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Reading I Owe You One Author Sophie Kinsella Federicoscridel.eu From The Author Of Surprise Me Comes An Irresistible Story Of Love And Empowerment About A Young Woman With A Complicated Family, A Handsome Man Who Might Be The One, And An IOU That Changes Everything.Fixie Farr Has Always Lived By Her Father S Motto Family First And Since Her Dad Passed Away, Leaving His Charming Housewares Store In The Hands Of His Wife And Children, Fixie Spends All Her Time Picking Up The Slack From Her Siblings Instead Of Striking Out On Her Own The Way Fixie Sees It, If She Doesn T Take Care Of Her Father S Legacy, Who Will It S Simply Not In Fixie S Nature To Say No To People So When A Handsome Stranger In A Coffee Shop Asks Her To Watch His Laptop For A Moment, She Not Only Agrees She Ends Up Saving It From Certain Disaster To Thank Fixie For Her Quick Thinking, The Computer S Owner, Sebastian, An Investment Manager, Scribbles An IOU On A Coffee Sleeve And Attaches His Business Card Fixie Laughs It Off She D Never Actually Claim An IOU From A Stranger Would She But Then Fixie S Childhood Crush, Ryan, Comes Back Into Her Life, And His Lack Of A Profession Pushes All Of Fixie S Buttons As Always, She Wants Nothing For Herself But She D Love Seb To Give Ryan A Job No Sooner Has Seb Agreed Than The Tables Are Turned Once And A New Series Of IOUs Between Seb And Fixie From Small Favors To Life Changing Moments Ensues Soon Fixie, Ms Fixit For Everyone Else, Is Torn Between Her Family And The Life She Really Wants Does She Have The Courage To Take A Stand Will She Finally Grab The Life, And Love, She Really WantsI Owe You One

Sophie Kinsella has sold over 40 million copies of her books in than 60 countries, and she has been translated into over 40 languages.Sophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September 2000 with her first novel in the Shopaholic series The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic The book s heroine, Becky Bloomwood a fun and feisty fin

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  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • I Owe You One
  • Sophie Kinsella
  • English
  • 16 May 2019
  • 9781524799038

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    Sigh This review is difficult to write I adore Sophie Kinsella s books for many reasons Unfortunately, I found I Owe You One to be a letdown I had an issue with the characters, the plot, and the romance I started off reading with an eye roll with the introduction of Fixie and her cliched nickname Right away, I knew something was off I would have appreciated something a little bit clever and nuanced than a character who is defined by a stupid nickname Fixie s character annoyed me in the beginning, but she did grow on me She does go through the typical Kinsella transformation and develop somewhat The side characters are uneven and encompass one cliche after another Then there is the plot It s just one giant mess The romance Fixie s relationship with Seb was bizarre, to say the least One minute he s dating someone else, then he is dating Fixie, then they break up and he is back to the old girlfri...

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    3.75 If there is one word to sum this book up with, it would be cute Fixie matches her name perfectly She has an intense drive to always fix something if she feels it s out of place An itch that unless scratched will dive her crazy Sometimes this obsession will get her in way over her head.Sitting in a coffee shop she saves a strangers lap top from a sudden rush of water seeping from a collapsed ceiling Which introduces Fixie to the lap tops owner, Sebastian He s so grateful he immediately writes an IOU on her coffee sleeve Fixie never really considered cashing in the IOU, but when an old crush, Ryan comes waltzing into town desperate for a jobFixie wants to help It s what she does It s who she is She immediately seeks out Sebastian to cash in her IOU for Ryan Do you believe in fate It was sweet, it was cute and oh so endearing While it was somewhat predictable, that was ok I mean most rom coms are That s why we love them As the story line unfolded I grew to lov...

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    4.5 starsI ve read most of Sophie Kinsella s novels even some that she wrote under the name Madeleine Wickham and this one ranks right near the top It really seemed to showcase all the things I have previously loved in her books but yet also didn t feel something I have read countless times before The main character clicked with me and I enjoyed her interactions with her family and love interest.Fixie Farr has always tried to follow her late father s wishes with putting family first But why should she always be the one pulling up the slack at the family s housewares store when her brother and sister get to do whatever the hell they want The problem with Fixie is she just can t say the word no and everyone likes to take advantage of that fact While in a coffee shop, Fixie manages to save the day and a handsome stranger thanks her by giving her an IOU on a coffee sleeve She brushes it off as a joke, but the she gets thinking the she actually considers taking the man up on his offer He might be able to provide a solution to her problems and get people to stop coming to her because she is Ms Fixit It was pretty easy to relate to Fixie because most of us have felt like our kindness was being taking advantage of at one point or another So right off the bat she was an easy person to root for and someone you wanted to be happy Sometimes with the author s books I feel like the stories and characters can be a little over the top but this...

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    DNF at 25% This is the third Sophie Kinsella book that I ve DNFd, so I think it is officially time to call it quits on her books She clearly is just not for me Womp

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    All of the snow we ve been hit with recently has given me the opportunity to read like a mad woman, so I ve been flying through my NetGalley backlist in hopes of keeping up with my arc schedule I m not sure if reading The Lost Man by Jane Harper has put me in a slump, but I ve been finding it difficult to get into a new book and enjoy it from beginning to end Perhaps it s my growing sense of noticing the little things I was previously able to overlook, or maybe it s just the fact that I m needing to space out my ARCs with some older reads, but I thought for sure this one would be a hit as it s been ages since I ve picked up anything romantic or humorous I struggled to connect with Fixie and found it difficult to root for a woma...

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    I ve read enough books by Sophie Kinsella to know that the main character, whose nickname is Fixie because she s always trying to fix other people and situations, will eventually have character growth In Fixie s case, she lets her family and a man she s been crushed out over since she was ten years old walk all over her Even though I had faith she d grow a backbone at some point, it was still hard to read all the ways she s refuses to see things clearly or speak up for herself One of the things Fixie does is rescue a fellow coffee shop patron s laptop when the ceiling caves in from water damage Sebastian writes on a coffee sleeve I owe you one The ways the two pay each other back is a big part of this novel, as is the way her relationship with her older brother and sister and the family business play out.As with other...

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    I have been wary of trying this author because I ve heard mixed reviews on all of her books I decided to take a chance on this new novel and it didn t turn out the way I hoped.Where do I start with this novel This really was a bit of a mess Should I begin with Fixie s character Wow talk about annoying, having men walk all over her, and making ridiculous decisions because she s so blinded with wanting a man that badly Fixie is a character that tries to fix everyone but yet she is such a giant hot mess that the entire novel she let s people walk ALL over her Fixie is presented with a situation of trying to save the family business.but can she do it instead of focusing on fixing everyone else All of the characters in this novel were SO beyond basic Can I talk about how much of a douche bag Ryan was Seb Ok seriously I felt like the conversations were robotic between Fixie ...

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    A fun escapist read full of whimsy and charm This book was quintessential Sophie Kinsella Full of fun flawed realistic characters, wity dialogue, and loads of humor I can always count on a Kinsella book to take me away for a few fun hours, make me feel good and induce me into laughter until tears are coming down my face, and this book was no exception sophie s books never take themselves too seriously and are full of many laugh out loud moments warning don t pick this up unless you have your sense of humor intact, don t read while drinking, especially a carbonated drink, and don t read around other people, unless you re OK with them looking at you strangely because you re laughing at what appears to be nothing.Fixie was a kind caring sweet girl who really needed to find her backbone I really liked her and I think she would make an amazing friend, but the girl sure did frustrate me Fixie is a people pleaser she wants to make sure everyone around her is happy her friends, her family, her coworkers, and of course the men in her life One day Fixie was at a local coffee shop when a man asks her to watch his laptop when he steps out to take a phone call the ceiling starts to cave in, Fixie throws herself on top of the laptop and saves the day The man who s named Sebastian and of course is handsome issues her an IOU to repay her for saving his laptop and livelihood Fixie is pretty sure she will never use it, that is until her lifetime crush Ryan enters the pict...

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    Sophie Kinsella is like book comfort food for me.In my early twenties, I read every book as it came out, and I can remember where and when I read them They are fun and funny and always have lovable characters you come to know as friends In recent years, Kinsella has added an emotional edge to her stories crossing over into domestic fiction than rom com, and I ve enjoyed that adventure, too So where did I Owe You One measure up Fixie is the main character, and her motto is family first Her father owned a housewares store, but he has passed away and left the store to Fixie s mom and her siblings And Fixie is the one left holding the bag all the time, being the most responsible and making sure the business stays afloat Fixie is asked to watch a stranger s laptop in a coffee shop, and she saves it from being destroyed The owner of the computer is an investment manager, Sebastian, and he s in her debt for saving his laptop, so he gives Fixie an IOU Ryan, Fixie s childhood boyfriend, comes back into her life, but he ...

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    I received this book for free from the publisher Dial Press in exchange for an honest review I give this book 4.5 stars which rounds up to 5.I just want to start off by saying that I m a huge Sophie Kinsella fan Her books are always so funny and a feel good read This book definitely takes a while to really get going, but once it does, it s great As usual Sophie Kinsella knows how to create an eccentric cast of characters From Fixie s siblings to the store employees, there was no shortage of hilarious characters One of my personal favorites was Stacey, the overly flirtatious and sexually suggestive employee I was surprised at how Christmasy this book ended up being The last chapters centered around Christmas which I found totally appropriate for the message of the book A lot of the book centers on Fixie and her familial relationships and the Christmas aspect brought it all together nicely I didn t find this book to be as funny as some of her...

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