Gypsy Origins (All The Pretty Monsters #3)

Read Gypsy Origins All The Pretty Monsters 3 Author Kristy Cunning I M Like A Snowball Rolling Downhill That S The First Thing That Pops Into My Mind When I Try To Explain My Life I Don T Know Exactly What I Am, But I Do Know Who I Am At LeastI Did Sometimes Life Sends Things Your Way That Upend Everything You Thought You Knew, And Then Slings You In Another Direction Without Any Sort Of Harness Or Warning Sometimes It Drops Someone Like Me Off In The Path Of Four Wildly Different Monsters, Who All Used To Be Best Friends, But Now Sort Of Hate Each Other And Compete Over Absolutely Everything, Includingme Life Would Be Easier If I Wasn T Already Attached To Those Four Monsters, But They Occasionally Let Their Guard Down Around Me, And I Get A Glimpse Of What Has To Stay Hidden Under All Those Snowball Layers, Since They Already Rolled Downhill A Long Time Ago I M Tired Of Losing People I Care About I M Tired Of Searching Aimlessly For Answers I M Tired Of Not Having The Right Questions To Ask I M Really Tired Of Feeling Like My Vagina Is Cursed, But That S Obviously Lower On The List Of Priorities But In My Vagina S Defense, It May Not Do Tricks, But I Keep It Pretty It Shouldn T Keep Scaring Men Monsters Off So Easily, And It S Honestly Starting To Make Me Feel A Little Insecure Anyway, I M Finally Closer Than Ever To Having All The Answers So Long As No New Secrets Emerge Reverse Harem RomanceGypsy Origins (All The Pretty Monsters #3)

Kristy Cunning always loves a good laugh, and lives and breathes the emotions of the characters she becomes attached to Though she came from a family of musicians, she has zero abilities with instruments she sounds like a strangled cat when she sings and her dancing is downright embarrassing Just ask anyone who knows her Her creativity rests solely in the written word Her family is grateful

[Ebook] ↠ Gypsy Origins (All The Pretty Monsters #3)  Author Kristy Cunning –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 329 pages
  • Gypsy Origins (All The Pretty Monsters #3)
  • Kristy Cunning
  • English
  • 23 May 2017

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    I m still very disappointed in this book, and I seriously considered giving it two stars Here s why I m really not sold on this series It s hella confusing Suddenly Violet is an omega when did that happen How did she recognise that What the hell was that stuff at the end, about Marta What was all that stuff about Neopry monsters, and sacrifice, and JUST WHAT I DON T GET ANY OF IT PLEASE TELL ME I M NOT THE ONLY ONE Violet is super weak I mean, she says it herself countless times, but she never does anything about it Like, she was mad at Damien for a very legitimate reason, but all he had to do was look at her and she was putty in his hands I m really beginning to wish she d grow a f cking backbone around these men At least one of the four is massively obsessed with another woman Also, I m not a fan of how much of the entire plot rests on the men having once been madly in love with anoth...

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    My thoughts on this book coughs delicately

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    Mysteries unraveling Gypsy Origins by Kristy Cunning is book three in the series This book really starts expanding some mysteries and starts clearing up others partly Great secrets hidden from our gal Readers want to know Lol

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    2.5 3 It s a confusing mess which is strangely addictive.I discovered half way through this book that the whole series isn t out yet Yes I know it s the kind of thing I should check before I actually start reading And yes I m annoyed that I didn t This book was hard going in the beginning I was really struggling with the fact that Violet is an idiot In the previous book she described herself for us Sometimes I can t tell if I m really dumb or just too damn stupid to live Then I remember I can t die, so option number one it is.She goes on a hunting trip with Emit and Vance They re hunting rogue wolves and it s dangerous So they leave Violet behind with orders to stay inside Safe Her scent is so potent they need her out of the way.So what does she do She goes in the outside hot tub of course That hot tub out there in that cold air would feel so good But I m supposed to stay inside and chew my nails off, worrying what happens to them..What are the odds these wolves would just end up here if I go out in the tub I ask myself I decide very low.She s an idi...

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    4.5I have been nonstop binging this series, and I m loving it so much

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    Pretty Monstrously Monstrous February BotM over at the Reverse Harem Revolution 1 Gypsy s Blood 2 Gypsy Freak 4 Gypsy Moon 5 Gypsy Rising I don t remember what the day was like outside where I was but I do remember what I was doing, vaguely After leisurely strolling GR I decided to sit down in a beautiful gazebo like structure to do some GR Librarian work And to eat cause food is love, food is life As I was eating and working I heard a very soft pop I knew the sound to be the one a notification makes I looked to my left and found it waiting there, a yellow slightly scorched piece of paper from the Asylum, letting me know some of the inmates jumped the gun and started reading something earlier than it was scheduled Cause of course they would A heavy sigh escaped my lips I will deal with itnot at all Yeap.I went back to my working, finished and as I was ready to start eating I heard another soft pop Another sigh escaped right before confusion set in There was no paper of notification First I turned to my left, then to my right, then I turned to look behind me and after that I looked to my immediate low As I was turning to look up I saw it, a piece of soft pink paper that appeared in the middle of nothing, was just slowly drifting down to land on top of my sandwich The evidence which consisted of dried drool, cake glitter suggested it was a Revolution note I frowned at it as I reached to pick it up with one hand while I lifted the sand...

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    Keep those Pretty Monsters coming I guess I m in the mood for a drawn out seriesORthe author is just that good she s got me wanting and I don t mind waiting Ok, I might mind just a smidge but I m going to pretend that I m one of those patient kinds of reader I m invested in All The Pretty Monsters and I know I will keep coming back for Gypsy Origins sucked me in from the very first page to the last I THINK we ve finally got our answer as to what Violet is and what her purpose is But, to tell you the truth, I wouldn t be surprised if we ve all got it wrong and she s a fairy angel brownie or something else that s badass and smells really pretty This last earth shattering announcement wasn t entirely convincing I m not sure I believe Tom Or, maybe it s that I don t want to believe him Now the announcement before the last one, I really could get behind that one.I have to admit a little secret hereVance is my favourite Sure, Damien is tempting, Emit is growly sexy and Arion, well, he s just so affectionate But, Vance is just so tortured, h...

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    Gypsy Origins was a pretty good book but I feel like I have so many questions I want to meet Idun. which is probably weird af because she s beyond evil Yet, after finishing this and book 4 of this series. still haven t met her I feel like I barely know the girl and I want to see all her craziness for what it s worth.Violet and the guys definitely have communication problems Plus, I feel bad for the girl because of how much crap is on her shoulders I really want her and the guys to have a happy ending but I doubt that i m going to get that The romance is always growing with this group and I love it However, some scenes were just meh to me I like them and these books but I feel like they aren t being edited correctly Maybe it s my KU version No idea Overall, I flew through ...

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    I not sure if I should be 1 More angry at that cliff hanger It was doosey The added chapter 1 of book 4 didn t even soften the blow it added to the hanging.2 More confused by the whole premise and all the conversations had I m not a simpleton haha get it simpleton but I found myself having to reread most of the dialogue because it just didn t flow for me The story is evolving backwards which is clever but it means we ve been in the dark for the past 3 books and it s getting old Granted we do get answers here but up to 50% I was ready to throw the towel in Kirsty seems to have this lovely way of confusing me She runs with the same metaphors throughout the book, the same way as selfishly selfless in four psychos, this time we have put a pin in it c average and going under The first time it s said it makes sense, then looses me after the 4th time I can t explain why really it just doesn t make sense any And then I start to reread the convos and get lost again Let s not even start on the whole omega beta alpha dynamic the whole thing need simplified 3 More amazed at the revelations we get on Violet I was so impressed at how clever Cunning s was to leave the b...

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    This series is frustrating the hell out of me I am tempted to stop reading but I just can t help myself What kind of sorcery is this This book did not answer any of the questions the previous books left, it got even confusing To top it all, it ends on a cliffhanger I m about to sta...

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