The Secrets of Lost Stones

A Soul Stirring Novel About The Bonds Between Mother And Child And The Redemption That Comes With Facing The Past And Letting It GoThirty Two Year Old Jess Abbot Has Lost Everything Her Job, Her Apartment, And Most Heart Wrenching Her Eight Year Old Son, Chance, To A Tragic Accident Haunted By Memories And Grief, Jess Packs What S Left And Heads For The Small Mountain Town Of Pine Lake, Where She Takes A Position As Caregiver To An Eccentric Old WomanA Rud Clairvoyant, Lucy Is Strange But Welcoming And Immediately Intuits Jess As A Loose End In Need Of Closure But Jess Isn T The Only Guest In Lucy S Large Victorian Home There S Also Star, A Teenage Runaway With A Secret Too Painful To Share And The Little Boy With Heart Shaped Stones, Who Comes With A Hope For Reconciliation And A WarningSoon Jess Learns That She S Not The Only Lost Soul Running From The Ghosts Of The Past She And Star Have Been Brought Together For A Reason To Be Saved By The Very Thing That Destroyed ThemThe Secrets of Lost Stones

As a middle child, Melissa Payne was born to tell stories What started with blaming her brother for breaking the car window evolved to a graduate thesis that she desperately wishes she could rewrite to blogging on motherhood and marriage Now she likes to imagine stories set in wild and beautiful places with characters in flawed and imperfect relationships, whether that s between a mother and a d

[Ebook] ↠ The Secrets of Lost Stones  Author Melissa Payne –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • The Secrets of Lost Stones
  • Melissa Payne
  • English
  • 07 July 2017

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    This book kept me up till the early hours, which says plenty about it It was my Kindle First selection for August I enjoyed it so much and it held my interest throughout, so, though it s an old cliche, it was absolutely gripping I adore the cover and this is the author s debut novel, which is really impressive.It s fascinating how this rag tag selection of very different people all end up sharing a house, each with their own miserable pasts, yet they make it work There were a lot of surprises along the way for sure Also some comedic moments among them Yet one passage made me terribly sniffy as well My favourite character was Star, I d say..she had a really good heart.My only real critique in this story is that she utilises a few descriptions too often, such as the amount of time a character sighs, pressing arms into bellies, pulling a ponytail tight, hugging arms across chests then stuffing hands under thighs They were all used too often I didn t stumble upon one mistake till I was 85% in and it was where a fullstop was used and not a comma, then for paper clipped I d have added a hyphen I d have disagreed with the final sentence, too, and would ve left it out However, that is bloody good going for a new author and coupled with the absorbing storyline, she has a real winner on her hands, I reckon.I ll definitely look out for her next book This one is well worth a go, trust me.

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    The Secrets of Lost Stones is a beautifully written, moving novel about finding forgiveness and family in the least likely places Melissa Payne has crafted a compelling story with engaging prose and well developed characters who you ll fall in love with just like I did Lucy is a mysterious woman, known as the witch of Pine Lake, who has surrounded herself with lost souls most living, and some only partially alive whose stories still have loose ends that need tying up The problem Lucy can t always predict how these loose ends will resolve It s up to the people she s brought together to figure that out for themselves The two main characters with loose ends are Jess and Star Jess is a thirty something woman who is running from the scars of her past tragedies and desperately searching for a new life Star is a homeless teenager who has been forced to fend for herself Both characters are fully fleshed out, their stories heartbreaking and their pain and happiness so real it jumps off the page The cast of supporting characters is equally as intriguing, all hiding their own secrets Even the town of Pine Lake becomes a character, and the reader will feel as though they ve been welcomed into this tight knit mountain town for a blueberry muffin and some meddling with their own loose ends Throughout the book, Payne perfectly blends real life with hints of otherworldliness that leave the characters and the reader guessing did these unexplainable things happen or not Most importantly, The Secrets of Lost Stones is about the bonds of family and home the ones chosen for you and the ones you discover along the way This book is a must read It brought me to tears several times happy and sad and it made me laugh out loud I can t wait for Payne s next novel

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    Lost stonesMy First Read choice for August, it s listed as Contemporary Fiction I would list it as paranormal It s an interesting story, a lot of people with a lot of secrets and a facilitator who brings everything together I enjoyed the book and the characters and would read by this author.

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    Get ready for an emotional roller coaster that is not going to let you off until the very last page.Jess is still reeling from the loss of her son several years ago Star is just trying to survive a life on the streets Lucy is the one that is going to bring them together, into a mismatched family As the secrets and memories begin to surface for both, they have to learn to deal with the pain in different ways, but each path that they are on are leading them towards each other, as much as they are trying to resist it.As the truth is finally revealed, each of them will have to make a decision, and one wrong move could mean death for one or both of themThis was a fabulous book, and I could not put it down The heartbreak, the emotion, it was all written perfectly A perfect book for a rainy weekend Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishers for allowing me an advanced copy for a unbiased review

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    It takes time for all the loose ends to be in one place, but once they are, things tend to move very quickly Lucy is known as the witch of Pine Lake Her mission is to tie up loose ends.In reality, she is an elderly woman who deeply cares about people and has a sixth sense Right I absolutely loved this wonderful, eccentric person I thought her clues were spot on and made me think while reading each page.Lucy knows both the past and present pain of Jess and Star and why they need closure, love and forgiveness in their lives The solution is to tie up the threads and make the connection A little boy will definitely be able to help them see the truth and assist with some heart of his own. This is a magical novel that has so many life lessons to learn or relearn.It made me feel happy, sad, angry and annoyed Well done A beautiful debut novel

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    A grieving mother, a lonely teen, a ghost boy are linked by a witch in this contemporary fantasy infused with magical realismI am glad to have chosen Secret of Lost Stones as my Kindle First Read for August I was surprised but delighted with this debut novel, and happier to discover a mystery or three Yes, there are murders hidden in this well written, fantastical work of women s fiction and magical realism which begins with Jess and Star, who are down on their luck with little to their names, including hope Both are drawn from metropolitan Denver to an isolated, small town in the snowcapped mountains I enjoyed reading the realistic POVs of the protagonists 1 Jess Abbot, who has made a mess of her life after the soul crushing death of her 8 yr old son, killed by a hit and run driver seven years ago, and 2 a fifteen yr old street kid named Star, who escaped foster care after her mother died and her drug addict father was murdered The skilled but ditsy maven orchestrating the novel s unique storyline is Lucy, an elderly witch with paranormal powers She arranges a concatenation of events, which involve Jess, Star, and several secondary characters including a big but gentle policeman named Ben a teen driver and taxi that appears when needed and a ghostly boy with his own agenda and powers The characters and their backstories carry this book, but as a mystery aficionado, I also loved the complicated plot I had a suspect pegged, but I kept turning e pages until the end Brava, Melissa Payne 5 stars because this is a must re read or accurately, a re listen as I will get the Audiobook when it s released.

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    Loved this storyI kept thinking I knew what was next, and sometimes I was right but there was always so much right around the next corner I had to just keep reading until my eyes have out I enjoyed the characters and the story.

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    Great readWhat a wonderful story I read until 3AM last night and finished it today The characters are very believable and easy to care about.

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    First Reads August 2019

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    Read it in one sitting I loved this book It gripped me from the very how it all fell into place Lots of curves and corners xx

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