Life to the Extreme

Life To The Extreme Read Author Ty Pennington Ty Pennington Shares Stories From His Life And Offers A Behind The Scenes Look At Your Favorite Home Shows As A Kid, Ty Pennington Had Too Much Energy He Was Chaotic, Bouncing Off The Walls, And On A First Name Basis With The Local Emergency Room Staff Back Then There Wasn T Public Awareness Of Attention Deficit Disorder Yet People Just Thought Ty Was Rambunctious A Trouble Maker What Do You Do With A Kid Who Just Can T Sit Still Who Can T Focus But Ty Discovered Something Amazing When He Was Just A Boy He Felt Focused When He Was Building Something He Discovered That He Loved To Work With His Hands To Use Tools And Be Creative He Loved To Try New Things, Build And Design New Things.In Life To The Extreme Ty Shares His Remarkable Life Story In His Characteristic Humorous Style, He Takes You Racing Through His Life With ADHD Infused Diversions That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud He Shares About How He Was Diagnosed With ADHD In College, And What It Has Meant To Be An Advocate For ADHD Awareness He Shares About His Start As A Model And Carpenter, And His Eventual Move To Television Where He Starred In The Hit Shows Extreme Makeover Home Edition And Trading Spaces.Life To The Extreme Will Inspire You Ty S Boundless Energy And His Sense Of Humor Are Infectious You Ll Laugh You Might Cry A Little And You Ll Definitely Be Inspired To Change The Lives Of Those Around You.Life to the Extreme

Design television was never the same once we were introduced to the quirky and creative Ty Pennington The groundbreaking home improvement series Trading Spaces has returned after a 10 year hiatus, giving us a chance to get reacquainted with Ty as a carpenter, and now designer Pennington has been recognized as a leader in the field of volunteerism for his work on Extreme Makeover and Ty s Great B

⚣ Life to the Extreme  Books ⚡ Author Ty Pennington –
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Life to the Extreme
  • Ty Pennington
  • 03 May 2017
  • 9780310357377

10 thoughts on “Life to the Extreme

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    I won this book in a goodreads drawing.The biography of a guy with ADHD who worked his way into becoming a celebrity Some pictures, and few pages make this different than others If you re a fan of this guy you should pick it up If you have no idea who he is, maybe skip it.

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    I liked Extreme Makeovers years ago when I watched it Toward the end, though, it became so over the top, I lost interest.Pennington s story about growing up with ADHD would have been better told if he and co writer Thrasher had not tried to make us feel like we, too, had ADHD I wanted a straight linear story Instead, I guess like Pennington s mother, I got a tale that bounced all over the place with asides, hints, and just a...

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    Another book where I just expected I was so tired of hearing how lucky he was I read the book for inspiration, but that is not what I got My son also has ADHD, and I thought it would be nice to see how someone with the same condition succeeded in life Instead the book...

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    I love Ty Pennington but hated this disappointing book because it is written in ADHD style Ty claims to have had undiagnosed ADHD growing up despite the fact that his mother was a child psychologist and when he was in high school the term ADD was formally used His mind shoots all over the place and he was very destructive as a child The problem here is that he destroys the book with the same obscure thinking.Blame it on his co author as well The two have decided to fashion the book as a seven day project like his show Extreme Makeover Home Edition so each day has a different theme destruction but within one theme Ty jumps from his childhood to his TV show to his modeling career to his military stepdad to people he helped with his TV show to his bed wetting, to his distant birth father, to his fans, etc There is no order to this and in the middle of one story he will stop and use cutesy language to flip to another story, telling you to just wait because he ll be back to the original soon It s all incredibly annoying, repetitive, and extremely difficult to follow There are times he jumps to three subjects on one page, all of them incomplete, and you have no idea what he is talking about At other times he mentions the same thing three times in a couple pages Afte...

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    He just can t sit still, bouncing off the walls, unable to stay focused, and energy that is just beyond comprehension Sounds familiar.from one ADHD adult to another I know that feeling quite well In fact Ty is near my age ok he s 8 yrs older but the idea that kids should be given drugs to calm them down is something I d hoped he discussed here as thankfully my mother back in the 70 s 80 s never gave me the meds that were prescribed alarmed at what they might do to me.For me it was about controlling the diet and be darn sure you didn t give this gal sugar in any form I was always busy Could never sit Able to multi task like the bomb Also able to do much than the average person which is similar to what Ty uncovered.For Ty He discovered something much unique.That he had a gift When working with his hands It s ironic because I don t need to even look at something I just have that intuitive ability to know where my hands are and could use both simultaneously I wonder if Ty is similar For me I would produce over 200 units an hour using both hands as top producer in two departments For Ty He made things interesting What I didn t expect was his brutal honesty His idea of love His thoughts on the families he helped The notion that he could channel that built up energy into something useful.I love the segment with his family especially his step dad as he didn t truly know his real father The discussions about what he wanted to do with his life.All in all a nice read from t...

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    I won my copy of Life to the Extreme in a giveaway through Goodreads I remember watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition and like so many others, falling for Ty s charm and energy The show has long ended, but years later, reading Ty s insight on his experience during the show and in addition learning about his life, his journey finding himself has brought a delightful sense of nostalgia Reading this book was li...

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    Received Life to the Extreme from Goodreads for an honest review Before reading this book I had enjoyed the TV shows with Ty Penningtonmost of the time The shows became over the top and plain silly Life to the Extreme was a disappointment as I had hoped to learn about ADHD and how Ty overcame his disability The book was disjointed and confusing It hopped around an...

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    The nonlinear construction of Life to the Extreme accomplishes its goal in putting you inside the head of a person with ADHD, namely Ty Pennington This is not the way I m wired, however, so at times the book was a little hard to follow, with numerous stops, starts, rewinds, and repeats I enjoyed the stories behind the scenes of Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover Home Edition, t...

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    Although I never heard of Ty Pennington before, this memoir looked like it might be an interesting read Unfortunately, I found it to be written in such a choppy and manic manner that I ended up skimming quite a bit Nevertheless, it s always good to ...

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    This book is as filled with energy as Ty Pennington himself As he was describing things and telling stories I felt like he was right there talking to me I m just one of the many fans of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and really miss the show Good to know that Ty is the real deal a...

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