Misfit Mage (Fledgling God #1)

He Went Searching For A Fresh Start He Didn T Expect To Find Unusual Friends, Fierce Enemies, And Primal PowersJason Thought That It Was The End Of His Life After Being Attacked And Hunted By A Band Of Ruthless Thugs Instead, He Tapped Into The Source Of Creation And Emerged From His Death Experience With Magical Powers Rescued By A Mountain Troll And A Battle Mage, He Becomes Part Of An Unlikely Group Of Housemates, Defending A Mystical Old Mansion From Those Who Want To Destroy It Joined By A Cheerful Granny, An Incubus Who Is Entirely Too Attractive, And A Tiny Fierce Kitten, Jason Finds A New Sense Of Belonging And Purpose The Band Of Misfits Is On The Losing Side Of The Mage War Until Jason Discovers The Rules Of Magic Are Not As Set In Stone As They Appear To Be Jason Has Little Power, But He Discovers He Can See Magic And Manipulate It At A Microscopic Level What He Detects Begins His Journey Into Discovering How His New Powers Really Work, And Just Might Be The Edge They Need To Survive If You Like Witty Dialogue, Diverse Characters, Magic That Feels Real, And Intense Action, Then You Will Love This LGBTQ Urban FantasyIf You Like Harry Dresden Or Iron Druid, Or Enjoy A Thriller Grounded In Magic, Then Buy Misfit Mage Today And Step Into A Whole New Enchanted WorldI Liked This Book So Much I Read It In A DaySuzanne ReedI Enjoyed The Improvements In His Magical Path That Was So Different Than Anything Else I Ve Ever ReadMelissa JaneCharacters Draw You Into Their World Looking Forward To The Next One Author Has A Good Sense Of HumourSamantha VincentI Was Caught By The Characters And Plot Right Away I Enjoyed It From Start To Finish And Look Forward To The Second Book This Book Pulls You Into Itself And You Can T Put It DownTina KinkadeMisfit Mage (Fledgling God #1)

My first career was a gunslinger At 10 years old I learned everything I needed to know from Louis L Amour and after rigorous practice in front of my bedroom mirror, I was ready to take on the bad guys Later, I became a spy after reading some Tom Clancy and infiltrated the kitchen and the living room and learned all the secrets available from living in a small trailer I finally found my true c

☆ Misfit Mage (Fledgling God #1)  PDF / Epub ✩ Author Michael    Taggart – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 509 pages
  • Misfit Mage (Fledgling God #1)
  • Michael Taggart
  • English
  • 11 October 2018

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    Rating 3.4 out of 5I wanted to like this book so much I am a complete sucker for the Undiscovered Hero trope aka Yer a wizard, Harry and that s definitely in play here The world it is set in is interesting, the characters engaging and funny, and the plot is a fun one So why didn t it wow me The problem here is entirely in the writing The author spends way, way too much time telling, not showing As an example early on, the main character is injured and must spend an extended time recovering Days pass and many conversations are had with the supporting characters, and yet in all of that this is not a word of dialogue Instead, it s X talked to Y about topic and learned thing And then there s the world building I strongly believe that if an author is going to have magic or politics, or complicated relationships then this should all be laid out on paper ahead of time so that when the author writes the story they have a reference to keep things consistent The issue here is that several entire chapters are spent describing the specific mechanics of magic performed by the main character This complexly derails the plot and removes any sense of urgency for the reader Now, I want to say that what is described is interesting, and if I was reading a book about how to construct a theoretical system of magic that is coherent and believable, this would be great But that s not what the reader is here for Instead it s page after page of exposition and painfully detailed descriptions.I think of it this way A good approach for something like this would be the blind men and the elephant, where the reader learns small parts of the cohesive whole as the story progresses, and maybe pieces it all together by the end of the story or series Instead, this book has a detailed description of every square centimeter of the elephant.Even after all of this, though, I would be willing to check out a sequel, because I really do like the characters and setting I can only hope that the writing is whittled down a bit so that the plot is in the forefront and the minute details are perhaps less explicitly described.A final note this is definitely not a m m romance book As others have noted it falls under queer urban fantasy which I enjoy as well.

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    WonderfulThis is a new author for me and I loved this book I read it in one setting and enjoyed it so much My only gripe is the next book is not out yet I hate waiting I also returned it and then bought it I am not giving up this book It is mine

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    A decent beginning of the series The writing style wasn t consistent but I liked the characters it has potential.

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    Solid fantasy world, MC and other characters are well rounded personalities I first picked this up under KU but after reading this story I had to purchase the book If you re looking for hot sex and a quick story you ll be disappointed If you re looking for characters and a storyline that will keep you glued to a book you re in the right place Jason, the MC, is neither weak nor extraordinarily strong physically but he is a person who has learned to survive despite being tossed on his own at a young age Now he has to learn that there s in this world than he thought Great characters and good solid storyline, loved it Can t wait for the next one

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    This was Fantastic This book checked all my happy boxes Urban fantasy Check Complex gay protagonist Check Smart, funny and creative plot with a new take on the genre Check Warm and fuzzy moments that just make you smile Check I can t wait to find out what happens next in this series I hope the author s creative juices are flowing freely, and we won t have to wait for long.

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    Ok readers I really enjoyed 95% of this book My issue while the world building was really cool, there were parts that seemed like lecturing vs story telling And because I love me some smexy times, I was really sad there wasn t much from the romance front I hope the incubus can pull his weight next time.By the way, this story is by a new author and I hope he continues writing because I would love to see of this world Please, please, please don t take three years I really can t wait that long Happy Reading Lynz

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    Great start So this book was so so good I can t wait to see how Jason grows over time He s got such an interesting perspective I really like it I will say it s a bit of a slow burn though, so there are parts which seem kind of slow That being said the overall story and the characters all make up for any minor slow sections I would really like to see this turned into an audiobook though I think that would be amazing.

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    Urban Fantasy at it s finest A hugely entertaining read So good I read it in a day With a remarkable different take on mage magic, it didn t just redefine urban fantasy, it blew it out into orbit I loved the snarky dialogue and the theme of found family as opposed to your given family and that life is what you make of it Lemons lemonade Tremendous world building and character development, a must read for all scifi fantasy lovers Free on KU, take a chance, you won t be sorry Dear Michael, please write faster, I can t wait for part 2

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    I Love This Book I m always on a lookout for a gay fantasy supernatural genre and was glad to find this.There is no doubt as to who my favorite character of this book Bermuda Moses of course There are things that always catch my eye when I read a book Very cute animals and children are my weaknesses, plus add a very exciting MC s.I do love our MC, Jason and the fact that he is gay was a big bonus I love how the author centered on his character development as a person partly and so as a mage He s the perfect MC in a way that aside from discovering about his powers, he was also flawed and with some weaknesses Discovering his powers during his Waker moment was monumental and it kept continuing on till the end of the book no spoilers here He s also got a wicked sense of humor too It helped that the other supporting characters, Sandy, John, Annabeth, and Tyler were very good additions to this book But it was Annabeth s story that made me weep again, no spoilers here John, also a very humurous character added color and fun in combination with Jason s character especially in the Shaman stages of this book again no spoilers here wink, wink I know that there will be a sequel to this, and I can t wait for it to come out.Please support this author and this book This is a must read and a must have book

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    I ve tagged this m m, but it s queer sf than romance at all I liked this much than I expected to The narrative voice put me off a little, but it hit its stride after a few chapters and the book is quite long, so that helped I thought the world building was interesting I ve never read before about magic that works by the user imagining little cartoon characters who go off and do whatever he needs it was really charming The action is unrelenting not my favorite, but the story certainly moves along quickly I liked the characters Something about them reminded me vaguely of Tales of the City Warning there is some non permanent animal harm about 2 3 of the way through view spoiler his kitten is kicked by an enemy and suffers broken bones and is in a cast for a while he speeds up its healing with magic and it is all right after that hide spoiler

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