Judge Breeding #5

❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ Judge Breeding #5 Author Alexa Riley – E17streets4all.co.uk Nora Vaughn is living on the streets and trying to keep under the radar Luck is on her side one day when the hot stranger she’s been watching drops his keycard and she’s able to get into a safe pl Nora Vaughn is living on the streets and trying to keep under the Judge Breeding PDF or radar Luck is on her side one day when the hot stranger she’s been watching drops his keycard and she’s able to get into a safe place What she doesn’t expect is for him to find her naked in the shower and demanding she repay what she’s stolen Smith Prescott is a well known judge who has worked his entire life to build a reputation But one look at the young woman in front of him and he’s willing to throw it all away to have her She’s forcing his hand and his iron will to do the things he’s sworn against But what’s the point of having all this power if he can’t use it to have her Warning This is uick and dirty and dripping with filth If you love our books Coach Mechanic Thief and Kingpin then this one will give you all the feels you’re after Enjoy some uality time in the judge’s chambers.Judge Breeding #5

Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty Judge Breeding PDF or books They are both married moms of two who love football donuts and obsessed book heroesThey specialize in insta love over the top sweet and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read If you want something SAFE short and always with a happily ever after then Alexa Riley is for youFeel free to follow us ea.

Judge Breeding #5 MOBI ☆ Judge Breeding  PDF or
  • 86 pages
  • Judge Breeding #5
  • Alexa Riley
  • 01 February 2016

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    I need the AR team to stop glorifying these exploitative themes An 18 yr old on the run from an abusive Uncle immediately falls into the hands of another sexual predator except of course he’s rich powerful and very good looking which makes it a okay It Is Not Okay DNF 28%

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    4 Fun Naughty StarsSuper uick taboo story I have enjoyed all the stories in the 'Breeding' series I thought this one was really good and had a bit substance than the othersIf you enjoy a OTT dirty read with a little daddy kink chucked in you should enjoy this one

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    MORE IN BREEDING SERIES I NEED THIS OMG PAINE MECHANIC COACH HAIRY CHESTS AAAAA “I want you to spread your legs over the arms of the chair and pull your dress up so I can look at your pussy” YAAAS AR YAAASJudge is the story of Nora and SmithWe have a heroine running from her perverted guardian uncle finding shelter suatting in the hero's home and him finding and claiming her This was deliciously smutty and kinky at the same timeI've been recently complaining on how soft core AR had gone with their recent publications and I missed their hard core NC 17 taboo reads this was great on ALL those countsA wonderful addition to my FAVORITE breeding series we had an insane dominating crazy possessive hero a sweet but eager heroine loads of wet sex scenes breeding talks and actions and super hot HEA bred epilogue added with expected DDLG elements We also have a couple of really bad and creepy guys which added to the the femme fatale lure of the heroine everyone wanted to bang herOne of the most reminiscing ones was the scene reminding me of Mechanic where Judge Smith makes the heroine expose and spray his hose pipe all over her pink badger NyahhahaaIt also has gems like I was completely naked with my cock lubed and shiny like the North Star as I stood next to her bed and beat my meat as well as “I’ve spent decades to build this up” he means his man juice along with “They’ll drink from right here and so will I” Her nipple hardens and I rub my nose and lips against it “You can’t forget to feed Daddy too” It was OTT ridiculous A cocktail of sex insanity I loved itSafe55

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    Classic AR If you liked the breeding series then you will like this story Older manyounger woman Lot of baby making The hero was just ok at first he felt like he wasn't connect to the heroine but he did come around for me no cheating no violence of a sexual nature her uncle was inappropriate with her and made her uncomfortable He had been rough with her leaving a bruise on her but she got away before it escalated ok epilogues 4 months and 6 years Not much info thoughhow many kids? Names? I want that kind of stuff

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    I believe I’ve said this before but this time I think I’m officially done with AR books This book stars A whimpy ass heroine who shocker is a naughty virgin who just discovered her vagina for the first timeA creepy pervy villain And a creepy pervy hero that has a hard dick 100% of the book I get that this author likes over the top characters but the writing is so bad that it literally makes my teeth hurt

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    I love this series but I had mix feelings on this one I loved how possessive he was to her and I liked her too I just didn't like her uncle and the two cops It's still safe for me thoughThe story is about Smith and Nora She's been living with her pervy uncle after her father died a year ago Her uncle wants her and he's trying to have her She escaped and was on the run She's been living across the street from Smith's gymHe's a judge He noticed her outside the gym He's been watching her and just biding his time to have her One day he dropped his key and she got it She always sneaked in until he caught herHe wants her but what if he's not the only one who wants to have her?It has nice epilogues view spoilerMarried with children and they're trying to get pregnant again hide spoiler

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    Just needed some AR time with her heroes that would do anything for their women I've been reading a lot of PNR books lately and from time to time I do need to read a normal book Well as normal as an Alexa Riley book can get I really liked this story The beginning was a bit dark for an AR book but the rest was pure joy to read OTT hero that is completely devoted to his girl and vice versa I loved it

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    I hate the daddy kink I think it’s disgusting Even the epilogue was lame Hero was as creepy as her uncle

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    “Judge” is a book from the series “Breeding” and as you can guess from the title of the series this story is dirty and uick and the end result will be lots of children and marriage So don't expect anything less or anything than this 🤔“Breeding” series includes so far the following books Coach Mechanic Thief and Kingpin Most of them I loved Especially Mechanic is my favourite Alexa Riley's book and I have just decided to reread it HahJudge is not one of my favourites To be honest I prefer a dirty talking Mechanic to a dirty talking Judge But I suppose this is a matter of personal preference 😉

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    Well that was a smut fest classic Alexa Riley Nora is pretty much alone in the world and after the death of her father has been forced to live under the care of her uncle he has her trapped in his home and she is only allowed to leave to attend two days of school Things are becoming awkward and his behaviour towards her is inappropriate knowing that she needs to escape before the worst happens She has been living on the streets for the past two weeks when she is caught red handed taking a shower in the club she has sought shelter in with a stolen key Terrified that she will be sent back to her uncle she’s shocked when the older attractive man makes it clear that she now belongs to him Can she trust him to keep her safe or will her Uncle manage to get her back in his clutches? Smith noticed the young girl watching him and suspects her of stealing his key for the gym he is a prominent Judge and has worked hard for his reputation but once he sees Nora he knows that he wants her than his career After he finds her naked in the shower there is no way he is going to let her go he plans on claiming her for himself forever But can he claim her before she’s taken away from him forever? Smith is the perfect possessive and OTT alpha male and Nora is the ideal heroine for an Alexa Riley book Great read

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