The Female Persuasion

KINDLE The Female Persuasion Meg Wolitzer New York Times Bestseller New York Times Notable Book Of 2018One Of People Magazine S Top Ten Books Of 2018One Of USA Today S Top Ten Books Of 2018From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Interestings, Comes An Electric Novel Not Just About Who We Want To Be With, But Who We Want To Be.To Be Admired By Someone We Admire We All Yearn For This The Private, Electrifying Pleasure Of Being Singled Out By Someone Of Esteem But Sometimes It Can Also Mean Entry To A New Kind Of Life, A Bigger World.Greer Kadetsky Is A Shy College Freshman When She Meets The Woman She Hopes Will Change Her Life Faith Frank, Dazzlingly Persuasive And Elegant At Sixty Three, Has Been A Central Pillar Of The Women S Movement For Decades, A Figure Who Inspires Others To Influence The World Upon Hearing Faith Speak For The First Time, Greer Madly In Love With Her Boyfriend, Cory, But Still Full Of Longing For An Ambition That She Can T Quite Place Feels Her Inner World Light Up And Then, Astonishingly, Faith Invites Greer To Make Something Out Of That Sense Of Purpose, Leading Greer Down The Most Exciting Path Of Her Life As It Winds Toward And Away From Her Meant To Be Love Story With Cory And The Future She D Always Imagined.Charming And Wise, Knowing And Witty, Meg Wolitzer Delivers A Novel About Power And Influence, Ego And Loyalty, Womanhood And Ambition At Its Heart,The Female Persuasion Is About The Flame We All Believe Is Flickering Inside Of Us, Waiting To Be Seen And Fanned By The Right Person At The Right Time It S A Story About The People Who Guide And The People Who Follow And How Those Roles Evolve Over Time , And The Desire Within All Of Us To Be Pulled Into The Light.The Female Persuasion

Meg Wolitzer is the New York Times bestselling author of The Interestings, The Uncoupling, The Ten Year Nap, The Position, The Wife, and Sleepwalking She is also the author of the young adult novel Belzhar Wolitzer lives in New York City.

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  • The Female Persuasion
  • Meg Wolitzer
  • 25 June 2018
  • 9780399573231

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    The Female Persuasion is a novel with little story and a lot of ideas, none of them particularly new ones It stands out for being an overview of the white feminist experience during the nineties and early 21st century Because, though it may feel like one must, I actually don t think a book like this existed before Or, at least, not in mainstream literature So I can see some value in it, but I just didn t enjoy this anywhere near as much as I thought I would Or find any new ideas or inspiration in its pages I can picture, many years from now, students sat in a classroom and analyzing this book for its historical context, as a book that covers a broad range of feminist issues that are relevant to people today Wolitzer has captured the recent history of feminism, in breadth than depth, showcasing discussions on everything from abortion rights to the wage gap, and from porn to rape culture.It all begins on a college campus where the shy Greer Kadetsky attends a talk by influential feminist, Faith Frank Faith heads a foundation called Loci, which sponsors feminist conferences, and during her talk, Greer asks a question relating to her own assault This triggers a number of events leading to Faith offering Greer a career opportunity Alongside this, there is also the story of the relationship between Gree...

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    I have read a lot of books recently that concern themselves chiefly with the experience of being a woman in the modern world While THE FEMALE PERSUASION seems to be about this as well, I m also not quite sure what it s about exactly I can tell you what all the pieces are the complexity of female friendship, the joy and danger of female mentorship, what it means to do good and yet I didn t finish this book feeling like I d seen any new insight, felt a deep kinship with the characters, or seen my experience or the experiences of others I know reflected back at me.Much of the book takes place around a setpiece of privileged women gathering, paying a ridiculous ticket price, listening to women deliver inspirational messages, with manicure stations and fancy food all around The book knows this is not a good look, and yet I often felt like I was at an event like this while reading the book, it s all very nice but none of it feels real.My own personal tastes certainly come into play here When our protagonist finds herself at a perfectly standa...

  3. says: by Rebecca Lowman. one of my very favorite voice narrators The Audiobook is over 14 hours long but the we get to know Greer Kadetsky and Faith Frank.Cory and Zee..the I wanted to continue hanging out for this party ride About half way into it I learned that Nicole Kidman was going to be playing Faith Frank, and I couldn t help but begin visualizing her in the role I think she will be great There was so much to enjoy The characters and dialogues were my favorite parts of this book I liked the relationships some funny stories go go dancing in Vegas girls..etc I also loved the whole college atmosphere and the background stories of the college kids and their families I even enjoy the lessons reminders about Individualism and Sisterhood coming together.and supporting one another I loved the parts about modern feminism Women have so much freedom today but if we separate from each other isolate are in competition it could look like we don t need each other.but nothing cou...

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    4 idiosyncratic enthusiastic stars The Female Persuasion is one of those novels that felt flawed, but that I still really enjoyed reading This is the third novel I ve read by Meg Wolitzer She writes dense stories She portrays characters that are not particularly likeable or sympathetic She engages with complicated contemporary political and social issues It doesn t all come together perfectly, but I always feel like she gives me a lot of food for thought.The Female Persuasion focuses primarily on Greer, from adolescence to her late 20s She is very bright and driven, but somewhat rudderless given her aloof parents She ends up being very drawn to an older well known feminist Faith Frank seeking to get meaning out of working for Frank s foundation There are a few other characters who play a big role in Greer s life a long term boyfriend, a best friend and Frank s onetime lover who funds the foundation The book grapples with issues such as how to live a politically meaningful life, the ...

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    Hmmmmmm..had to digest this Barnes Noble inaugural bookclub pick for a bit had my ups and downs with it to be honest.

    While THE FEMALE PERSUASION alternates between the lives of four characters, the main focus is on a young adult, Greer about to graduate high school, her relationship with her boyfriend, lesbian best friend, unusual parents and an older woman who turns out to be her mentor.

    For me, the best and most significant story belongs to he handled shocking loss and took charge of a difficult situation for someone so young and in the prime of his life oh Slowy

    In contrast, for me Greer, ok.notably uncomfortable in the world , searching for direction and purpose in life showed ambition as well as selfishness in the form of betrayal as she continued along the cure misogyny path.

    Unfortunately, for me I became bored with her job, her connection to women s activist Faith Frank and whole women s righ...

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    Simply put it s a boring book No real human insights beyond the lightly refreshing sparkling zinfandel struggles of rich white people Cory was the only character that faced real problems and his story is totally sidelined, for the way too convenient success story of a young woman who s life falls into fantastically perfect place due to no real effort of her own.Dues ex machina all over the place Reads like a dense literary Disney story Suffers from the negat...

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    I doubted I d ever be someone who had favorite authors, but this settles it Meg Wolitzer is at the top of that list.

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    It pains me to say this, but for a book purporting to be about contemporary feminism this feels superficial, undercooked and really quite boring The plot meanders around without ever reaching cruising speed, and switches around between characters in almost random fashion Important issues about rape sexual violence, porn, misogyny, gender pay gap, reproductive rights, what it means to be a political activist are all ticked off as present and correct but the text never really engages with them in either depth or meaningfully And the neat and tidy ending has a vaguely Disney air about it Wolitzer does make some sharp and witty observations but they re too few and far between to liven this ...

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    A book about ideas that is too afraid to pursue those ideas or a book about characters without interesting characters The Female Persuasion takes the promising premise of looking at the relationship between a prominent second wave feminist and her guidance of a younger woman coming into her own in modern times However, the book never really pins down what it wants to say Feminism is the large topic hanging over all proceedings of this novel, but it never wants to explore any aspect of feminism outside of cursory surface level ideas Female autonomy, abortion rights, the pay gap, pornography, and internalized misogyny are named, but only so you know that the characters are talking about feminism They never delve into these very real problems, almost as if the book doesn t want to scare off anyone who isn t intensely feminist.Which would be fine if The Female Persuasion worked as a character study, but it falters even in that Greer Kadetsky, the young female taken under the wing of famous second wave feminist, Faith Frank, is bland, uninspired, and lacks any strong ideas of her own For a coming of age novel, this cou...

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    The Female Persuasion is a novel about women, sisterhood, family, ambition, and ideals More than a book it is also a depiction of what feminism means, what it was like decades ago and how it has evolved Of course, we learn this from the point of view of the characters limited by their circumstances The story is narrated from different points of view but the character we spent the most time with is Greer Kadetsky We follow her beginnings as a teenager all the way to adulthood Her search for meaningful work and the disa...

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