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[Epub] ➝ The Heir Affair Author Heather Cocks – After a scandalous secret turns their fairy tale wedding into a nightmare Rebecca Bex Porter and her husband Prince Nicholas are in self imposed exile The public is angry The ueen is even angrier And After a scandalous secret turns their fairy tale wedding into a nightmare Rebecca Bex Porter and her husband Prince Nicholas are in self imposed exile The public is angry The ueen is even angrier And the press is salivating Cutting themselves off from friends and family and escaping the world's judgmental eyes feels like the best way to The Heir PDF/EPUB ² protect their fragile all consuming romanceBut when a crisis forces the new Duke and Duchess back to London the Band Aid they'd placed over their problems starts to peel at the edges Now as old family secrets and new ones threaten to derail her new royal life Bex has to face the emotional wreckage she and Nick left behind with the ueen with the world and with Nick's brother Freddie whose sins may not be so easily forgotten—nor forgiven.The Heir Affair

Jessica Morgan skewer celebrity fashion crimes on their popular blog Go Fug Yourself which draws millions of monthly readers and made Entertainment Weekly's Must List They have covered New York Fashion Week for Cosmopolitan and New York magazine and have written two young adult novels Spoiled and Messy The Royal We their debut contemporary fiction novel comes out The Heir PDF/EPUB ² April .

The Heir Affair PDF/EPUB ê The Heir  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • The Heir Affair
  • Heather Cocks
  • English
  • 06 March 2016
  • 9781538715918

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    Well it took time for me to finish it because I had to turn back and read the first book to capture the main idea and soul of the book meeting with characters their struggles dilemma ext But as far as I see the authors are real clairvoyants because they can truly see the future They already guessed an American girl’s introducing to the royal family before Meghan and Harry hit the road and move to Canada now we welcomed them to California We were introduced to Bex and Nick’s story at the first book “Royal We” Price Nicholas is Great Britain’s future king falls in love with American girl Rebecca Porter we call her “Bex’ we’re in friendly terms comes to Oxford seeking adventure and she finds herself in tempting relationship with her prince charming Don’t worry we don’t have seven dwarfs in this story But as soon as she finds herself into this mess scandalous life chasing by paparazzis ugly alligator cries of ex girlfriends they look like better future ueen candidates No offence Bex and problematic sexy bad boy brother Freddie she realizes she already ate than she chew But at the first book she finds her HEA and marries with hot princeNow we’re reading the seuel Heir Affair; and we think Bex and Nick already won the war against the challenging struggles and earned their happy family life Nope you couldn’t be wrong This book reminded me of binge watching Crown series with less politics and schemes but romance angst and extreme drama There is so much drama in this story make you want to scream and cry out loud resembles telenovelas that the main characters always deal with heavy problems There is too much heartbreaking misunderstanding resentment crying cursing cursing part comes from me This time lovers deal with the scandalous story about Bex and Nick’s problem child brother Freddie I think I’m so happy to get a closer look about his life and past story erupts at the news during live broadcast of ceremonyThis book consists of so many heavy tragedies traumatic scandals It is depressing dark and heart wrenching If you adore angst heartbreaking heavy drama this is great fit for you But I think it was a little heavy for my taste because I’d like to read something promising and feel good romance kind of softer novel during this pandemic break I still enjoyed the story and after reading the first book I already connected with the characters and rooted for them so it was impossible for me to give less than 4 stars to this story I loved the first installment and too much drama long chapters are the weakest parts of the book but the writing characterization and intriguing progression the unconditional love between Bex and Nick were the greatest part to give me hope and keep readingSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for sharing this lovely seuel for me in exchange my honest review

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    A seuel to The Royal We C’mon It doesn’t get any better Nick and Bex’s relationship with the monarchy is somehow even messier than before but just as delightful Perfect escapism so much fun If you liked The Royal We this is a no brainer

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    I like to think of myself as a modern woman with modern high minded notions of femininity sex and relationships Someone who's long since disabused herself of idealistic archaic ideas like having a soulmate living happily ever after and needing a man to be happy In layman's terms I'm a strong independent woman who don't need no man but wouldn't terribly mind having one so long as he doesn't affect my work But make no mistake if Oscar Isaac suddenly woke up one morning no longer wanting to be with his beautiful wife and asked me to run away with him you can bet your ass that I wouldn't hesitate before fucking off into the sunset with him career be damned Hey A modern woman I may be but I still have needs Nobody's perfect Hannah Montana MeAll that is my way of saying that I'm a sucker for a good Cinderella story whether Prince Charming is an actual prince just a duke or other lowly royal a heartthrob rock star or a famous actor And so it's not hard to believe that I was head over heels for the first book in the series The Royal We Even though I only just discovered it this year I couldn't wait to get my paws on the seuel It did not disappointThe Heir Affair picks up right where The Royal We left off with Bex and Nick as newlyweds on their honeymoon hiding out from the world and the fallout from former friend Clive's exposé about Freddie aka Nick's lil' bro and The Spare™ and Bex copulating behind Nick's back which in case you don't remember is only kinda true but not really at all But before you can say royal cuckhold Nick and Bex are tricked into coming out of hiding by the ueen and back to reality are forced to confront everything they've been dodging since the weddingLike the first book in the series the seuel also spans a period of many years in Nick and Bex's relationship and is chock full of drama just of a different breed This is very much a story about what happens after the happily ever after especially when that happily ever after hasn't started off on the happily est of notes If you're like me and weren't a huge fan of the whole Freddie Bex Nick love triangle subplot love triangles are sooo 2008 you'll probably be disappointed to know that that subplot has not worked itself out but has instead been promoted to major plot status in the seuel Bygones are not let be bygones the hatchet has not been buried the water is not under the bridge etc The whole seuel seems to revolve around the aftermath of that one moment of weakness in some way or another in both big and small ways There were a lot of uncomfortable moments and it definitely got repetitive and a bit nauseating especially since I didn't like the storyline to begin withWe also see a lot less of Bex and Nick's Oxford friends as well as Bex's twin sister Lacey what a fantastic name if I do say so myself in the seuel than we did in The Royal We which is a damn shame considering Lady Bollocks is like Sarah Silverman only British and actually funny But on the bright side less time with friends leaves us with time for the ueen and the ueen Mother who both turned out to be the hidden gems of the seuel in my humble opinionAll in all The Heir Affair doesn't disappoint though it does have its disappointing moments not unlike The Royal We I liked the first book better but I didn't expect not to; rarely are seuels ever as good as their predecessors—not to mention the fact that it's much easier to fall in love with a book about falling in love than it is to love a book about the everyday humdrum of being and staying in love Nevertheless I finished the book happy with it for what it was and I think other fans of the first book will come to love its seuel tooBrief aside The scene where the ueen ueen Mother Bex and Lacey watch the Cubs win the World Series—and by extension all the Bex ueen ueen Mother baseball moments—was a major highlight for me and was such a joy to read It really brought me right back to being in Wrigleyville on that historic night capturing all the highs and lows of that final game with all the excitement and anxieties that came along with it

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    Thank you Grand Central Publishing for a free copy in exchange for an honest review Trigger Warning on page miscarriage talk of marital infidelity talk of death and injury from warLet me start this off by saying I really wanted to like this book Like REALLY wanted to love itI just read The Royal We last week and adored it I rated it 5 stars But this oneThe Royal We had insane drama but I ended that book feeling happy and hopeful And while that was what the authors wanted you to feel here instead I left this book feeling anger and annoyance Honestly I'm just so angryWhat I liked1 There is no denying that the writing is fabulous It keeps me engaged it's easy to read but never does it feel juvenile Even when I was furious I was speeding through it2 There were some really cute moments All of the Cubs game moments were just incredible and I say that as a Mets fan3 There were some really cute Bex and Nick moments Cubs game obvs and I really do think we got to see them grow together and work through some stuff4 I grew to really love ueen Eleanor for the most part5 As always Gaz was amazingThat's honestly it Five minor things And five things that weren't that prevalent to be honestWhat I didn't likePotential SPOILERS ahead I block the real spoilery things that give away plot but it's possible you might find something I didn't block to be spoilery You've been warned1 I hate how Freddie was so angry at Nick and blaming him for leaving And Freddie was my favorite character in The Royal We even though I hated what he did at the end but wow He was just infuriating in this book You screwed up Freddie Big time If I was Nick you'd be dead to me Yet you have the AUDACITY to act as if you are the harmed party here because you had to deal with the fallout of your actions alone? Take responsibility and stop blaming others Then I also felt like he was willing to welcome Bex back but unwilling to forgive Nick which was ABSURD Their childish competitions were just ridiculous and made me hate both of them a little I got where Nick was coming from but it pissed me off with him too2 I honestly did not feel like Bex had feelings for Freddie in The Royal We Yes she felt he was a good kisser but I never felt like it went deeper than that But suddenly in this book she is a jealous woman and I was just so confused? And annoyed You are married to his brother what is wrong with you?3 The love triangle That's it that's the whole book The love triangle I hate love triangles I really do But I especially hate them when one couple is already established because it just makes me doubt their love and devotion and makes me dislike the potential cheater This was even worse because the pre existing couple is already married AND THE OTHER POTENTIAL GUY IS HIS BROTHER GAG Honestly just makes my skin crawl that this plot somehow managed to carry over and take over the ENTIRE book I get addressing it obviously it had to happen But to be so prevalent? No thank you4 Freddie's ending relationship view spoilerI get that not all relationships are the same and there are different kinds of love I really do But this is not it If they were just friends and using this to be together and eventually fall in love cool BUT SHE LOVES HIM She loves him and is just hoping through marriage she can get him to love her back??? That is DEVASTATING And worse because he knows it He knows and is still doing it I loved Daphne and she deserved so much better than that ALSO HE STILL LOVES BEX So he's kind of just settling for her and it's tragic Also I'm pretty sure he's doing it so he came move away and be further from Bex Nick and you know who Which is just a terrible reason to get married and again not at all fair to Daphne hide spoiler

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    LISTEN HERE I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved the first book much less how many times I've reread it I don't have free time not because I'm a busy person but because I spend most of it rereading the The Royal We anyways Freddie? Bex? Nick? I'm invested in their lives thankyouverymuch and now I get to be even invested in them? Seriously though this book sounds and fingers crossed it is like it's going to be focused on Freddie who's one of my favourite characters In summary I just KNOW it's going to be 5 stars and will be placing myself in an artificial coma until 2020 Thank you

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    It's wild to think how much things have changed since Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan published the first book in this series Back in 2015 the idea of an American marrying into the royal family was the stuff of wishful fan fiction; it's now 2020 and not only did a very cool American become part of The Firm she and her royal husband also left The Firm with flair than even the most imaginative among us could've dreamt up What A World The Heir Affair is just as dishy as its predecessor and personally I liked the storylines in this one even better The drama level was at an 11 I kept internally—and sometimes externally—screaming at some of the storylines and in these dark times I was 100% here for it While I had my misgivings about Bex and Nick as a couple in The Royal We I came to really love them both in this seuel and we also got to see three dimensional sides of people in their orbitMy only real issue with this book is the same problem I had with The Royal We It could stand to be 100 pages shorter But honestly we're in the middle of a global pandemic as I write this and I think we could all use an extra 100 pages of high key drama and escapism Not to mention if the past six months of watching the royal family shit itself have shown us anything it's that often the truth is even stranger than fiction

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    The Heir Affair picks up with The Royal We left off so if you haven't read The Royal We yet you'll want to read that before reading this one or you'll be totally lost and will be missing a lot of context I was excited to jump back into the world Bex Nick Freddie and their friends The first book ended on a note that left the ending open for readers to use their imagination but also left it closed enough to where a seuel wasn't necessary so I was very excited to learn there was a seuel coming out While The Royal We was filled with lighthearted romance and friendship with a little drama thrown in The Heir Affair felt the opposite Overall the seuel took a darker turn and focused on family drama strained relationships and marital hurdles I really felt for Bex as it seemed like she couldn't catch a break While that was not what I expected going into the book it wasn't necessarily a bad thing Based on the way things ended in book one it was to be expected that things wouldn't be totally peachy keen in book two That said it felt like the book could have been a little bit shorter Some of the main plot points seemed to stretch on a little too long and could have been resolved in a uicker concise manner while still getting the same emotions across to the reader That said I still enjoyed The Heir Affair as a nice summer read and would recommend this to anyone who read and enjoyed the first book If you haven't read the first book but are interested in the Royal Family and their relationships definitely pick this series up I ended up rating this one 4 stars I'd like to thank Grand Central Publishing for my copy of the book It was my pleasure to provide an honest unbiased review 

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    The Heir Affair is a great continuation of The Royal We All the characters you love and hate return There is scheming and secrets Read it to find out what is next for Bex and Nick I highly recommend The Heir Affair to anyone that enjoyed The Royal We If you haven’t and want a scheming American commoner falls in love with a prince story I recommend starting with The Royal We Christine Lakin did a great job narrating Her voice is perfect for the story

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    Thanks to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for this eARCThis book was a lot Like what on earth did I actually just read? The Heir Affair picks up where we left off in The Royal We Nick and Bex are hiding out after the disastrous wedding in a teeny town in Scotland aptly named Wigtown as both of them are sporting particularly heinous wigs in an effort to remain undetected Fun fact Wigtown is in fact a real place and it looks delightful Anyways back to the story The rest of the book revolves around Bex and Nick adjusting to married life and dealing with whatever happened with Freddie in the last book Freddie and Nick spend much of the book at odds over again the nonsense that happened with Freddie and Bex in the previous book That whole thing never made any sense to me on top of being insanely cringey if I have to read ‘killer’ one time I’ll scream their relationshipfeelings never felt like it was actually there which made the fact that Bex acted like a jealous twit for a good portion of this book really strangeThere was an insane amount of crazy unrealistic batshit crazy dialogue but that dear reader is for you to discover on your own There were certainly parts of the book that I enjoyed and I can see how others might enjoy it but I really don’t think it’s for me Which is a shame as British rom com chick lit is like my number 1 guilty pleasure but oh well I think the books main problem is that none of the characters make sense like what is Bex’s deal and how is she constantly making pretty much the same mistakes over and over with only slight variations on the theme Also the plot was completely bonkers like the ueen and baseball?? I’m not going to even get into the meat of the bonkers plot as I don’t want to spoil anything but rest assured it is insane The dialogue is ridiculous which is at times definitely the point but others I’m not uite sure

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    This is a seuel to The Royal We but I was honestly hoping their next book would be about Freddie meeting his wife insteadBlog The Bookish Expedition and Instagram moonspree

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