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➦ [Ebook] ➡ The Lending Library By Aliza Fogelson ➱ – A heartwarming debut novel about a daydreamer who gives her town and herself an amazing gift a lending library in her sunroom When the Chatsworth library closes indefinitely Dodie Fairisle loses her s A heartwarming debut novel about a daydreamer who gives her town and herself an amazing gift a lending library in her sunroom When the Chatsworth library closes indefinitely Dodie Fairisle loses her sanctuary How is a small town art teacher supposed to cope without the never ending life advice and enjoyment that books give her Well when she’s as resourceful and generous The Lending ePUB Æ as Dodie she turns her sunroom into her very own little lending libraryAt first just a hobby this lit lovers’ haven opens up her world in incredible ways She knows books are powerful and soon enough they help her forge friendships between her zany neighbors—and attract an exciting new romanceBut when the chance to adopt an orphaned child brings Dodie’s secret dream of motherhood within reach everything else suddenly seems less important Finding herself at a crossroads Dodie must figure out what it means to live a full happy life If only there were a book that could tell her what to do.The Lending Library


The Lending Library PDF ✓ The Lending  ePUB Æ
  • Kindle Edition
  • 295 pages
  • The Lending Library
  • Aliza Fogelson
  • 01 May 2015

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    This is a contemporarychick lit I choose this book for my First Reads kindle edition book for the month of June I am excited to pick this book up This book is all about a woman trying to do everything by herself She also finds out that very soon she may not be able to have kids Her sister also cannot have kids so she was adopting I had troubling getting pregnant but after 5 years of trying I was blessed to get pregnant I did think about adopting but it costs so much I love reading books that covers not being to get pregnant and adopting because I do not think enough books do I did really enjoy this book but if I could not put myself in Dodie shoes I do not know if I would love it as much I do think this is a slow moving story This review is 100% my own opinion of this book

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    This book is awful And I mean absolutely awful I was looking for something a little light to read and I love books so this book’s description sounded funit was not It’s literally a privileged white woman’s fantasy of how life goes and how things should turn out I knew that one chapter in and then it was confirmed in thr About the Author at the end of the book This was like reading a novel written by Charlotte in Sex in the City and edited by Martha StewartA few terrible highlights1 The main character Dodie is a pathological neurotic narcissist headcase who oscillates wildly between selfishness fantasy and inflated sense of self importance And not in an interesting way she’s the stereotypical New England snobby white woman you see in every movie or TV show There was nothing compelling or likable about her Shep should’ve stayed in South America and far away from this awful woman2 THE ADOPTED BABY NAMED TERABITHIA Honestly? No one said to the author “This is not only cringey and stupid but the reader will get VERY sick of reading the word Terabithia over and over again”? I loved the book it references but this was such an awful choice3 The horrible main character has pretty much zero reaction to her BFF of several years dying unexpectedly in 3 pages she’s moved on and is scheming to adoptsteal the baby bc damn it whines DODIE WANTS A BABY Ugh Just garbage GARBAGE So upsetting bc the writing style wasn’t bad but the story was horrifyingly awful

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    25This book was okay I liked the premise and thought the first half was great but then all this relationship and baby drama kicked in and the original premise kind of lost its way a bit A lot of elements I loved at first such as Elmira's plot line got dropped and then just mentioned every 60 pages of so in a very vague sense Great idea I think the author just threw too much else in so it lost it's way and ending up uite boring in the second half

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    White saviorism the book It's not as bad as The Help butyou'll seeThis is a Kindle First book for June Within pages I could tell it was going to a REALLY NOT GOOD place The main character Dodie and all of her friendsfamily are white The Black people and other characters that are coded to be of color are props in their story of being good peopleDodie starts a library out of her house because the children in her town can't afford books after the public library closes This is on it's face kind but the children really are used to paint Dodie as their guardian book angel in a way that doesn't come off well Not everyone's race is specified and some of the children are whiteDodie's friend a white woman adopts a baby from Ethiopia having shown zero plans for how she will raise a Black child in America other than I hope he's not bullied for having a white mother She nicknames her baby Boo A Black child Being called Boo For no reason that's ever named I will acknowledge some ignorance here Is that a common nickname? Or is this a white woman the author mainly calling a Black child a name from To Kill a Mockingbird an original white savior book?EDIT I had a paragraph about Dodie's sister and her husband here I missed the fact that while Dodie's sister is white her husband is Black I am very sorry Critiue of their white privilege has been removed as only one of them has itThe tone of the book is trying to be sweet None of it is snarky or bad intentioned but good intentions don't save unconscious bias Please please don't read this book

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    I thought about giving up on this book uite early on I wish I had Do as in dough not do is a selfish judgemental baby obsessed mess that is really good at naming books she once read All of her relationships with anyone are just terrible Just save your time and give this one a miss

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    The Perpetual Teen with Ageing Ovaries A Grimm Sisters' fairy talePeople hired to write book blurbs today must have all dreamed of becoming doctors Every Kindle First selection this month is Heart warming or heart stopping Spine chilling or gut wrenching Covid is raging the unemployment rate is soaring and there's rioting in the streets My spine is sufficiently chilled and my guts are already wrenched and I'm afraid to take my blood pressure In the absence of a non fiction selection I picked this book the heart warming oneIt's billed as a Book Club Novel I'd be tempted to call it a romance novel but my friends who read romance novels tell me that new ones now are mostly soft core porn and this book isn't raunchy No graphic sex and the language is so clean it was almost a relief when the narrator got irritated enough to say Screw both of you There was nothing in it that raised a blush on the cheeks of this elderly spinster although there was plenty that left me scratching my head starting with the fact that it's a Kindle book written by an author who seems never to have heard of e books In this story it's hard back or paper back OK it's set in 2008 but plenty of us had switched to e books by thenThe narrator is 32 year old Dodie the middle of three sisters After several years of trying to support herself as a free lance artist in New York City she retreats to the idyllic small town of Chatsworth Connecticut where she's now a primary school art teacher She's had her heart broken by a sophisticated New York businessman who urged her to have a showing of her paintings then shrugged when the critics trashed them She needs a man who'll support her dreams A man who's both strong and sensitive; protective and vulnerable; manly and malleable Good luck honeyIt's the old old story of a young woman who wants to get married and have children but can't seem to find the perfect mate What's she doing wrong? In my day a girl batted her eyelashes and acted helpless Since men were expected to be married by twenty five or so it generally got her a husband Then she spent the next four or five decades putting up with him It wasn't a perfect system or it wouldn't have been dismantled in only a few generations But what's replaced it?I'm puzzled by Dodie and her friends Do women in their thirties use expressions like super cool and whatevs? They blush and giggle like middle schoolers and plot together to meet cute guys but they also consult doctors about their fertility How long can Dodie wait to have a child? Should she adopt like her friend? Where does her new man fit it? Can she mold him into the mate she wants or does he gasp have his own ideas about what he wants?Dodie is a modern superwoman She wants to be a great teacher and a potent force in her students' lives She wants an active social life and an impressive home and gourmet food on the table and a hot man and a baby and to run the lending library she's started in her own home when the local library is closed indefinitely This would be a full plate physically and financially for about THREE women but Dodie is puzzled that she can't manage it all effortlessly Modern Americans have almost unlimited choices Many are so dazzled by all the possibilities they have difficulty making any choices at allI got mental whiplash reading this book The language is so clean and some of the themes so old fashioned it was like reading a novel set in the 1950's but many of Dodie's friends are gay and there's an interracial couple and a single woman is adopting an African child and everybody is just so THRILLED about all of it OK NOT the 1950's but not very believable for 2008 eitherChatsworth is a fairy tale town with uaint houses and shady lanes and the only worm in the apple is a boring fellow teacher who likes math instead of books and art Bad boy The inhabitants all have favorite teas from that FABULOUS little shop in Paris and even the construction workers have model worthy hair and use hand made soaps How could our heroine be unhappy amidst so much trendiness?It's because the sisters' biological father deserted the family He was replaced early on by a loving step father and their childhood was a comfortable one but still they feel rejected and worthless All three of them Realistic?Probably not any unrealistic than Dodie moving to Chatsworth and finding a great job and buying a great house and being welcomed with open arms by all the inhabitants Due to high taxes house prices in Connecticut are appalling Those uaint houses in lovely small towns in Connecticut usually sell to people who've made Big Money in New York and are looking for a civilized place to spend it Would a young single teacher be able to afford an architectural gem of a house? Even one who doesn't have Dodie's insanely expensive tastes in food entertainment etc?I was disappointed in this book I love to read and used to haunt libraries but even the story of Dodie starting the ambitious lending library and it being such a HUGE success and everyone LOVING her for doing it doesn't ring true If the people of Chatsworth love libraries so much why can't they help with the costs of running Dodie's? And do construction workers really swing much weight with investors who have enough money to build malls?She's not a bad person but I found her silly and immature She's simultaneously kind hearted and generous and blindly self centered OK Young people today don't mature as early as they used to Given how long they'll live maybe they can afford an extended adolescence but marriage and the responsibilities of parenthood should only be attempted by ADULTSThis is a book for young women who think like Dodie does And for foodies especially those who believe that EXPENSIVE junk food is OK I was SO annoyed at all the talk about high sugar foods When the mother of a toddler politely points out that too much sugar makes her kid hyper and cranky Dodie agrees guiltily Then the NEXT words out of her mouth are Let's play a game If you win I'll buy you an ice cream cone This woman shouldn't be raising a gerbil until she gets some common sense and can control her sugar fetishThe author's portrayal of older generations is totally off base Women who were young in 1960 didn't talk about having a beau I was young in the 1960's and 70's Plenty of us passed on marriage or children or both It's like the author thinks we skipped from Happy Days to 2008 with nothing in betweenIt's a light read and some of the characters were moderately interesting Every young person in every generation must deal with the hard realities of life but no writer should be this heavy handed about making her points

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    Bibliophiles of all sorts are sure to fall in love with Dodie and everyone she befriends along her bookish journey The Lending Library is a charming read full of heart hope and books

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    I admit — I did not finish this book I wanted to like it Who of us wouldn't want to read a book about libraries? Below are the reasons I didn't finish it1 The writing was immature in my opinion I felt like I was reading a children's or a very young adult book2 The plot was too simplistic It had no substance3 I couldn't identify with even one of the characters They were to me younger than their stage of life would seem I think this author had a good idea but it did not come to fruition for meThank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review of this book

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    I RECEIVED THIS BOOK VIA NETGALLEY THANK YOUSO in this #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo moment why on EARTH pick up a privileged white lady's story of how Becoming A Mother and fulfilling the needs of her wacky New England neighbors for light reading and doing it all by herself dammit?Because it was deeply silly and mostly fun and while extremely not in step with the moment I needed it right now No I don't have a lot of patience for Motherhood Completed Me stories view spoilerAnd she named her victim I mean adoptee TERABITHIA for fucksake which is as cruel a piece of child abuse as anything I've ever heard hide spoiler

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    I have never understood the need to finish a book solely for the purpose of writing a bad Goodreads review until I read this book I picked it up as a light vacation read from first reads and couldn't put it down but for all the wrong reasons Following a 30 something single woman leaving the city for her small town where she creates a lending library while teaching art to children and wishing for a child of her own? I should have loved everything about this book But then I found myself a hundred pages in following an extremely unlikable character name dropping books and describing every meal she ate while making increasingly bad moves I wanted to root for Dodie I really did but by the end I was just happy I could hold myself back from flinging my phone with the ebook on it into the campfire I finished this book hoping the characters would be redeemed somehow and aside for one of the cardboard side characters becoming slightly less of a cardboard characature of a math nerd it just didn't happenI guess one positive thing I'd say is that the author really seems to love books and love food 2 things that I relate to strongly I just would have loved for the descriptions of characters feelings and motivations to be as fleshed out as a tower of seafood she ate at a restaurant

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