That Baby (That Boy, #3)

Download That Baby That Boy, 3 By Jillian Dodd First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage And Then Comes That Baby, The Third Book In The That Boy Series By USA Today Bestselling Author, Jillian Dodd.It S Amazing How A Few Little Words Can Change Your Life It Starts With A Simple I Love You It S Made Official With I Do And Becomes Incredible With I M Pregnant.Jadyn Is The Girl I Love The Girl I Ve Always Loved Our Lives Are Like Single Threads Meticulously Woven Together The Result An Exquisite Tapestry Of Past, Present, And Future Then There Are The Words That Will Unravel Me A Few Little Words That Will Change My Life.That Baby (That Boy, #3)

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  • That Baby (That Boy, #3)
  • Jillian Dodd
  • 09 May 2017

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    That Baby is LIVE First comes love, then comes marriage and then comes That Baby, the final book in the That Boy trilogy by USA Today bestselling author, Jillian Dodd.It s amazing how a few little words can change your life It starts with a simple I love you It s made official with I do.And becomes incredible with I m pregnant.Jadyn is the girl I love The girl I ve always loved Our lives are like single t...

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    4.5 stars That Boy and That Wedding are two books that I ve read, re read and re read again To say that I was anxiously awaiting That Baby to release would be an understatement The wait was long, and as soon as this book became I available I dropped what I was doing and picked it up Phillip and Jadyn are one of my favorite couples and Danny Diamond is one of the best fictional characters ever I loved seeing this trio back and together They ve been through a lot childhood, high school, tragedies, college, engagements, weddings and now pregnancies They can get through anything, as long as they have each other So sexy So gorgeous I can t believe you re my wife I giggle You re just talking all pretty because you re hoping to get lucky tonight There s no hope involved I am lucky You married me Phillip and JJ are newly weds The last thing they are expecting is a baby to come along but life is full of the unexpected Now that Baby Mac is on the way, life is changing JJ and Phillip are the best couple They are so fun and sweet and Phillip is the best husband to JJ He truly is her prince I love hearing them banter about the pregnancy and baby to be Jillian always puts so much ...

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    4.5 MacDaddy StarsI m a huge fan of this series Book one sits proudly on my favorite shelf here on Goodreads, while a signed copy sits on a shelf at home To be honest, Jadyn s character in book two seemed so different to me and I m ecstatic to report that the Jadyn I loved in book one has returned for this installment She has grown up and has become the woman I knew she could be.Lori, Mrs Diamonds, however sucked and was downright cruel at times She was a nightmare of a wife and friend Lori you re married to Danny Freaking Diamonds are you kidding me These three best friends were on point throughout the whole story Their banter, love and friendship, will make any reader envious of their bond They are neighbors and both couples are expecting their first child I swooned and melted over sweet Phillip thr...

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    Spoiler Free Review 5 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult RomanceSeries Book 3 The final book in the That Boy seriesWHOA I was knocked on my butt and SHOCKED quite a few times along the way I mean it s the final book I expected to cry NOT all out bawl the way I did laughs to self Yeah, I truly didn t expect to be so emotional, regardless the impact still lingers days later In That Baby the newlyweds Jadyn and Phillip learn that they are expecting, which is of course exciting With Baby Mac now on board things slowly start to change in Jadyn s life some things change for better and some things for worst There is actually one thing that shook me to my core though I actually hated a certain character I use to love by the middle of this book I was utterly disgusted Jayden may have forgiven this personI could NOT This book, so like the first one in the series highlights the friendship and very strong bond between Phillip, Jadyn and Danny Although the dynamics has changed between JJ and her best friends somewhat For one, JJ is a newlywed now married to Phillip BIG CHANGE Two, they recently relocated for work Three, brings it full circle with the relocation once again they find themselves neighbors with Danny ...

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    Gosh this author redeems one person and downs another I loved Jadyn in this book, she totally 110% was the person she needed and wanted to be She passed the bi ch baton to Lori, good lord did she ever I felt towards the end of this book I was reading f...

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    November 29, 2012omg

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    4.5 Stars.Half a star cut for the ending, I mean sometimes you need to hold your ground and keep a grudge MOTHER FUCKERRRRRRRRRR.Book got pushed a YEAR WHYYYY

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    CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK I just finished reading a sneak peek of That Baby Why I would torture myself when the release date is of July 2014 I have no clue O.oLink I don t think I can do that I can t lie I would be pretty damn excited if you were I can t wait to have an adorable daughter, who s spunky just like you With a cute curly ponytail and little freckles across her adorable nose, just like her mommy His finger grazes the freckles across my nose I ll give her piggy back rides, teach her how to ride a bike, climb a tree, punch a boy that tries to kiss her I can t wait to start a family with you Gosh, I love you Phillip Can t wait to meet their lil princess Ohh I can t forget Danny s Lori s baby too I miss JJ, Phillip, Danny frowning Oww That hurts He grins at me and says, Yeah, I know Then why did you do it Cuz you said bullshit Oh really, so did you I snap him back I swear those two crack me up haAny chance they ll name their daughte...

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    That Baby is LIVE Links iBooks official blurb It s amazing how a few little words can change your life It starts with a simple I love you It s made official with I do.And becomes incredible with I m pregnant.Jadyn is the girl I love The girl I ve always loved Our lives are l...

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    That JourneyI was in my final semester of nursing school when I stumbled upon a book This particular book caught my attention because of my unfeigned obsession with the idea of best friends becoming lovers There is something so incredibly special about the evolution of a love that begins with the purity of friendship It also makes the build, the tension such an amazing experience I wanted That Experience What I got was a journey That Boy will forever be one of my favorite books of all time Sometimes when you read a friends to lovers romance, you are briefly told about the friendship The entire focus of the book begins with the romance, but the relationship has no shape No foundation Something is lost That Boy let me experience the friendship But it also did than that I was seized by so many different facets of love love between family, friends, lovers I didn t just experience it, I lived it I knew That Baby was coming, so I waited.and waited.And waited Several covers later, and countless re reads, That Baby finally arrived I don t think I realized how much I missed these characters until I was heart deep, existing on a journey that started so many years ago Jillian has poured so much heart into every single one of her characters.In past books, Jayden definitely wore the crown for most frustrating female, but in That Baby Lori strips the title and takes it to ...

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