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❰Ebook❯ ➦ The Lost and Found Bookshop Author Susan Wiggs – In this thought provoking wise and emotionally rich novel New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs explores the meaning of happiness trust and faith in oneself as she asks the uestion If you had In this thought provoking wise and emotionally and Found PDF/EPUB ✓ rich novel New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs explores the meaning of happiness trust and faith in oneself as she asks the uestion If you had to start over what would you do and who would you be There is a book for everything Somewhere in the vast Library of the Universe as Natalie thought of it there was The Lost Epub / a book that embodied exactly the things she was worrying aboutIn the wake of a shocking tragedy Natalie Harper inherits her mother’s charming but financially strapped bookshop in San Francisco She also becomes caretaker for her ailing grandfather Andrew her only living relative—not counting her scoundrel fatherBut the gruff deeply kind Andrew has begun displaying signs of decline Natalie thinks it’s best to move him to an assisted Lost and Found ePUB ↠ living facility to ensure the care he needs To pay for it she plans to close the bookstore and sell the derelict but valuable building on historic Perdita Street which is in need of constant fixing There’s only one problem–Grandpa Andrew owns the building and refuses to sell Natalie adores her grandfather; she’ll do whatever it takes to make his final years happy Besides she loves the store and its books provide welcome solace for her overwhelming griefAfter she moves into the small studio apartment above the shop Natalie carries out her grandfather’s reuest and hires contractor Peach Gallagher to do the necessary and ongoing repairs His young daughter Dorothy also becomes a regular at the store and she and Natalie begin reading together while Peach worksTo Natalie’s surprise her sorrow begins to dissipate as her life becomes an unexpected journey of new connections discoveries and revelations from unearthing artifacts hidden in the bookshop’s walls to discovering the truth about her family her future and her own heart.The Lost and Found Bookshop

wwwfieldsendorg She's been featured in the national and Found PDF/EPUB ✓ media including NPR's Talk of the Nation and is a popular speaker locally and nationally According to Publishers Weekly Wiggs writes with refreshingly honest emotion and the Salem Statesman Journal adds that she is one of our best observers of stories of the heart who knows how to capture emotion on virtually every page of every book Booklist characterizes her The Lost Epub / books as real and true and unforgettable She is the recipient of three RITA sm awards and four starred reviews from Publishers Weekly for her books The Winter Lodge and Passing Through Paradise have appeared on PW’s annual Best Of lists Several of her books have been listed as top Booksense picks and optioned as feature films Her novels have been translated into than two dozen languages and Lost and Found ePUB ↠ have made national bestseller lists including the USA Today Washington Post and New York Times lists The author is a former teacher a Harvard graduate an avid hiker an amateur photographer a good skier and terrible golfer yet her favorite form of exercise is curling up with a good book Readers can learn on the web at.

The Lost and Found Bookshop ePUB à and Found
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Lost and Found Bookshop
  • Susan Wiggs
  • English
  • 22 October 2016
  • 9780062914095

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    An uplifting story for all book lovers Susan Wiggs has written a charming story filled with family hope heart and books Always responsible Natalie is working a job she doesn’t necessarily love but it is stable Then tragedy strikes and Natalie finds her life suddenly anything but stable She uits her reliable job returns home to San Francisco to take care of her grandfather and the struggling family bookshop When she returns home she remembers how much she loves working in the bookshop but she is also troubled by the decline of her grandfather’s health What follows is a sweet story of family healing acceptance and love Natalie was a likable character but I absolutely loved her grandfather Grandy I also adored Dorothy a young girl who was charmed by the books and the shop Dorothy’s father Peach Peter is the contractor helping to repair the bookshop As the bookshop begins two be physically healed so does Natalie‘s heart There is an attraction between Peach and Natalie that develops slowly and sweetly throughout the book Loved how the bookshop itself played a character in the story With so many memories and secrets held both figuratively and literally within the walls The audiobook was narrated by Emily Rankin Who did a stellar job I really loved the charm she gave to 10 year old Dorothy and the engaging tone given to GrandyThis book in emojis 📚 🐱 🗝 ✉️ 🌁 🧁 Big thank you to William Morrow and Harper Audio for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own

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    27 A bland utterly predictable novel about a young woman who is overcoming grief trying to save a failing bookstore and deciding which man to choose I liked the bookstore

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    This is a women's fictionchick lit The main character is Natalie Harper and this book is about her finding out what she really wants out of life There is a small amount about her finding romance I would not read this book looking for a romance book because it is a women's fiction The book is well written and true to real life I feel the characters is really well developed I think you will like this book if you are looking for a women's fiction book not a romance I was kindly provided an e book of this book by the publisher William Morrow or author Susan Wiggs via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review about how I feel about this book and I want to send a big Thank you to them for that

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    I love books about bookshops libraries so I knew this book was for me A charming story about love loss family with some history mystery romance woven in Heartwarming satisfying utterly delightful 'The Lost Found Bookshop' is available now wherever books are sold Highly recommend it

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    Title The Lost and Found BookshopSeries Bella Vista Chronicles #3Author Susan WiggsRelease date July 7 2020Cliffhanger noGenrewomen's fictionWhat a wonderful treat this story was I picked it because of the charming setting in a bookshop but I wasn't really prepared for how that bookshop would become almost a character of the story in and of itself This wasn't just a building filled with books it was Natalie and her mother's home her grandfather Andrew's past generations before that The long line of family members that lived there each had a separate story that melded into one unified whole Stories of tragedy heartbreak hope fortunes lost and found and meaningful life lessons Natalie distanced herself as an adult from the bookshop feeling as if it would only be a source of financial insecurity as it was in her childhood What she learned by the end was that by letting go of her need to feel safe and control her life she found the happiness and fulfillment at home she had always been missingNatalie knew she’d been too afraid to live her life She had sold it to the firm for a big salary But what she’d really sold was her own happinessAfter Natalie loses her mother and the man she's dating in a plane crash she's filled with a million emotions at once Of course she's overcome with grief but it's mixed with guilt an irrational sense of responsibility for their deaths and maybe even a little bit of resentment towards her mother The two of them had a rocky relationship and there were many times she felt disappointed by her but with the suddenness of her death there was no ability to resolve the distance that had been between them When she discovered what had happened and immediately came home to her grandfather the reality of what her mother was taking care of all by herself hits her hard My heart was aching for all of the pain she was going through Her helplessness was overwhelming and there were times she felt she would crack from the stress but she forced herself to be strong for her grandfather Blythe was gone suddenly and irretrievably like a zephyr shooting into the night sky leaving a trail of moonlit particles that swirled in brief unspeakable beauty and then faded into nothingNatalie's grandfather Andrew Harper was a single father who took his responsibility seriously He was unlucky in love but found happiness where he could in his life When his daughter Blythe came home from college pregnant and abandoned by the father he immediately stood by her and her granddaughter as well He was solid strong and dependable and a shoulder to lean on when they needed it I had barely been introduced to him and I already had tears in my eyes reading the funeral from his perspective The author does an amazing job bringing you into each character's thoughts and emotions What really struck me as special was getting Andrew's viewpoint as he struggles with early stages of dementia His days started to fade and his life turned as thin as lukewarm water He was a ghost in a world that appeared through a glass that was ash colored and wavyOften in books we're only given the perspective of the family members who have to come to terms with their loved one's illness But with Andrew we simultaneously learn some of his life history as his memories slowly trickle away from him We feel his confusion and devastation as his lucid moments flicker on and off It was truly heartbreaking for everyone involved but they vow to treasure what moments they do have left instead of mourning what they're losing On top of taking care of her grandfather's medical issues Natalie has the monumental task of figuring out if saving the bookshop from financial ruin is possible The debt seems absolutely insurmountable but her Andrew is determined to stay where his family's roots are So she takes the first necessary step and starts some much needed repairs on the building Peach Gallagher is the man her mother hired for the job When he shows up one day to get started she has a mini breakdown in front of him and he takes it all in stride From his very first scene you can see that he's compassionate and caring making me like him immediately Not only did he not shy away from comforting her while she grieved but he was sensitive and kind to Andrew during his times of confusion Natalie eventually started feeling stirrings of attraction towards him because of his kindness and the ease she felt with him however she never let it go anywhere because she believed he was married In actuality Peach is a single father just like her grandfather was He has many of the same wonderful ualities but his divorce is still fresh enough that he isn't looking for romance The slow burn romance is very much secondary to Natalie's personal transformation and how she comes to learn what's truly important in her life She used to think that having a retirement fund a stable job and a nice apartment would give her everything she's ever wanted Yet she was unhappy with her romantic relationships her co workers hated her and her job bored her to tears Running the bookshop again allowed her to step in her mother's shoes and see the joy she was able to bring to people's lives through books She remembered the wisdom her mom imparted on her growing up and it gave her comfort and strength I was addicted to this book while reading it and found it very hard to put down There were so many different layers to it that were beautifully presented The writing was exuisite emotional and I know for sure that this story will stay with me for a long time If I had one constructive criticism it would be that Peach and Natalie's eventual romance is rushed at the end moving from friends to a declaration of feelings to an engagement almost instantly However it honestly didn't bother me and the story was so special that I couldn't contemplate giving less than five stars I loved getting the family history piece by piece through antiues and other surprising items found during renovation Secrets were unearthed and emotional wounds were healed along the way This is my first read by Susan Wiggs but I plan to read many of her books in the future I can't recommend this one enough to anyone looking for an emotional thought provoking read FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON

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    The Lost and Found Bookshop by Susan Wiggs William Morrow Advance Reader’s E Proof courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers First Edition ISBN 978 0 06 291409 5 General Fiction Adult Women’s Fiction Publication date 07 Jul 2020 5 StarsIf you get the warm fuzzies when reading about old bookstores in historical buildings you will enjoy this story of loss love and second chancesThough all the characters were well developed I had an especial fondness for Grandy impeccable a pure hearted elderly gentleman with a kindly voice whose story is actually clarified by the onset of dementia a place where time begins to collapse into the memories of his few unresolved uestions and where he occasionally still basks in the presence of his most profound but deceased loves You may find yourself nodding along with understanding and compassion when he shares his heartfelt wisdomIt’s this thread of love and devotion that sustains the novel and keeps it from becoming an unending tale of hardship amidst the rich local color of San FranciscoBehind the easy going tone of this polished story you'll find the riches of a seasoned observer in a book that shows the possibility of navigating through a challenging time with consciousness understanding and an open heartThanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers for providing a digital copy of this book for review

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    Most readers adore books about bookstores andor libraries And why not they are buildings filled with what we love books “The Lost and Found Bookshop” however opens with a funeral; not gradually in Chapter one but upfront in the Prologue It’s like a hand popping up and smacking you in the face as soon as you open the book Now do not run away this book is about the bookshop and how Natalie Harper Blythe Harper’s daughter and only child has to use both her intelligence and creativity to save this bookshop from going under Blythe Harper was “beautiful and inspiring brilliant but often foolish; uirky and infuriating complicated and beloved” Natalie inherited some of these traits too but in a much organized way She cannot believe her mother let the debt get so high or the building fall into such disrepair Grrrr Natalie felt love frustration and grief all at the same time Well at least she had “Grandy” Blythe’s father and her grandfather who she loved dearly They would have to try and save this bookshop togetherThis story is the “Great Adventure” and discoveries of historic significance surrounding the one hundred year old “Sun Rise Building” in San Francisco that survived the 1906 ‘big earthuake’ The building was many things before it finally held the current bookshop including a famed bar and upstairs brothel; but Grandy’s family were the owners at the time of the earthuake You are going to have to wait until nearly the end to find out how that all came about but you’ll be so pleased you didWhile most of the story is about all the ways Natalie tries to earn money to pay off the debt so she can keep the bookshop and building we all know it’s about the people she meets that will try to help her do just that Most of the key characters are strong and wonderful individuals from the staff to the customers and a particular handyman named “Peach” and his seven year old daughter Dorothy As Peach makes repairs to the old building he discovers a few hidden artifacts some even valuable And who knows maybe they will find the buried treasure that Grandy insists is in the building somewhere and about Grandy’s father and his grandparentsYou will be immersed in this fantastic adventure so much you will not want to leave itThank you Netgalley HarperCollins Publishers and Susan Wiggs

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    There are times when tragedy leads one to evaluate one’s life and recognize that one has been merely existing and not living up to their full potential It also provides the opportunity to reconnect with one’s roots and see things through the eyes of the persons one has lost Sadly this was the situation for Natalie Harper in The Lost and Found BookshopNatalie is living her best life or so she believes A lucrative job with a sure promotion waiting on the wings and a loving boyfriend Despite this she believes something is missing She has doubts about her relationship and her job brings her no joy A situation which worsened when she discovered her co workers’ true feelings towards her She recognized the need for change in her life however tragedy struck before she could effect those changes Natalie now finds herself saddled with a debt ridden bookshop and the care of her beloved but ailing grandfather GrandyWiggs weaved a story about pain loss love and finding oneself interspersed with history I enjoyed getting to know the characters my favourites being Grandy and Dorothy Dorothy the daughter of one of Natalie’s love interest who enjoyed reading and would play a part in help keeping the bookstore open Grandy was a man of honour and wisdom Suffers from dementia but his moments of clarity aided in revealing the truths about their family history and reminded Natalie of the joy and wonders of her childhoodNatalie proved to be a relatable character I felt her pain and confusion that came with the unexpected changes I loved how patient she was dealing with her grandfather’s illness Watching her step out of her comfort zone seizing unexpected opportunities and finding her happiness was a delightful experienceRomance was brewing and I kept hoping Natalie would make the right choice Her choice had me smiling from ear to ear The story despite moving at a leisurely pace was captivating poignant and entertainingConclusionRecommendationThe Lost and Found Bookstore depicts how tragedy can change one’s perspective and forces one to appreciate the things they once took for granted It’s also reminded me of the need to appreciate our loved ones as the day will come when they will no longer be in our lives Fans of the author will enjoy this latest offering and if you have never tried her books before then I recommend you give this one a try This review was originally posted on Totally Addicted to Reading

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    Natalie’s life is turned upside down when she loses both her mother and boyfriend She gives up her well paid job to look after her grandfather and her mothers bookshopA story about loss and choicesThank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK HarperFiction for my e copy in exchange for an honest review

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    I received a copy in a Goodreads giveaway and was thrilled to have an opportunity to review The Lost and Found Bookshop by one of my favorite authorsNatalie Harper has just lost her mother to a tragic accident and in an impulsive moment uits her job She has inherited her mother's bookshop which has been a fixture in their San Francisco neighborhood for decades Her aging grandfather has lived in the historical building all his life and managed the bookshop in partnership with his daughter Going over the finances Natalie feels the best option is to sell the contents of the shop along with the building which is in desperate need of some updates and repairs What Natalie doesn't realize is that her grandfather owns the building and refuses to sell Natalie adores her grandfather and is determined to care for him especially with his health uickly declining She hires Peach Gallagher to repair the worst issues with the building impressed with his calm demeanor and kind heart Natalie gets to work on coming up with inspiration to salvage the bookshop What she didn't expect was to find a renewed love of all the shop meant to her reminiscing on her fond childhood memories easing her griefFilled with loveable characters unexpected discoveries new friendships and romantic possibilities I loved the story Of course as a librarian I find a book about celebrating reading a treasure to savor

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