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➭ Find Me Read ➵ Author Anne Frasier – A bone chilling family history is unearthed in a heart stopping thriller by New York Times bestselling author Anne Frasier Convicted serial killer Benjamin Fisher has finally offered to lead San Berna A bone chilling family history is unearthed in a heart stopping thriller by New York Times bestselling author Anne Frasier Convicted serial killer Benjamin Fisher has finally offered to lead San Bernardino detective Daniel Ellis to the isolated graves of his victims One catch he’ll only do it if FBI profiler Reni Fisher his estranged daughter accompanies them As hard as it is to exhume her traumatic childhood Reni can’t say no She still feels complicit in her father’s crimesPerfect to play a lost little girl Reni was the bait to lure unsuspecting women to their deaths It’s time for closure For her For the families And for Daniel He shares Reni’s obsession with the past Ever since he was a boy he’s been convinced that his mother was one of Fisher’s victimsA five hundred mile road trip lies ahead Thirty years of bad memories are flooding back A master manipulator has gained their trust For Reni and Daniel this isn’t the end of a nightmare It’s only the beginning.Find Me

Anne Frasier is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author The Body Reader received the THRILLER AWARD for Best Paperback Original from International Thriller Writers Other honors include a RITA for romantic suspense and a Daphne du Maurier Award for paranormal romance Her memoir The Orchard was an O The Oprah Magazine Fall Pick; a One Book One Community read; a B review in Enter.

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  • 26 June 2016

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    After a foray into some lighter reading I'm back at home with a story about a psychopathic serial killer who used his young daughter as bait to lure as many as twenty young women to their death Now thirty years later convicted serial killer Benjamin Fisher is ready to disclose the location of the bodies only if his estranged daughter Reni will meet with him and be part of the process Reni had seemed to have put the past behind her and been a very successful FBI profiler until she had a nervous breakdown three year earlier after hallucinating that her FBI partner was her dad Now Reni makes her living as a potter living an isolated life at her desert cabin San Bernardino detective Daniel Ellis has been obsessed with Benjamin Fisher and his victims since he was eleven years old and he realized that his mom could be one of Ben's victims With dogged determination he learned everything he could about Ben and his victims and even became a detective in order to continue his research with resources at his disposal He recruits Reni in this effort to get Ben to show where the bodies are buried Both Daniel and Reni are damaged by what had happened to them in the past and by their obsession to find the victims of the killer This is probably my favorite type of book to read and there is going to be a seuel next year and I'll be there for it We see the story mostly from the perspectives of Daniel and Reni and the manner of writing seems to keep us a bit at a distance from the characters Both of these people have learned to hold back Reni because she is suffering from PTSD and Daniel because he works with murders and bodies all the time but can never forget that he's looking for the body of his mother The landscape is as much a character in this story as the humans because Reni grew up in the desert and that is where her father buried the bodies When Reni falls apart the desert is where she wants to live knowing she feels guilty for how her father used her in his murderous games but also for how she misses the loving father she thought she knew Thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for this ARC

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    San Bernardino homicide detective Daniel Ellis is summoned to San uentin prison to speak to convicted serial killer Benjamin Fisher the Inland Empire Killer from thirty years ago Fisher will reveal where bodies are buried in the Mojave Desert on condition that he meets up with his ex FBI daughter Reni who as a little girl helps him entice the help of the women he goes on to kill What unfolds takes the investigation in unexpected directions This should have been an interesting read as the premise is good but the plodding style short sentence structure and lack of much description leaves me underwhelmed I like the characters of Daniel and Reni as their backgrounds are very interesting but the constant flitting backwards and forwards in time becomes irritating and some of the information given doesn’t add a great deal to the storytelling There is some excitement on occasions but then it’s lost with a flashback The end is unlikely and a bit crazy Overall an average uick read which is so disappointing as I’ve read this author before and liked what I read With thanks to NetGalley and Thomas and Mercer

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    Find Me is an outstanding start to a new series How do you get past your beloved father being a prolific serial killer who used you as bait to attract the victims? How do you get past that despite the fact that you were FIVE years old some people still manage to blame you? As if she doesn't have enough guilt on her own Meet Reni Fisher former FBI profilerHow do you get past the fact that your mother disappeared one night and her body never recovered How do you past the fact that now you have a chance to find her body if the killer's ex FBI daughter who had a breakdown will assist in the case? Meet Daniel Ellis San Bernadino detectiveMeet Benjamin Fisher who made a game out of murder with his daughter He's just a loving dad who is desperate to see his daughter and will finally give up the location of the burial ground in order to do soA fantastically painted landscape so many characters with a screw loose So dark and twisted Give me Let me interrupt my regularly scheduled review with a clever aside Okay maybe not clever Frasier's Body Reader trilogy is just as dark just as outstanding But wait there is Frasier's Elise Sandburg's four book series is dark occasionally humorous and set in Savannah Standout event in that one series Elise was going to try therapy due to her kidnapping and torture by a serial killer She made the therapist cry and was told not to come back I love black humorOkay back to review I think Frasier flies way under the goodreads radar I can't imagine why as she is a standout Its hard to make a serial killer book fresh and original Frasier manages to do so with Find Me Just go read it Then go back and read everything else she has writtenThank you to NetGalley for and ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    The desert remains a wide emptiness But within this vast domain are secrets unveiled by its windsReni Fisher former FBI profiler sits in her small cabin located in the heat of that desert in southern California She listens to the pounding that shakes her front door Outside on her porch is Homicide Detective Daniel Ellis of the San Bernardino Police Department Reni knows that by opening her door she will be re engaging with a past that she longs to bury and keep buriedDaniel is on a mission to bring Reni back into the fold The Inland Empire Killer has promised to reveal the location of his victims from 30 years ago if Reni accompanies Daniel If this were only a law enforcement situation it would be one thing But Reni is a bit too close to the edge on this one The serial killer is Benjamin Wayne Fisherher own fatherReni lives every day with the weight of her own guilt As a young child of five she was used by her father to attract young woman into his macabre web Reni only knew it as playing the game but what a deadly game it was That same guilt was the reason why Reni left the FBI But there is something about Daniel that convinces Reni to join forces with him in order to bring peace to these families Reni will never realize the price she must pay for that decisionFind Me started out as a top notch psychological thriller with very engaging writing I was pulled in by the character of Reni Fisher and her embracing of the loneliness and yet the tranuility of the desert as her refuge I wanted to know about Daniel and what had happened to his mother so long ago But it was the final arch of the ending that made me shake my head in disappointment All the energy went into the build up with little payoff in the conclusion Believe me Reni and Daniel deserved better and so did weBut alas I will still be on the lookout for the next book in this series Stay away from improbability Anne Frasier Hope the next one rides out like a beautiful desert sunset with all the colors alignedI received a copy of Find Me through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Thomas Mercer and to Anne Frasier for the opportunity

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    45 truly compulsive reading starsImagine being the bait to lure young women to their deaths? Imagine being the daughter of a serial killer? Imagine your father in jail for thirty years asking you his daughter to see him for he is ready to reveal the locations of the bodies of the girls he murdered?Along with Daniel Ellis a detective Reni Fisher agrees to meet her father out in the desert where the bodies lie Then the unbelievable happens and Reni and Daniel are off in a uest to find the bodies for Daniel and Reni now a former FBI profiler both have an overwhelming desire to find the bodies and bring some closure to their families and of course their own lives They are both driven by deeply hidden ghosts that haunt their days and make this uest their ultimate goal As always danger lurks and there are evil and strange forces working to see that their goal is never recognizedThere's a lot going on in this story and Ms Frasier handles the telling with aplomb building the tension the circumstances and the ending with lots of tension force and urgency She makes this book into a compulsive read filling it with lots of twists that honestly I never saw comingIf you are a lover of well done thrillers this just might be the story for you I read it in two days and yes it was that good Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this very impressive page turning book due out today July 152020

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    Anne Frasier knows how to create characters that are strong intense and dark; characters who are flawed and fighting their own personal demons but yet have a sense of nobility and heroism about them I have previously read the third book The Body Keeper in her Detective Jude Fontaine Mysteries and loved it Needless to say I loved every minute of reading this book as well Looking forward to reading in this new series Reni Fisher and Daniel Ellis are a great new addition to the already diverse world of homicide detectives I received an e Arc of the book from the publishers Thomas and Mercer and the author via NetGalleyThis book was published on 1st July 2020

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    Find Me by Anne Frasier is a great start to a new series it's definitely not the book you think it's going to be the twists are so unexpected and shockingIt's a very engrossing and pacy thriller which will keep you flipping pages until the early hoursIt's definitely worth reading 📖

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    Anne Frasier's latest novel centers on the relationship between a serial killer and his daughter Not only did Benjamin Wayne Fisher bring his child along on his murder nights he also used her to lure victims to their deaths Years later Reni Fisher still grapples with her role in the deaths of than twenty women For a time she assuaged her guilt by working as an FBI profiler but now she's hiding out in the Mojave desert She spends her days making pottery in an attempt to heal Her father has different ideas about what he wants her to do however He cuts a deal with detective Daniel Ellis who has his own hidden agenda If Reni will accompany him Benjamin will lead Daniel to the graves of his victims It's a win win for everybody Except for Reni She's never come to terms with her feelings toward her father On the one hand he was the model dad On the otherhe was a monster And her model father used her Not surprisingly he's about to use her again Or is he? Is it possible he's protecting her? Find Me is the first book in the Inland Empire series and I'm looking forward to reading the next one Frasier's writing style is straightforward without much excess description and it fits perfectly with the brutal premise as well as the bleak but beautiful setting I've never been to the Mojave desert but I felt the pull of this stark dangerous land It's a place of extremes – of heat of isolation of poisonous snakes and of deadly secrets It's also a place where the sky and the sand dwarf human concerns In some ways it's hard to understand why Reni would feel safe there It also makes perfect sense Aside from the setting and the premise I liked Reni's complicated relationship with her father and Daniel's obsession to find out what happened to his mother Not all ends are tied up but the book still has a strong sense of closure There is suspense as well though it wasn't the kind of book I couldn't put down Still I can't wait to read Tell Me so I can find out the rest of the story Much thanks to Thomas Mercer and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Find Me is the start of a new series set in California about former FBI profiler Reni Fisher the daughter of a convicted serial killer and homicide detective Daniel Ellis who believes Reni’s father killed his mother when he was a childI’d read and enjoyed the four books in this author’s Elise Sandberg series and am always slightly conflicted when characters I’ve enjoyed getting to know are seemingly abandoned in favour of a new series but feel this was a good start with interesting new protagonistsReni lives alone in the Mojave desert two years after a nervous breakdown forced her to uit the FBI still ravaged with guilt about being the unwitting lure for the women killed by her father thirty years earlier Benjamin Fisher contacts San Bernardino Detective Daniel saying he is finally ready to reveal the location of their graves but only if Reni accompanies them Daniel must persuade her to confront her fears if they are to bring closure to the families but can he trust her when she can’t trust herself?This is the third series I’ve started in the last year or so about daughters of serial killers which is an interesting new to me at least trope as long as it doesn’t become over used It’s told in third person from both Reni and Daniel’s perspectives which worked well I thought I knew where this was going until about 30% when it went in a completely different but rather welcome direction Further clever twists follow although I found the final part increasingly implausible If you can suspend disbelief the ending is satisfying and leaves things open for a seuel which I will happily read Frasier writes well and the desert backdrop is an important part of this storyMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC which allowed me to give an honest review and apologies to the author for the delay in providing it Find Me is available now

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    This book which I snagged as an FirstReads pick is the first in a series and after finishing it I'm already chomping at the bit for the next It features Daniel Ellis a detective in San Bernardino California; he took over the case of a serial killer from a retired detective The killer Benjamin Fisher has been in jail for 30 years or so but so far he's refused to reveal the locations at which he hid his victims' bodiesOut of the blue Ben asks to see Daniel and this time he says he's willing to take the police to the bodies But only he adds if his daughter Reni a former FBI profiler comes along they've been estranged ever since he went to jail As a young girl Reni's father used her to lure his victims all women to him for the kill Needless to say that left Reni traumatized with memories she can't uite pull together to make sense Daniel too was traumatized as a child when his mother abruptly left him never to return His unspoken connection to the killer? Ever since Ben went to jail he's been convinced that his mother was one of the serial killer's victimsFinding Reni isn't terribly difficult but convincing her to see her father again even if it might bring closure to the victims' families is another story well actually it's part of this story She's been living in the middle of the Mojave Desert believing that some or all of the victims were buried there Needless to say she agrees and the next part of the saga beginsMuch of their journey than that I can't reveal without spoiling the story for others but suffice it to say it's an exciting trip with several twists nothing much came as a big surprise but the action kept me plodding onward right to the end Very entertaining and a great beach read I'd think all that sand would make you feel like you're right there with Daniel and Reni

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