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[EPUB] ✺ His and Hers ✿ Alice Feeney – E17streets4all.co.uk There are two sides to every story yours and mine ours and theirs His Hers Which means someone is always lyingAnna Andrews finally has what she wants Almost She’s worked hard to become the main TV p There are two sides to every story yours and mine ours and theirs His Hers Which means someone is always lyingAnna Andrews finally has what she wants Almost She’s worked hard His and Epub / to become the main TV presenter of the BBC’s lunchtime news putting work before friends family and her now ex husband So when someone threatens to take her dream job away she’ll do almost anything to keep itWhen asked to cover a murder in Blackdown―the sleepy countryside village where she grew up―Anna is reluctant to go But when the victim turns out to be one of her childhood friends she can’t leave It soon becomes clear that Anna isn’t just covering the story she’s at the heart of itDCI Jack Harper left London for a reason but never thought he’d end up working in a place like Blackdown When the body of a young woman is discovered Jack decides not to tell anyone that he knew the victim until he begins to realise he is a suspect in his own murder investigationOne of them knows than they are letting on Someone isn’t telling the truth Alternating between Anna's and Jack's points of view His Hers is a fast paced complex and dark puzzle that will keep readers guessing until the very end.His and Hers

Alice Feeney is an author and former BBC journalist Her debut novel Sometimes I Lie was a New York Times and international bestseller It has been translated into over twenty languages His and Epub / and is being made into a TV series by Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros starring Sarah Michelle GellarAlice has lived in London and Sydney and has now settled in the Surrey countryside where she lives with her.

His and Hers PDF Ý His and  Epub / Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • His and Hers
  • Alice Feeney
  • English
  • 11 December 2016
  • 9781250266071

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    I am so bored that I am actually jealous of Rachel for getting killedDNF at 39%

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    There are three sides of stories His hers and truth A TV presenter of BBC ‘s lunchtime news and a chief police officerlet’s rephrase as “DCI” find themselves tangled with brutal murders of women who shared a common past graduated from same high school living their different lives in Blackwood A friendship bracelet positioned with their corpses What are the connections of these two persons with the victims? DCI Jack Harper was with the first victim at the night of her murder having sex with her There are so many clues point at him including his 10 sized shoes and the cell phone of the victim he carries with him Was he framed or did he involve with her death? What about Anna Andrews who suffers from her baby’s sudden death two years ago and loneliness alcoholism after her divorce Now she loses her dream job because an ambitious reporter comes back from her maternal leave and takes her seat She was all these victims’ school friend and as we read to her narration about the past we find out she doesn’t have a uite satisfying relationship with them And what about the new recruited police office Priya? Why she is trying so hard to please Jack? Why she is hiding things from him? Does she have a secret agenda? Jack tells his story Anna tells her own one and of course we also read the killer’s POV Interestingly killer’s POV carries similar expressions with both Jack and Anna’s way of telling things Does author confuse the hell of us by playing mind tricks? Absolutely because she is smarter than us I imagined her laugh so hard when I was biting my nails and hitting my forehead to the wall to find out who is the murdererWhich one tells the truth? Do we have deceitful narrators? It could be but at least the killer always tells the truth You know there are some books make you hooked up glued to your hands and occupied your mind and soul so you barely breathe and function till you finish it But in the meantime you wish it never finishes because you’re having so much fun and adrenaline excitement endorphin make you high You want And you start to punch the walls because there is only one chapter left and you’re getting closer to finish it and you’re gonna love it so much and you start to compare the other books with it and you see that most of your reads turn into meaningless boring experiences Yes That’s how I felt after my reading and I’m telling you this is one of my special reads of this year I know I gave nearly 10 thrillers to 5 stars but if I give this book 6 stars to differentiate it from my other reads I couldn’t think a second to do itI’m not giving clues to ruin your read Last time I gave big spoilers to my buddyreaders and I found it somebody stole some of my uniue Chardonnay bottles and replace them with apple cider I don’t know how to manage to do that in uarantine but I don’t want to risk anything I need my booze and books at these horrible days I’m just sending my witchy powers to you for getting your ARC copies but if you don’t get please pre order online or connect with your local library or befriend Prime crew do whatever it takes to read this sooner It’s absolutely worth it I already read three of Alice Feeney’s three books And so far this is my favorite novel of hersSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Flatiron Books for sharing one of the best ARCS I’ve ever read this year an exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Trigger Warning I deducted 1 for descriptive animal crueltyThis a mind blowing psychological thriller in every sense of the word If you are looking for a book that will keep you guessing at the “killer” until the very end this is the one for you I was convinced I knew what was going on until the very end and I was very wrong The ending was great and tied up the novel brilliantlyThe first POV is that of Anna Andrews a news journalist that has finally been working in her dream job She is anchoring a noon hour broadcast on BBC She has given up a lot to get here started from the very bottom rung of the ladder even sacrificing her relationship with her husband which ended in divorce She is never really happy with herself though is an alcoholic and eats almost nothing to maintain the look that she wants She thought her job was secure until the woman who had this job previously comes back After a maternity leave for two children Cat Jones has come back to claim what she feels is her rightful place “I picture her sitting in what only yesterday was my chair The mental image doesn’t make me feel sick it makes me feel thirsty My fingers come to the rescue and automatically start to search inside my bag for a miniature whiskey”Anna is demoted back to a correspondent She is assigned to cover a murder in sleepy Blackdown Woods a place that she never wanted to return to This assignment will open up everything you need to know about Anna and the cult of friends that she was a part of in high school This group of girls did some pretty horrible things to be included in Rachel’s exclusive group You have never known a group of girls like this oneThe second POV is that of DCI Jack Harper he is the inspector who is assigned to the murder in Blackdown Woods He is shocked when he sees the victim he knows her intimately He has his own problems He has a 2 yo toddler with a woman whom he isn’t married to and still holds a flame for Anna his first wife He is generally bored with his job until the first girl is found murdered in Blackdown Woods He will have lots of action to keep him busy for the next weeks and he will never be the same againThere is a third POV that of the killer I paid attention to every word and still didn’t guess the outcome Everyone is a suspect everyone has motivesYou won’t be able to stop reading this one clear your day and your night This author is a master of psychological fiction I just wish that she hadn’t chosen to include animal cruelty in her last book as well as this oneAddendum Since many people have asked the animal cruelty is at about 82% on my KindleI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss

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    This is going to be a super short review because you need to just go into this one blind and let it take you on a wild ride If you like me really disliked the author's previous novel please know that this one is MUCH on par with her first book If you enjoy audiobooks I cannot recommend that format for this book highly enough The narrators are fantastic including a mysterious third voice that becomes revealed toward the end Content warnings for sexual assault and grooming but overall not as gory as many other thrillers today Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy

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    CRA Z YFirst can I just say that the voice of the unknown male narrator CREEPED me the F OUT? Alright folks so let’s get to itWhat a Wild Ride “His Hers” is A Pulse Pounding Character Driven Psychological Thriller sure to make you double check that you’ve locked your doors and windows tight tight tight The Scoop His Jack Harper DCI assigned to investigate a murder in BlackdownHer Anna Andrews News Correspondent assigned to investigate and report the murder Blackdown A village on the outskirts of London full of bad memories for “His Her”Jack and Anna each have a different stake in the case and loads of secrets to keep The two also have history that keeps getting in the way Then there is the unknown male narrator aka the creepy AF voice Way to give me the heebie jeebies dudeIn short No One and I mean no one can be trusted Gotta Love Alice Feeney she sure knows how to keep us on our toes What we don’t know Well Baaah Alice Feeney sure fooled me That’s all I have to say about thatKudos to Alice Feeney for bringing it yet again “His Hers” was a buddy listen with Kaceey which I almost uit listening to in order to switch to the paperback version because I couldn’t handle the chilling voice of the creepy narrator Thankfully Kaceey virtually held my hand throughout while also finding my inability to handle it uite amusing Thanks KaceeyThank you to Alice Feeney Macmillan Audio Librofm for the alc and book depository for the paperbackPublished on Goodreads on 72620

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    Alice Feeney does it again She draws you into the story with a superb start and then takes you on a jaw dropping journey until the end In fact I think my jaw fell open so many times it’s fixed in the gaping mouth position I might have uttered the odd expletive as another shocker clobbers you The story as the title implies is told from two perspectives ‘His’ is DCI Jack Harper head of MCT in Blackdown Surrey a uintessential sleepy and beautiful English town in the stockbroker belt He’s a bit crumpled not living his best life having retreated to Blackdown from the Met following a tragedy ‘Her’ is Anna Andrews a temporary BBC news presenter filling in for Cat Jones who has been on maternity leave Anna has plenty of secrets and there are several versions of ‘her’ When a Jane Doe is discovered stabbed multiple times in Blackdown Woods what follows is a tale of the unexpected as you would expect from Alice Feeney The novel is well written and has a lot of excellent descriptions and metaphors of what it’s like inside His and Her heads The plot is good and you think you have the truth sorted and then you realise you so haven’t as both perspectives are contradictory It has twists than a corkscrew and at times it’s so dark you can barely see a hand in front of your face It’s mysterious tense creepy and spooky The setting especially of Blackdown Woods adds an extra dimension of atmosphere as even the most benign woods at night can feel scary There are revelations and shocking events to keep you wanting to read on and on Although I did work out the big reveal it in no way spoils the enjoyment Overall is a terrific read and highly recommended for fans of the genre Special thanks to NetGalley and H stories for the Arc

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    This is my first audio book from NetGalley Shelf Twenty years ago I listened to an audio book in my truck and then listened to the nonfiction How Not to Diet recently so I'm a very novice audiobook listener I had some difficulty with the app because it didn't start with the first chapter and then skipped chapters I tried to go back and listen to anything I missed but the glitch made for a choppy listening experience For this reason I would have very much preferred reading the book but thus far have not been able to get my hands on the digital version Still I certainly got the gist of things and enjoyed the story The book is chock full of unlikeable characters and almost every one of them could be a red herring for the murderer until they weren't anynot telling why though We have three narrators and nobody is reliable whether because they outright lie or because the truth is hard to face One narrator is her Anna Andrews a newsreaderreporter another is him Jack Harper Anna's detective ex husband and the third narrator is the murderer In the audio version the murderer's voice is distorted so we don't know if it is a male or female leaving us not knowing if the murderer is him her or anyone else The book starts right before the first murder and then things happen fast with bodies piling up Anna is sent to report on the murdermurders and Jack is the lead investigator and uickly also a suspect in the murders Is Jack guilty or is someone setting him up? We just don't know because we can't be sure who is telling us the truth and who is lying to us as the book progresses I might go back and read the printed version of the book at some time since I think I'd bet a better idea of things by reading the book in order rather than getting the audio chapters out of order as happened to me with my first use of this new app Warning animal abusePublished July 28th 2020Thank you to Macmillan Audio and NetGalley for this ARC

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    This book takes the phrase ‘knock me over with a feather’ to a whole nother level cause I AM SHOOKETHI have never been played by an unreliable narrator uite like the way His Hers did me I must say I’m impressed—even though I also feel like I need to suspend my disbelief Everything makes perfect sense in the end but HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??Newsreader Anna Andrews is tasked to cover a murder case that her ex husband DCI Jack Harper is investigating in Blackdown village the place where she grew up that holds so many memories she’d rather forgetThis book is a tough nut to crack I kept trying and it kept throwing me off at every turn It’s full of red herrings that will confuse and possibly drive you mad Everyone has a motive but who would you believe?I don’t think I’ve ever seen a detectivejournalist pairing and that’s what intrigued me when I read the blurb Jack and Anna have their fair share of shortcomings which make them liable and I held my distrust towards themThere’s not a single moment wasted in this book I was drawn to the brutal murders as much as I was to all the short bursts of flashbacks from Anna’s tragic past They’re so horrid it’s best you keep in mind every triggering subject matter you can think ofThe story becomes complex twisted and freaky overtime Add to that the small town setting surrounded by dark creepy woods the feeling of urgency to get to the bottom of things the constant second guessing and the shocking ending Gah you won’t be able to put it downIf you like this book try these next↠ The Kind Worth Killing↠ Jar of Hearts

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    375✡ I have a rather weird way of rating mystery books If by the end of revelation I say WTF JUST HAPPENED it's a 5 star for meAfter I completed this book last night I was shook for like 15 mins and I decided to rate it 5 stars but upon closure inspection I realized that there are some problem with this book Why this is a good read?• The main theme that there are three sides of a story mine yours and the truth• The whole setting and creepiness of small town blackwood• Sacrifices of one family member for the love of the other Why I deducted one star? • I bet you can't guess the murderer by the end if the book because author didn't gave any clue to suggest who is the killer By the end you will feel like the author is genius to think of something like that but when you analyse it the turn of events will feel off the nook• By the end of revelation you will get the answer of Who? and Why? but you will be confused to answer how?• This book is full of coincidences a d chance eventslike literally there are hell lot of coincidencesRecommended it for everyone who love mystery books set in small town it's a page turner and definitely a good readEnjoyHappy reading

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    25 STARSI'm not sure I read the same book that so many others loved I enjoyed her debut novel but felt this one had too many coincidences in the plot I loved the way the author told the story with the hisher narrative although at times it confused me the ending twist The back and forth kept me guessing and putting pieces together I just never became invested in the characters who were all very unlikable and even despicable in my opinionI would say it was pacy but I didn't care for the shockers along the way The final twist was the breaking point because it was too over the top and unbelievableIt is twisted outrageous and bizarre which can work but in this case not for me I had many many issues including view spoilerthe cat abuseThanks to NG and the publisher for my advanced copy OUT on July 28 2020  hide spoiler

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