The Warrior Prince of Berush (The Edge of the Sword #1)

Darius Is A Seasoned Soldier Serving As General Of His Brother S Army Tensions Between Berush And The Neighboring Countries Of Artylia And Cerecia Are High And War Looms On The Horizon Renowned For His Skill As A Swordsman And A Leader In Battle, Darius Vows To Protect His Country And Wreak Vengeance On Its Enemies, But The Toll Is Heavy Violent Dreams Torment Him At Night, And A Red Haze Of Anger Often Clouds His Judgment Concerned For His Brother S Well Being, King Cyrus Sends Darius On A Diplomatic Assignment, But The Warrior Prince Is Not Used To Peaceful Missions He Is Used To Getting His Own Way, Often At The Point Of A Sword Love Is Certainly Not On His Agenda Supporting His Brother And Keeping His People Safe, Whatever The Cost, Are His Only Priorities, Until He Meets HER A Beautiful, Confident Woman With A Will To Match His Own Darius Quickly Realizes That What He Wants Cannot Be Taken, It Can Only Be Given Can He Convince This Genteel, Artylian Landholder That He Is Than The Wild Animal He Seems To Do So, He Must Look Deep Into His Own Heart, Confront The Darkness He Has Allowed To Fester There, And Find That His Worst Enemy Is Himself Winning The Love Of Lady Eemya Will Prove To Be The Greatest Challenge Of His Life.The Warrior Prince of Berush (The Edge of the Sword #1)

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to read One of the first books I remember reading was a Wonder Book version of Cinderella It was in the reading station in my kindergarten class, and I loved the illustrations I would pick that book out every time, so my teacher finally removed it from the shelf to force me to expand my horizons Now I have my own copy.Another book that influenced me

[Read] ➵ The Warrior Prince of Berush (The Edge of the Sword #1)  ➱ Amber Gabriel –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 318 pages
  • The Warrior Prince of Berush (The Edge of the Sword #1)
  • Amber Gabriel
  • English
  • 12 November 2017

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    The Warrior Prince of Berush The Warrior Prince of Berush was quite an exciting read for me I was hardly able to put the book down because I wanted to know what was happening next and how the story turned out Darius is a warrior prince A soldier that is a skilled swordman A soldier that has been affected by the many battles he has fought for his country His brother is the king of Berush, King Cyrus The King knew his brother has many issues due to being at war so much, so he decided to send Darius on a mission of peace This was something totally out of Darius norm My favorite character is Lady Eemya She is a strong leader on the island of Artylia She had learned from her father the proper way to rule And for a woman she was wise and governed on her own ter...

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