Jules Books Author Ellie Penn Bystricepodhostynem.eu Kat Likes Her Morning Coffees Extra Sweet, Popcorn Dinners By The TV, And Curling Up With Her Sketchpad She Can Also Be Bribed With Donuts Her Steady Life Of Routines Has No Surprises Around The Corner, No Landmines To Step On, And That Suits Her Just Fine But Then Comes Jules With His Dark Eyes And Beckoning Smile, Wild And Devastating As The Sea And She Finds Herself Reaching Forth, Daring To Drench In His Aftermath Suddenly Kat Is Adding Brown Eyes And Dimples To Her Favorites List.But As Jules Sweeps Into Kat S Life, She Finds Herself Struggling To Gain Footing In The Currents Of Their Attraction What Does It Mean To Love In The Face Of Self Doubts And As Her Walls Crumble In His Wake, Can She Find Steady Ground In The Storm That Is HimJules

My name is Ellie, and Jules is my debut novel available on and Kindle Unlimited

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  • ebook
  • 187 pages
  • Jules
  • Ellie Penn
  • English
  • 19 July 2019

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    4.5 STARS I want to hole up in blanket forts with you, to trek through the woods and watch the stars by your side, to ride off on your bike like we could outrun the wind I want it all What a fantastic debut novel by Ellie Penn The author guides us through Kat s inner growth, both emotionally, as an artist, and in her relationship with Jules It is a sweet, heartfelt, and at times deeply moving, read Written in first person, readers get to follow along as Kat learns to let down her guard or venture out her garden as the book puts it and fight for what she loves Maybe creativity ran most vivid in the depths of loneliness and longing The yearning soaked into my bones and bled out with every stroke of the pencil Oh don t get started on the hero, Jules WHERE CAN I FIND A JULES OF MY OWN He is my new BBF Tall, dark, handsome and a total Alpha Male He is so protective of Kat and adores her for all her idiosyncrasies The sparks fly like fireworks between the two.His lips traced along my pink skin like a brand After all that we ve done, you re still getting shy on me My eyes fluttered shut when his hot mouth closed around my breast You re always muddling my head That probably is...

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    5 Stars Received copy in exchange for an honest review.I m always on the lookout for funny and romantic reads This was a winner for me, being fast paced and entertaining, with just enough heart to go with the humour I would change if I could, but my fears and doubts were a maze that tangled together in my mind I simply couldn t help living in my head My insecurities taunted me to pick things apart from every angle, finding jagged edges in what should ve been water smoothed rocks Kat is such a delightful, passionate character She has her quirks and a weird obsession with food She runs into Jules in a caf and the sparks fly, but she chalks it up as a random encounter and leaves it be They meet again weeks later and this time, Jules isn t letting her get away I was used to the quiet order of my life, having mapped my routines until my days followed comforting, straight lines But Jules toed those lines now, smearing them astray and lighting up the glooms of the rainy week until I knew I wouldn t think of blanket forts again without thinking of him I never thought I d be reading a book about blanket ...

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    Jules is an impressive debut novel by Ellie Penn A heartwarming and sexy love story with a shy heroine Katherine, who always plays it safe and a sweet and sexy hero Jules, who kept surprising me throughout Ellie Penn wrote the perfect book boyfriend with ...

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    I absolutely loved this Because you re my mess You re all that I ve dreamed of and , down to every donut loving, coffee obsessed inch Clever, witty, romantic, laugh out loud funny with original characters and an engaging story line.Kat is rather unapologetically awkward I want to be her best friend Jules is the typical tall, dark protector, but I can t get enough of those Th...

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    What a wonderful debut novel by the talented Ellie Penn Jules is a beautifully written contemporary romance about a young woman named Kat who, to me, is a kindred spirit She is an introverted artist that sticks to a strict day to day routine Until one day a handsome stranger joins her at her table in a cafe and disrupts overly organized life But what if you were to change that routine, just for a day Instead of taking your normal trek to work, choose the longer one Pass by a different street, one that you ve never explored before Why though I ve already figured the most efficient route Stop and smell the roses, as they say Maybe you ll even stumble on a new flower for your garden Kat is so smitten by her handsome stranger, Jules, that her best friend is amused by it all Did I mention that Kat and Nelly s friendship is pure comical gold Nelly Did you do the deed Nelly Should we go with three tiers or f...

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    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review I can honestly say that for Ellie Penn being a new author you cannot tell Her writing style was just beautiful and the little details added are what made this book Jules was an amazing man who seemed like he had it all and Kat was the perfect match for him I found her insecurities very refreshing considering the roles they both played I felt that I could relate to her in so many ways I hate cheese as well Crazy right I loved how Jules brought her out of her shell and how much she transformed during this story I give this book 4 and a half stars The only thing that would of made this better ...

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    3.75 5ITS SAFE I liked the hero, though he did tell her he will spank her a lot lol but honestly he was super sweet without being dumb and I appreciated it.The heroine was a quite anxious but i for one understand anxiety, so I wish we got to see her actually work through her anxiety bu...

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    4 Jules stars I m going to kiss you good and proper, unlike those boys you ve been with in the past And every sunrise after, you ll be reminded of me For a debut novel, Ellie Penn did an impressive work introducing Jules and Kat in a heartwarming way that captures the readers hearts and makes them have all the feels I collected cat videos and business cards from donut shops This man collected posh restaurants Our differences just kept growing Jules and Kat were running in different circles but even though love found its wsy to their hearts.I adored Jules because he was loving, passionate, thoughtful and so determined to penetrate Kat s shyness and get to her heart Add their sizzling chemistry to the equation and you ll get an explosive story Who s making you wet, Katherine Who s making you drip like this He ground out I moaned, shaking my head Answer me His touch grew fiercer My body jerked as I cried out, You, Jules O...

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    Shy, awkward, and anxiety prone heroine is swept up by a sexy, outgoing, and social business man Author was definitely influenced by other similar storylines but it was safe sweet.

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    My god this book is just steamy and brilliant I laughed so much while devouring this.Kat is hilarious You seriously never know what s going to come out of her mouth But I love her character.Jules Holy hotness I just love hi...

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