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Last Summer Free Author Kerry Lonsdale From The Charts And Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Of The Everything Series Comes A New Novel Of Love, Lies, And Deceit.Lifestyle Journalist Ella Skye Remembers Every Celebrity She Interviewed, Every Politician She Charmed Between The Sheets, And Every Socialite Who Eyed Her With Envy The Chance Meeting With Her Husband, Damien Their Rapid Free Fall Into Love And Their Low Key, Intimate Wedding Are All Locked In Her Memory But What She Can T Remember Is The Tragic Car Accident That Ripped Her Unborn Child From Her Ella Can T Even Recall Being Pregnant.Hoping To Find The Memories Of A Lost Pregnancy That S Left Her Husband Devastated And Their Home Empty, Ella Begins Delving Into Her Past When She S Assigned An Exclusive Story About Nathan Donovan, A Retired Celebrity Adventurer Who Seems To Know About Her Than She Does Him To Unravel The Mystery Of Her Selective Memory Loss, Ella Follows Nathan From The Snowcapped Sierra Nevada To The Frozen Slopes Of Southeast Alaska There She Discovers The People She Trusts Most Aren T The Only Ones Keeping Secrets From Her She S Hiding Them From Herself Ella Quickly Learns That Some Truths Are Best Left Forgotten.Last Summer

Charts, Wall Street Journal, and 1 Kindle bestselling author Kerry Lonsdale writes standalone and series based emotionally charged domestic drama, family suspense, and women s fiction Her books are sold worldwide in than 28 countries and are being translated into 24 languages and counting Co founder of the Women s Fiction Writers Association, an international organization t

[Read] ➳ Last Summer  By Kerry Lonsdale –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 297 pages
  • Last Summer
  • Kerry Lonsdale
  • English
  • 05 July 2019

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    I am ecstatic to bring you my next project, LAST SUMMER Thank you for adding my book to your Goodreads shelf And when it comes up on your to be read pile of books, thank you for reading I can t wait for you to discover what my next protagonist, Ella Skye, has in store for you Enjoy Kerry xoPS LAST SUMMER is a stand alone book, and not part of a series It s my first stand alone since ALL THE BREAKING WAVES I ve been told by...

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    This was steamy, suspenseful, and had an ending I definitely didn t see coming Full review to come Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    Special thanks to the author, the publisher and NetGalley for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review Ella Skye is a journalist and has spent her life keeping, sharing and spilling secrets After a few years of torrid affairs with her celebrity clients, Ella settles down and marries entrepreneur Damien, and the two begin a relatively quiet life together When Ella wakes up in a hospital room after a tragic car accident and is told of the baby she had miscarried, Ella is not grieving or hurt but merely confused Why does she not remember even being pregnant What happened the night of the accident and why can t Ella remember When her husband starts being elusive, Ella begins to investigate on her own with the help of an old client, world renowned celebrity adventurer, Nathan Donovan Ella quickly learns, however, that Nathan may have information than she bargained for information that may ruin her career and even her marriage I have read every novel...

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    What a stunner

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    An imaginative and intriguing psychological drama about lies, deceit and memory loss.SUMMARYElla Skye is at the top of her game as a lifestyle journalist Her assignments are the rich and famous, and she remembers every celebrity and politician she has interviewed The chance meeting with Damien Russell, a wealthy entrepreneur their love at first sight romance and their low key, intimate wedding are all locked in her memory She can even remember Damien telling her he never wanted children But what she can t remember is the tragic car accident that landed her in the hospital and killed her unborn child Ella can t even recall being pregnant And why would she even be pregnant if her husband didn t want children Hoping to find her lost memories, Ella begins delving into her past trying to remember her pregnancy The baby s newly decorated room, and the maternity clothes mean nothing to her At work, she s assigned an exclusive story about Nathan Donovan, a celebrity adrenaline junkie adventurer who seems to know about her than she does him To unravel the mystery of her selective memory loss, Ell...

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    My thanks to the author, the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.LAST SUMMER twists and turns and leaves you with a dropped jaw at the end of your reading journey. The story opens with Ella Skye conducting an interview with a famous actress, who reveals that she knows the secret to erasing your sorrowful past memories Right away, I was on the alert when, in the next chapter, I read that Ella has lost not only her memory, but a baby as well Damien is perturbed and solicitous Can Damian be trusted And what about Nathan Donovan how does he seem to know her so well Ella becomes determined to investigate her own past and find out exactly what happened to her, hoping to remember the events leading up to her tragic memory loss I don t want to go into any further details about the plot, because it would just mean one spoiler alert after the other.I will say this though when I reached the conclusion of this novel, I can t say that I liked th...

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    Holy Cannoli What did I just read This was my first read by Kerry Lonsdale and now I want to drop everything and read her entire backlog I absolutely inhaled this book in less than one day I m pretty sure my husband was ecstatic when he knew I had finally finished because no one was talking to me until I did I was obsessed with figuring out this storyline I m just blown away at the creativity I loved it Wowza.That said, there were times when I was reading it where I got frustrated with several of the characters actions Now that I look back, it all makes sense This was definitely one twisty tale and I enjoyed every word My heart did break through a good portion of the book as our main character, Ella, lost her son at 21 weeks gestation in a car accident However, her grief is different from most because she is unable to actually grieve Simon since she can t remember him or the pregnancy at all Her search for...

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    Great googly moogly That was such an amazing trip I just took Come closer I am going to admit something here Generally, I know what I m going to rate a book before I even finish it A bit short sighted, but whatever They re my ratings to do with what I like With this one, I loved the story, I loved the writing, I loved the characters, but something was bothering the heck out of me And it was fact that this woman rightfully had so many questions, and she let all the people who could give her the answers off the hook time and time again She let them placate her with all kinds of versions of we ll talk later or not right now or after we have coffee and myriad other excuses It was infuriating I was getting all bitches be crazy and thinking that there is no way in hell that anyone would have gotten away without answering every last question I had for one moment longer even if I had to lock them all in a room together and threaten to take away their cell phones so they d HAVE to talk So, I knew I was going to rate this 4 starsand I kept plugging along Now look back up there yep, 5 stars What turned it all around Because it certainly wasn t my belief that any woman in her right friggi...

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    I ve had this book to preview since February and got right into reading it I,was only able to get to a few chapters done and then life got in the way and I had to set it aside Going forward to April and I finally got the chance to start reading again and I finished this absolutely, awesome book in two days This is Kerry Lonsdale s first stand alone book since finishing the Everything series and Kerry just keeps getting better and better This unputtdownable page tuner had a plot twist that I didn t expect what resulted and then there was another plot twist and then another I verbally ...

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    I spent an entire afternoon completely immersed in Kerry Lonsdale s upcoming book, Last Summer Ella is suffering from memory loss after a car accident She can t even remember being pregnant or losing the baby As Ella and her husband, Damian, try to keep their marriage from imploding, devast...

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