debut By Rising Star Sarah Gailey Ivy Gamble Has Never Wanted To Be Magic She Is Perfectly Happy With Her Life She Has An Almost Sustainable Career As A Private Investigator, And An Empty Apartment, And A Slight Drinking Problem It S A Great Life And She Doesn T Wish She Was Like Her Estranged Sister, The Magically Gifted Professor Tabitha.But When Ivy Is Hired To Investigate The Gruesome Murder Of A Faculty Member At Tabitha S Private Academy, The Stalwart Detective Starts To Lose Herself In The Case, The Life She Could Have Had, And The Answer To The Mystery That Seems Just Out Of Her Reach.Magic for Liars

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Magic for Liars book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah Gailey author readers around the world.

[ Read ] ➯ Magic for Liars  Author Sarah Gailey –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Magic for Liars
  • Sarah Gailey
  • English
  • 24 January 2018
  • 9781250174611

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    4 stars It might take a little while to get there, but I ll tell you everything, and I ll tell you the truth As best I can I used to lie, but when I tell you the story, you ll understand why I had to lie You ll understand that I didn t have a choice I just wanted to do my job. This was a fun read for me 1 I got to read something that s completely out of my comfort zone sci fi and fantasy with a bit of mystery 2 I got to buddy read this with my husband Ivy is a detective but right now the extent of her work is only being hired to find out if someone s spouse is cheating on them Ivy is like any normal person and she has a family but her sister is a little different than yours and mine Ivy s sister Tabitha was born with magic powers and is able to make things happen with spells, etc.One day, Ivy gets called in on a special case and it just so happens to be a murder at her sister s school who she hasn t seen in many years She sets up to move there, and into the dead person s apartmen...

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    The Magicians meets Tana French so hey I haven t actually read either but both sound like My Shit TM so yeah this needs to release and be in my hands immediately please serve w morally black characters

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    Magic For Liars may be set at a school of magic, but we re on notice from the very first page that this is not THAT kind of school Now they were all downstairs at the welcome back dinner, an all staff all students meal that marked the end of the first week of classes They d joke there about house elves and pumpkin juice or at least the freshmen would By the time they were sophos, that vein of humor was worn beyond use.After a bloody murder at Osthorne Academy for Young Mages located in the vicinity of Sunol, California less than an hour s drive from San Francisco or Oakland , private investigator Ivy Gamble is called in to help solve the case Magical authorities have deemed it an accidental death due to a spell gone bad, but the school s headmaster thinks there s to be discovered and since Ivy is the non magical twin sister of a professor at the school, she seems to be the right choice to lead the investigation.The assignment at Osthorne is fraught with tension and high emotional stakes for Ivy She and s...

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    Ahoy there me mateys I received this fantasy eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review So here be me honest musings .I was excited to read this full length novel from the author who brought us hippo cowboys This is a murder mystery set in a magical school Ivy is a professional PI that spends her time investigating cheaters and such She has always been upset that her twin sister got the magic and glory and she got the grit and mundane But this murder mystery could be the step that takes her to the next level Unfortunately this was a book that had problems and ended up being highly unsatisfactory.The positive things that made me finish the book were I loved the hippo books so much for their characters and world building that I gave the author the benefit of the doubt It had a very nice set up I was highly engaged by the premise I expected the overall journey to be worth it I liked some of the practical magic on display I particularly liked how healing magic worked I enjoyed the characters Rahul and Mrs Webb There is good use of romantic consent in this book There is some nice diversity in the book.While those things keep me reading, the world building and plot made it harder and harder to finish the book Unfortunately, there were major issues that made this an unlikable read for me The Main Character Ivy ...

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    This time was going to be different This time was going to be better This time, I was going to be enough.Like so many of us readers, Ivy Gamble never had the chance to go to magic school and experience a magical fix for everything wrong in her life Unlike most of us, she s not really allowed to put the dream aside and move on with life her twin sister does get that, from her teenage perspective, and when this story begins years later, she s now a hard drinking, hard living PI, who resolutely tells herself she never wanted that life anyway And of course, it s not long before that world comes knocking on her door in the best of traditions, there s been a murder, and it doesn t take long before the shimmering promise of a perfect, magical, life is within Ivy s reach once Of course, it s not that easy, life is messy no matter who you are, or which laws of physics you can temporarily suspend Bu...

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    Magic for Liars isn t what I expected it to be I had impressions from other early readers that it would be along the lines of a murder mystery in Hogwarts, which turned out to be less than accurate Instead, Magic for Liars is about the lies we tell ourselves, and each other It is about the disastrous things that result from these lies, no matter how well meaning they were, or how innocent they seemed It begins with the gruesome death of a staff member at The Osthorne Academy for Young Mages After an investigation by the authorities concludes the death a suicide, the heads of the Academy are unsatisfied Enter Ivy Gamble, PI Ivy isn t like her sister she isn t magic and she doesn t want to be Though she spends most of her days following cheating spouses or investigating insurance fraud, she is reluctantly convinced namely, by a large sum of cash to re investigate the death at Osthorne.Ivy Gamble is a hot mess and an absolutely fascinating character She is morally grey from head to toe and maybe a little bit out of her depth, but at her core intelligent and trying her best The story unfolds entirely from her perspective as she sleuths around Osthorne, allowing herself to slip in to Tabitha s world Th...

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    A non magic muggle detective is called to Osthorne Academy for Young Mages Hogwarts to investigate the mysterious and gruesome death of one of their teachers It s also where her sister teaches, so it brings up all sorts of memories and what ifs for her own life.I would say within the work of this author, I prefer the alternate history hippos, but this had some clever ideas in it And ...

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    Books that are billed as like The Magicians are never like The Magicians in the right ways for me, but this is both like The Magicians in that magic is actually kind of weird and gross and real way, and it s a compelling whodunnit besides The solution was perhaps a tad obvious, but the emotional weight with which the mystery is treated ...

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    2.5 starsWhat a bipolar reading experience this was.Initially I was doubtful that a story set in a magic school would interest me but once I started I REALLY enjoyed it until I didn t.It s such a pity that Ivy turned out to kill my joy with her incessant whining and insecurities about her inability to do magic The author repeated this fact one too many times for my liking.What I do think was done well is the way the complex relationship between Ivy and her twin sister Tabitha was portrayed.The mystery itself was a little light in the pants and to be honest I think Ivy was not the best o...

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    Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Tor Forge for this arc.I wish I enjoyed this read than I did It sounded like it would be right up my alley But it just missed out for me I was so irritated with Ivy s self pity through out the book, that I was tempted to give up by 37% I found it to be a slow read as it lacked the tension I usually find in murder mysteries and I had a tough time connecting to any ...

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