Dein perfektes Jahr

[Read] ➭ Dein perfektes Jahr Author Charlotte Lucas – A man consumed by a meaningless life is going to do something he’s never considered doing before He’s going to enjoy the day For hyper particular publishing heir Jonathan Grief the day starts like A man consumed by a meaningless life is going to do something he’s never considered doing before He’s going to enjoy the day For hyper particular publishing heir Jonathan Grief the day starts like any other—with a strict morning fitness regimen that’ll keep his divorced easily irritated cynical forty two year old self in absolutely flawless physical condition But all it takes to put a crimp in his routine is one small annoyance Someone has left a leather bound day planner with the handwritten title Your Perfect Year in his spot on his mountain bike at Dein perfektes Kindle - his fitness courseDetermined to discover its owner Jonathan opens the calendar to find that someone known only as “H” has filled it in with suggestions tasks and affirmative actions for each day The he devotes himself to locating the elusive H the deeper Jonathan is drawn into someone else’s rich and generous narrative—and into an attitude adjustment he desperately needsHe may have ended up with a perfect year by accident but it seems fate has set Jonathan on a path toward healing feeling and maybe even loving againif only he can meet the stranger who’s changing his life one day at a time.Dein perfektes Jahr

Charlotte Lucas ist das Pseudonym von Wiebke Lorenz Geboren und aufgewachsen in Düsseldorf studierte sie in Trier Germanistik Anglistik und Medienwissenschaft und lebt heute in Hamburg Gemeinsam mit ihrer Schwester schreibt sie unter dem Pseudonym Anne Hertz Bestseller mit Millionenauflage Auch ihre Psychothriller „Allerliebste Schwester“ „Alles muss versteckt sein“ und „Bald ruhest du auch“.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 439 pages
  • Dein perfektes Jahr
  • Charlotte Lucas
  • English
  • 08 July 2016

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    Two stars lost in translation and last minute insertion of reluctantly patched romance parts So I’m giving for three stars just for the idea of creating a diary to tell the people how to enjoy their lives living it fulfilled enjoying and feeling each moment seizing everything they’ve experienced Maybe after seeing the cover I keen on reading something soft swoony and relaxing but what I found out is a heavy dramatic book with suffocating heavy issues like death fatal illness suicide alcoholism dementia I wanted to drop the book and say “thanks I had enough” but as you know my stubbornness about not easily give a decision to dnf a book you may imagine I continue reading but I also made so many frustration uhkhhhh uhhhh ooooo sounds At the end we see some romantic parts on the book which made me uestion them because it’s hard to believe only see a woman twice and think you found your soul mate if we don’t watch a soap opera or last disaster Netflix rom com movies The hero and heroine’s reluctant chemistry and forced romantic attraction is not credible and satisfying for me Maybe the book lost its real meaningful words to help me connect with the characters and love journeys because of the translation Maybe my timing was not right enough to read this book because I craved for some chic lit romance and not so ready to deal with dramatic heart wrenching issuesSo let’s talk about the stories and charactersThere are two stories in this book are told separately Hannah is in love and all set for romantic dinner with his soon to be fiancée She thinks he will propose at that very same night Unfortunately she doesn’t get the offer she’d dreamt of Her boyfriend leaves her Please don’t curse at him or keep your ugly remarks before learn the truth Later Hannah finds out he’s suffering from Leukemia and he has only one year left to live I told you not to be judgmental didn’t I? So Hannah gives him a diary about some daily suggestions to enjoy simple things of life which gives him pure happiness and positivity he needs for the last days of his life Other story is about Jonathan Grumpy whining pessimist young man recently inherits father’s publishing company divorced three years ago but he still feels bitter resented His daily habit is riding his bike to the park locking it in the rack then going for a jog But one day he finds out the diary on his bike The dairy filled in suggestions about how to enjoy your daily life and find happiness from small things It is called “A Perfect Year”As you can imagine at the end the stories intercepted but you can also imagine I didn’t enjoy the outcome so much It was so predictable and cheesy for me But I still like the idea to keep a journal about daily life’s small things bring us real happiness and put a big smile on our facesLet’s say this is I don’t like it but I also didn’t hate it kind of book It’s not fair for me to right negative things about the book That’s not just my cup of Chardonnay That’s allSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Crossing for sharing this Arc Copy in exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    I rarely read romances but this one turned out to be an easy and enjoyable read Of course it was predictable Romances usually are Just put forward two main characters and then put as many obstacles in their way as you can until it appears they will never get together And then they doThis is exactly what happens in Your Perfect Year What makes this book fun though is the way the author keeps the two main characters separate Every time they come close fate intervenes and yet their lives are heavily intertwined all the way through Add to this several very appealing characters some clever dialogue and a fitting ending and you have a good book to help pass away a few pleasant hours

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    This is a nice book A perfectly nice bookUnfortunately it is also very dullSome of it may be lost in translation for example the word alone is used twice in one sentence at 28% there is a joke about a character's name earlier that I just didn't get but I made it to 30% without anything interesting happening although I had hopes about the fortune tellerJonathan Grief reminds me a lot of Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory and Don Tillman The Rosie Project and I've already watched the TV programme for the former and read the book for the latterDNF

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    I just LOVED this It had a very Man Called Ove vibe to it It took me a while to warm up to the main characters but soon I was hooked and couldn't put it down until the end which I was totally delighted with A funny and warm hearted story about a guy who gets a rare opportunity to see life from a completely new perspective

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    OH MY GOODNESS This book right here Gave me life Plan your life positively Let nature take its course You cant plan out someone elses life you can only some what control your own This book has me wanting to plan out my year for 2020 LOVE IT This reminded me of a movie of this girl who was dying of cancer and she wanted to plan out her boyfriends life after she passed away She wanted him to move on and date and just love life Excellent movie and this is an excellent bookEdit 10319 The movie is called Irreplaceable you its on NetflixEdit 62320 Well lets just say all my plans for 2020 went to hell in the hand basket do to the virus SMH But hey there is always next year

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    First I'll start with why this wasn't my favorite book Let's just say I'm not really into romance type stories I'm not saying this was a sweet kissy story because it wasn't but I felt the climax of the story didn't ascent very high up the mountain The outcome was predictable but anything less would have been a disappointment So here's the story line A young girl and the man she's in love with are on the verge of an engagement He plans what appears to be a romantic dinner during which she thinks he will pop the uestion only to discover that he is going to stop seeing her The break up has nothing to do with another person but a recent and a surprise to her health diagnosis of Leukemia in which he has been given less than a year to live The girlfriend soon gives him a diary for the coming year on which she has given daily suggestions for things to enjoy simple things advice on searching for happiness overcoming adversity etc Parallel to this story is a young man who has inherited his father's publishing company much to his misgivings He has been divorced for 3 years still harbors resentment and has become a bit of a recluse and ritualhabit forming individual He rides his bike to the park as he does everyday locks it in the rack and goes for his normal long daily run When he returns he finds a plastic bag hanging on his bike's handle bars and inside is a daily diary filled with daily suggestions for A Perfect Year Yep has Hallmark movie written all over it Now I'll tell you what I liked about the book I too have Leukemia My diagnosis came nearly 4 years ago but at least is a slow growing kind of blood cancer but an incurable cancer nonetheless I have always been a positive person who looks for the good in the darkest of storms and so I have accepted my diagnosis with open arms I absolutely LOVED the idea of a daily diary where you look for enjoyment in the smallest of things I embraced the idea of looking to enrich your life with beauty and smiles and happiness I'm enthusiastic about stepping outside one's comfort zone and exploring new things or rising above old fears I won't delve into the story the scenario is easy enough to figure out Suffice it to say that the journey was a short yet enjoyable one I AM happy to say that I'm glad I read this towards the end of a year I look forward to purchasing myself a diary or better still a 2020 journal in which I can record the wonderful things I have discovered andor explored I don't want to actually plan out my year day by day that would take away the intrigue of looking for the daily treasure But I do look forward to documenting my discoveries Who knows perhaps I'll include some of my loved ones on the journey with me So I guess all in all I'm glad I read the story It's probably not one that I would pick up and read again but it DID give me inspiration and encouragement to enjoy each day we are given on this earth and for THAT I am deeply grateful

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    35 stars I liked that it was uite unconventional for a chicklit There were uite some heavy topics alcoholism cancer suicide dementia etc and the focus was way less on romance than I expected As I'm not big on romance this was a pleasant surprise However towards the end the inevitable romance is rushed in using a sort of montage seuence that really didn't work for me I just couldn't see the two MCs as a convincing couple and even the characters themselves thought it was out of character and insta lovey view spoiler the way that Jonathan just says 'I'm in love with this woman' after seeing her twice and not even talking to her or knowing anything about her That was so ridiculous I thought he was joking Sadly no hide spoiler

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    This is a delightful book I don't normally read romance but this came recommended and was full of funny and sometimes sad twists and turns We've all been through times when 'what can go wrong will go wrong' and this story is full of those things right down to the final pages Well done well translated a good read

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    The first 50 pages were pretty slow but after that you really wanted to see what was going to happen and how the characters were connected It is a sweet story and really puts things into perspective about how we live our lives and how we see things or don't Definitely should be on everyone's TBR list

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    Not for me A too cute story whose marshmallow spirituality is sure to appeal to the Eat Pray Love crowd I might have enjoyed it if it had moved faster; the main characters spent far too much time in anguished dithering But probably not because I didn't find those characters to be particularly interesting or likable even when they weren't dithering I can see why so many people rated it highly because it's a rather clever twist on the destined to be together theme but I couldn't get past the blithe off handed treatment of some pretty heavy issues Terminal cancer suicide homelessness alcoholism dementia and parental abandonment are not props PTSD is not resolved by getting a boyfriend

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