Epub Hohenstaufen Author Daniel R Hopkins Ls17.eu Arjen Staufen Is Sixteen When He Drowns On A Crabber Boat In The Bering Sea Instead Of Going To Heaven Or Hell, He Wakes Up On The Other Side Of The World Almost Eight Hundred Years Back In Time It S The Holy Land, AD 1277 The Crusader Knights Are Making Their Last Stand The Unclaimed Throne Of Jerusalem Is Their Only Hope But Things Get Complicated When A Dangerous Girl Only Arjen Can See Or Hear Deliberately Corrupts History By Putting Him On This Throne Arjen S Mission To Discover Who He Is And Why He S Here Quickly Becomes One Of Survival As His Reign Places The Fate Of The Whole World In His Sinful Hands Caught In A Dark Love Triangle Between A Kind Hearted Nun And A Demoness From Hell, Arjen Must Choose Between His Destiny And His Soul Even If He S Already Lost Both.Hohenstaufen

Daniel R Hopkins is the author of Hohenstaufen Mark of the Beast, his debut novel and the first of an anticipated series self published in October 2018 Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Daniel was sent to the sweatshops at an early age and quickly desired to escape the rat race He had a natural talent for writing stories, and with an imagination fueled by The Lord of the Rings, began dreaming

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 420 pages
  • Hohenstaufen
  • Daniel R. Hopkins
  • English
  • 13 January 2019

10 thoughts on “Hohenstaufen

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    This was a Goodreads giveaway win.I was originally drawn to this book because the cover was gorgeous and the blurb reminded me of The Sword and the Dagger, which I recently read and really enjoyed I thought this story was well done From star...

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    Thrilling, exciting with great, accurate historical facts Just the right touch of romance and surreal Every chapter ends with a cliff hanger Excellent grammar as a plus Great for young adults and adults I am over 60, and I loved it.

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    I originally wanted to read this book since the description reminded me of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court which I enjoyed While this book is not as humorous, it is filled with historical events and well paced action scenes.

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    This is written so poorly, I almost didn t finish it which is saying something for me I hate not finishing a book so I powered through, hoping that it would get better It never did Daniel R Hopkins seemed obsessed with ending each chapter with a cliff hanger It was frustrating to see the plot bent to suit this story telling technique The main character seemed downright stupid because he couldn t put obvious clues together because he needed to have a dramatic realization at the end of the chapter This book is in desperate need of a good editor Characters used modern language like legit and it was way too long I think an editor could help it quite a bit This book was provided to...

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    Good book.I would like to start by saying that I knew next to nothing of the history of the 13th century so this book had me quite confused I found it so much readable after I spent about an hour researching the places around Jerusalem and names of the real historic people Also read up on the time period between the 8th and 9th Crusade It helped immensely in getting the most enjoyment out of this book Overall, I gave this book 4stars At times I felt...

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    I won this book as a giveaway on GR I was thrilled to get into this book after reading the summary I m somebody who will give a book a fair shake but I also believe life is too short to feel like getting through a book is a chore I spend too much time in my professional life reading literature that can be tedious Anyway, when I read for fun I want to escape and get swept away in a good story I got about 31% through, picked up another story I read in two days, and tried to revisit this afterwards I just couldn t The plot hadn t grabbed me than 1 4 of the way in to keep me interested There were a few aspects that caught my interest girl devil, mysterious marks that slowly reveal themselves, and time tr...

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    I received this from a Goodreads giveaway and I thank you for that The title and cover first drew me in enough to want to read it even though I m not partial to ebooks, I was excited for this one It s definitely for those who appreciate history as there was a lot of it and I absolutely enjoyed all of it This book had cliffhangers at the end of every chapter and that kept me wanting and on top of that it continually left you in the dark, only to build up and questions There is some romance but I chalk it up to a vulnerable 16 year old who has been alone most his life and the first person who shows some vested interest and does her best to look out for him is definitely enough to stir up some feelings of love I don t believe it took away from the story at al...

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    I won this book on Goodreads Kindle version for an honest review.A well written book with compelling characters and realistic scenery, this author takes you on an unexpected journey A fast paced read with plenty of action and intense situations thi...

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    Great ReadA fantastic story from beginning to end The book flows seamlessly from one chapter to the next I found myself rooting for Arjen throughout Excited to read the next book in the series

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    There is so much about this book It is simply overwhelming The allegiances a reader takes and rejects throughout the tale is overwhelming It is difficult to wrap my brain around it Brought to highs, and lows, finding out that you ve made a deal with the devil and contrary to everything logic has screamed, for a while seems right Such an allegorist tale of The state of humanity The knowledge of what we should do, the pull of emotion and our depraved being I anxiously await the second book Had I known completely what the...

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