Ruthless King (Kings of Rittenhouse, #3)

Reading Ruthless King Kings Of Rittenhouse, 3 Author Maya Hughes My D Ck Never Got Me In Half As Much Trouble As My HeartWe Were High School Sweethearts I Was Head Over Heels For Her And No One Could Tell Me We Weren T Going To Last Forever College Going Pro My Family S Money None Of It Mattered She Was All I Needed.Then She Ripped My Heart Out But I M Not Going To Let That Happen Again She S Back Invading My Life And Acting Like She Was The Wronged One The Pain Is Still There, But I Can T Keep My Eyes Off Her I Can T Stop Thinking About Her And How Much Was Left Unsaid Between Us Being This Close Is Making Me Question Everything I Thought I Knew About Her This Time Everything Will Be On My Terms EverythingRuthless King (Kings of Rittenhouse, #3)

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    A second chance romance that has passion involved with history that is filled with emotions that are so in depth with each character, once you read their love story there is no going back There is no denying that my love for Maya s writing is one that will diminish any time soon When it comes down to sports romances I am weak in knees because the fact is that I love me a good rugged guy who properly knows how to work it in the field or ice rink in this case and also knows how to properly function in the sheets Emmett is no exception when it comes down to my previous statement Man He seriously knows how to bring the sweats to you down my face whenever I read his intimate scenes with Avery The sparks and all the fiery chemistry that they both had in high school when they first started dating, is one that sparked after so many years apart and not knowing the truth That built up and pent up energy that sparks from them both is one that as a true sports romance reader enjoys thoroughly in every aspect If you have read the first novel of this series, you will know the background story that is of Emmett and Avery s After being apart for four years, and finally seeing each other for a long time during a summer vacation, Avery and Em have to first learn...

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    Ruthless King is book three in the Kings of Rittenhouse series by Maya Hughes You can definitely read these as stand alones but I do recommend that you read the little prequel novella, Kings of Rittenhouse, first It introduces this group of friends and sets the stage perfectly for the book It s been four years since the night back in high school that Avery Davis ripped out Emmett Cunning s heart For four years he has lived his life, achieved his dream of being a professional hockey player for the NHL For all four of those years, he attempted to convince himself he had gotten over Avery, even though he could never stay in a relationship for over three months The anger still burns inside of him over what happened He and his friends rarely get to spend time together any so Emmett convinces everyone to spend the summer together on the shore It will be the perfect summer, spending time with the friends who were like family to him.Emmett s entire childhood, his parents barely registered his presence It was like he didn t exist No sooner did he...

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    4 STARS I never stopped loving you Even when I hated you with all of my being, even when I hated myself for it and wished I could carve my heart out of my chest, I still loved you The second I read the blurb to this book, I knew this would be my first Maya Hughes read I m a sucker for a good second chance romance, and this one checked all of my boxes Avery Davis had dismantled me and left me as a shell Even knowing the pain she d caused, every night I closed my eyes, it was her I dreamed about. I dove into this book without having read the previous two in this series, and while I had absolutely no problem enjoying it as a standalone, I ll definitely be reading the other books if only because I m intrigued by the characters and loved the author s writing style.As for this book It was a mildly angsty read with plenty of feels that I fell in love with from the very first pages Emmett and Avery were high school sweethearts They were everything to each other, and even though th...

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    I have read and enjoyed the first book in this series Shameless King For some reason, I forgot skipped the second book Reckless King I will fix this mistake soon This is the third book Avery and Emmet s story, and it can be read as a stand alone.Now even though I skipped the second book, I still remembered Avery and Emmett from the first book, and I really wanted to read their story I do things ass backward all the time so I will just read Heath s story later The first book was an enemies to lovers story and the second book a forbidden love story This time we get a second chance love storywhich happens to be one of my favorite tropes Avery and Emmett were very much in love in high school, that is until secrets and accusations rip the two of them apart.I fell in love with Emmett the moment I met him in the first book and this love only grew throughout the book Now I am known to be a bit harder on the heroines, but Avery could hold her own, so I was very impressed with her What I wasn t so happy with, was the way everyone was treating Emmett I can understand Avery having reservations about him, but the whole vacation thing and how they all ganged up on Emmett really had me seeing red I felt like everyone was picking Avery s side when she wasn t even supposed to be there while Emmett stood all alo...

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    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Ruthless King is about former high school lovers Emmett Cunning and Avery Davis Emmett is wealthy and privilege but his parents are never preset Avery cannot rely to her father as he succumb into addiction She had no choice but to step in as the breadwinner of the family In spite of their socioeconomic differences, it didn t matter for these two They re both young and in love but one incident ripped their relationship apart.For years later, Emmett and Avery reunited for the summer with their friends There s an unresolved tension between them and it s obvious both haven t move on from their breakup So much has changed over the years Emmett is now a professional Hockey player and Avery still works in a pastry shop and plans to go to college after two weeks One thing remains the same their love for each other.This book has two of my favorite tropes enemies to lovers and second chance romance novel It s also my first Maya Hughes novel and I like her writing style It s pretty engaging and I was hooked with the story I like the characters Emmett is such a gentleman He s charming, thoughtful and sometimes overly generous Avery is hardworking, independe...

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    I ve been wanting to get my hands on Emmett and Avery s story from the minute I read Shameless King and this was than what I could ve hoped for I have a weakness for second chance romances and when we were given a little bit of the background in book 1, I knew that this story was going to be filled with drama, heartache, and redemption and I was so on bored for this journey Good looks, women, endless wealth, you name it and Emmett Cunning has it Life is not too bad for this twenty three year old who has the world at his feet, or so it seems Four years ago his world was ripped apart by the one person he trusted and loved whole heartedly only to get torn apart in the process Not only did he lost the woman he loved from an unforgivable act, but his heart was never the same again But what happens when the one woman who s inflicted so much pain, suddenly comes back full force I never stopped loving you Even when I hated you with all of my being, even when I hated myself for it and wished I could carve my heart out of my chest, I still loved you. Avery Davis has spent the last four years doing everything for her little sister and making sure she goes off to College From paying all of the bills, working twice as hard, and providing the best emotional support, she has done it all Now that her sister is safely away at school, Avery can now focus on her own career and personal life wi...

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    HmmmmI liked the plot of this second chance romance It is mainly misunderstandings, lack of communications, and then some shady shady things from outsiders All in all it s a decent read I skimmed a bit, because some things felt like filler I didn t read the first two books or the prequel novella, but it was still easy enough to catch on to what was going on here N...

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    RUTHLESS KING IS LIVE Grab your copy now at the special release price US

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Ruthless king is the first book I read by Maya Hughes Second chance romances are one of my favorite book tropes, so I was excited about this story It started really good, and I couldn t wait to see what happened that broke these two apart in high school When I finally got bits an pieces of the past, it kind of lessened my enjoyment for this story One thing I hate in second chance romances is when the couple breaks up because of a misunderstanding and that neither of the characters do enough to explain the situation It is just the most easiest way to break up a couple in books, and I am kind of tired of it Because of this I just couldn t enjoy the book as much as I wanted to I know they were teenagers, and that they make rash decisions, but if you love someone you would want to try to figure out what happened or explain what happened It hurt to look at her, but I couldn t avert my eyes, like staring into the sun during an eclipse you knew you were doing damage, but how could you look away from something so rare and spectacular I blame Avery than I do Emmett, she could ve told him what was happening Also I found some inconsistencies in the story, because I kind of got confused who was to blame for the whole situation Avery in the beginning is mad at Emmett, because he didn t believe he...

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    This installment is about Emmett and Avery They were high school sweethearts, crazy in love, and Emmett wanted nothing than to spend his life with Avery Until everything suddenly changed, and the young man became broken and unable to move on Fast forward seven years and they are suddenly thrown together again He tries so hard to stay angry, but thankfully, he starts losing that momentum.First, I have loved this series so much However, this one is by far my favorite of the series Why you ask Because I completely fell in love with Emmett This beautiful man has a heart of gold, has only ever wanted a connection with family and loved ones, but also attempts to put up this tough exterior In a word, he was just, swoon worthy Don t get me wrong, he screwed up several times throughout the story because he reacted passionately and didn t think things through After living such a financially privileged life, he struggled to understand that he didn t need to use money to gain friendship and or love He couldn t get past his past with Avery, and he couldn t understand why his parents never wanted a relationship with him and then suddenly wouldn t leave him alone The guy was going through some i...

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