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BOOKS City Of Girls Elizabeth Gilbert From The 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Eat, Pray, Love And The Signature Of All Things, A Delicious Novel Of Glamour, Sex, And Adventure, About A Young Woman Discovering That You Don T Have To Be A Good Girl To Be A Good Person Life Is Both Fleeting And Dangerous, And There Is No Point In Denying Yourself Pleasure, Or Being Anything Other Than What You Are.Beloved Author Elizabeth Gilbert Returns To Fiction With A Unique Love Story Set In The New York City Theater World During The 1940s Told From The Perspective Of An Older Woman As She Looks Back On Her Youth With Both Pleasure And Regret But Mostly Pleasure , City Of Girls Explores Themes Of Female Sexuality And Promiscuity, As Well As The Idiosyncrasies Of True Love.In 1940, Nineteen Year Old Vivian Morris Has Just Been Kicked Out Of Vassar College, Owing To Her Lackluster Freshman Year Performance Her Affluent Parents Send Her To Manhattan To Live With Her Aunt Peg, Who Owns A Flamboyant, Crumbling Midtown Theater Called The Lily Playhouse There Vivian Is Introduced To An Entire Cosmos Of Unconventional And Charismatic Characters, From The Fun Chasing Showgirls To A Sexy Male Actor, A Grand Dame Actress, A Lady Killer Writer, And No Nonsense Stage Manager But When Vivian Makes A Personal Mistake That Results In Professional Scandal, It Turns Her New World Upside Down In Ways That It Will Take Her Years To Fully Understand Ultimately, Though, It Leads Her To A New Understanding Of The Kind Of Life She Craves And The Kind Of Freedom It Takes To Pursue It It Will Also Lead To The Love Of Her Life, A Love That Stands Out From All The Rest.Now Ninety Five Years Old And Telling Her Story At Last, Vivian Recalls How The Events Of Those Years Altered The Course Of Her Life And The Gusto And Autonomy With Which She Approached It At Some Point In A Woman S Life, She Just Gets Tired Of Being Ashamed All The Time, She Muses After That, She Is Free To Become Whoever She Truly Is Written With A Powerful Wisdom About Human Desire And Connection, City Of Girls Is A Love Story Like No Other.City of Girls

Elizabeth Gilbert is an award winning writer of both fiction and non fiction Her short story collection Pilgrims was a finalist for the PEN Hemingway award, and her novel Stern Men was a New York Times notable book Her 2002 book The Last American Man was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the National Book Critic s Circle Award Her memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, spent 57 weeks in the 1

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  • City of Girls
  • Elizabeth Gilbert
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  • 11 September 2019
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    Gilbert s narrator is an old woman named Vivian, looking back at herself as a naive 19 year old who had just failed out of Vassar College She ranked 361 in a class of 362, surpassing only a girl who contracted polio Baffled by a daughter with no matrimonial or professional prospects, Vivian s parents send her off to an eccentric aunt who owns a crumbling theater in New York Light years from Broadway, Aunt Peg s Lily Playhouse offers cookie cutter musical comedies written on the fly for working class folk Vivian has no interest in acting, but she adores fine clothes and she s a whiz with a sewing machine Always on the lookout for talent, her aunt makes her the theater s costumer And so what should have been a mere summer interlude became a whole life.Unfortunately, what should have been a mere 300 page novel became a 470 page tome The best and worst thing that can be said about City of Girls is that it s perfectly pleasant, the kind of book one wouldn t mind finding in a vacation condo during a rainy week In exchange for a series of diverting adventures, it demands only stamina from its readers.Not that it s without charm Gilbert definitely knows her way around the vintage dress shop So many outfits are sharply described in these pages that rather than put this nov...

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    I just finish this book seconds ago still soaking in the pool,I can fully understand a wide range of reviews but truthfully I absolutely loved it.I still have tears in my eyes I found the ending very moving.It was often an Audiobook HOOT But also something much deeperVivian Morris is a women I ll remember Review to come soon I m Back..UPDATE..Audiobook.narrated by Blair Brown FABULOUS READER Kudos to Blair Brown This is another book that I almost skipped because I saw low reviews by friends I respect plus I ve had my own up and down issues about past book written by Elizabeth Gilbert So far I seem to have extreme thoughts about Gilbert s books I either can t stand them or I m over the hill crazy in love with them A Signature For Small Things , blew me away Loved it Eat, Pray, Love.not so much I cherish how I m feeling from this book I m actually still digesting some of the essential insights In my thinking Gilbert has crafted a fulfilling and important path to understanding and healing ourselves and finding peace.She did this with dazzling storytelling she didn t have to write a sel...

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    City of Girls is a genre bending, uniquely structured, light hearted, deeply profound kind of novel, whatever that means I m honestly still in awe of it The first half has zero conflict and yet never fails to engage I devoured every moment of being young and careless in 1940 s New York, amid showgirls and theater personalities This glorious fantasy is so enrapturing it doesn t matter if nothing goes wrong In fact, I prefer it that way Arguably, when the complications do show up, the novel peters out Writers are constantly taught that conflict is everything, but in a way Gilbert proves the experts wrong Perhaps, as the novel suggests of the 1940s, this is a sign of the times When the world is conflicted enough, we prefer pleasure over drama When the second half takes a serious turn, it s a little disappointing Everything was so wonderful Why did you have to ruin it The answer, of course, is that real life isn t all fur and feathers Gilbert succeeds in the grittier sections by showing u...

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    At 51% I m done I loved the voice and the writing but I m growing very weary of hearing about Vivian s sexual exploits I loved the era and the setting The audiobook narrator was incredible But it wasn t enough to save this book for me I m all for women owning their sexuality but by the halfway point I d like to see some growth and maturity Promiscuity is not a step forward for women, it s a step backward.Vivian is ...

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    Before I start, I d like to mention a few things Elizabeth Gilbert wrote at the beginning of the book, which attracted me to it, and also explains the book very well She says I ve longed to write a novel about promiscuous girls whose lives are not destroyed by their sexual desires , then she introduces Vivian Morris, who s our narrator and the main character of this book And Gilbert says My goal was to write a book that would go down like a champagne cocktail light and bright, crisp and fun So she did This is a coming of age story of Vivian, a very likeable and vivid character She s 19 when we start following her, a college drop out coming from a wealthy family She moves to New York to live with her eccentric aunt Peg, who owns a theatre, and then, her adventures begin We follow Vivian until she s very old I can easily say, Vivian is a character you d want to follow, you d want to listen to her stories because she s very energetic, sassy, free and fun I promise that I will try my best in t...

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    Thank you to Riverhead Books Penguin Publishing Group for providing an advance reader copy via Edelweiss.It s 1940 and nineteen year old Vivian Morris is a Vassar College dropout In the summer of that year, Vivian s parents sent her packing to New York City to stay with her Aunt Peg Peg owned a dilapidated theater company called the Lily Playhouse which churned out revues sporting former burlesque dancers transformed into showgirls, with mostly forgettable storylines The ticket prices were cheap to adapt to the low income residents in the immediate neighborhood The living quarters were located above the theater, its apartments often filled with down on their luck actors, actresses and dancers Vivian was suddenly thrust into a sparkling world of dazzling, artistic people and life changing experiences Some themes explored are loss of virginity, sexual hunger and prowess, and same sex relationships at a time when it was under the radar Vivian was given an exquisite and spacious apartment in the building, which was actually meant for Aunt Peg s flighty actor writer husband Billy Buell Although they never officially divorced, Billy was living the Hollywood playboy life clear across the country But, that was okay Aunt Peg had her...

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    Ninety five year old Vivian is telling her life story She says she is good at two things in life and that s sex and sewing but another thing she excels at is focusing on Vivian In the first twenty years of her life, the fact that there were other people out there, people who didn t have servants following them around, catering to their every need, never occurred to Vivian She didn t even know she was rich, she thought everyone was as well off as her, all their monetary and other needs taken care of without a thought to how it happened Then Vivian flunks out of her first year of Vassar because going to class didn t interest her and she is shipped off to live with her Aunt Peg, in New York City Peg owns a falling down theater and offers plays to the poor, two plays a day, everyday, and Vivian uses her sewing skills to make costumes for the plays Vivian also spends all her spare time with the showgirls and every night partying and having sex with men One of her few regrets in life, at ninety five years of age, is that she didn t have even sex with men than she had It s 1940 and the fact that there is a war going on and that the US in getting involved in the war totally flies over Vivian s headshe s busy partying and sexing and nothing would have stopped this thoughtless way of life except she becomes part of a sex scandal that bri...

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    Vivian Morris is an elderly woman recounting the days of her youth in this frolic through 1940 s New York She s a nineteen year old virgin when she journeys to the city to live in her Aunt Peg s crumbling theater, the Lily Playhouse Hers is a tale of late night carousing and rambunctious sexual exploration, followed by war, maturation, and the mundane trivialities of becoming an adult In the preview to this Advanced Uncorrected Proof, Gilbert writes that she wants this book to go down like a champagne cocktail light and bright, crisp and fun. And it nearly does, thanks to occasional bursts of humor, its lively cast of characters, and the glitz and glam of theater life The narrative starts slow but really picks up once the characters band together to put on a boisterous play they hope will bring some desperately needed funds to the Lily And the story of Vivian s awkward first sexual experience is the height of hilarity Vivian s youthful exploits include free love, beautiful showgirls and handsome men, but the book hardly delivers on its promotional promise of being an erotic, rollicking adventure It s sensual than erotic, and the narrative is quite somber and melancholy Most perplexing is the decision to tell the story through the eyes of an aged Vivian She periodically interrupts to explain the significance of certain moments in her youth, bringing the narrative to a halt She conveys everything through a...

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    Three joyful, glamorous time travelling to 40 s, but travel time was too long stars I really tossed around giving three to four stars, because I enjoyed the writing but not sure about the character development I really enjoyed some parts so much Having fun to learn Broadway theater life and scandalous, marvelous but also nasty, controversy backstage life of the show girls As a narrator, I liked the old self of Vivian, she reminded me of a chatty grandma who has vivid imagination and sarcastic sense of humor But as a young person who was good at only two things sex and sewing I found her a little spoiled, immature, careless, superficial Not only for her approach about monetary matters yes she was coming from healthy family, raised with servants but she never understood the difference between rich and poor She also didn t use any effort to achieve at Vassar where too many young people on her age dream to be educated , but also her addiction to sex and attitudes with lack of emotions, putting herself dangerous positions, taking nonsense risks for this addiction Sometimes she even forgot that they re in the middle of war Well at least I could say if she was living in 70 s instead of 40 s and her passion profession is PR instead of tailorin...

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    desperately searches for the feather boa and the good champagne glass

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