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Reading Sorcery Of Thorns Author Margaret Rogerson All Sorcerers Are Evil Elisabeth Has Known That As Long As She Has Known Anything Raised As A Foundling In One Of Austermeer S Great Libraries, Elisabeth Has Grown Up Among The Tools Of Sorcery Magical Grimoires That Whisper On Shelves And Rattle Beneath Iron Chains If Provoked, They Transform Into Grotesque Monsters Of Ink And Leather She Hopes To Become A Warden, Charged With Protecting The Kingdom From Their Power.Then An Act Of Sabotage Releases The Library S Most Dangerous Grimoire Elisabeth S Desperate Intervention Implicates Her In The Crime, And She Is Torn From Her Home To Face Justice In The Capital With No One To Turn To But Her Sworn Enemy, The Sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn, And His Mysterious Demonic Servant, She Finds Herself Entangled In A Centuries Old Conspiracy Not Only Could The Great Libraries Go Up In Flames, But The World Along With Them.As Her Alliance With Nathaniel Grows Stronger, Elisabeth Starts To Question Everything She S Been Taught About Sorcerers, About The Libraries She Loves, Even About Herself For Elisabeth Has A Power She Has Never Guessed, And A Future She Could Never Have Imagined.Sorcery of Thorns

Margaret writes fantasy for young adult readers She lives near Cincinnati, Ohio, and when she s not reading or writing she enjoys drawing, watching documentaries, making pudding, gaming, and exploring the outdoors in search of toads and mushrooms.

[KINDLE] ✽ Sorcery of Thorns By Margaret  Rogerson –
  • Hardcover
  • 456 pages
  • Sorcery of Thorns
  • Margaret Rogerson
  • English
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9781481497619

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    The cruelest and kindest thing a good book does is make you believe you live inside it for the space of a few hundred pages, that you are a part of something, part of its world, not just skating around the edges, too tied up in yourself to join in until it ends and the illusion winks out, like a snuffed flame, and you re left marooned, adrift, your head chilled in its absence.The real world takes a seat at the back, and Rogerson s imaginary one holds center stage Here where books are a soft warding from the beings that stalk the night and trapdoors to something beautiful and wicked that trickles beneath the surface, but when damaged even inadvertently they mutate into ravening monsters rising up in clamorous fury, the warp spreading from the pages as sinuously as ink clouding through a glass of clean water And they re called Malefics The gist of the story concerns Elisabeth Scrivener who is an orphan raised in the Great library of Summershall where she learned the delicate arts of tending to books and the blunter arts of guarding them against the world, and guarding the world against them Her apprenticeship as a warden...

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    I can t stop smiling Margaret blows me away every time Sorcery of Thorns is equal parts whimsical, flirtatious, and totally hysterical, while still managing to deliver a gut punch of feels on than one occasion This story is an absolute blast to read, and kept me thoroughly entertained all the way through.First we have Elizabeth, a library apprentice of sorts She s tall, fierce, yet has the gentlest of hearts Time and time again, she charges headfirst into danger and drags us with her, and her cleverness and willpower never disappoint I d follow her anywhere Literally Elizabeth s world is upheaved when a grimoire yep you heard me escapes the library Mind you, grimoires are no ordinary books In this world, they are quite alive with minds of their own and can be very dangerous Elizabeth, who s well aware of this danger, charges after it of course, it isn t in book form any and is now a rather grotesque lard of a monster to try and save her town from destruction And while she succeeds because she s a badass , she s accused of treason for letting it escape in the first place.Which means she s shipp...

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    ARC provided by Simon Schuster in exchange for an honest review. Knowledge always has the potential to be dangerous It is a powerful weapon than any sword or spell I don t know about you, but I feel like I ve been looking for a story all about someone living in a library, surrounded by magical books, while also going on adventure after adventure, for my entire life And I truly believe that not only did Margaret Rogerson give me that, she is giving the YA literature community a gift from above I feel like when An Enchantment of Ravens came out most people loved it, but it did seem a little bit polarizing, while I liked it but I never was in love with it But Sorcery of Thorns captivated me from page one, and I adored it so very much that there was never a moment that I wanted to shut this very magical book and stop reading.And like I said above, this is a story all about a girl named Elisabeth who has grown up in a library all of her life She wants to eventually be a Warden, who is a person who protects the library, the people, and the books, because some books in this world are very much alive and are capable of doing some very bad things But one night, when there is an attack at the library and the surrounding town, she takes it upon herself to defend the only home she has ever known Yet, this act ends up making her the only suspect in the crime Dreadful things roam the shadows while the human world sleeps So, ...

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    June Fairyloot Box Well, here I am again with the same book 3 times BUT, I m trading in my green edition and keeping this stained Fairyloot Edition as well as the Purple Owlcrate edition So it all worked out Click the link under the picture to see the amazing goodies in this box FAIRYLOOT GOODIESJune Owlcrate Box Well, I already have the book but this one has a purple cover soo. keep them both D Click on link below the pic to see the goodies ...

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    She wasn t a wielder of chains she was a breaker of them She was the library s will made flesh I never do this, but I m going to give you all a TL DR for this review, just in case you re in a hurry and need me to get the point across quickly This is one of the best books I have read in my entire life, and if there is any single book I could beg you to purchase this year, it is Sorcery of Thorns. Knowledge always has the potential to be dangerous It is a powerful weapon than any sword or spell After adoring Margaret s debut, An Enchantment of Ravens, it felt blaringly obvious that I would love this, too, but I had no idea how much my love for this world, this story, and these characters would blow Enchantment out of the water The lore and world building are so gorgeous and intricate, particularly surrounding the grimoires Books, too, had hearts, though they were not the same as people s, and a book s heart could be broken she had seen it happen before Grimoi...

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    for all the girls who found themselves in books yaaassss we stan a fantasy queen who both acknowledges AND writes stories for us bookworms 3i know i wont be the only reader who sees a little bit of themself in elisabeth for being able to relate, on such a personal level, to her love of books, for seeing them as companions, and forever feeling at home in their company in a library and this story is every bit deserving of having such a remarkable character there is so much balance to this story, that i honestly couldnt have asked for anything elisabeths fierce loyalty is a match for nathaniels charm and humour the fast paced plot is evened out with with meaningful scenes and narration and th...

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    Hi, all I don t spend much time here I view this as a place for readers, not me , but now that Sorcery of Thorns is appearing on people s radars, I thought it would be a good opportunity to mention a couple of things.Firstly Sorcery is quite a different book than An Enchantment of Ravens, which may be helpful for readers to know in advance Probably the best way to put it is that Enchantment is a fairy tale romance, while Sorcery is an epic fantasy Sorcery does have a romance, but it s a subplot, not the main focus of the story I had a ridiculous amount of fun writing it and hope you enjoy venturing into this world s perilous magical libraries alongside Elisabeth Scrivener Sorcery is also a standalone book, completely unrelated to my previous novel.Secondly, I don t believe Sorcery requires any major content warnings, but I d like to run through a few possible triggers just in case They are as follows Body horror associated with the books turned monstersMinor, brief self injury when characters draw blood for magical ritualsImplied referenced sexual assault not graphic, nothing described on page Children disciplin...

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    Guys, this book..I WANT MORE.This book is Howl s Moving Castle s cousin and I was LIVING throughout it.

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    An Enchantment of Ravens was rather subpar, but I m willing to give a book about a magical library a chance Also, THAT COVER IS DIVINE Blast my lack of self control when it comes to pretty covers Bye, bye wallet xD

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    That cover is simply enchanting and the blurb sounds amazing I cannot wait for it to be released

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