➳ [Reading] ➶ Loveless By Alice Oseman ➩ – The fourth novel from the phenomenally talented Alice Oseman – one of the most authentic and talked about voices in contemporary YA It was all sinking in I’d never had a crush on anyone No boys no The fourth novel from the phenomenally talented Alice Oseman – one of the most authentic and talked about voices in contemporary YA It was all sinking in I’d never had a crush on anyone No boys no girls not a single person I had ever met What did that mean Georgia has never been in love never kissed anyone never even had a crush – but as a fanfic obsessed romantic she’s sure she’ll find her person one day As she starts university with her best friends Pip and Jason in a whole new town far from home Georgia’s ready to find romance and with her outgoing roommate on her side and a place in the Shakespeare Society her ‘teenage dream’ is in sight But when her romance plan wreaks havoc amongst her friends Georgia ends up in her own comedy of errors and she starts to uestion why love seems so easy for other people but not for her With new terms thrown at her – asexual aromantic – Georgia is uncertain about her feelings than ever Is she destined to remain Loveless Or has she been looking for the wrong thing all along This wise warm and witty story of identity and self acceptance sees Alice Oseman on towering form as Georgia and her friends discover that true love isn’t limited to romance.Loveless

Alice Oseman is an authorillustrator and was born in in Kent England She has written four YA contemporary novels about teenage disasters SOLITAIRE RADIO SILENCE I WAS BORN FOR THIS and LOVELESS She is also the creator of LGBT YA romance webcomic HEARTSTOPPER which is now published in physical form by Hachette Children's BooksAlice’s first novel SOLITAIRE was published when she was.

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  • 10 October 2015
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    LOVELESS is my fourth YA novel It features an aromantic asexual coming out story set at Durham University a small group of unlikely friends trying to save the Shakespeare Society by putting on a very weird play a plan to 'find love' that goes very wrong indeed a directorial rivalry fraught with sexual tension between two ueer girls a battle on a bouncy castle some very strong opinions about Scooby Doo learning that platonic love can be just as powerful if not so sometimes than romantic loveI really hope you enjoy itAvailable to pre order nowUK Waterstones Hive FoylesIreland EasonsAusNZ DymocksInternational Book Depository

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    This book existsMe hoLY Me strangled screamingMe did yOU HEARMe ALICE OSEMAN HAS A NEW BOOKMe AND IT CENTERS AN ARO ACE MCMe pounds fist on tableMe screaming

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    One of my favourite things about following a writer's journey from the first book they published to their most recent work is that you can see how they grow and how much they improve their craft It's like seeing your baby strive Just fills me with joy The first time I saw this happen was with Leigh Bardugo With each of the Shadow Bone books she improved her storytelling and then Six of Crows came around the corner and took my breath away It's so cool to see an artist find their rhythm and I can proudly say that Loveless is Alice at her best There are so many things I loved It was a super sex positive novel and a whole chapter was dedicated to masturbation It also happened to be the funniest chapter in the book and had me in tears on the floor It's important to know that there is no shame in having many casual sexual partners no shame in masturbation Eually important is the knowledge that even though it seems like everyone is obsessed with sex and finding a partner it's perfectly okay if you've not kissed anyone whether you're 18 or 24 or 40 Either it wasn't the right moment or it's not for you And while there's so much pressure to have a relationship and to lose your virginity our worth isn't measured in the age that we first had sex when we came out or if we did either of these things in the first place No one has the right to make you feel bad for being you and taking things at your own strideI also loved the strong focus on friendships Friends even best friends often seems to take the runner up position once someone is in a relationship and it frustrates me when I see that happening I'd argue that friends are the most important relationships in your life And like any relationship friendships go through ups and downs and need attention and care But good friends will always be there for you and never leave your side That's why I so enjoy novels about friendships I don't need romance Friendships are just as real and complex and fascinatingSomething else that was incredibly well done was the slow burn romance between two characters that I won't be naming It's pretty obvious once you start reading and I knew they would end up together eventually but I don't want to take the surprise away in case you were gnawing at your nails because you couldn't cope with the tension It was so GOOD And so FUNNY I've said it before Alice Oseman is so good at writing slow burn romance that sometimes two characters that are clearly made for each other don't even end up together at the end of the book coughIWBFTcough Luckily this time they did but it was a long and entertaining and incredibly cute journey And I must say that the humour is this book was so on point Three words wank fantasy sistersGenerally the diversity and representation in this book filled my heart with love So much ueerness so inclusive and so careful to avoid stereotypes and harmful representation 0fc I can't speak for everyone with my own limited experience but it all felt genuine It never feels forced never feels like tokenism It also made me look back at my term at the University of Edinburgh and although I wasn't exactly a fresher I was new to the university and went to pub nights and parties and pride soc meetings just like the characters in the book It felt so accurate and real even though it's set in Durham not EdinburghI'm also happy for the aromantic and asexual community and that the visibility and representation in books and the media of people on the spectrum is slowly growing Just as gay novels helped me see myself for who I am helped me feel validated and grow I know that this book has the potential to reach aroace readers and do similar things for them and hopefully helps other voices to be heard One experience isn't everyone's experience and it's important to have a variety of perspectivesIn other words we don’t deserve Alice OsemanFind of my books on Instagram

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    ➽ Radio Silence ★★★★★➽ I Was Born for This ★★★★I don’t want to do a full review on this because I do not want to fight with people on this nor be in any kind of bookish spotlight right now But I still will say some brief thoughts because I know people will be curious because most people have given this five stars Also so many of my friends saw themselves within these pages and that’s so important and so valid Here are some of their reviews that I recommend you check out Ellie Jill LilySadly for me this book just made me feel an immense amount of shame I ID as pansexual panromantic demiromantic And in my opinion I feel like this book very much makes the reader feel like this is THE ONLY aroace experience and it is just not Sexuality can be so very fluid and especially your feelings and experiences on the aro and ace spectrums can be so very vast and differentI also want to remind readers especially young readers still searching for labels that feel right to them that there is no right or wrong way to be ueer within any identity I also want to remind people that you do not owe anyone your sexual experiences And that you can have casual sex you can kiss your friends you can go out every night to clubs you can truly do whatever you want as long as you’re being safe and it’s making you happy Also some ace people do have sex whether because they are indifferent or being they choose to with their partners or maybe even to have children or maybe to just orgasm there are a lot of different reasons because there are a lot of different experiences on these spectrums And there is no right or wrongThe pan character in this book starts out as a confident very sexually active character but soon you learn she has a sad abusive backstory and uses sex as a coping mechanism because she feels unloveable because obv that’s what pan representation needs of in 2020 right? and the character is even forced to call herself an asshole and apologize to the main character for a misunderstanding completely on the main characters part while also making her acephobic as fuck before the misunderstanding happened It made me cry it made me disgusted and it made me feel so much shame that I don’t even have words to write in this non reviewIn my opinion this main character is sex repulsed which is valid but those words are never used on page Instead she just shames any and everyone friends and strangers constantly for doing sexual things She also assumes she knows the pan character’s partners and how they are horrible friends who don’t know her based on absolutely nothing The TL;DR is that not all ace people are disgusted by sex or disgusted by other people choosing to do whatever they want with their own bodies and lives And I think this story could be potentially very harmful for people but especially teens uestioning themselves on the aro and ace spectrumsAlso there are two people of color in this story; one is there to teach the main character about being aroace and even though she does add a sentence about how she can google herself she still uses them to completely educate her and the other is her best friend who is incredibly loud and petty and mean for no reason honestlyLastly when the main character cared about her jacket rather than pushing a human into a fire at the start of this novel I didn’t have the highest of hopes Yet it truly got worse and truly hurt me to read If any of these things sound like they could be potentially harmful to you I suggest you use caution And again I just want to say that this is ONE aroace experience not the only You and your journey are validTrigger and Content Warnings experimenting with someone without them knowing talk of an abusive relationship in the past and acephobiaAdditionally my friends who I buddy read this with what an experience we had whew lads wrote actual in depth reviews about their feelings and experiences with Loveless that I really also recommend you check out Maëlys LeaBlog | Instagram | Youtube | Ko fi | Spotify | Twitch Buddy read with Maëlys Lea AKA the Jason defense suad ❤❤ I read this for A spec August

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    Fuck this book broke me One of the most relatable books I've ever read easily a new all time favorite ever Alice Osman is incredible I can't explain with words what this book means to me so instead I'll link you to the vlog where I cried my eyes out over this book

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    my review for loveless is finally up ✨it's a long one so I will be linking to it on my blog rather than posting it on here As a reader I saw a lot of my own a spec experience within the book and that was amazing but it also had content which harmed other identities including close friends within those identities and that is something which must be highlighted challenged and discussed anyway you can find my full review here I do hope that loveless opens the gates for a spec books to be published and they are able to learn from loveless's pros and cons to handle the intersection of topics and identities in a better way And it is entirely possible to read loveless and relate to the heroine's experience but also be cognizant of how and where it lets other identities down at the same timeloveless is not the only book about the aromantic and asexual experience to exist but it has been one of the most anticipated and publicised ones If you are interested in reading others I co wrote an always updating masterlist of a spec books that's posted here Beyond A Bookshelf A Spec Masterlist But may I suggest Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman which is another YA contemporary with wonderful a spec uestioning rep where I saw my own experience reflected so much Read for #AspecAugust 2020 pre reviewomh hello am I reading this right? Am I right in assuming this has an aro ace heroine? Am I crying because the premise of this book sounds inherently familiar to my life experience? Yes yes I am for people saying they've never read a book with an a spec narrator before whilst waiting for this one I would definitely recommend Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman I personally connected to it a lot

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    1000I don't know how to talk about things I like stars♥️✨ I used to dream of a spellbinding endless forever romance A beautiful story of meeting a person who could change your whole world But now I realised friendship could be that tooIt was a lotLike a lot a lotThis book is a part of me and I felt it in heart right in the middle and my soul©CttoAlice Oseman you did this and I am gonna say WOW thanks and I love you Platonic love friendship drama college life lots of ShakespeareI have read uite a few books in which ace or aro characters are used as side characters but this book here guys took the concept of friendship love story to a whole new levelIt's uaint cute magical and lovely This book made me so deeply emotional the way their friendship was explored and scented Okay so moving on to the characters I really really love all five of them soo much1 Georgia aroace protagonist shy confused about herselfi introvert hates partying not because she is under confident but she dreads the idea of sweat bodies and slippery floors loves theatre who sets off to journey to her college in search of love but end up realizing that how platonic friendship are just as important and just as beautiful I really really love her like I could totally connect to her expect some parts I wanna uote some parts here I might just have a brain aneurism at any moment and then I’d be dead without having fallen in love without having even figured out who I was and what I wantedIt was so easy to romanticise romance because it was everywhere I could see it all all the time all around but when I got closer I found that nothing was there A miragePicturing fanfic characters having sex? Great Fine Sexy But picturing myself having sex with anyone guy girl whoever didn’t interest meAre you getting the idea what I am saying?I can't here literally tell you what I am feeling but yes I am feeling something so strong and important right now because of this book that I have never felt in ages 2 Roomey pansexual Georgia roommate fun bubbly Shakespeare fanatic chaotic ball of energy sex positive party girl scared of getting close to people3 Pip and Jason Georgia bestfriendPip highly lesbian Jason intellectual guy 4 Sunil non binary ace confident elouent wise president of pride societyThe story involved a lot of drama like two characters falling in love Georgia hurting her best friends feelings in uest of identifying herself Fights banter love friendship setting up Shakespeare plays yes all five of them set up shakespare society It's a roller coaster rideNow there are some really beautiful scenes where literally they proposed each other like love confessions with friends it's new refreshing and I want it to totally normalI was crying reading the end like my life depends on it This book made such a strong impact on me Like I guess I am never gonna forget it ever And I know I will be rereading it again and again because why not if something makes you happy you should adore it Some lines ✒How had I never noticed that before? Like almost all songs ever written are about romance or sex And it felt like they were taunting me✒The idea of romance was beautiful But the reality made me sick✒I felt like I was grieving I was grieving this fake life a fantasy future that I was never going to live✒And this time there was no big declaration No grand gestureIt was just us holding each other✒I had been so desperate for my idea of true love that I couldn’t even see it when it was right in front of my face

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    my loudest most high pitched yoshi scream ALICE OSEMAN DID THATA few Reasons why you should read this book🧡 Aro ace main character💛 Sapphic enemies to lovers or like bickering like an old married couple to lovers side couple💚 THEATRE and i cannot stress this enough GAYS with a lot of Shakespeare references💙 Platonic love Platonic love Platonic love💜 Group chats banter wholesomness all the good stuff 🌈 Art by Alice Oseman I apologize in advance if this review gets kinda messy it's just that my knee jerk reaction to this book is an incoherent stream of asdfghjkjhgfd and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE OF VALUE Loveless is Alice Oseman's deeply personal beautifully authentic love letter to anyone out there who is still trying to figure out their sexuality As someone who feels like she hasn't uite found her own label yet this book was everything to meThe confusing scary and sometimes lenghty process of discovering one's own identity was portrayed in such a way that made me feel like everything I was and still am going through was given validity It's amazing how a simple book about finding out who you are can give you so much power and strengthI absolutely adored the strong theme of friendship that was depicted as well Georgia Pip Rooney Jason and Sunil were such present characters with their individual struggles and stories but they worked really well as a group too They balanced each other out without erasing each other and that was beautiful to witness It's so good to finally read a book where friendship is valued just as much as love Every relationship to those around us matters and is important regardless if it's a romantic or platonic one We need to tend to them as if they were flowers and plants blooming all around us We need to nurture them so they can thrive unlike poor Rodrick who had to suffer some serious neglect during this book by the wayI would've loved to read even about the Shakespeare plays I just want to live out my theatre fantasies vicariously through fictional characters I admit it but I understand that this wasn't meant as the focal point in the story I still loved the use of different scenes and plays to highlight the characters emotions Just Agh A group of tight knit theatre gays Love the whole concept of it Personally I want everything to do with itSo yeah all in all I really mcfucking loved this book my dudes It made me feel seen and it reminded me that no matter what I'm not alone You're not alone either I liked Radio Silence but I adored Loveless even If you start with an Alice Oseman book I think you're good with either of those I can't wait to read Oseman and I'm very very glad I decided to pick this up

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    ☆ 1 5 ☆You can find my full review here ☆Let me say that this seems to be a very personal book to Alice Oseman and that it is obviously a very valid experience of being aroace and I won’t take that away from it However I despised the way it presented this character’s journey as THE aroace experience and as someone on the aroace spectrum I felt very misrepresented and like my own experience was being invalidated Not only do I think this can be harmful to others on the aroace spectrum and uestioning folks who have different experiences but this book also constantly diminishes and dismisses other identities I’m truly happy to see people feeling fully represented by this main character and this book but it also makes me incredibly uncomfortable to see the disregard of other experiences and the mistreatment of other lgbtia identities and characters of colour be completely ignoredIf you are on the aroace spectrum and this totally represents you you are valid If you are on the aroace spectrum and do not relate to this experience at all or only a little you are valid If you felt hurt in any shape or form by this book you are so valid The aroace spectrum is not a monolith we exist with a plethora of experiences and feelings that many want to dismiss and it is hurtful to see that being expressed in a book that is supposed to be a safe place a comfort something you thought you’d relate toIt is frankly uite concerning to see the lack of nuance tact and empathy every other experience and identity was treated with in this book and that very few seem to have a problem with thatYoutube ☆ TwitterBuddy read with Melanie and Lea ♡

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    I have never felt seen by a book Bless Alice Oseman for writing this full of confusion figuring things out and coming to terms with an asexual identity It was such a comfort to see myself reflected and know that there's a happy accepting future of love out there for me in friendships deeper than any romanceEDIT made a video review if you'd like to check it out

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