Things Emelia Anderson Would Rather Do Than Share A House With Benjamin Crawford Get Strapped To A Chair In A Restaurant Full Of Loud Chewers Parachute Into The Australian Outback Armed With Only A Blowdart Live Her Best Life As An Ice Road Trucker In The Alaskan TundraBenjamin Crawford Thinks Emelia Conned His Dying Grandmother Into Leaving Her Half Of An Estate Worth Millions, So Let S Just Say He S Not Her Biggest Fan Either Not Even CloseNow They Have To Live Together For The Next Thirty Days While Renovating The Family Home Or The Estate Will Transfer To The One Person Ben Hates Than Emelia, And She Ll Have To Move Back To The One Place She Wants To Forget Than BenDid I Mention Ben Look Likes Man Candy And Smells Like Testosterone Not That Emelia Notices She Spends A Lot Of Time Not Noticing Things About BenShortcake

Lucy Watson is the pen name for an award winning screenwriter living in San Francisco with her husband, son, and narcoleptic cat When not writing, or mom stalking her son at school, she can be found reading steamy novels and binge watching 80s TV shows.

[PDF] Shortcake  By Lucy   Watson –
  • Paperback
  • 390 pages
  • Shortcake
  • Lucy Watson
  • 10 August 2019

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    Woosshh that is the sound of this book flying to my favorite 2019 shelf After being in a bit of a reading slump I was so happy to find this book I loved and enjoyed it The book is called Shortcake and is written by Lucy Watson As a The Hating Game fan by Sally Thorne you get the attraction immediately Shortcake and Lucy on a cover. yummy I just had to request it Netgalley The cover is a bit misleading The book is a romance and it has a lot of funny moments, but also heavy moments Emmy is a nurse and has just lost her patient, Rose Rose was a friend to her and when the family arrives at the house she expects to leave and find another place to live and work However, it seems Rose had other ideas Emmy and Rose s grandson Ben must live in the house and fulfill some tasks to both inherit half the estate If they forfeit everything will go to Ben s father, the father he is embroiled with Ben doesn t like Emmy, at all and so a small war is fought between them while painting and doing their part of the deal They both give as good as they get, a real enemies to lovers I must say I enjoyed their quarrels and one upping each other Also really liked the friends The book is a slow burn as to the fact it takes until almost the end of the book before they get it on, but the time frame of the book is only a month I finished the book in just a couple of hours, I really enjoyed it so much It is also filled with references to movies and series Only after you start wondering about certain things there is a loose end I would like to have seen fixed but maybe I just should NOT start wondering and just take the book for what it is I loved reading it and look forward to books by this author I would also like some about these characters I requested and received an ARC via Netgalley and this is my honest and voluntary review.

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    Thank you Negalley and Lucy Watson.for sending me a complimentary copy of this book 4.75 starsIf you love enemies to lovers romances, this book is absolutely perfect for you Emilia Anderson is a nurse and a caretaker to Rose Crawford, a dying lady who she loved very dearly After Rose s death Emilia finds out that Rose left millions of dollars worth property to her and Ben, Rose s grandson Ben thinks that Emilia somehow conned his grandmother into leaving her half of her property and so he hates her Emilia is not too fond of him either But to both of their dismay, they have to stay in the property together for thirty days or else, the property will transfer to Ben s dad, who he hates than Ben hates Emilia Shortcake was so much fun to read The banter between the main characters was hilarious and on point I laughed out loud so many times There are also some really heavy and emotional moments The romance was slow burn I was desperately rooting for Emilia and Ben the whole time and wanting them to just admit their feelings which did not happen until the very end The ending was so beautiful that it made me teary The only reason I took off.25 stars is because I am not really fond of alpha males and Ben was definitely that even though I still love him I can t wait to read books from the author.

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    Rating 4.5 5 Stars Title ShortcakeAuthor s Lucy WatsonCharacter s Emelia Anderson 28 years old, Brunette, Blue Eyed Benjamin Crawford 27 years old, BrownSetting CaliforniaTag s Romance, Contemporary Content Rating RPOV First Person Heroine Smexy Level HotFavorite Quote s b Here s a free tip when life gets messy, listen to the Pina Colada Song It ll make everything better You She put you there For me She did that She gave me you The thought of not seeing you every day You not being with me Being with someone else Giving them that smile, that laugh That part of you that was made for me I told myself I d go back to Phoenix, get my head together Deal with the shit I gotta deal with, then I d come back And you d be here, and whatever I had to do, I d do it to be with you And I d be the guy you deserve Then I found out you weren t gonna be in this house That you were leaving That this was it Then I saw you standing there in your dress and I knew I didn t deserve you I told myself I should let you go to find someone who does, but I can t Not without trying to make you mine first, because you re it for me, Shortcake Overall Opinion Holy crap I can t even explain how much I loved this novel The characters were downright hilarious and I seriously couldn t stop laughing at their witty banter Needless to say I don t know how Lucy Watson did it but she won me over with this enemies turned lovers trope and whirlwind romance that stole my heart It s been a while since I last came across a romantic comedy that actually had the comedy in it So I have to applaud the author on her outstanding debut and I hope we re able to revisit these characters in the future.

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    4.5 starsI loved this book I was expecting a little romcom that didnt have much depth but was funny I got something very different This is a enemies to lovers story that had me laughing almost the whole time I wasnt expecting to love the characters as much as I did Emelia and Ben are rarely on the same page and you can feel the frustration they feel when trying to figure out just what is going on I could not put this book down and read it in one sitting Highly recommend

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    5 strong stars for Shortcake This book just catapulted itself onto my best of 2019 list Very much in the same category as The Hating Game, this story is a haters to lovers tale that I just couldn t get enough of I don t know if this is the author s first book, but I can t wait to read from her.

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    This debut novel by Ms Watson is a mixed bag for me, so let s rummage through it and see what we find I m putting it in spoiler tags since it hasn t released yet view spoiler The GoodEngaging writing style I love a good rom com because I prefer to laugh than cry with my romances, so I m always up for getting to read a new to me author in this subgenre Your emotions can run the gamut in a rom com done well, and Shortcake actually has a lot of potential for some depth with the froth It was very easy to read though I struggled the further I got, but on that later and I was hopeful that even with some bumps along the way that I would really come to love this From the very first line, Emmy is relatable, funny, a bit damaged, definitely prone to drama, and pretty lovable I was immediately intrigued with what happened to her and wanted to know So good setup Check Classic tropes of enemies to lovers forced proximity Check Funny, wacky scenes Check The story is written in first person, all from Emmy s POV, and while she s myopic with her perspective of herself and Ben, the rest of the characters are easy to envision and fun to get to know And thenThe BadIt s bad when you don t like one half of the couple in a romance Sadly, I really struggled with Ben and his jerkish behavior towards Emmy The only perspective I have of Ben is from Emmy, and he s pretty harsh to her from the moment he meets her Occasionally, they re both childish and their arguments can land on the comedy end of rom coms, but alot of times he s just mean Now, I ve fallen for heroes that start off as jerks Sometimes seeing that jackass realize he s a jackass can be very satisfying and eventually I can connect to them on some level And if this was on the big screen, so much is conveyed through the eyes or body language that you could probably get away with seeing the story mostly through Emmy s eyes However, Ben stays in the same lane for the majority of his personal journey, so I couldn t empathize with him and understand WHY he was such a jerk until way too late Also, his attempts to hook up with other women while living with Emmy did not endear him to me, but I can get past it because he wasn t romantically involved with Emmy at the time Still didn t like it Shallow characterizations Rom coms don t have to deep dive into emotional angst I don t expect that But I do need at least ONE really good scene that lays out the emotional connection between the hero and heroine For example, Ben and Emmy s big heartfelt confession scene, the one where you would finally see them start to understand each other, the scene where their secrets come out and helps advance them to the next stage of their romance Completely bare bones and came pretty late in the tale We re told that Emmy s big secret was told to him by some friend WTF This is a crucial scene and yet afterwards, I felt I didn t know either of them any better for it Also, I never felt they were equal in their interactions Emmy didn t give as good as she got Ben steamrolled her most of the time if he really wanted to She was always the one to worry about him, to bend towards his will, to give ground It s only towards the end that we re TOLD about Ben s feelings, that we re TOLD that he really did want and care for her, but it didn t show for the majority of the story I didn t really get to see his regret for his treatment of Emmy and there s absolutely no grovel Speaking of missed opportunitiesThere SO MUCH that is completely glossed over in order to rush to a conclusion The pacing was very off, and the characters suffered as a result Oh lord problematic Calling Romani people gypsy is a slur It s never been complimentary, it s had horrible connotations around the world There s an acknowledgment in the story that it s horrible, and I could understand it being used by an old, ignorant woman However, the continued use of it, BY THE HERO, as a term of affection Drove me batty There s but that was one bit that really stuck out and made me cringe.I really, really wanted to like this story, but this shortcake was shortchanged by the abundance of missed opportunities The moments that captured my attention and made me want to keep reading didn t outweigh my disappointment with the lack of character development, weird pacing, and problematic bits I do think there s good potential with this author, and I wouldn t rule out reading another book by her Just a shame this didn t work for me hide spoiler

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    Ignore the horrid cover that looks like it belongs in another decade This book is a delightful love hate tale in the same vein as The Hating Game Emelia Anderson Our headstrong, yet broken heroine, who, in running away from her past, ends up becoming a caretaker for a lovely old lady whose death prompts the start of our tale Poor Emelia has not had things easy and losing Rose hits her hard But that does not stop her from constantly butting heads with Rose s beloved grandson, who excuses her of conning his grandmother at her funeral Benjamin Crawford The sexy, damaged, alpha male love interest At first, his and Emelia shared love for Rose seems to draw them together That is until it is revealed his beloved grandmother left half of her inheritance to some he considers a virtual stranger And so the hatred ensues Ben seems to make it his mission to make Emelia angry But unfortunately, due to stipulations in the will, they stuck with each other However, hate slowly transforms into something else Something sweet and sexy view spoiler When I told you I was going to miss you, you looked like I shot your dog You wanna know why Because you looking up at me with those eyes saying that shit killed me The thought of not seeing you every day You not being with me Being with someone else Giving them that smile, that laugh That part of you that was made for me I told myself I d go back to Phoenix, get my head together Deal with the shit I gotta deal with, then I d come back And you d be here, and what I had to do, I d do it to be with you And I d the guy you deserve Then I found out you weren t gonna be in this house That you were leaving That this was it Then I saw you standing there in your dressand I know I didn t deserve you I told myself I should let you go to find someone who does, but I can t Not without trying to make you mine first, because you re it for me, Shortcake. hide spoiler

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    4.5 Stars I must say this book is definitely up there on my list of top reads for 2019 It had a bit of everything in ita solid storyline, massive chemistry, laugh out loud moments, great supporting charactersan all around solid book.Emmy has been caretaker to an elderly sick woman name Rose In the short time she has been with her the two have become extremely, extremely close So when Rose dies, Emmy is left devastated She also realizes that she will have to find somewhere to live now and find a new job Its about that time that Rose s family starts to show upand lets just say it gets extremely awkward.Rose s grandson Ben, who Emmy has heard stories about comes in like a bat out of hell and is not the nicest to Emmy Things take a turn for the worse however, when Rose s will is read and Ben and Emmy are left her fortune to split..BUT there is a laundry list of things that they must do and rules they must follow in order to receive the fortune Ben turns even hostile towards Emmy thinking that somehow she has taken advantage of his sick, grandmother and has wormed her way into the will.The rest of the book is one laugh out loud moment after another Watching these two work through the list of things they must do while their attraction towards each other heats up was some of the funniest things I have read Their chemistry is palpable and I was cheering for them early on Such a solid book with a great storylinedefinitely a great read and should definitely be read One of my favorites for sure

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    It s been two days since I finished reading this book and it s still marinating in my head I m having a really hard time finding the words to verbalize how much I loved this book.It s described as a sexy romantic comedy, which is right on the money However it s not just funny and sexy, it s also well developed and really caught me by surprise I loved the chemistry between Emelia and Ben, their back and forth not only verbally but also how they tried to one up each other And the fact that their attraction slowly developed was just icing on the cake for me I think what caught me of guard personally was how much this sexy rom com made me feel I loved how the lighter side of things was also balanced out by the truths and realities of life I cried happy tears and sad tears and that just makes me love this book so much In summary, Lucy Watson is a genius and Shortcake is going on my Favorites of 2019 list Not only did I fall in love with Emmy and Ben, but I want of Winston, Nick, and Jesse, Ben s friends The fact that this book is Lucy s literary debut blows my mind, because of the story telling talent present I don t know what stars aligned to bring this book into my life, but I m so grateful I found it and I am really looking forward to re reading it and reading from Lucy Watson

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    Thank you to NetGalley for granting me an ARC of this book The review below is entirely my own.I really wanted to like this book but I had a hard time falling in love with the MC s Some parts were cute Some parts were hot But mostly, I feel out of sorts about this story I think it might have helped if we got Ben s POV bec this is all told from Emmy s voice But I think my bleh ness about this book is primarily bec I didn t understand why they did some of the things that happened, esp the whole view spoiler fake marriage hide spoiler

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