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❴Read❵ ➲ Cinderella Is Dead Author Kalynn Bayron – It’s 200 years after Cinderella found her prince but the fairy tale is over Teen girls are now reuired to appear at the Annual Ball where the men of the kingdom select wives based on a girl’s disp It’s years after Cinderella found her prince but the fairy tale is over Teen girls are now reuired to appear at the Annual Ball where the men of the kingdom select wives based on a girl’s display Cinderella Is Kindle - of finery If a suitable match is not found the girls not chosen are never heard from againSixteen year old Sophia would much rather marry Erin her childhood best friend than parade in front of suitors At the ball Sophia makes the desperate decision to flee and finds herself hiding in Cinderella’s mausoleum There she meets Constance the last known descendant of Cinderella and her step sisters Together they vow to bring down the king once and for all–and in the process they learn that there’s to Cinderella’s story than they ever knew This fresh take on a classic story will make readers uestion the tales they’ve been told and root for girls to break down the constructs of the world around them.Cinderella Is Dead


Cinderella Is Dead ePUB Ï Cinderella Is  Kindle -
  • ebook
  • 400 pages
  • Cinderella Is Dead
  • Kalynn Bayron
  • English
  • 23 December 2016
  • 9781547603886

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    I’d pitch this as Black Cinderella falls in love with Merida and together they destroy the patriarchyI had extremely high hopes for this one because the premise is really fucking good And while I am often tired of seeing the same tropes and stories being recycled over and over again this doesn't apply when a well known concept is reinvented through a ueer or otherwise diverse lens When I started reading I was instantly in awe The writing was piercing the words sharp like a needle and I loved how the first chapters built this cruel patriarchal world in which it was impossible for a young ueer woman to strive or live without fear But then it went downhill rather uickly It was a mix of things but my biggest problem was that the plot was all over the place There were many plot holes to this day I still wonder why the love interest just happened to have a spare set of clothes stored in an empty chapel and soon the characters fell flat too And the world building And even the romance It feels like the editor paid close attention to the first few chapters and then sent the manuscript to the printer without giving it a second thoughtIn the end it's a great concept with endless potential and a shining beginning but it ultimately failed to convince meFind of my books on Instagram

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    So this book has been described as ueer black girls overthrowing the patriarchy and yepthat's basically what it isThis was one of my most anticipated reads of 2020 and it didn't disappoint It kept me turning the pages and I loved the main characters and found the romance to be really sweet as well I also think this is just such an interesting use of the Cinderella story so props to Kalynn Bayron for that too I did find that at times this book could be a little didactic and heavy handed with its messages I wish that could have been woven in a little naturally But other than that this was a great read and I highly recommend it if you're looking for a fast paced book about a ueer black girl trying to take down the patriarchy

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    Another reviewer used the terms predictable important and frustrating to describe this book and I have to wholeheartedly agree I thought for sure that this would be the easiest 5 stars I'd give in 2020 but I think my expectations were way out of line for what this book intended to be The idea of a Cinderella retelling that features diverse characters smashing the patriarchy is truly the level of fantasy we need in the world today; however I really struggled to get past the fact that there is hardly any world building in this story which caused me to feel a disconnect to characters that were keeping me at arms length The narrative here felt heavy handed as the bringing down of toxic masculinity was telling than showing and the plot plays out pretty much as you'd expect aside from a really excellent reimagining of the fairy godmother Even though this one wasn't uite what I'd hoped I highly respect what the author was creating with this book and I definitely recommend you try this one out for yourself Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy

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    you had me at ueer black girls overthrowing the patriarchy

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    350 Stars I’m a huge fan of fairytale retellings so this was one of my anticipated books of the year I noticed that the early reviews seemed to be a bit mixed People either loved the book or didn’t seem to like it much at all I was wondering where I was going to fall and it looks like I came in right in the middle I liked the read but I didn’t love it like I was hoping toI thought the premise was great and I liked this uniue spin on Cinderella The problem I had was that I was hoping for world building Maybe it’s the fantasy geek in me but that is always important to me Because the world building was lacking the world seemed so small A Kingdom and some woods and that were basically it There is talk about a book that one of the character’s families made on their travels Unfortunately it doesn’t really lead to anything which is a shame because I loved the potential thereI also thought that the characters could use some meat on them I liked the main Sophia and I liked that she wanted to take down the evil patriarchy but why? Just because she doesn’t like how crappy things are I wanted to know what really drove her where her inner strength came from and I wanted to see her character grow This was so very similar to the world building because what was there about the characters were nice but I wanted and needed I was very happy with the pace of the book Even at times when I was a little frustrated or I thought something was too predictable I was still flying through the pages The story is very easy to read and it never bogged down anywhere Any fantasy fan knows how fantasy can slow way down so this pace was a pleasant surprise There is a WLW romance in this book I don’t know why but every romance in a YA fantasy I have been reading lately has been too insta love This is a fairytale and I expected uick but this was too fast One look and our main is over her ex in a heartbeat On the good side if you can get past the insta love I found the romance to be sweet If only it had time for a connection to build I would have enjoyed it so much My favorite part ended up being a person and that was the fairy godmother I loved the twist from the story of what she actually was I won’t go into much here since I don’t want to spoiler anything but she was the best part of this book for me Finally the book didn’t seem so predictable and she was by far the most interesting character There was some good stuff in this book with tons of potential but it just didn’t all come togetherThis ended up being a slightly above average YA fantasy read for me There are issues with this story but I think I would still recommend this to fans of fairytale retellings It’s very readable with a nice fast pace just be prepared for some bumps An ARC was given to me for an honest review

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    BLOG | Instagram | Twitter | | Waterstones Thank you NetGalley and Bloomsbury YA for this ARC All thoughts and opinions are mine I think we sometimes make the mistake of thinking monsters are abhorrent aberrations lurking in the darkest recesses when the truth is far disturbingThe most monstrous of men are those who sit in plain sightdaring you to challenge them I've never been a fan of the Cinderella fairytale It's a lovely fairytale don't get me wrong And I certainly appreciate it But it's not one of my favorites “Why then would you read this book?” I too would ask Well it's a retelling right? Retellings build upon the skeleton of the original and from there the writer can go anywhere do anything—create something new on that foundation It's why I enjoy reading retellings Cinderella Is Dead went past the early stages of the story we all know and gave us a picture of the setting 200 years after Cinderella diesMy biggest disappointment with this novel is how shallow it is as far as development There is not enough depth to the world building or to characters or to their actions We know the bare minimum so that we can follow along with the storytelling After Cinderella dies Prince Charming angrily decides that women will stop having any rights because Cinderella did not love him as he saw fit men will control them and he gets his pick of the lot whenever he wants These rules follow every king hereafter In short he's a spoiled brat and that's his drive And by his decrees because in this world it seems that most men are shaped with the same cloth that shaped Prince Charming almost every male that our lead comes across with the exception of just three of them are all horrible human beings who just want to inflict pain on women use them and discard them as they see fit That line never sits right with me whenever an author uses it in a storySophia our lead Well I still don't know her I know that she doesn't want to marry a man just because her king demands it which is valid and that she wants to get out of this situation She's headstrong and stubborn and most of the time does whatever she wants without regard for anyone else or much thought to her actions That's all that I know about her I neither liked her nor disliked her except to find her instant lustlove towards Constance to be one dimensional and unbelievable Sophia swears that she's in love with Erin her sweetheart and yet after just one night in Constance's presence she starts thinking to herself Her body backlit by the flames is like a vision She is tall and strong She's got her sleeves pushed up; a wide jagged scar runs over the muscles of her upper arm They flex as she stokes the flames I imagine how they might feel wrapped around me and I wonder if she can tell how enthralled I am with her You just met this girl How can you be enthralled by someone that you know nothing about? Sophia's feelings towards Constance's and Constance's immediate reciprocation and constant flirting see what I did there? was hammered into me from their first meeting And during moments when I wanted to be focused on the story it would rear its awkward head up again and detract from the bit of plot that I wanted to follow It felt forcedAfter a few chapters that dragged and some planning by the characters to figure out how to beat the backwards system in the world of this novel we finally come to the end of the story It involved a lot of Sophia who has run away from the “kingdom” so that she's not killed waltzing right back into the palace without any guard recognizing that this is the girl they're chasing after Once that's done and the king most obviously sees her among the other girls the two engage in fairly poor comebacks against each other until she gets locked in a pantry sized room to await his evil deeds against her I wanted to like the ending because it was to be the saving grace at this point But it was as bland as I found most of the rest of the story and ended in a predicable manner King Manford doesn't really have a reason to be the way that he is there's no point to his villainous nature and I felt like the author kept pulling twists and turns and reveals from her sleeve at random to help make sense of things but they didn't add up Sure Sophia and Constance get what they want at the close but we expect it Nothing that came before it left a lasting impressionDespite everything that I didn't enjoy the twist given to Amina's role—our “fairy godmother”—was great No she does not have much development either but I'm glad that her character was different from what we expected I like that it drew from a darker source and gave her a slightly sinister veneer Who she is to Manford came out of nowhere but I suppose it works And while the king's history before Cinderella is flimsy at best the way that he keeps himself going was intriguing and definitely fits his role of antagonist even if it's something that has been done many times pastThe writing touched the mere surface of the story and a lot life could have been imbued into every aspect of it It unfortunately fell very short from my expectations

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    It's time for Cinderella with a very very different twist Which I am so here for Also completely in love with this cover both editions really and just how furious women in beautiful ballgowns ready to destroy the patriarchy is actually very very lovely 😭I also read this in just one evening and loved being able to be submersed in the world It read easily but with leaves you with themes to deeply mull overso what's the storyFirst off it wasn't what I was expecting NOT a bad thing but I've seen disappointed reviews so I think you should go in knowing what type of story it is It's set in a fairytale kingdom style worldbut almost a dystopian version This just felt so uniue to me It also took the perfect pretty imagery of fairytales and showed us the warped twisted undercurrent of it here the king is a monster here the women are considered items to be owned here there is no freewill I'd pitch it as fairytales meets Only Ever Yours and The Jewel styleWomen are treated horribly abused and forced to attend the annual ball to find a match aka a guy will choose them If they don't they're considered undesirable and go missing There's also magic Witches in the woods and a bit of necromancy too Literally has it ALLthe charactersSophia chose to breathe and I chose to adore her 😭😭 she truly is an excellent heroine From muttering her opinion on the idiotic rules of this world under her breath to uestioning everything to refusing to be crushed she's just perfect? And she is so unapologetically gay Even when her mother says to forget Erin and look for a boy Sophia is like Okay I have obtained A Gay Boy is this how we do it Bless Sophia 😭😭and Luke honestly what a dumbass but I appreciated he tried to helpThen we have Constance A sort of vigilante who Sophia stumbles into and they uickly decide running away isn't enough They want to burn the patriarchy down Constance liked sharp things and had a sharp mouth and honestly these two together were perfect It didn't feel instalovey either or rushed? They found the same spark in each other the inability to let things go and they clicked Also Constance brandishes a knifeSophia 😍✨🌷🥰💛💘🎀It is bursting at the seams with ballgowns and defiance of challenging the status uo and asking why again and again and again until change is made It's definitely a societal critiue and I loved how it unpacked the discrimination women face every day in reality It calls out men who say I'm one of the good ones but they still stand there and do nothing and it doesn't scorn feminine women but loves on all types of girls Just seeing it in a book with a monstrous king behind it all makes you realise how far our world needs go too With soft sapphic love and uips and triumph it really was a fantastic readI don't want to be saved by some knight in shining armour I'd like to be the one in the armour and I'd like to be the one doing the savingWhy are you dressed like that? I ask She looks lovely but I've never seen a woman wear pants and a tunic before The pockets she says She puts her hands in them and gives a little twirl I love pocketsWhat do you think needs to happen in Lille? I askShe stares at me her brown eyes glinting a deadly serious look on her face I think we need to burn the whole thing to the ground and start over The entire system the ideals that have been woven into this society It all has to goI know but I feel like we're not doing enoughWe just raised a corpse from the dead SophiaStill I say

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    25 starsWhile I was excited about the premise of this book unfortunately it did not deliver I loved the representation of BIPOC and LGBT characters as this is incredibly important and something we need to continue normalizing and supporting in YA However from a story and writing perspective this book totally flopped for meSophia is another rebellious YA heroine whose reasons for wanting to dismantle a 200 year old oppressive political system never truly go beyond surface level We are told her grandmother taught her the king was bad we are told she loves Erin and would do anything so they could have a life together but we are never really shown this burning hatred to make it believable Sophia is rash talks back to everyone and is determined to bring down the king without any semblance of a plan More often than not I was uestioning her actions rather than rooting for herHer romance with Constance while having its cute moments was very rushed and could have been better developed Sophia uickly forgets Erin one of the two loosely established reasons for her rebellious actions and falls head over heels for the fiery Constance I would’ve liked to see sparks and yearning between them as we see Sophia realize Constance and not Erin is the one she’s supposed to loveThis book is also filled with underused side characters who had so much potential While I could write an entire paragraph on any one of them I want to primarily talk about Luke From the moment he’s introduced one would think he was going to have a major role in this story What I wanted view spoiler Luke to marry Sophia and they use their sham marriage as a front to recruit a crew of ueer rebels to take down the sexist bigoted king What I got at the beginning of the book Luke is arrested at the ball and then doesn’t appear again until the very endEven if Sophia didn’t marry Luke as I hoped hide spoiler

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    45 stars

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the first few chapters of this book I was instantly captivated and moved by the authors powerful words that held true not just within the storyI did feel as though the story began to fall a little flat after the initial world building and character constructions which were fantastic but I enjoyed the narrative and the inclusivity of the story I loved the re imagination of the classic tale and was left feeling inspired

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