The Year of the Witching

[PDF / Epub] ☃ The Year of the Witching By Alexis Henderson – A young woman living in a rigid puritanical society discovers dark powers within herself in this stunning feminist fantasy debutIn the lands of Bethel where the Prophet’s word is law Immanuelle Moor A young woman living of the MOBI · in a rigid puritanical society discovers dark powers within herself in this stunning feminist fantasy debutIn the lands of Bethel where the Prophet’s The Year PDF/EPUB ² word is law Immanuelle Moore’s very existence is blasphemy Her mother’s union with an outsider of a different race cast her once proud family into disgrace so Immanuelle Year of the MOBI ó does her best to worship the Father follow Holy Protocol and lead a life of submission devotion and absolute conformity like all the other women in the settlementBut a mishap lures her into the forbidden Darkwood surrounding Bethel where the first prophet once chased and killed four powerful witches Their spirits are still lurking there and they bestow a gift on Immanuelle the journal of her dead mother who Immanuelle is shocked to learn once sought sanctuary in the woodFascinated by the secrets in the diary Immanuelle finds herself struggling to understand how her mother could have consorted with the witches But when she begins to learn grim truths about the Church and its history she realizes the true threat to Bethel is its own darkness And she starts to understand that if Bethel is to change it must begin with her.The Year of the Witching

Alexis Henderson is a of the MOBI · speculative fiction writer with a penchant for dark fantasy witchcraft and cosmic horror She grew up in one of America’s most haunted cities The Year PDF/EPUB ² Savannah Georgia which instilled in her a life long love of ghost stories When she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book you can find her painting Year of the MOBI ó or watching horror movies with her feline familiar Currently Alexis resides in.

The Year of the Witching PDF ë of the  MOBI ·
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Year of the Witching
  • Alexis Henderson
  • English
  • 21 August 2016
  • 9780593099605

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    Handmaid’s Tale meets Salem Born of rebellious feminist resistance by a girl who is branded as cursed because of her mother’s sins and facing the dark powers to make definite and concrete changes at the dystopian puritanical secluded society consisted of hypocrisy ignorance illogical and unfair laws This is another terrifying fist clenching soul shivering mind crushing heart pounding forehead sweating edgy spooky bleak dark journey take you to the dark woods to face the four witches are ready to haunt you in your dreams and place a uite irritating thoughts inside your brains Immanuelle Moore kept her silence for years trying to stay head above the water living at the outskirts with her disgraced family because her mother’s disobedience ruined their family name suffering from poverty obeying the rules of their community Prophet’s each word is the law because he’s holly man even though he is the pure definition of sexual predator seduces under aged girls and having a heavenly polygamous marriage life Prophet reminds of a mean and ruthless cult leader but as the society keeps the silence and obeys the rules nothing can go wrong? Immanuelle acts like she adapts in her outcast life till the day she takes the attention of Prophet’s charming son Ezra and gets lost in the dark woods she is forbidden to enter because there are so many stories about that spooky place Once you enter you never come back intact She may share the same faith with her mother who ran into the woods and lost her mind completely after giving her birth losing her life But as soon as she takes her first step to the haunted place she encounters with four witches who offer her mother’s journal filled with her impressions about the witches and dark woods The passages at the journal are mind bending and ominous telling her upcoming apocalypse There are four phases BLOOD BLIGHT DARKNESS SLAUGHTER As those four phases start to occur Immanuelle tries to find a way to save the society even though it may coast her own life but what if her sacrifice doesn’t change anything? What if the government system they accepted and the holly rules declared by their Prophet were corrupted distorted and unhealthy for those women’s lives who have been massacred without fair judgment Sometimes to build something new you need to tear down everything apart This is revolutionist reformist and outstandingly brave and powerfully feminist dystopian story This is about a young woman’s fight to change the system not to be victimized harassed abused by the men who used the law and religion to justify their wrongdoings It’s bold moving and fascinating I have to warn you about last 30 pages It is really intense dark and terrifying But I liked the promising hopeful conclusion that also may be considered as a sign of seuelI’m giving my five impressed mesmerized stars and I’m clapping the debut authorAlexis Henderson for her brilliant workSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Berkley PublishingAce for sharing this intriguing ARC in exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    I once read that the key to happiness is to lower one’s expectations in life That the feeling of happiness is often dependent upon whether life is better than originally hoped rather than how well one’s life is flowing along overall Or something to that effectTrue statement? False? I do not knowBut I am wondering if from this point forward I should apply this theory to all future books I read and just suash any preliminary anticipation as a matter of routine Perhaps I should assume that every book I choose to read will be dreadful – and then when one is not I will love it even dearly Because had my expectations for Alexis Henderson’s debut novel The Year of the Witching been lower or at least accurate I suspect I would be writing a positive review than the one I am about to write Yet again my hopes got the best of meSixteen year old Immanuelle Moore lives a relatively uiet life in the lands of Bethel As all women in the settlement she is obedient to the word of the Prophet She dutifully worships the Father and conforms to Holy Protocol The product of a scandalous love affair between her mother and an outsider she wishes to do nothing that would bring further disgrace to her familyUntil one day she is drawn into the Darkwood the cursed forest that surrounds Bethel There she encounters the spirits of four dead witches who were killed inside the forest walls years ago by the very first Prophet They present Immanuelle with the gift of her dead mother’s diary who Immanuelle is surprised to learn once sheltered in the forest and bargained with the witchesGrappling to make peace with the truths revealed by the diary Immanuelle slowly begins to uncover the harsh reality of the history of the Church The time for change has come – and for the sake of Bethel Immanuelle will fight tooth and nail to ensure that the archaic injurious rule of the Prophet and the Church is permanently transformedUnfortunately The Year of the Witching and I started off on the wrong foot It has been billed to readers as a Dark FantasyHorror novel for adults To uote from the blurb it is “ The Handmaid’s Tale for a new generation” Therefore when I agreed to review it I believed I was in store for a mature feminist witchy read But it took no than 20 pages for me to realize that while feminist and witchy what I was instead reading was a Young Adult novel with the typical YA tropes lack of writing depth and unnecessary teenage romanceCall me disappointed to say the leastAnd I like YA I have nothing against YA Some of my favorite series are YA Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking series Katherine Arden’s Winternight Trilogy Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series to name a few Again it’s all about the expectation Had the marketing not been skewed and inaccurate for The Year of the Witching I would have read its pages with the correct mindset and not felt so disgruntled from the startBut even after I adjusted my reading approach and shed my discontent I still did not enjoy the beginning chunk of the novel I came THISCLOSE to DNFing it – and here’s whyFirst the societal system of Bethel is extremely simplistic and unoriginal men good women bad; light skin good brown skin bad Secondly the novel’s characterization is flat and Immanuelle particularly is bland and unremarkable Thirdly Henderson’s writing is a bit heavy handed with the horror elements in the opening chapters as if she is trying so hard to be terrifying and grotesue Lastly there are numerous scenes of violence against animals and overabundant images of blood and gore It’s a tad bit too muchThen unexpectedly at around the halfway mark Henderson gradually loosens the reins on the narrative eases up on the horrific aspect of her writing and gives the narrative room to breathe And just like that uick as a finger snap The Year of the Witching rebounds and becomes a somewhat engrossing entertaining read But the memory of the rough start is not easily shakenI will say Henderson certainly knows how to create a memorable setting and atmosphere Bethel and the Darkwood are vividly depicted on the page; the greenery the villages the cathedrals are all brought to life through her writing Her prose is graceful and lyrical And despite occasional instances of repetitive phrasing and vocabulary choice there are moments of true beauty in her wordsIf only Henderson however had thought to put the same amount of effort into writing her characters as she did into setting the scene As I mentioned earlier the characterization in The Year of the Witching is sorely inadeuate and lacking in depth It is difficult to care for or feel concern for the welfare of anyone in the novel Immanuelle the Prophet Ezra the obligatory love interest the secondary characters they are all as insubstantial as cut out dolls And the witches of the Darkwood – they are so paper thin and flimsily drawn that they are not in any way frightening They come across as hokey cartoonish caricatures at bestFurther for being cast as the heroine of the story Immanuelle is unmemorable and insipid She has moments of incongruent behavior and inconsistent thoughts Sometimes she seems older than her age; sometimes she forgets and relearns information that she was previously told ten pages prior Immanuelle also conveniently solves mysteries finds answers to her uestions and learns the ways of magic at precisely the right time every time It’s too effortlessIn the end The Year of the Witching does claw its way to the top proving itself to be an enjoyable enough compelling enough YA read But it is not the second coming of The Handmaid’s Tale No Not even close My recommendation to read it is given with many many attached reservationsPsst Read Katherine Arden’s gorgeous Winternight Trilogy instead Or better yet – just read The Handmaid’s Tale I received an Advanced Readers Copy from Edelweiss and Ace in exchange for an honest review All opinions included herein are my own

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    45 StarsHoly shh—Mother of Witches this book is going straight to my TOP READS OF 2020 listI know bold statement I might be tempted to revoke my claim later but for now can we talk about how bloody PHENOMENAL and REVOLUTIONARY this terrifying wtichy culty puritanical tale is???? Yes this book is the sht I want everyone to rave aboutThis is the story of a cursed child born and raised into a society ruled by holy men who abuse their power and hide under the protective blanket of law and religion to absolve them of any wrongdoingsBethel is a secluded community where the Prophet’s power is absolute and polygamy is the norm It’s surrounded by the Darkwood home of Lilith and her coven of witches whose tragic history many years prior led to their condemnationWe follow Immanuelle with the help of the Prophet’s son who is skeptical of his father’s teachings and beliefs Ezra trying to save the townspeople from an impending doom a revenge curse casted by the witches and accidentally activated by Immanuelle herself Blood blight darkness slaughter While doing so we are exposed to the many injustices against women and just how corrupted the Prophet and his league of apostles are There are themes of race gender poverty complex family dynamics witchcraft and religion blended into the storyOne of the many emotions that burns inside of me when reading books like this is RAGE Not towards the book but towards all the horrible characters who invoke my sense of solidarity towards those they’ve wronged especially the women Burn let them burnMy rating is purely selfish driven by my love for Ezra 🙈 The last 30% was nail bitingly intense The fate of our characters hanged in the balance I was ready to raise hell and make sure the rating would suffer just as much if anything were to happen to himMy rating also doesn’t mean that the book is perfect In fact there are a few things that maybe weigh to you—from the slightly generic characterisation to the incomplete world building and magic system All that aside this book restored my faith in YA To be a woman is to be a sacrifice The Year of the Witching is a gripping and powerful debut filled with horror and macabre recommended for fans of dark feminist fantasy religious cults and witches tearing down the patriarchy Forget my poor attempt at a review and go read the book Read as an Audiobook

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    i feel like this is one of those books where you either really love it or it just isnt for you and being that my fatal flaw is indecisiveness im right down this middle with this one there are a lot of good things about this the relevant themes the relatable characters and the easy going writing i like how this is set in a very distant and dated world but so much of the story applies to reality i love immanuelle as a character and i appreciate that she had a determined strength to her but is also kind and thoughtful i feel like i dont see enough of this combination in books i also like her interactions with ezra and enjoy their narrative that being said this potentially could have benefited with a few revisions the world building surrounding the witches seems to be lacking and the descriptions of the cities are confusing this definitely could use a map because of this i felt myself focusing on the side plot of the cult like society and its leaders within the town rather than the main plot of the witches and the curses from beyond i also feel like this could have improved by embracing a adult storytelling as i think the YA vibes hold the story back from its full potential so some good and some not so good but overall this is a pretty decent debut↠ 35 stars

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    Love is an act of loyalty Immanuelle Moore raised by her Grandparents and bearing her grandfather's last name bears the shame of being a child out of wedlock a child with dark powers a child that follows the rules but has a destiny that will affect them all To be a woman is to be a sacrifice Growing up in the town of Bethel where the Prophet rules Immanuelle tries to follow the father she tries to worship be devoted submissive and conform as all the women of the village do Until one day fate brings her into the Darkwood a forbidden place where the spirits of dead witches live witches who give her a journal that once belonged to her MotherBLOOD BLIGHTDARKNESSSLAUGHTERAnd we're off on another dark and magnificent witch ride dystopian style Grab those brooms and fly away to the wondrous dark world that Alexis Henderson has created Immanuelle is a strong and brave character who will not be a victim even when knocked down she will fight she is loyal she is strong and she is ready to take on the powers that be I found this to be a very fast engrossing read which had me on the edge of my seat not wanting to put this down The ending was intense who can see this being made into a movie? Plus I'm with other reviewers feelwanthope for a seuel Readers are not left hanging at the end of this book and yet I wanted Besides having a riveting story line this book is full of beautiful passages such as Sometimes I wonder if my secrets are better swallowed than spoken Perhaps my truths have done enough harm Perhaps I should take my memories to the grave and let the dead judge my sins I love a good witch tale and was not disappointed Fans of witches dystopian tales dark tales beautiful writing and strong female protagonists look no further I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own

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    I tore through this book in a single day It's the exact kind of witchy tale I've been looking for The kind of achingly tense terrifying atmosphere you get in horror with the tear it all down politics of today's best fantasy Highly recommend

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    I meanI think it's pretty good

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    This book just wasn’t for me I will tell you the audio version is wonderful so I would recommend listening to it The cover of this book is beautiful I wished I loved it just so I could add the hardcover to my collection I also loved the writing style I would like to read of this authors future books because of this reason alone Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾BLOG

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    Year of the Witching is a dark feminist fantasy and not one I would have picked up on my own I decided to download this one after it was mentioned in the sister group and I read it with my reading sister Debra I am so glad I read this one and had Debra to discuss this one with I often get lost when reading stories with fantasy or supernatural elements to the story so it took a while to get into this one and I had to go back and reread some parts Once I got into the flow of it I couldn't put down my kindle until I was done reading it After reading and thinking about this one I began to realize the depth to the story Alexis Henderson brilliantly blends horror a paranormal dark twisty witchy tale set the dystopian world of Bethel where the Prophet makes the rules everyone must follow She weaves in real world themes like racism oppression power and religion The Prophet uses fear cruelty and religion to gain power and control over the people Our main character Immanuelle is a strong realistic character here with her traits and development She starts off vulnerable and flawed by her Mother's choices and lives in the shadows She grows into a multi layered strong character with conflicts of her own and ones she must overcome to save her family community and home Not only is Immanuelle a complex fascinating character the dynamics between her and the other characters are also The setting is haunting beautiful and creepy that adds a deliciously bleak and eerie feel to the story with the danger that lurks in the Darkwoods With every page the tension rises to that exciting climate of a showdown between the characters and I was gripping my kindle hoping no one would bother me till I was done This is an impressive story and like no other I have read I highly recommend it I received a copy from the publisher on NetGalley

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    The forest is sentient in a way man is not She sees with a thousand eyes and forgets nothingGothic dark bloody and sinister The Year of the Witching is a non stop horror thrill ride from the very first pages It is just twisted enough to make you fall in love with all of the madness So should you read it? Here is my answer All the pros cons and my personal opinion discussed in this videohttpsyoutube4cG3nu4Slcw

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