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[EPUB] ✻ Spin the Dawn ❀ Elizabeth Lim – E17streets4all.co.uk Project Runway meets Mulan in this sweeping YA fantasy about a young girl who poses as a boy to compete for the role of imperial tailor and embarks on an impossible journey to sew three magic dresses Project Runway meets Mulan in this sweeping YA fantasy about a young girl who poses as Spin the ePUB Æ a boy to compete for the role of imperial tailor and embarks on an impossible journey to sew three magic dresses from the sun the moon and the starsMaia Tamarin dreams of becoming the greatest tailor in the land but as a girl the best she can hope for is to marry well When a royal messenger summons her ailing father once a tailor of renown to court Maia poses as a boy and takes his place She knows her life is forfeit if her secret is discovered but she'll take that risk to achieve her dream and save her family from ruin There's just one catch Maia is one of twelve tailors vying for the jobBackstabbing and lies run rampant as the tailors compete in challenges to prove their artistry and skill Maia's task is further complicated when she draws the attention of the court magician Edan whose piercing eyes seem to see straight through her disguiseAnd nothing could have prepared her for the final challenge to sew three magic gowns for the emperor's reluctant bride to be from the laughter of the sun the tears of the moon and the blood of stars With this impossible task before her she embarks on a journey to the far reaches of the kingdom seeking the sun the moon and the stars and finding than she ever could have imagined Steeped in Chinese culture sizzling with forbidden romance and shimmering with magic this young adult fantasy is pitch perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas or Renée Ahdieh.Spin the Dawn

Elizabeth Lim grew up on a hearty staple of fairy tales myths and songs Her passion Spin the ePUB Æ for storytelling began around age when she started writing fanfics for Sailor Moon Sweet Valley and Star Wars and posted them online to discover Wow people actually read my stuff And that's kinda cool But after one of her teachers told her she had too much voice in her essays Elizabeth took a bre.

Spin the Dawn ePUB ✓ Spin the  ePUB Æ
  • Kindle Edition
  • 400 pages
  • Spin the Dawn
  • Elizabeth Lim
  • English
  • 14 February 2016

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    Reread with For Love Of A Book Group earned this badge July Owlcrate Box Click on the link below the pic to see all of the goodiesGOODIES LINKI loved this so much it went to my favorites listAnimation Arthur RedhawkLet me tell you people Do not always go by what a summary says When I read this was a cross between Project Runway and Mulan I immediately put hitting that pre order button aside I'm not into those two descriptions BUT I saw it on Netgalley and thought I should take a chance I'm so glad I did SPIN THE DAWN is nothing like what I was thinking in that part of the description This book was everything for me Let me try to keep this simple without any spoilers Hmmmokay Maia is a tailor in her own right but girls are not allowed to become tailors What? I was like are you for real? Anyhoo her dad was a famous tailor but since Maia's mom died he's not the same and he has become sickly I mean we all get old right? So Maia is the one running the shop and doing all of the mending Maia has three brothers but things happen to them so they are not doing any kind of tailoring THEN one day some dude shows up saying Maia's father has to come to try out to become a Royal Tailor to the Imperial Majesty We all know that's not happeningsoooooo Maia pretends she is one of her brothers and goes up against some other men some whom are real jerks to try to win the spot of Royal Tailor Maia is not just doing this for herself she wants to get money to her family All kinds of shenanigans ensue and even some people trying to kill people Geez Maia befriends Edan who is the Lord Enchanter and he's a bit of something else too I wish I could tell you I might come back with a spoiler section Edan takes a liking to Maia because he knows her secret and she's a good person; she has some magic too They end up on a uest to seek these amazing things to make dresses out of for the Imperial Majesty's soon to be wife She doesn't want to be his wife but that's how it goes in these arranged things Anyhoo this that and the other happens I was so happy and then I was sad because I'm not sure what the future is going to hold AND I don't have the next book yet? Do I want to read the next book? I'm afraid If I'm still alive I will be reading it I love Maia and Edan so much and that's all that matters Happy Reading Mel ♥Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for giving me a digital copy of this book to readMY BLOG

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    Project Runway meets Mulan sounds interesting but I need this book for reasons that have everything to do with the cultivated vanity that’s reserving my space in hellI mean just look at THAT COVER

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    wow wow wow i am truly blown away by how amazing this story is the book blurb does this a slight disservice by pitching it as a cross between mulan and project runway not because it doesnt have those elements but because this is SO much than that the story is captivating with enthralling writing and charming characters oh my gosh edan is one of the wittiest characters i have read in a while his banter with maia is such a delight to read from start to finish i was entertained with every page but what really impressed me is the blend of cultures the world is an array of different people and traditions and i love how this captures that so well this story richly mixes the folklore of both east asian and middle eastern cultures and creates a vibrant setting perfect for maia and her adventure i love how this didnt just stick to one like most stories do but expanded beyond that it made for uite an enchanting world to readi am so desperate to get my hands on the next book if only i could find my own enchanter to make it happen↠ 5 stars

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    Eastern mythology dances with rich fairy tale elements an amazing journey to the sun moon and stars lots of amazing dresses created by a gifted artistic tailor and her magical scissor and please don’t forget the heart throbbing forbidden love story How could I not fall in love with this book? And the best thing is I got the seuel after my regular weekly four rejections from NetGalley I think I still have some lucky stars shining over me So of course you can imagine I’m making my happy dance on the breakfast table and my husband is watching me in shocked expression holding his phone to call somebody put me straitjacket in and take me to some mental spa place that’s what he calls the asylum they will refresh my nerves with gentle electroshock massages cute isn’t it? But I reminded him his Latino dance move after his team won the UEFA championship He suddenly dropped the phone and climbed on the table to join my dance A trip to the memory lane always helps to bring joy to usLet’s talk about bookThis book is hooked you from the first page kind of fast pacing exciting riveting reading STORY Maia takes place of his brother by disguising herself in man clothes to compete with the most talented tailors of the empire to change her family’s poor fate and show her talents to win her place as emperor’s tailor But her competitors are experienced ambitious relentless and playing dirty to take her out of the race They even ruin her shawl she perfectly designed and later one of them attacks her to break her handBut luckily the palace’s mysterious and charismatic Enchanter Edan is on her side He gives her important clues to defend herself and win the competition He also heals her broken hand Czzzzzz can you feel the sizzling chemistry I did They waltz between them with insulting words teasing comments widened my Cheshire cat smile uiet delicious enemies to lovers relationship grows on you And interestingly their love story is so much better than several romance books I’ve read this yearSo finally our good hearted fair strong stubborn talented tailor Maia achieves to eliminate her competitors But now she has the toughest challenge that nobody succeeded to finish completely Because they could not stay alive to finish them She needs to sew three different dresses from the laughter of the sun tears of the moon and blood of the stars This means her epic fantastic journey begins at this moment But don’t worry his enemies friends lovers kind of complicated Enchanter will accompany her through the journeyCHARACTERS Maia is fantastic talented brave easy to relate and love kind of five stared heroine And Edan he could be heavenly fantasy book boyfriend is entertaining witty loyal strong trustworthy hero I loved his way of treating Maia with respect and unconditional loveAnd of course I wholeheartedly loved Maia’ s family I ached for those brothers too I wished Edan could meet with the rest of the family See This book brought out secret romantic and delicate part of me I loved those couple so much I can be volunteer to help them for their wedding planning They’re soooo cuteeeeENDING Oh boy that twist That cliffhanger made me throw all the book towers waiting to be read on my study and immediately start the second book But at least five books on my list to be finished at first DammitYou’ll ask if you love the book so much why did you cut one star you cruel heartless bitch? Well I think slowing pacing at the journey parts and late angsty emotional twists so many sacrifices about the couple have to face to be together were too much dramatic and melodramatic for my taste At some parts I uestioned myself if I was reading an angsty romance or fantasy book? But it’s really tolerable because Edan and Maia are so genuine and uniue characters and their love story is so special memorableSo as a summary THIS BOOK THIS JOURNEY THOSE CHARACTERS ARE SPECIAL If you’re die hard fans of this genre you shouldn’t skip this book I love it Period

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    Can I sue for false advertisement? This book was advertised as Mulan meets Project Runway two things I love So I was pretty sad and yet not all the surprised when this ended in disappointmentAside from the fact that the main character pretends to be a man there isn’t much about this story that resembles that of Mulan And only the first third of the book actually resembles Project Runway So what is this book about? Mainly it’s about a tailor and an enchantermagicianJinn? going on a pointless adventure in order to find impossible materials to make a magical dress for a spoiled and petty girl determined to not marry an emperorLiterally the entire plot hung on the fact that Princess Sarnai decided she was going to postpone her wedding by making life difficult for everyone and asked Maia to create three impossible dresses made of sunlight moonlight and the blood of starsEven the characters point out the ridiculousness of it several times in the story “I wanted to reach unto my trunk and rip Lady Sarnai’s dresses to shreds They were the cause of everything if I hadn’t gone on this journey to make them none of this would have happened” And then again “Lady Sarnai’s damned dresses They were the reasons everything had gone wrong” Basically if Sarnai had been a little less out to complicate everyone’s lives and asked for a regular dress or like a shirt or a jacket or literally anything else the later 23 of this book would not have happenedMost of the book took place on the road as Maia and Edan our resident “enchanter” and love interest try to find “sunlight so pure it can be spunmoonlight so dense it can be wovenand the blood of stars”That means that the entire book is driven by these two characters and their interactions I wouldn’t have had a problem with this if I had loved these charactersDon’t get me wrong I didn’t dislike these characters I just didn’t particularly care for them or their adventure Maia was too passive Nothing at all like Mulan She didn’t make the story happen Things in the story simply happened to her and she reacted to it As for Edan I don’t really have much to say He was pretty alright I guess?So maybe its because I’ve read too much YA in my 22 years of life Maybe I’m just not impressed as easily as I once was Maybe these characters just weren’t that interesting Who knows? The point is I had the same blank expression the entire time I read When they were in danger when they were happy when they were using their magical powers I simply didn’t careThat said I kinda liked the romance of it It felt a little rushed especially since Maia kept pointing out that she knew literally nothing about Edan’s past but it was cute enough Edan was really sweet I’m glad this didn’t go the way most YA tends to and give us an ahole love interest that eventually develops feelings and starts behaving like a decent human That’s kinds how I thought this was going to go in the beginning Thankfully Edan was always a really nice guyIn the end I didn’t dislike this book It was fine I’m certain that many people will like it In fact many people already do according to all the positive Goodreads reviews If you’re one of those people I am glad The book isn’t bad and does have some interesting moments I just personally didn’t care for it I also don’t think I’ll be reading the seuel But also I probably still might

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    I am actually speechless this book is marvelous and you need it in your life 🌙✨Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Bloglovin’

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    35 ★’s Spin the Dawn in one sentence A tailor Mulan through a royal competition alongside treacherous masters a journey through magical perilous lands for an impossible task and a love story that overflows your heartThis retelling is fun sweet rather cloyingly romantic and bursting at the seams with uniue myths and magic carrying a world unprecedented splattered with a delicious dosage of knitting and prettily sparkling dresses oh my while failing miserably at action scenes oh no “War comes at a great cost” Lady Sarnai said “and from that sacrifice comes peace Sometimes we must let go of what we value for the future of our country Be it a beautiful fan or our honor or our lives In the end we all belong to the gods anyway” Imagine a singer inconspicuous but striking She stands and starts out her song with a low tone There’s no music You have a moment of doubt but then her voice settles deep in your bones You sit up straight but she doesn’t care—she’s been already swept up and away from your mortal world and into the magic of the melody The enchanting rhythmShe paints a tapestry with her words she plays with your emotions she awes you with her mystical talent Such mastery Singers struggle for years to own those low sounds and yet here she is the notes flying from her lips with such strength obeying her with such devotion You think what an enchantress a ueen of this artAnd she takes her precious time she dances from F3 up to A3 and back down to B2 jumps on C4 and sweeps back to B3 and you catch your breath and you think you are dreaming You are in awe of her her mystical voice You smile You sigh There is a sneaky little teardrop of love rolling down your cheek Your poor heart swellsThen she goes higher She grasps at E5 and you cringe She tiptoes back down to the lower notes you smile You silently kick yourself for your reaction; all is well You are daydreaming and humming and maybe falling in loveuntil there’s a screech An earsplitting blood all over the floor scream You jump out of your seat and watch her that blessed singer tear down the foundation of her song You watch her stumble from one high note to the next trying to leash the wildness of that untamed horse and you feel like cryingIt is like listening to the disaster of your lifeTo the destruction of something specialTo the sound of potential as its fuse catches fire—as it explodes goneThe singer sings unaware She runs back down and dwells on her lower notes again It is as if nothing happened Again you are in awe of her mystical voice Again you smile Again you sigh But there is no sneaky little teardrop of love rolling down your cheek Your heart no longer swellsOur sweet singer is Elizabeth Lim her art not singing but spinning tales Her song is Spin the Dawn a swan song that fails “People will see what they want to see” CW sexism passing threat of rape and slight slavery Storyline In a land where the Sun the scorching cruel god and his glamorous wife the Moon meet only one night a year through a bridge of stars that collapse and bleed In a land where myths and magic roam the halls of kings and sneak into the hands of tailors filling them with greed And in a land where a girl cannot become a master or a tailor or run a shop and is nothing but a wife expected to concede There lives a girl who could not spin a tale for the love of her but can spin the finest yarn and spin the dawn “You are meant for Maia”I turned away “How can I be? I’m not a man” Maia Tamarin has a dream—one she tucks close to heart sewing it there hidden within her chest so full of pain because she is afraid they would mock her laugh at hersuch an impossible dream to become the master tailor for the emperor That is until her ailing father is summoned to court to be one of the twelve famed and talented masters competing for the very job she has dreamt of night and day To spare her family from ruin and achieve the dream she knows she is talented enough to deserve Maia risks her life and dresses up as her limping brother setting off for a palace where her lying fellow competitors would do anything to prove their art is superior and win the contest “Some journeys have ends but not this one This one will change you Irrevocably” But nothing is as simple as that—if beating a band of treacherous old men in a competition while maintaining her disguise can be called simple; because there waits a Lord Enchanter who seems to know just how to get under her skin and an impossible task to sew the sun the moon and the stars into three dresses that has her leaving for a long journey across perilous lands deep into deserts and up up up until she reaches the sky Is This a Retelling of Mulan? This book was accused of having nothing in common with Mulan except a girl pretending to be a boy I kept that in mind when I started reading and my eyebrows rose a little higher every time I found a parallel to the point where they were lost somewhere in my hair—I no longer had eyebrows |Here is my evidence for why this is a true retelling of the original tale The Ballad of Hua Mulan the parts in italic tlare the retelling view spoilerWhile Mulan Maia sits worriedly at her loom one male master from each tailor family chosen by the emperor is called to serve in the army to defend China from Rouran invaders compete in the contest for being the court tailor that would please the empress to be Lady Sarnai daughter of the enemy the traitor shansen to stop the Five Winters’ WarHer father is old and weak and her younger brother is just a child who can’t weild a blade maimed after the war and can't wield a needle so she decides to take his place and bids farewell to her parents who support s her She is already skilled in fighting sewing having been taught since she was a childAfter 12 years of fighting competing against 12 tailors the army returns the competition ends and the warriors are rewarded the winner is rewarded the title but also given a new task which she completes Mulan Maia turns down does not turn down the official post and by the order of the emperor dons her old clothes the dress she made and meets her comrades the court members who are shocked that they did not realize she was a woman Then Mulan Maia asks only for a camel is given a carpet to carry her home and is greeted with joy by her family hide spoiler

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    This was the magical adventure of my dreams and I am a little starstruck right now I meeeean wow It mixed this whimsical fairy tale uality in with one of my favourite ships of 2019 not to mention the ending has left me gasping like a dried out minnow on the floor I JUST I thought it was a standalone and now I need and I do not have help meeeeeepulls self togetherbarely can we talk about the magic firstbecause it was astoundingly and gorgeously done Maia is disguising herself as a boy to win a position as the Imperial Tailor to save her very poor very low on luck family And as the story goes on she's commanded to sew three dresses from the laughter of the sun the tears of the moon and the blood of the stars So like we have some epic amounts of whimsy going on and I LOVED IT It meshed this fairy tale uality tone with just a good ol' epic fantasy adventure cue roadtrips and trails etc Perfect mixture is perfect Plus I confessI get really exhausted reading epic fantasy usually But not this? I felt like it had perfect world building BUT still stayed really easy to read and accessible thx from me with only two brain cells to rub togetherI also loved the magic scissors that Maia wields and the hint that because she can use them and others can'tmaybe there's to herI hear it pitched as a Mulan retelling but that's really only because Maia disguises herself as a boy to enter the trials But she's literally sewing lmao And no one sings I'll Make A Man Out Of You so Smh the characters won my heart in an instantI loved Maia She's your loving passionate and forthright Gryffindor type; can't lie loves her family will plunge into danger with 2% planning LOVE MAIA She has a little hot temper streak and I adored that too But oh oh we must also talk about Edan aka the Imperial Enchanter who takes uite a shine to Maia right up I mean he's a magician so he can tell she's not a boy And their banter just goes from little jabs to homey bickering and GAH I LOVE THEM This is my favourite trope Mild enemies to lovers ajfkdlsad And I can't even say how much I cracked up at their arguments Edan is absolutely ridiculous and just like this fluffy sparky ball of magic who doesn't shut up and teases Maia so much she just wants to throttle him But yA KNOWthe chemistry is off the charts 😌Maia is basically yelling that he's arrogant and he's like OH YEAH and then she's like YEAH NOW KISS ME YOU JERK and I stan Paraphrased hush The book is much much better written than my meme'ing ualitiesAnyway 1010 to their relationship ajdfklsad I felt like Edan all dressed in black bound to the Emperor mystical with dark powers is like the inverse of the Darkling If the Darkling was a dorky boy and flirted like a giddy pumpkin the story it toldOk I totally loved the story It held a lot of homey tropes too; so like the trials of the tailors to win their position was fun and stabby Then Part II of the book is like a roadtrip with lots of perils I am less personally fond of fantasy excursions but it didn't feel slow I LOVED the gathering of impossible objects and all the banter there too And did I mention THE ENDING WASN'T FAIR It brought out the feels like nothing else Like don't hold back punches W O WMy only cautious negative and I did read an ARC so I don't know if this changes is there was several anti ueer sentiments; like Maia being horrified at the thought of gay men etc overall; I'm not sure why you are still here and not reading this bookI so SO enjoyed it It was magical and whimsical but also layered with humour and banter and a couple I completely and utterly adore EDAN AND MAIA MY MAGICAL DISASTER LOVERS It captured my imagination and my heart And of course adored the full AsianPOC cast from an #ownvoices author More of this And cannot frikkin' wait for the seuel

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    2 Angry cunt stars Yes cunt Clem is back and I'm about to burn the house down Instagram | rant on youtubeand non gender conforming folks welcome to another episode of How the hell did this get published? staring Spin the Dawn and yours truly Please take a seat grab yourself a drink and hold on tight to your grandma’s underwearbecause shit is about to get serious SYNOPSIS Some random girl from the north of somewhere I can’t for the life of me tell you where likes to sew clothes in her dad’s old sewing shop Apparently her dad used to be famous and 20 years later some random dude who we never see again knocks on her doorstep and reuires the father’s presence in court to participate in some competition to become the royal tailor But the dad can’t go because he’s a drunk and the daughter can’t go because she’s not a man so she disguises herself as her brother and impersonates him in court She wins the competition and becomes the royal tailor Now she’ll have to keep the charade of her being a manand she’ll be under threat of being executed forever spoilers and severe cringe ahead 1 So we need to talk about this trend of having the main character in Asian fantasy having to “crossdress” to survive but who never uestions their gender identity because it’s so outrageous to even think gender identity can be fluid or not cis I’m not saying that I want every crossdresser to be trans I just want the perception of one’s gender expression to be discussed in novels This trend is just an example of how unoriginal this book is I’ve read 5 fantasy YA like this already in 2019 and I can’t for the life of me differentiate them from one another 2 The worldbuilding One wordIt’s non existent If my bestfriend hadn’t told me that this was an Asian fantasy I wouldn’t have known I can’t say where this book takes place What kind of government it has What religions are represented or invented How the magic works Who are the gods What kind of creature exists Why are the two sides at war Nope I have literally no clue3 The characters I dead ass caught myself calling Mia by the name Alina for the majority of this book the love interest being the disgusting Mal obvi That goes to show how well developed the characters are Whenever the female character showed a bit of personality she either passed out or needed saving Seriously we’re being told that Mia is “so strong and smart” but all she does is sleep complain and gush over some random hobo4 The romanceJust kidding I have rarely been turned off in my entire life It was as if I was reading the script of the worst Lifetime movie ever made The cringiness of the dialogues broke the levels of the awkwardness of After the movie I had chills during some of the dullest and impersonal romantic dialogues I’ve ever read in my life Here are some examples “You deserve someone who can be with you That someone isn’t me” “Kissing you was wrong It was a moment of weakness” And many that I can’t even look at without gagging In other words just because you can write one word after the other doesn’t mean that you should write a book Maybe I should start to listen to my own advice

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    One word WOWThis book is pitched as Mulan meets Project Runway but it was really so much than that I loved it

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