Two Months and Three Days (Sinister Romance, #1)

Epub Two Months And Three Days Sinister Romance, 1 Author Tatiana Vedenska A Crazy Mixture Of 50 Shades Of Grey And A Detective Story Also Available In Kindle Unlimited As A 19 Year Old, Arina, A Student Of The Veterinary Medicine University In Moscow And A Vet Clinic Worker, Wanders Into Maxim S Photo Exhibition, The Only Son Of An Oligarch And A Photographer Of Expressive Art, The Air Is Immediately Charged With Sexual Tension She Is Struck By The Cruelty And Violence That Is Erupting From His World He Is Dazzled By Her Innocence, Beauty, And Aloofness.Maxim Is A Handsome, Talented, Sophisticated And Rich Man Somehow, He Cannot Think Of Anything But Her He Offers Her A Contract For The Next Two Months And Three Days Therefore, Somewhere In The Grey Zone Between Art And Burning Passion Both Arina And Maxim Start On A Life Changing Romantic Adventure By Connecting Moscow, Berlin, And London However, Apart From The Fancy Art Exhibitions, Expensive Restaurants, And Private Jets She, Step By Step, Uncovers Maxim S Dark And Dangerous Past And Understands That Everything Comes At A High Price Moreover, All Arina And Maxim S Friends And Both Families Insist On End Their Relations Two Months And Three Days By Tatiana Vedenska Is The Opening Book Of The SinisterRomance Series Deeply Emotional, Empathic And Steamy Read With A Spirited Romance For Adults A Brilliantly Crafted Love Story That Explores Themes Such As Joy Vs Happiness, Belonging And Identity, Naivety Vs Experience, Family Bonds, And Relationships.Two Months and Three Days (Sinister Romance, #1) SinisterRomanceseries Author page

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  • Two Months and Three Days (Sinister Romance, #1)
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  • 21 December 2019

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    Two Months and Three Days by Tatiana Vedenska is book One in the Sinister Romance This is the story of Arina and Maxim.Maxim and Arina are so opposite of each other in life and attitude But there is something between them that Maxim can t walk away from easily When he sets up a contract for Arina to be his assistant for Two Months and Three Days it sets them off on the start of something neither will be away to avoid Can t wait for the next installment Really enjoyed their storyhard...

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    I admit that I was drawn by the book because of the cover and the title But of course, the fact that it likens itself with 50 Shades of Grey in the description got me somewhat interested too.But I am happy to say that it resembles very little to 50 Shades That could be a good thing or bad, depending onow big of a fan you are of the famous erotica Me, personally, am glad it is nothing like it Or at least, the resemblance is nothing major So far.If there is any similarity between the two series that I notice would be the personality of the female lead Arina do remind a little of Bella Swan with the hwole virginity and intrigued by the rich and mysterious male lead Arina, thank God, did not do the whole lip biting thing that Bella Swan is famous for Plus, Arina is less annoying I cannot quite figure out Maxim, but ma...

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    Two Months and Three Days is an unusual combination of a romance and a detective story It is one of the best contemporary romance books that I have read in a while.It is the first in a trilogy of books by Tatiana Vedenska that was originally published in Russian under the pen name of Alisa Klever A complete best selling contemporary romance series in Russia, the trilogy very loosely adapts Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James For me, Tatiana Vedenska is in a league of her own with her individual style of writing, and steamy sex scenes This, the opening book of the SinisterRomance series is a steamy, sensual and emotional read It is a wonderful tale of a spoiled billionaire and an ordinary student that explores themes such as family bonds, experience and relationships, as well as happiness, belon...

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    How about a range 2 4 I am at a lost how to review this I liked and hated it all at the same time Parts were just so unbelievable, but there are people out there that have enough money to do whatever they ...

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    I read Why One Woman s Divorce by Tatiana Vedenska and felt like reading by the same author Two Months and Three Days has an easy to follow plotline This book is THE guilty pleasure every woman reads once in a while The easy plotline is combined with a set of interesting characters There are some elements in the book that hint to substa...

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    I am having a bit of a dilemma writing this review.1 I like the plotline2 I do not like the writing style but that may be because this book is being translated from Russian and it is maybe losing some of its allure because of the translator.3 The sex scenes are into the Erotica genre, but at least there is a plotline Although to get to the heart of the plotline, I am going to have read all three books Bummer Bottom line, if you can overlook the translator s incorrect translation at times and the rough prose because of the translation, I think you will find this to be a gripping plotline Maxim is a man consumed by the demons of his childhood that no psychiatrist has been able to resolve Arina is very naive, but given the right surrounding, she comes through as a strong individual who hopefully will be able to help Maxi...

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    I received a free copy of Two Months and Three Days in exchange for an honest review This was definitely an intense book Overall, I enjoyed it, but I really had a hard time liking Arina She was in way over her head with Maxim Maxim is older, so...

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    ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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