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EPUB Little Darlings Melanie Golding Mother Knows Best Takes On A Sinister New Meaning In This Unsettling Thriller Perfect For Fans Of Neil Gaiman And Grimms Fairy Tales.Everyone Says Lauren Tranter Is Exhausted, That She Needs Rest And They Re Right With Newborn Twins, Morgan And Riley, She S Never Been Tired In Her Life But She Knows What She Saw That Night, In Her Hospital Room, A Woman Tried To Take Her Babies And Replace Them With Her Own Creatures Yet When The Police Arrived, They Saw No One Everyone, From Her Doctor To Her Husband, Thinks She S Imagining Things.A Month Passes And One Bright Summer Morning, The Babies Disappear From Lauren S Side In A Park But When They Re Found, Something Is Different About Them The Infants Look Like Morgan And Riley To Everyone Else But To Lauren, Something Is Off As Everyone Around Her Celebrates Their Return, Lauren Begins To Scream, These Are Not My Babies.Determined To Bring Her True Infant Sons Home, Lauren Will Risk The Unthinkable But If She S Wrong About What She Saw She Ll Be Making The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life.Compulsive, Creepy, And Inspired By Some Our Darkest Fairy Tales, Little Darlings Will Have You Checking And Rechecking Your Own Little Ones Just To Be Sure Just To Be Safe.Little Darlings

Melanie Golding is a graduate of the MA in creative writing program at Bath Spa University, with distinction She has been employed in many occupations including farm hand, factory worker, childminder and music teacher Throughout all this, because and in spite of it, there was always the writing In recent years she has won and been shortlisted in several local and national short story competitio

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  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
  • Little Darlings
  • Melanie Golding
  • English
  • 13 November 2019
  • 9781683319979

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    How could her brain conjure something that seemed so real, something laden with so much horrifying detail, and yet there be nothing at all This book is seriously creepy, creative and sad I think it s a bit misleading that it has found its way to the mystery thriller section when it is mostly a contemporary with elements or suggestions of magical realism But either way, it s a moving, frightening, psychological portrait of new motherhood, set in the Peak District.Little Darlings is inspired by the Welsh fairy tale A Brewery of Eggshells, about a woman with newborn twins who are swapped with changelings Lauren Tranter has just given birth to two beautiful twin boys who quickly become her whole world When a disheveled woman appears on the maternity ward and threatens to swap them with her own sons, she is rightfully terrified and will do anything to protect her babies.Lauren is tired and stressed like all new mothers, but she knows the woman is real Even though the doctors and the police and her husband keep telling her that she is seeing things, that she needs help, she knows the truth When her babies go missing one day, a frantic search begins and they are quickly found, seemingly unharmed But Lauren knows the truth about that, too these babies are not the children she lo...

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    Oh boy, this was one scary scenario With echoes of Grimms Fairy Tales, Little Darlings will probably give you sleepless nights along with the protagonist It s the wee small hours of the morning on the maternity ward, and even though she s exhausted, Lauren Tranter lies awake, already worrying about the responsibility of looking after her newborn twins Riley and Morgan like any new mum she has concerns about her new role in life, keeping these little ones safe and well Little does she know that her role as guardian will be challenged that very night, when she encounters a dirty, smelly disheveled woman who attempts to steal her babies Lauren is convinced that she wasn t dreaming, and slowly but surely she enters a nightmare world where she tries to impress on those around her that her children are in danger, but no one believes her, not even her husband Patrick.After a panicked phone call from Lauren to the police reporting the attempted abduction, hospital security guards are soon on the scene, but find Lauren locked in the bathroom with her babies and no sign of an intruder She couldn t have imagined it could she Eventually the case comes to the attention of Detective Jo Harper who starts to see so...

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    Five Creepy StarsLaura Tranter just had newborn twins She named them Morgan and Riley She is exhausted and needs a lot of rest The night in the hospital room a woman tried to take her babies and replace them with her owncreatures Eek When she tells everyone what happened, no one believes her They think that she is just imagining things and needs lot of rest Harper was a police officer on the case Compulsively creepy and inspired by some of our darkest fairy tales Each chapter starts with a passage from dark folklore Is Lauren imagining all of this or is the supernatural real How to protect your child 1 Placing a key next to an infant will prevent him from being exchanged.2 Woman may never be left alone during the first six weeks following childbirth, for the devil then has power over them.3 During the first six weeks following childbirth, mothers may not go to sleep until someone has come to watch the child If mothers are overcome by sleep, changelings are often laid in the cradle.Jacob GrimmEEK I loved this book and it was so creepy good I love dark fairytales I couldn t believe t...

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    Have you ever found yourself writing a review for a book that you didn t particularly enjoy, but found important and or necessary Little Darlings was just that read for me, and if you ll bear with me, I ll do my best in unpacking these complicated feelings I have below The child is not mine as the first was,I cannot sing it to rest,I cannot lift it up fatherlyAnd bliss it upon my breast Yet it lies in my little one s cradleAnd it sits in my little one s chair,And the light of the heaven she s gone toTransfigures its golden hair From The Changeling, by James Russell LowellI feel the need to say up front that my review will be covering this book from two standpoints 1 as a genre read and 2 as a fictional exposition and, dare I say allegory, of postpartum depression anxiety and the overall grief some new mothers find themselves enduring as they enter this new stage of life I m going to tackle the less glowing of the two first and save what I found empowering for the grand finale As a mystery thriller horror whatever genre you want to market this as, I found it ok My intense love of all things involving Welsh folklore should have sealed this as a 5 star read, but I think my expectations were not on par for what this book is meant to offer That s not a bad thing, just simply a form of miscommunication and overeagerness on this reader s part Obviously, and keeping this spoiler free you are made aware that Little Darlings is conside...

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    yes breakups hurt but have you ever been enjoying reading a book until the ending completely ruined it for you

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    Let me begin this review with saying that I have absolutely no business reviewing an ARC that doesn t even publish until April 2019 when I have so many ARC s pending soon or better yet the ones I m behind on BUT the synopsis for this is beyond intriguing and it s October when it s time for all things creepy and spooky and this one seemed a perfect choice for the season And I was right it does happen once in awhile Whoa Little Darlings was an absolute delight to read The child is not mine as the first was, I cannot sing it to rest, I cannot lift it up fatherly and bliss it upon my breast Yet it lies in my little one s cradle, And sits in my little one s chair, And the light of the heaven she s gone to transfigures its golden hair From The Changeling by James Russell Lowell Imagine giving birth to a set of lovely twin boys Imagine in the middle of the night on the very day of their birth a vile woman invades your hospital room and insists on swapping your babies for hers Imagine that no one, not even your own husband, believes you Now you ve returned home with your babies and the mother in you wants to protect them fiercely from the outside evil you know exists After spending a month locked behind closed doors your husband decides it s time you venture out for a walk Get some fresh air So you take his advice to avoid an argument and think to yourself maybe he s right Maybe it is all in my head You stroll through the park, the sun on your shoulders and crisp...

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    Mother Knows Best Lauren Tranter has just given birth to twin boys, Morgan and Riley Naturally she is exhausted and in need of sleep But she knows what she saw in her room in the maternity ward a woman attempting to take her twins and replace them with her own, it s only fair However, when hospital security and the police arrive, they find no evidence of the possible kidnapper Further, no one believes Lauren, but Detective Harper, a police officer feels that there might be something to Lauren s story.Lauren continues to feel unease and doesn t want to leave her home Her mission is to protect her babies On a rare outing to the park, the twins disappear from her side, and once found, Lauren is convinced that something is not right, and Lauren declares these are not my babies Little Darlings is inspired by dark fairy tales and folklore This book is sprinkled with quotes and passages referring to changelings The folklore and fairy tales fit seamlessly into this tale and further add to the feeling of dread and provide for an eerie atmosphere The entire book I was guessing just what was going on Was...

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    NOW AVAILABLE Well this one is going to be difficult to write I would have to classify this as a psychological thriller with the addition of folklore or the supernatural At any rate it was a truly creepy, turn the pages quickly read While at first I thought it would be something that wouldn t be believable, by the first third of the book I was truly scared at what the outcome of this story would be.As a mom of four I remember the sleep deprived feelings, forgetting what day it even is, never having time for a shower or to read even a magazine or newspaper and the constant needs of a newborn I can t even imagine the exhaustion of this new mother of twins.The story begins shortly after a very traumatic delivery of twin boys to Lauren Tranter During her hospitalization Lauren is sure that she sees and hears a dirty, rag covered woman showing her a basket of what looked like baby rats and singing an unusual song After a bit of talk the woman says, Let s deal, Let s change one for another Give me one of yours and I ll take care of it, You have one of mine and treat it like your own The woman grasps Lauren s arm and she struggles to get away, Choose one, said the woman, choose one of I ll take them both You ll never know the difference, I can make sure they look just the same What could be horrific, she grabs the twins trolley and locks herself in the bathroom and calls t...

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    Creepy, gripping, atmospheric The story is inspired by some deliciously creepy dark fairy tales that adds an extra layer to the sinister, menacing and eerie feel of the book I absolutely love these types of tales and found myself devouring this one LITTLE DARLINGS by MELANIE GOLDING is an unsettling, compulsive and mysterious tale that had me constantly wavering between believing Lauren s story and thinking maybe she really is just imagining it all The feelings that I had for Lauren throughout were quite intense and had me feeling her fear I wanted to believe her MELANIE GOLDING delivers an atmospheric and well written read here and does a great job with slowly building up the tension and making me believe in those dark folktales I absolutely loved how the folklore was integrated into the storyline and how plot points were addressed quickly and flowed nicely into the next chapter Not having to wait and leaving us hanging added some suspense to the actual storyline for me, that I really appreciated.I think there were some characters and scenes that weren t necessary though but all in all I thought this was a very good, enter...

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    She had to play the game, even before she knew what the rules were The best way to describe Little Darlings is as a Dark Sinister Fairytale Melanie Golding has combined elements of a psychological thriller and folklore to perfection to craft a modern dark fairytale Almost everyone has read a dark folk story in their childhood and this will bring back memories of that The writer was able to create a psychological thriller which is atmospheric with a dark and creepy feel to it throughout It blends folklore and fairy tales perfectly together, with a touch of horror to the story In fact, the element of magic makes some of the mystery parts believable This book is full of with quotes and passages from other folk stories which was a nice touch The tense atmosphere, the narration, and the twists and turns make you question your judgment, as to what is real and what is an illusion You no longer know what and whom to believe and that is storytelling at it s very best Having said that there are some parts that didn t work Detective Harper and her storyline with a reporter didn t add to the story at all and were in fact distracting,g...

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