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PDF The Outsider Author Stephen King Evil Has Many Faces Maybe Even Yours In This 1 New York Times Bestseller From Master Storyteller Stephen King An Eleven Year Old Boy S Violated Corpse Is Discovered In A Town Park Eyewitnesses And Fingerprints Point Unmistakably To One Of Flint City S Most Popular Citizens Terry Maitland, Little League Coach, English Teacher, Husband, And Father Of Two Girls Detective Ralph Anderson, Whose Son Maitland Once Coached, Orders A Quick And Very Public Arrest Maitland Has An Alibi, But Anderson And The District Attorney Soon Have DNA Evidence To Go With The Fingerprints And Witnesses Their Case Seems Ironclad.As The Investigation Expands And Horrifying Details Begin To Emerge, King S Story Kicks Into High Gear, Generating Strong Tension And Almost Unbearable Suspense Terry Maitland Seems Like A Nice Guy, But Is He Wearing Another Face When The Answer Comes, It Will Shock You As Only Stephen King Can.The Outsider

Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

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    I ve been reading Uncle Stevie for about 35 years now, and there s been plenty of peaks and valleys in my fandom This time out he found a whole new way to disappoint me.A young boy has been brutally murdered, and all the clues point directly at Terry Maitland This is shocking because Terry is a happily married family man and all around good guy whose coaching of youth sports has made him one of the most popular and respected people in town, and there s never been the slightest hint of any kind of criminal behavior from him However, with both forensic evidence and multiple witnesses there is no doubt that Terry abducted and killed this child so Detective Ralph Anderson has him arrested in the most public and humiliating way possible.The problem is that there was so much evidence pointing at Terry that Ralph didn t bother nailing down his whereabouts when the crime was committed, and Terry has an iron clad alibi that makes it impossible for him to be the murderer Yet for every piece of evidence that shows that Terry couldn t have killed the boy there s another equally damning one that positively shows that he must have done it How could a man be in two places at once The infuriating thing about this book is that the first half had a lot of promise King seems to have been insp...

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    There was one rock hard fact, as unassailable as gravity a man could not be in two places at the same time. Stephen King amazes me Here, he has managed to turn a 300 page story into a 560 page story by leading us on a long winded wild goose chase while waffling on about almost everything, but somehow, though it seems hard to fathom, I could not put this cracktastic shit down.If you are thinking about reading this because you like mysteries and thrillers and have seen this in the latest mystery thriller bestsellers don t bother It s not really for someone who s looking for old fashioned mysteries But if you re a fan of King s slow, meticulously detailed climb to the creepy good stuff, lots of characterization that probably wasn t needed, and 200 pages that could have been cut but are compelling anyway step this way It sounds like I m being negative, but King is just his own brand He drags things out, he goes on and on about minor plot points, and yet he manages to keep literally millions of readers hooked on his every word I would wake up in the middle of the night to feed my baby and find myself reaching for this book and squinting at it in the darkness And then not being able to sleep after.The Outsider sets up a scenario that immediately piqued my interest an horrific crime against a child warning for graphic sexual violence evidence all pointing to one man said man has an airtight alibi putting him hours away when...

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    King has done it again The last time I was this enthralled with one of his books was Finders Keepers While I do read a lot, it is not often I find a book that I don t want to put down at all In fact, the biggest selling point is that I am in no way, shape or form a morning person Dragging myself out of bed is the greatest challenge of my day But, I woke up early, without an alarm, when I had about 100 pages to go because I was so into it I couldn t stop thinking about it and wanted to finish it This is basically a combination of King s old school horror stories with his recent mystery books Bill Hodges trilogy When you read it you might be surprised at how true this statement is I will just leave that statement out there with no spoilers you ll see Really, my only criticism of the book is the ending It felt ...

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    The Outsider by Stephen King is a 2018 Scribner publication Classic, quintessential King An eleven year old boy is found brutally murdered and strong evidence points to Little League coach Terry Maitland Detective Ralph Anderson is particularly outraged and makes the fateful decision to arrest Terry in public, creating a media sensation in the process But, as the investigation begins to unfold, doubts and alternative evidence make Ralph question Terry s guilt As the mystery deepens the horrible truth that emerges creates a heart pounding and tense race against time, and the ultimate good versus evil showdown Reality is thin ice But most people never fall through until the very end Now, plenty of people have reviewed this book, and King certainly doesn t need any help from me in promoting his novels, I just had to add my own complimentary comments about this one This book reminded me of why, when I was a teenager, I was always the first in line to buy a new SK novel, why I absorbed them as fast as possible, then read them again and again and again King has a way of building a complex puzzle, while creating characters readers are sure to respond to, eit...

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    SIGH Many people are going to love this book Probably most of them will love it for all or at least some of the reasons that I did not And that s OK If you want to read reviews praising this book there are already many of them out there you may enjoy Mine will not be one of them This is apparently, going to be Episode 4 of my review series that is slowly but surely becoming Maybe Stephen King Should Have Retired at 65 Definitely with spoilers and curse words and ranty bits Reader beware Stephen King has always had peaks and valleys in his career You can t please all of the people all of the time For instance, Cujo is one that doesn t really work for me, because the stream of consciousness style doesn t fit the narrative or story But the STORY is still compelling and interesting, if you can look past the writing of it But to me, the last 6 7 years worth of King s output has ranged from good with some lame aspects to Yawn with a side of OH OKAY to WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GARBAGE AND WHY DID EVEN A SINGLE DAMN TREE HAVE TO DIE FOR IT His last really good book was 11 22 63, written in 2...

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    Reality is thin ice, but most people skate on it their whole lives and never fall through until the very end An eleven year old s body is found in a park following a brutal murder Eyewitness accounts and fingerprint evidence point to the popular Little League coach and teacher, Terry Maitland But Terry also has an alibi for the time of the crimeMY BOY S STILL GOT IT I straight up loved this book from the very first page until the final words King proves once again that he is the master when it comes to horror and suspense This book had me feeling disturbed and unsettled on a few occasions, whilst also having me sending frantic messages to my BG friends like What the eff just happened Those first 2 300 pages were simply unputdownable It was so addictive that I was seriously considering booking days off work so that I could just fly through it But it s also so good that I wanted to take my time and really savour being in a great King book There were twists and turns galore, and at no point could I really predict what route King would go down I love King most of all when he is completely unpredictable One of my favourite things about King s writing is those scenes that really just feel so simple And by that I mean different characters or family mem...

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    3.5 3.75 This started off really good but it slowed down towards the end I was happy there was some connection to the Bill Hodges series which I liked a lot and recommend you read first since there are some spoilers here but I was overall underwhelmed.Recommend it but it s not for everyone.

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    This was my favorite book of 2018 hands down.I never actually ended up writing a full review for it This haunts me Am I the only person this happens to In an effort to appease some of my guilt, let me get a few thoughts down I really enjoyed the topics explored in this book Particularly, the idea that sometimes the court of public opinion is much unforgiving and harsh than any court of law.I also enjoyed how King showed vignettes of various characters, all flawed, in the town where our drama unfolds He described so well the way the main event affected various people like when a stone gets thrown in a pond It created ripples spreading out and enveloping many lives I loved this It reminded me a bit of the way things roll out in Needful Things.And of course, most of all, I loved my second favorite character from The Bill Hodges trilogy making an appearance I knew it was going to happen and I waited and waited and waited and thenReunited and it feels so good The supernatural elements were also fantastic in my opinion There were classic King scenes that gave me absolute chills and left me wanting to leave the light on when I went to bed.I would definitely recommend reading The Bill Hodges tri...

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    Lately I ve been wondering if I m not compatible with Stephen King s newer novels I ve really enjoyed working through his backlist, and I am here for all the 80 s 90 s old school horror and sci fi, but the newer brand of SK and I just haven t clicked I was sorely disappointed in Sleeping Beauties last year, so I was hesitant to pick up The Outsider immediately After waiting a few months and giving the hype time to die down, I finally decided it would be the next pick on my unread shelf to dive into Guys, I am SO glad I picked this up The Outsider has given me faith in the new brand of King and the reassurance that it s ok not to click with an author s every piece of work POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS BELOW I had been warned ahead of time that this wouldn t be a straightforward crime novel, and I think that guidance helped me place my expectations in just the right place before embarking on this strange and fascinating journey The book felt like it was divided into two separate stories, yet connected centrally in a way that flows and is understandable once you ve read the book Part police procedural, part old school horror, this book was entirely compulsive and satisfying We begin with a beloved local father figure accused of a horrific crime TW for graphic descriptions of child murder, sodomy, pedophilia, and desecration of a body , and I was pleased and a bit shocked at how well King transformed ...

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    I loved the first half of this book so much, I hardly knew what to do with myself I just wanted to be reading every minute of the day Don t get me wrong, the second half was good, it just didn t impress me quite as much.I m not going to rehash the plot, because today, only one week from the release date, there are already hundreds of reviews that do that I m just going to give a few of my thoughts and impressions The first quarter of this book was outstanding It reminded me of all the reasons I love King in the first place Then the second quarter It was even better I know that my mouth dropped open when I was reading quite a few times and who doesn t love being surprised The third quarter brings us Ms Holly Gibney, who was probably my favorite character from the Bill Hodges crime trilogy which began with Mr Mercedes , but the pacing began to slow The fourth quarter just got draggy and I wanted things to wrap up Overall, I was prepared to go all fangirl over this book and at first THE OUTSIDER deserved that and By the time we approached the denouement, I was still enjoying myself, but not as much Perhaps it s because I expect so much from King and it s just not possible for anyone, even him, to live up to my expectations Perhaps, ...

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