A Good Marriage

Big Little Lies Meets Presumed Innocent In This Riveting Novel From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Reconstructing Amelia, In Which A Woman S Brutal Murder Reveals The Perilous Compromises Some Couples Make And The Secrets They Keep In Order To Stay TogetherLizzie Kitsakis Is Working Late When She Gets The Call Grueling Hours Are Standard At Elite Law Firms Like Young Crane, But They D Be Easier To Swallow If Lizzie Was There Voluntarily Until Recently, She D Been A Happily Underpaid Federal Prosecutor That Job And Her Brilliant, Devoted Husband Sam She Had Everything She D Ever Wanted And Then, Suddenly, It All Fell Apart No That S A Lie It Wasn T Sudden, Was It Long Ago The Cracks In Lizzie S Marriage Had Started To Show She Was Just Good At Averting Her Eyes The Last Thing Lizzie Needs Right Now Is A Call From An Inmate At Rikers Asking For Help Even If Zach Grayson Is An Old Friend But Zach Is Desperate His Wife, Amanda, Has Been Found Dead At The Bottom Of The Stairs In Their Brooklyn Brownstone And Zach S The Primary Suspect As Lizzie Is Drawn Into The Dark Heart Of Idyllic Park Slope, She Learns That Zach And Amanda Weren T What They Seemed And That Their Friends, A Close Knit Group Of Fellow Parents At The Exclusive Grace Hall Private School, Might Be Protecting Troubling Secrets Of Their Own In The End, She S Left Wondering Not Only Whether Her Own Marriage Can Be Saved, But What It Means To Have A Good Marriage In The First PlaceA Good Marriage

Kimberly McCreight is the New York Times bestselling author of RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA, WHERE THEY FOUND HER, and THE OUTLIERS, a young adult trilogy She has been nominated for an Edgar, Anthony and Alex award and her books have been translated into than twenty languages She attended Vassar College and graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania Law School She lives in Brooklyn

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  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • A Good Marriage
  • Kimberly McCreight
  • 11 February 2018
  • 9780062367686

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    As someone who thoroughly enjoyed Kimberly McCreight s previous novels, I was dying to get my hands on her upcoming release, A Good Marriage, even though I ve become a bit jaded when it comes to domestic suspense The gamble paid off, as the author has woven quite the web of deceit and inserted many twists and turns with her particular brand of sleight of hand Please don t let the 400 page count turn you off from picking this one up while I did feel a few things could have been edited out, overall this is a fast paced read that doesn t save all the AHA moments for the climax In short, if you re looking for a suspense novel with substance and depth, and are hoping to stave off the self isolation boredom, I can t imagine a better way to do so than with A Good Marriage Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    Lizzie is working late one evening at the law office of Young Crane when she receives a call that is about to turn her world upside down The call is collect and it s coming from Rykers prison More specifically from a Zach Grayson who was a friend of hers from law school Curiosity compels her to take the call It appears Zach has been charged in his wife s murder and it is Lizzie who he wants to represent him This is an example of domestic suspense done right and I say that because a huge plot point to this book was so out there to me personally and I found it hard to believe that so many people, couples, were okay with this and even maintained such levels of discreetness in regards to it a bit tough to swallow This will make no sense to those that haven t read this but to elaborate would be a spoiler so I must keep this as vague as possible The thing is even with my reservations in regards to this plot point I was flipping pages faster than ever It never hindered my reading experience and I can only attest that to McCreights writing skills With mouth gaping reveals and shocking surprises along the way this book made me a happy reader 4 stars Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    When a young woman with a dark past is found murdered, her husband is accused But what secrets was she hiding, and what is going on behind closed doors in the very upscale, seemingly picture perfect neighborhood of Park Slope Part legal thriller, part domestic suspense, pure page turner, this is a novel that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about marriage.

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    I ve read so many psychological thrillers and horror eroticas with evil wives and husbands that if I ever get married, it s just going to be 40 years of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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    Y all, there are some great thrillers coming out in 2020, and this is another one of them Thank you to my awesome GR friends who added this one and whose reviews kept popping up on my feed I believe it is coming out in May, so I will keep my review brief.The book opens with the murder of Amanda Grayson, the beautiful, seemingly have it all, wife of millionaire Zach Grayson, in idyllic Park Slope Brooklyn As the husband always does it, Zach is immediately fingered as the primary really, only suspect Enter Lizzie, law school classmate and former friend of Zach, who is in a bit of a precarious situation herself at the time of the murder She has recently taken a job at a new firm, under somewhat false pretenses, and has no violent crime experience however, Zach banks on their shared history and convinces her to represent him As she works on Zach s case, she finds it much less clear cut than she anticipated, especially after revelations surface about the salacious party he and Amanda attended the night before her murder As Lizzie slowly uncovers the truth, she learns that Amanda was hiding far than a distant marriage, and that dark secrets abound in the neighborhood The only thing that kept it from being a 5 star read for me and this is minor was that it took me a bit to really get into the plot I started the book, read a few chapters, put it down, and read another book in its entirety before picking it back up again Once I got into though, I must say, I was riveted Even though none of the characters, with the exception of Lizzie, are extremely likable, I still found myself wanting to know about every one of them There are several plot twists and red herrings that kept me guessing until the last page I thought the way in which McCreight tied everything together was masterful sometimes I am bothered when endings are a little too neat, but in this instance, it took some serious creativity to get there and because of that, it all worked for me 4 stars for this page turning tale of privilege, passion, excess, and just what it takes to have a good marriage.

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    I m probably a tad biased so I m going to opt out of rating this one but I have read it More than a few times Is it on your shelf yet I hope so Do you think you know what A GOOD MARRIAGE is Come May 5th, prepare to question EVERYTHING.

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    A Good Marriage is packed tightly with layers of lies and deceptions Kinda like sardines in a can Compact and portable.but it all can go bad once opened and revealed.Lizzie Kitsakis is trying to keep the lid on her own marriage She and her husband, Sam, can t seem to come to terms in regard to Sam s excessive drinking It s cost them his livelihood as a successful writer and it s now forcing Lizzie to backpedal in truthfulness with her job as an attorney at Young Crane She s working long hours at the firm to keep their heads above financial waters She and Sam have even avoided eye contact these days Just dodgin and no dealin.Out of nowhere Lizzie receives a collect call from Rikers Prison It s from Zach Grayson whom Lizzie knew from her university days Something horrible has happened and Zach begs Lizzie to represent him Lizzie tries to divert Zach into seeking another counsel, but he only wants Lizzie That first trip out to Rikers will seal the deal for them both.And that something horrible Turns out that Zach found his wife, Amanda, at the foot of their stairs blungeoned to death That s his golf club leaning next to the wall and his prints are all over the crime scene Zach and Amanda had attended a party together earlier in the evening hosted by a couple known for their party antics on the second floor of their home A Good Marriage rolls out like cards held close to the chest in a poker game We get little snippets of what certain characters may be hiding in order to protect themselves It does work, but it widens the scope of suspects to a high number in this one Sorting through them and their backstories is a bit heavy at times Truth telling is an option here But Kimberly McCreight makes it all gel together as she did in her Reconstructing Amy novel She s become a master of deception with her creative storylines Can t wait for the next one.I received a copy of A Good Marriage through Goodreads Giveaways My thanks to HarperCollins Publishing and to Kimberly McCreight for the opportunity.

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    Why I love itby Liberty HardyAll rise Book court is now in session, and, WOW, do I have a tremendously fun thriller to tell you about today It starts off as an open and shut murder case but turns into a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma And it is AWESOME.Present day Park Slope The body of Amanda Grayson has been found, and the main suspect, her millionaire husband Zach, has been arrested Attorney Lizzie Kitsakis is surprised when she learns Zach, an old friend from law school, is a potential killer, and even surprised when he insists she defend him As Lizzie starts searching for evidence to prove Zach s innocence, she, too, privately begins to suspect that he s guilty Did she agree to defend a murderer From almost the first page, McCreight cuts the brakes on the story and the book speeds along at a breakneck pace Readers are treated not only to Lizzie s story, but to the wife Amanda s secret past, the moneyed lives of her friends, and the scandal that threatens to topple everything Each of these threads are fascinating, and in the end, McCreight pulls them all together at the last minute in a truly explosive conclusion VERDICT Run, don t walk, to this book Bangs gavel Read at

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    Everyone has been hyping up Kimberly McCreight s upcoming novel, A Good Marriage for months now, so when I got my hands on an early copy, I jumped for joy I know that reading a book about a possible toxic marriage that ends in murder maybe isn t the best book to read three weeks before my wedding, but c est la vie Lizzie Kitsakis is a senior associate at law firm Young Crane, working insane hours to make Partner Note I was not lost on the irony of her boss being named Paul Hastings lawyerspeak Lizzie ends up getting a phone call from former fling, Zach Grayson Lizzie is married to Sam, a writer and someone who struggles with alcohol addiction, but Lizzie never really felt a connection to her old flame Zach and is focused on helping her husband battle this addiction However, Zach is in trouble he was arrested for assaulting a police officer and now is being accused of murdering his wife Amanda Lizzie isn t a criminal defense attorney, but Zach is desperate and she takes on the case As Lizzie investigates Zach and Amanda s world, she sees a neighborhood surrounded by secrets, sex, open marriages, and love triangles Lizzie believes in her heart that Zach is innocent, but nobody else does Lizzie needs to crack the surface of this puzzle, but first she needs to jump into a world of danger that she didn t expect to encounter Is Zach guilty or is someone else setting him up for the fall Who killed Amanda Grayson For a domestic thriller mystery, A Good Marriage is a very multifaceted and mature novel This genre is often saturated with popcorn thrillers that take little to no brain activity, but this book comes in strong. The pacing is slower than I would ve liked, but McCreight allows you to come up with your own opinions as you venture on Lizzie and Amanda s journeys This book is one bumpy ride and the mystery behind Amanda s death is not the only thing that the reader has to navigate through We also meet all Amanda s friends and we get a bird s eye view into her marriage to Zach Lizzie, although dedicated to the case, has her own demons to battle that humanize her in such strong ways I believe this world that Amanda and her friends live in is definitely common than we think and I appreciate Kimberly McCreight shining a light to it A Good Marriage is one of the smarter mysteries I ve read recently and I was thoroughly stumped when it wrapped up I kept thinking the book was going to go in one direction, but then it completely changes course multiple times Try figuring this one out, readers A Good Marriage is not here to play.

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    I know we ve all been struggling with reading lately and while I ve been lucky enough to still be able to focus on reading, I ve been struggling to write reviews for the past few days Anyone else having the same problem All of that to say, I loved this book and can t really find the words to tell you why I ll try though because it really was excellent and you should all grab it when it s out next month Domestic suspense has been pretty disappointing for me lately and it was so great to find one that was a winner It s smart and sharp and kept me guessing the whole time That s all I ve got, just read the book, ok

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