The Pilgrim's Progress

A Journey That Takes The Hero, Christian, Through The Varied Landscapes That Constitute Life And Through The Events That Happen To Human Beings Is The Plot Of The Pilgrim S Progress By John Bunyan Readers Who Have Read And Loved Louisa May Alcott S Little Women Would Recall The Many References To This 17th Century Work Of Religious Fiction The Pilgrim S Progress Is Based On Several Values Based In The Teachings Of Christianity The Importance Of Using The Bible As A Guiding Principle In Life, Of Traveling Not Just Geographically But Also Spiritually, The Emphasis On Community Living And Of The Companionship Of Fellow People And Many Other Themes The Story Begins With A Detailed Explanation By The Author In Which He Explains His Beliefs About Misconceptions In People S Minds About Religion And Fiction He Examines The Role Of Stories And Parables In The Bible And How They Are Used To Teach Us Certain Lessons About Life The Narration Goes On To Portray A Dream That The Narrator Has Once When He Is Wandering In The Wilderness In The Dream, A Man Named Christian Is Visited By A Spiritual Guide Called Evangelist Who Urges Him To Leave His Home In The City Of Destruction And Embark On An Arduous Journey To The Celestial City Christian S Family And Friends Refuse To Go With Him And He Finally Leaves Alone, Carrying A Heavy Burden The Rest Of The Book Describes The Strange And Laborious Journey, Punctuated By Grief, Disappointment, Fear And Many Difficulties Each Of These Incidents Are Portrayed As Different People Or Places That Christian Has To Pass Or Overcome Before He Can Continue On His Journey And Reach His Final Glorious Destination Written In The Period Between 1677 84 By Writer Preacher John Bunyan Whose Own Life Was As Eventful, Fraught With Suffering And Misfortunes, The Pilgrim S Progress Was Written During One Of His Terms Of Imprisonment For Violating Religious Laws The Book Received Enormous Acclaim And Went On To Become One Of The Most Popular Religious Texts In Christianity It Was Translated Into Many Languages And Was Used By Preachers And Missionaries The World Over The Pilgrim S Progress Retains Enormous Appeal For Its Imaginative And Lyrical Prose, Wonderful Descriptions Of Landscape And Travel, Simple Yet Elegant Style And Also For The Delightful Touches Of Humor Many Of The Names Of Places Are Phrases Taken From The Bible, Which Went On To Become Common Idioms For Modern Day Readers, Both Young And Old, Pilgrim S Progress Is An Interesting And Inspiring Read.The Pilgrim's Progress

John Bunyan, a Christian writer and preacher, was born at Harrowden one mile south east of Bedford , in the Parish of Elstow, England He wrote The Pilgrim s Progress, arguably the most famous published Christian allegory In the Church of England he is remembered with a Lesser Festival on 30 August.

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    In the dawn of the day Reader began his quest for the Great Denoument with a glad heart, his countenance suffused by the Joy of Literature Yet Unread and unburthened by Mercantile Drear He knew he should soon pass threw Goodreads City which was said to be very Malevolent yet still he feared not and sang out hymns and epithalamions addressed to the Archangels Proust, Joyce and Bolano which should look over him as he ventured Eftsoons, he met with Mr Worldly Wise, who thrust at him pretty volumes by such a one as Daniel Brown and Michael Crichton, and then an other one, a young fair maid with a sore sorrowful countenance who gave unto him Stephanie Myers and Suzanne Collins And Reader stopped by a winding road betimes, and read of these, and soon found himself in the Slough of Despond Haply Evangelist arrived to yank Reader out of the Slough, and bade him follow him to a standing stone whereon he might make his mark for a Sign, and enter the gate of Goodreads City, which he was eager for The...

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    So you know when you hear that Citizen Kane is the best movie ever because of how revolutionary it was during its time period, and then you watch it and you realize that the key phrase is during its time period Well, reading Pilgrim s Progress is likely to leave many with the same feeling No doubt one of the greatest modern religious texts in terms of what it provided for early Puritans an easy and concrete representation of their theology and daily living practices , it leaves a little to be desired for those modern readers who are not steeped in Puritanical literary history Don t get me wrong, any book where you actually get to challenge your temptations to a sword fight is pretty cool, but the language and pace of the book removed the excitement from even those scenes Not to mention there are a few failed analogies in this allegory, especially in part II Apparently Christian women don t have to fight their own battles of faith, you just have to find your own Mr Great ...

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    Pilgrim s Progress is about two delusional assholes wandering around being dicks to people, so it s basically a takeoff of Don Quixote But the dreaming narrator seems unconscious of the fact that the pilgrims are both jerks I suppose it s possible that they re not supposed to be jerks at all, butno, that can t be right They re such jerks.It starts with a guy named Christian abandoning his family to wander off in search of a magical city His wife and childrenbegan to cry after him to return, but the man put his fingers in his ears, and ran on, crying Life Life Eternal life It s pretty funny, in a mean kind of way.So he takes off and immediately falls into the Slough of Despond translation Marsh of Bummers , and we immediately see that he s not only a dick see above but not very bright He flails away through the mud, and as he s finally struggling out of it, some other guy comes by like what s up, and Christian is all as I was going thither I fell in here, and the dude is like, But why did you not look for the steps Christian s all, There were steps ...

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    I read this book during my second deployment to Iraq as well and it took me quite a while to finish it I had seen this book referenced often and I wanted to read it on my own The overall consensus is that it is a very compelling book and will pull at your soul s emotional strings with its simplicity and candor But also there were three major hurdles to finishing this book for me, at least It was first published in 1678 so it is not an easy read The diction is alien to me, but also one does not fall into the parlance of Mr Bunyan s time as easily as even the made up language of A Clockwork Orange Here is an example of the text Mercy Then said Mercy, I confess my ignorance I spake what I understood not I acknowledge that thou doest all things well Yikes Also, the original was not written like a screenplay so it is at times confusing who is speaking to whom Luckily, the Penguin Classics version marks all dialog with the speaker as a preface in italics Secondly, the allegory is very simple The characters names are the likes of Mr Great Heart, Mr Timorous, Mr Feeble Minded, the Giant Despair, etc The situations that all the characters face are definitely unique, but not so riveting as a result of surprise This barrier for me though is acceptable the stark simpl...

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    991 The pilgrim s progress, John Bunyan 1628 1688 The Pilgrim s Progress from This World, to That Which Is to Come is a 1678 Christian allegory written by John Bunyan It is regarded as one of the most significant works of religious English li...

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    I have a few versions of this on my shelves from the nicely bound hard back to paper backs I can hand out you know loan.This is as I m sure most already know an allegorical journey depicting the struggles of living the Christian life John Bunyan was a Baptist imprisoned when it was against the law to be a be Baptist He was imprisoned for aprox twelve years for refusing to convert to Anglicanism Church of England this sort of thing by the way is the reason for the first amendment, not a worry that a child would be asked to pray when their parent is an atheist or the fear that IN God We Trust might end up on a coin.While he was imprisoned Bunyan wrote this book Even if you disagree with his doctrine I and many other Christians do in some places this work is well worth reading.Pilgrim lives in the City of Destruction He s one of the few who realizes that the City of Destruction is actually destined for destruction He learned this by reading the book in his hand Setting out for the Celestial City he must first go to and through the Wicket Gate and to the Cross There the huge burden that weighs him down, his sin falls away and his name is changed to Christian.The book then follows Christian s journey, in allegorical form giving account of his trials, his mistakes and ultimate destination.The book was written in 1678 and sometimes the language may stymy a bit, but it s a wonderful book Even if the theology may not be spot on for all Christians it is true to the basic teachi...

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    Midway upon the journey between my home and work did I open the case of my kindle, and in that case I did there find a kindle Then, I turned this kindle on and lo what there did I find The Pilgrim s Progress And so mine eyes began to read the screen Thus, I did set upon another journey at that time, traveling from the beginning of the book to the end And there I did find many new acquaintances.My first companion I came upon was Mr Amusement But he quickly left me, and then did Mr Boredom come along Occasionally Mr Interest dropped by, as did Mr Entertainment, but Mr Boredom was my most faithful companion from beginning to end When finally I did reac...

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    The Pilgrim s Progress is a wonderful work written by a 17th century Puritan, John Bunyan, from his prison cell in a time of persecution J.C Ryle wrote of this book, I do not doubt that the one volume of Pilgrim s Progress, written by a man who knew hardly any book but his Bible, and was ignorant of Greek and Latin, will prove in the last day to have done for the benefit of the world, than all the works of the schoolmen put together The Pilgrim s Progress is a wonderful allegory of the beginning, progression, and conclusion of the true Christian life Rich in Biblical theology, it tells the story of the trials, temptations, and triumphs of a man named Christian in his pilgrimage from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City and eternal life Many of the events we read include universal tales about human struggles through hardship with which anyone can identify.Some of the places through which we follow Christian in his pilgrimage include the Delectable Mountains, Hill of Difficulty, Palace Beautiful an allegory of the local Christian congregation , Slough of Despond, Doubting Castle, Valley of ...

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    We used to sing He who would true valour see at my secondary modern school In fact it was the only song we d ever sing in school assemblies We d sing it in dire, dirge like manner, deep in the Slough of Despond of that Vanity Fair of adolescent school days and not like the hero who was ready to march through the Valley of the Shadow of Death to take on hobgoblins, hypocrites and the demands of life after the dreaded Eleven Plus Bunyan was active in the period of the Republic and the Restoration which saw upheaval both in terms of religion as well as politics as described in The World Turned Upside Down radical ideas during the English Revolution and was inspired to write after a brief spell of imprisonment It nice to turn to Bunyan after Paradise Lost or even the Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson and to read something written by somebody who was literate, but in comparison hardly educated but no less engaged and swept up by the spirit of their times The still small voice of a member of a minor religious group of low social status has carried along way through the English language It is testament too to the power of the Bible in the imagination an...

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