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Reading Well Met Author Jen DeLuca Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us All S Faire In Love And War For Two Sworn Enemies Who Indulge In A Harmless Flirtation In A Laugh Out Loud Rom Com From Debut Author, Jen DeLuca.Emily Knew There Would Be Strings Attached When She Relocated To The Small Town Of Willow Creek, Maryland, For The Summer To Help Her Sister Recover From An Accident, But Who Could Anticipate Getting Roped Into Volunteering For The Local Renaissance Faire Alongside Her Teenaged Niece Or That The Irritating And Inscrutable Schoolteacher In Charge Of The Volunteers Would Be So Annoying That She Finds It Impossible To Stop Thinking About Him The Faire Is Simon S Family Legacy And From The Start He Makes Clear He Doesn T Have Time For Emily S Lighthearted Approach To Life, Her Oddball Shakespeare Conspiracy Theories, Or Her Endless Suggestions For New Acts To Shake Things Up Yet On The Faire Grounds He Becomes A Different Person, Flirting Freely With Emily When She S In Her Revealing Wench S Costume But Is This Attraction Real, Or Just Part Of The Characters They Re Portraying This Summer Was Only Ever Supposed To Be A Pit Stop On The Way To Somewhere Else For Emily, But Soon She Can T Seem To Shake The Fantasy Of Establishing Something With Simon, Or A Permanent Home Of Her Own In Willow Creek.Well Met

Jen DeLuca was born and raised near Richmond, Virginia, but now lives in Central Florida with her husband and a houseful of rescue pets She loves latte flavored lattes, Hokies football, and the Oxford comma Well Met is her first novel, inspired by her time volunteering as a pub wench with her local Renaissance Faire.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • Well Met
  • Jen DeLuca
  • 23 June 2019

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    This was SO DAMN CHARMING Pretty sure I was grinning like a fool the entire time because I just loved it so much MY HEART

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    A sweet romance that has so many touching moments between Simon and Emily, that will have you dreaming for much Let s begin by stating that this is Jen s debut novel and the first time reading anything by her, so I am rather surprised at myself that I was able to enjoy her story Why am I surprised you may say Because lately, with new authors I have not been hitting it squared And it scares me to think that this may be a constant thing with future new authors Either way, I can say for sure that reading that synopsis had me drawn to idea of requesting this baby I mean, have you read it Renaissance reenactment I mean, HECK YES Sign me up one hundred percent There is a lot to this story that brings the eye to the attention in all good aspects Especially when dealing with the characters that will have you questioning a few things, but also make you fall in love with them I d held hands with my share of guys over the years this certainly wasn t a new experience But this was the first time I d felt this a sense of peace Of protectiveness The sense that this was the guy, and he was going to take care of me I am keeping it short and sweet with this review, because you cannot miss from reading this novel I am keeping my eye out that hopefully<...

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    Consider me properly wooed by this book This was the perfect summer romance.Fresh of the heels of a bad break up, Emily moves to a small town to take care of her older sister and niece after her sister was in a car crash Emily gets roped into joining the towns annual Renaissance Faire as a tavern wench Right off the bat she get s off on the wrong foot with the leader of the faire, Simon, who seems to disapprove of every move Emily makes But once the faire begins, Emily s wench persona can t take her eyes off the pirate captain, played by none other than Simon And when Captain Blackthrone wastes no chance to flirt with her, she becomes confused as to whether this is all a part of the show or actually real I loved the premise of this book so much Emily and Simon clearly detested each other But their faire characters fell into somewhat of a showmance And the bante...

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    I was in the mood for a good romance and this one delivered I liked the chemistry between the main characters and I really loved how the author worked a Renaissance Faire into the storyline Made the story a little unique.After getting dumped by her boyfriend and losing her apartment, Emily goes to Maryland to help out her sister who is recovering from a bad car accident Emily s niece is wanting to participate in the town s Renaissance Faire but she can only join if she has an adult chaperone present, so of course Emily is roped into becoming a volunteer But Emily actually finds herself having a good time as she meets others in the group and learns her role in the Faire However, there is one person who just bugs the crap out of her, Simon, a schoolteacher in charge of the volunteers He dismisses just about everything she has to say pre Faire, but while the event is going on, it s like he magically turns into a charming, human being and Emily quite enjoys the mutual flirting that goes on between them But once the Faire is over, is Simon going to go back to his rude self, or is there potential for a real romance I actually had much fun with the Renaissance Faire theme than I expected prior to reading That s not really a time period I m all that drawn to normally, but it was interesting reading the ins and outs of putting an event like this together I did like Emily even though she might not be the most original character ever ...

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    3.75 stars for this Renaissance Faire inspired contemporary romance Emily, fresh off a painful breakup with her long term boyfriend she dropped out of college to put him through law school, spoiler BIG MISTAKE temporarily moves to the small town of Willow Creek in Maryland to help out her older sister April, who s laid up from a severe car accident, and April s 14 year old daughter Caitlin Right after she gets to town Emily finds out that Cait is dead set on participating in the town s amateur, six weekend long Renaissance Faire as a performer and lucky Emily a parent or guardian is required to participate as well Which Emily wouldn t mind so much if the high school English teacher in charge of the fair, Simon, weren t such a critical, annoying stick in the mud Maybe she s interested in Mitch, the hot blond gym teacher Gaston mixed with Captain America The weird thing to Emily is that when Simon starts dressing up as a pirate for the fair, it s like he gets a total personality transplant What gives Well Met is a cute, sexy read There s not too much really unusual goi...

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    Um, hello, this was adorable Hate to love set against a Renaissance Faire and swoons and emotions and loveliness Also fun Keep an eye out for this one, folks Review to come in September hahaha where is my chill for the blog I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in ...

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    I feel so lucky to have gotten an early copy of Well Met by Jen DeLuca Thank you to my publisher for sending me along an ARC The concept immediately appealed to me young woman moves in with her sister to help out during a difficult time and ends up roped into participating as a tavern wench at the local Renaissance Faire Yes Everything about that, yes It was just as funny and refreshing as I d hoped it would be, and this Shakespeare fan was delighted by the many nods to the bard throughout Mostly, I was swept up into a romantic comedy filled with originality, humor, charm, emotional depth and a sizzling connection between a pirate and his taver...

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    4 STARS Such a great story, it was sweet and cute.It was fast paced and I loved the concept.I adored the characters and I devour it in one sitting.Emily has moved to stay with her older sister and niece for the summer while her sister recovers from a car accident.Emily goes her niece Caitlin to sign...

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