The Great Believers

Read The Great Believers By Rebecca Makkai FINALIST FOR THE PULITZER PRIZE IN FICTIONWINNER OF THE ANDREW CARNEGIE MEDALWINNER OF THE LOS ANGELES TIMES BOOK PRIZE FOR FICTION WINNER OF THE STONEWALL BOOK AWARDSHORTLISTED FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARDSoon To Be A Major Television Event, Optioned By Amy Poehler A Dazzling New Novel Of Friendship And Redemption In The Face Of Tragedy And Loss Set In 1980s Chicago And Contemporary ParisIn 1985, Yale Tishman, The Development Director For An Art Gallery In Chicago, Is About To Pull Off An Amazing Coup, Bringing In An Extraordinary Collection Of 1920s Paintings As A Gift To The Gallery Yet As His Career Begins To Flourish, The Carnage Of The AIDS Epidemic Grows Around Him One By One, His Friends Are Dying And After His Friend Nico S Funeral, The Virus Circles Closer And Closer To Yale Himself Soon The Only Person He Has Left Is Fiona, Nico S Little Sister.Thirty Years Later, Fiona Is In Paris Tracking Down Her Estranged Daughter Who Disappeared Into A Cult While Staying With An Old Friend, A Famous Photographer Who Documented The Chicago Crisis, She Finds Herself Finally Grappling With The Devastating Ways AIDS Affected Her Life And Her Relationship With Her Daughter The Two Intertwining Stories Take Us Through The Heartbreak Of The Eighties And The Chaos Of The Modern World, As Both Yale And Fiona Struggle To Find Goodness In The Midst Of Disaster The Great Believers Has Become A Critically Acclaimed, Indelible Piece Of Literature It Was Selected As One Of New York Times Best 10 Books Of The Year, A Washington Post Notable Book, A Buzzfeed Book Of The Year, A Skimm Reads Pick, And A Pick For The New York Public Library S Best Books Of The Year.The Great Believers

Rebecca Makkai is the author of the short story collection MUSIC FOR WARITIME Viking, 2015 and the novels THE HUNDRED YEAR HOUSE and THE BORROWER Her short stories have appeared in four consecutive issues of THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES 2008 2011 She lives in Chicago and Vermont.

★ The Great Believers PDF / Epub ✈ Author Rebecca Makkai –
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • The Great Believers
  • Rebecca Makkai
  • English
  • 21 July 2019
  • 9780735223530

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    Only giving this five stars because I m married to the author s husband.

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    In a weird way, I feel that this is the sweeping gay masterpiece that A Little Life should ve been It s a nice long read about a close knit group of gay friends and their straight allies that jumps back and forth between the height of the AIDS crisis in Chicago and present day Paris Makkai does a pretty clever thing here by drawing parallels between the Lost Generation from WWI and survivors of the AIDS crisis Ordinarily, when I read books that go back and forth between two narrators I tend to have a favorite, but in this case I didn t Both Fiona and Yale s parts address the central question of what happens to our communities when they are ravaged Who carries on the memories What does it mean to take on the burden of that mantle And how do families biological and chosen reconcile with lives that can be si...

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    I m between 3.5 and 4 stars, rounding up.At the start of The Great Believers , Rebecca Makkai s beautifully poignant yet meandering new novel, it is 1985, and Yale Tishman and his partner, Charlie, are preparing for the memorial service for Nico, a friend who has recently died of AIDS.The gay community in Chicago where they live has been devastated by this recently discovered disease, as have gay communities across the country The sense of loss they feel is just beginning to hit them, as they begin hearing and about people getting sick, people living in denial and fear, people simply disappearing.As much as the disease and people s attitudes towards it affect him, Yale has other things to focus on As the development director for a university art gallery, he stumbles on an unexpected windfall an elderly woman wants to bequeath her collection of 1920s artwork to the gallery But uncertainty about the artwork s authenticity and familial outrage at the potential value of a gift that could be given to strangers causes Yale and his colleagues stress than anticipated, at a time when emotions are running high in his relationship with Charlie as well.With the disease circling ever closer, Yale finds his life changing in many ways, and he begins relying and on Fiona, his friend Nico s younger sister Fiona is wise beyond her years, and finds ...

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    DNF p.148What, I hear you thinking, is wrong with this old man DNF a five star read Five star a DNF side eye The fact is that I lived this story I lost the love of my life to AIDS, and attended far too many funerals and memorial services before I was 30 So I really just can t finish the book I am not up for those wounding memories to be poked with a stick.The prose is exemplary in its economy and precision, both qualities I admire greatly Yale came fully into his manhood for me when, on the last page I read, he reflected even if the world wasn t always a good place, he reminded himself that he could trust his perceptions now Things were so often exactly what they seemed to be.Precisely, Yale, they so often are and one is always wise to remember that fact Occam proposed his razor for a reason It s an incisive haw insight.So while I fully support the praisemongers in their efforts to convince others to read this book, I am not possessed of the emotiona...

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    4.5 The story opens with the death of a young gay man, named Nico Disowned by this family for his sexual preference, that is all but his younger sister, Fiona, who is with him until the end This is her introduction into the gay community, a community that will embrace her as she embraces them It is the eighties in Chicago, Boys town and the AIDS epidemic is in full swing We meet many of these young men, so many whose families have cut them loose See their fear, their sorrow as die, or find out they have the virus Fiona, is with many of them, caring for them when they cannot care for themselves I can t imagine watching everyone you love die, and we see how this affects Fiona in her life a dual story line with the second in 2015 as Fiona searches for her own grown daughter She finds Richard, a photographer, a survivor from the eighties, and there will be another to survive, a total surprise. Reminded me a little of A Little Life, the scope, the friends, losing so much Maybe because it was set in Chicago, all places I ve been, so could imagine this story visually.Belmont Rocks, Lincoln...

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    I read this novel when it was first published in 2018 and I was gobsmacked by how spectacular every moment was and by the rich panorama Rebecca Makkah created of Chicago in the 1980s and Paris in 2015.I was so enad with it and I missed the characters so much that last month I bought the audiobook so I could experience it once again.And I loved it even...

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    The Great Believers 3.5 stars rounded up 1980s Chicago, the devastating AIDS epidemic seen through the eyes of a group of gay friends as they slowly lose so many in their circle of friends, reflects the time in a realistic way Fiona who has lost her loving brother and many of their friends over the years travels in to Paris in 2015, connecting with Richard an old friend from those times, as she searches for her daughter and the grandchild she has not met The chapters alternate between these two time periods and these two places and it was good to have the connection of some of the same people so moving from one time to another felt seamless in ways.This is an important story depicting the devastation of the Aids epidemic, but there were so many times when I felt that the story dragged on, was too long, that I was not as captivated as I hoped I would be While I was definitely moved by the 1980s sections in the first half of the book, there were too many characters and I found it difficult to connect However, the last quarter of the book really changed my overall feelings about the story It was in these last chapters when we see the intimate thoughts and profound affect on one of the characters, Yale, that I became much connected emotionally The awfulness of the physical symptoms and the emotional toll were heartbreaking and Yale is a character that I felt I came to know in a much deeper way than others In the 2015 ending chapters, Richard s photographic show ...

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    My full review, as well as my other thoughts on reading, can be found on my blog.Alternating between present day Paris and 80s Chicago, The Great Believers explores the impact and aftermath of the AIDS epidemic on a close knit group of friends living in Boystown The novel tells three stories, through two perspectives In the main plot, Yale Tishman struggles to cope with the illness and loss of his friends, and placate a jealous partner who fears Yale will leave him after the epidemic ends all the while, Yale, the development director for an art gallery, tries to acquire several high profile pieces from the great aunt of his best friend Fiona The great aunt, Nora, knew a wide array of famous artists of the 1910s, who died suddenly and brutally in WWI, and over the course of the novel, the tragic stories of the older generation are indirectly parall...

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    There s an important story here at least in the 1985 strand as AIDS cuts through the Chicago gay community but something about Makkai s style left me feeling mostly disengaged from it in emotional terms Sure, I had moments of anger as we witness a dead man s parents exclude his lover from the funeral, the horrible voyeurism that makes a thing of a man being gay, black, whatever But overall I was never able to get involved or attached to what is going on.Add to the style a baggy structure that flips between 1985 and 2015, and a whole other story that has little connection to the first one other than featuring the same character, and the book started to ali...

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    Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2019 FinalistWinner of the Carnegie Medal for FictionA global crisis that has taken the lives of 35,4 million people, changing the face of the world forever no, this is not a dystopia, Rebecca Makkai wrote the Great American Novel about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic which is ongoing here s the latest data The author introduces us to a circle of friends in mid 80 s Chicago, many of them gay, and shows how HIV AIDS impacts their lives What makes this book particularly shocking is that it starts rather slow, but pretty quickly it becomes clear that what propels the story forward is the question who will die next and as Makkai s characters are brilliantly drawn, psychologically covincing and vivid, it is heart wrenching to read about their destinies This main narrative is intersected with a second storyline that takes us and some of the surviving protagonists to Paris in 2010, thus showing how the past is never over and the dead never really vanish, which can be both consoling and haunting Makkai s main character is Yale Tishman, a 31 year old gay man who works at Northwestern s Brigg Gallery His partner Charlie is the editor in chief of a gay magazine and an activist When their friend Nico dies of AIDS, Yale is devastated, but still feels like he is safe from the disease Soon though, the epidemic starts to ravage their circle of friends and Yale finds himself at the centre of...

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