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❰Read❯ ➪ Opium and Absinthe Author Lydia Kang – E17streets4all.co.uk New York City 1899 Tillie Pembroke’s sister lies dead her body drained of blood and with two puncture wounds on her neck Bram Stoker’s new novel Dracula has just been published and Tillie’s imag New York City Tillie Pembroke’s sister lies dead her body drained of blood and with two puncture wounds on her neck Bram Stoker’s new novel Dracula has just been published and Tillie’s imagination leaps to the impossible the murderer is a vampire But it can’t be—can itA ravenous reader and researcher Tillie has something of an addiction to truth and she won’t rest until she unravels the mystery of her sister’s death Unfortunately Tillie’s addicted to than just truth; to ease the pain from a recent injury she’s taking and Opium and PDF/EPUB ² laudanumand some in her immediate circle are happy to keep her well suppliedTillie can’t bring herself to believe vampires exist But with the hysteria surrounding her sister’s death the continued vampiric slayings and the opium swirling through her body it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a girl who relies on facts and figures to know what’s real—or whether she can trust those closest to her.Opium and Absinthe

I love salt than chocolate I'm somewhat small yet deceptively strong Sort of like an ant I'm a part time doc full time family member and if you offer me snacks I'll be a friend for lifeMy adult fiction centers around historical mysteries in New York City with splashes of forensics anatomy apothecary medicine and chemistry A BEAUTIFUL POISON takes place in at the height of th.

Opium and Absinthe Kindle è Opium and  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Kindle Edition
  • 379 pages
  • Opium and Absinthe
  • Lydia Kang
  • English
  • 04 May 2016

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    Vampires aren't the only monstersHow good and thoughtful he is; the world seems full of good men—even if there are monsters in it —Mina HarkerA couple of weeks ago had this book in their first looks section and I was drawn right away to the cover and title In the blurb it mentioned vampire murders and if you follow my reviews you know I'm a vampire junkie I was pleasantly surprised with how well written this book wasit had mystery and suspense and a cast of unusual characters that brought this story to life This read is set in the Victorian erawhich is one of my favorite times Tille is a smart and well read young lady who has always been curious about how things work and is forever asking uestionsbut on the day she breaks her collar bone on a horse while taking riding lessons her beautiful sister Lucy is murdered by what the papers are calling a vampire killer Tille won't stop til she finds out who or what killed her sister With a list of suspects and Bram stokers book Dracula and help from Ian and his band of newsies the only thing standing in tille's way from finding the monster that killed her sister and two others is her opiate addictionwhat started out as relief for her broken collar bone has become also a way of dealing with the loss of the one person who loved and cared about herBut as she needs and she goes from opium to shots of morphine to heroin and plays right into the killers hands With twists and turns and a fabulous storyline this book will keep you guessing to the very endbecause just about the time you think you figured it out it throws you for a loop again Lydia kang is a fabulous storyteller and I can't recommend this book enough Ty for putting this book on my radar Until next time Luv's💕💋You’ll learn how to survive this Mathilda No woman lives a life unscathed It’s what makes us strong We are broken and mended remade every time We must or it destroys us”

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    I have to say I really enjoyed this book despite not being a huge fan of the gothic genre in general Usually gothic novels are very stiff in my opinion and are somewhat challenging to read Opium and Absinthe however was very fast paced enjoyable and kept me turning pages until the endAlthough I enjoyed it I feel it may not be for everyone The murder mystery aspect of it wasn’t the biggest draw as I had figured out the “why” and was very close on the “who” at about 60% in I don’t think that really hindered my enjoyment of the story though because I was so invested in the journey and the way the novel was narrated I also thought that the characters were not the most lovable; the only one I really liked was Ian and maybe the newsies though they were not a large part of the story Tillie was incredibly naive almost unbearably so I understand that as this took place in the 1890s Tillie leads a very sheltered life as one of the elites but it still was a bit unbelievable I was constantly torn between feeling great pity for her because of the way her family treats her and anger at some of her decisions Despite that I did greatly admire her perseverance and desire to pursue knowledge despite her family’s views on a woman’s place in society In the end I can’t uite put in to words why I enjoyed this as much as I did Nothing about it stuck out but the writingstory flowed in a way that was very pleasant to read For now I am giving this a 355 rounded to 35 but I may round up after thinking about it Thank you NetGalley for the ARC Content warnings assault murder death of a loved one mentions of rape drug abuseIntended audience Adult

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    Her grandmother sighed 'You'll learn how to survive this Mathilda No woman lives a life unscathed It's what makes us strong We are broken and mended remade every time We must or it destroys us' pg30When her sister is found murdered Tillie must find the strength to overcome her addictions and find who is responsible for her sister's deathOpium and Absinthe is a slow burn mystery but I never found it to be dull The traditions and superstitions of the Victorian era bring this novel to life And although flawed Tillie is a likable character I liked seeing her journey as she grew from a timid girl to a confident and determined young woman

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    As much as I wanted to like this book it was just not for me The story rambled and there were occurrences where it just really stretched one's ability to believe to the ultimate I do like a good vampire story but unfortunately this was just not a very good one Although that cover is just stunning too bad what was contained inside it just missed the markSo sad to say no recommendation for this oneThank you to NetGalley for a copy of this story

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    Even if she be not harmed her heart may fail her in so much and so many horrors; and here after she may suffer both in waking from her nerves and in sleep from her dreams Van HelsingIt was a strange thing to be awake within a nightmareTillie Pembroke had an inuisitive mind asking endless uestions although in the New York of 1899 eighteen year old Tillie was being evaluated by the yardstick of marital and societal utility Lucy her older sister would buffer Tillie from their family's disappointment when she made occasional gaffes in public It was nearly the turn of the century a lady could speak for herself sometimes thought Tillie Lucy twenty one years old was the very image of a Gibson Girl soon to marry well connected James Cutter Back to back shattering events changed everything A horseback riding accident Tillie broke her clavicle and was immediately given laudanuma soporific cloud settled over her mindoppressive painmorphine followedGet your WORLD for a penny a Newsie cried Headline Vampire Strikes Manhattan Kills Lady Near MuseumWoman Found Dead in Shadow of Metropolitan Museum of ArtVampire like Punctures Found on NeckEmpty Absinthe Bottle Found with BodyVictim Last Seen Wearing a Lilac Silk DressCause of Death Exsanguination No blood found at the scene Oh no It was Lucy Bram Stoker's Dracula had just been published Lucy's death seemingly imitated Count Dracula's lust for blood Tillie was determined to get her hands on a copy of DraculaASAPI cannot live without my LucyTillie drank her medicineMore Another dose I cannot be awakeNumbness would doand so opioid addiction began In moments of clarity Tillie uestionedwhy would Lucy walk unaccompanied to the museum? Lucy seldom imbibed why absinthe? Newsie Ian Metzger had a keen interest in murders Both Ian and Tillie had the same burning curiosity over Lucy's death a dark deep hole that begged to be filled with reasons and facts How would Tillie circumvent the restrictions that kept her locked at home except for sanctioned social events? Was Lucy's death a vampiric killing? Count Dracula had feasted on the blood of a Lucy Two Lucys dead hmm Two bite marks on the neck four inches apartnot a drop of blood on or near the victim If not a Dracula like murder what other theories might exist?Opium and Absinthe by Lydia Kang is a gothic mystery with amateur sleuths Tillie and Ian as investigators While there are enablers who keep Tillie supplied with opiates she finds ways albeit while sometimes in a fog to dole out just desserts some literal others edible as she tries to unravel the truth This riveting tome stagnated a bit midway with too much emphasis on opioids It picked up speed unmasking characters with dubious agendas then barreled to a surprising and satisfying conclusion A mystery lover's delightThank you Lake Union Publishing and Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    What a fantastic read I absolutely loved this Victorian Murder Mystery with a paranormal touch and a sprinkle of romance The New York City in 1899 was painted so vividly and accurately I felt immediately immersed in the culture and the environment I was amazed with the detailed and fascinating medical parts too The main character Tillie was a delight with her forever curious mind resourcefulness ambition and her devotion to her sister Her persistence and bravery to find her sister’s killer despite the harsh obstacles such as her injury spiraling into a drug addiction and being a prisoner of a strict household and Victorian era etiuette This book made me weep smile laugh and think It was a perfect blend of Sherlock Holmes Penny Dreadful and a Dress For The Wicked Bonus points for the gorgeous cover

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    There was an untold story that had to be found and wrested from the shut lips of New York City itself ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨I kinda really wish time travel existed so I could traipse around New York's Gilded Age with Tillie as my guideOpium and Absinthe is SO evocative It only takes a few paragraphs of Lydia Kang's lush prose and spot on diction; anachronisms whomst? before you find yourself immersed in a city that is a character in its own right—NEW YORK CITY 1899 It's the turn of the century High society is booming even as the immigrants and working class strike and struggle Paperboys hawk wares Italian men bang pianos on street corners Horse drawn carriages fill streets that've begun to glow with electricity Speakeasies and saloons belch opium smoke Meanwhile the moneyed elite luxuriate in Fifth Avenue mansions tended to by French servants It's a time of change And inuisitive insatiable Tillie Pembroke wants to know—devour research analyze—it allTillie's meek and clumsy nothing like her beautiful and charming sister Lucy But when Lucy is murdered and all clues point to a vampire killer Tillie's life will never be the same She throws herself into breaking free of her stifling birthright as a New York heiress She chases leads and becomes an investigative journalist addicted to knowing and learning everything about the world around her All the while she discovers the only thing that dulls her pain awkwardness and grief is opium And as she hunts her sister's killer Tillie is consumed by an eually insatiable addiction—to morphine ◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️My biggest issue with this book was that I personally couldn't connect with the characters I didn't find any of them particularly likeable which is fine but the grievous sin was that I didn't find them compelling either Tillie was spoiled and selfish and acted like such a brat sometimes that I just wanted to THROTTLE her The love interest was nice but kinda forgettable imo Tillie's mom is a wet rag Her grandmama piued my interest the old lady's seriously a viper but her backstory is never examined I also struggled to engage with the mystery—the hunch I had by page 20 was pretty much proven correct by the end while the bulk of the story just felt like a series of red herrings that came outta left field and felt totally unnecessary and unconvincing? When we finally received explanations for why xyz occurred it was PALTRY Like can someone explain to me why a meticulous killer would cavalierly leave their used up absinthe bottles at the crime scene??? And view spoilerwhat was up with the exhibitionist y scene where John O'Toole SMILES when he catches Tillie watching him feel up Ada? We're later told it's because he's nearsighted What?? hide spoiler

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    •I’ve received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a review•Opium and absinthe is a really well written book The idea behind it is fascinating for sure and uniueThe writing style is smooth and keeps you hooked I’ve finished it all in one afternoon because I could not wait to know everythingAlthough I guessed the reason behind the murders the person who did them was unexpected; so that’s a bonusThe only negative thing is that the beginning was a little slow34 stars

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    25 stars This is the third novel by Kang that I have read and it is my least favorite It has the bones to be a good read The author is a medical doctor and is versed in the medical health and anatomy aspects of the story and has also done some acceptable research about late 19th century New York City and the Gilded Age She has also shown us an interesting parallel between the over prescription causes of opioid addiction now in the 21st century and in the 1800sThis is a medical murder mystery Kang's specialty However the time spent on the murder and the heroine's investigation of it is much less than the endless time we must spend reading about Tillie's downward spiral into opioid addiction Perhaps I would have enjoyed this story anyway in spite of the many wasted pages if the writing had been better and the characters had been developed skillfully As it was I found everyone to be superficially developed almost caricatures and unappealing and unlikableThe plot tries to be interesting and compelling Tillie is a creature of her era born to a rich family of the Gilded Age Four Hundred and brought up to marry well not to have a mind of her own or to have any interests beyond the socially acceptable ones She is repressed awkward and uncomfortable in social situations and in private a person with a thirst for knowledge She wants to know the answers to all life's uestions even those most people wouldn't even think about such as what elephant excrement smells likeOnly her sister Lucy understands and loves her and when Lucy is murdered on the same day that Tillie is badly hurt in a riding accident Tillie's life begins to unravel Lucy's murder appears to be vampiric in nature with puncture wounds on her neck and her body drained of blood Is this in imitation of the new book by Bram Stoker so popular at the moment or do vampires really exist?Inuiring minds Tillie's that is want to know but her growing addiction to the laudanum and then morphine prescribed by the doctor for her pain gets in the way It gets in the way so much that the story drags In addition I find it hard to enjoy a book with few redeeming characters lots of puzzling behavior and a writing style that is rather amateur lacking polish This is not literature It's basic storytelling I guess if you enjoy gruesome medical details and annoying human behavior Kang's books will appeal

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    Picture thisIts 1899 in New York City and a young woman lies dead her body drained of its blood AND she has two puncture wounds on her neck There is a new book that was just released its called Dracula Surely the murderer couldnt be a vampirecould he? Opium and Absinthe follows Tillie Pembroke on her uest to solve her sisters murder and it is one HELL of a uest Tillie plays amuteur slueth with the help of a newsie named Ian Not only is she pushing towards justice for her sister she is also battling a horrid Opioid addiction which only adds fuel to the flames But unlike Ian not all the characters have Tillies best interest at heart and their uestionable agendas are steadily made clear and result in a satisfying conclusion Overall I loved this Murder Mystery it had a nice splash of romance and paranormal that kept thing interesting and added depth to the story I recieved a digital copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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