Boyfriend Material

Wanted One Fake BoyfriendPractically Perfect In Every WayLuc O Donnell Is Tangentially And Reluctantly Famous His Rock Star Parents Split When He Was Young, And The Father He S Never Met Spent The Next Twenty Years Cruising In And Out Of Rehab Now That His Dad S Making A Comeback, Luc S Back In The Public Eye, And One Compromising Photo Is Enough To Ruin EverythingTo Clean Up His Image, Luc Has To Find A Nice, Normal Relationshipand Oliver Blackwood Is As Nice And Normal As They Come He S A Barrister, An Ethical Vegetarian, And He S Never Inspired A Moment Of Scandal In His Life In Other Words Perfect Boyfriend Material Unfortunately Apart From Being Gay, Single, And Really, Really In Need Of A Date For A Big Event, Luc And Oliver Have Nothing In Common So They Strike A Deal To Be Publicity Friendly Fake Boyfriends Until The Dust Has Settled Then They Can Go Their Separate Ways And Pretend It Never HappenedBut The Thing About Fake Dating Is That It Can Feel A Lot Like Real Dating And That S When You Get Used To Someone Start Falling For Them Don T Ever Want To Let Them GoBoyfriend Material

Genrequeer writer of kissing books.

Free ↠ Boyfriend Material By Alexis  Hall –
  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Boyfriend Material
  • Alexis Hall
  • English
  • 21 December 2017
  • 9781728206141

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    Boyfriend Material spoke to me I was truly not expecting to love it I ve had mixed experiences with Alexis Hall in the past, and I honestly didn t know he could be so funny This book is hilarious, especially if you like kind of snarky, British humor, and I found myself laughing out loud to myself in bed, shoulders positively shaking my husband did not appreciate this But that s how this book gets you Under the humor lies the feels.The emotions that I felt for these characters snuck up on me, and before I knew it, I was hooked I really couldn t stop reading, and I stayed up nearly all night to finish I know it sounds cliche, but I laughed, I cried, and I would do it all over again It s funny, because plot wise, nothing much happens in the story It s sort of a meandering series of events in the MC s life where nothing seems to go quite right The MC screws everything up time and time again, and puts his foot in his mouth so many times it might as well be permanently lodged there However, he grows on you The main characters are so multilayered that they feel like real people, and the secondary characters are so unique and well conceived that you ll want them to have their own stories This story has self righteous vegans, dung beetles, banana curries, dick pics, posh idiot co workers, and humor woven around each and every thing that makes it all come together effortlessly But while you are laughing, be prepared for the feelings, a surprising amount of angst, and the strong, strong chemistry to hit you right when you least expect it These guys are great for each other, baggage and all, and I was rooting for them like I haven t in a long time But don t read this story if you are expecting steam, because this story is fade to black However, I didn t mind the lack of steam with this one My favorite Alexis Hall book to date, Boyfriend Material delivered right when I needed it to most I think the author did something special with this story Copy provided in exchange for an honest review goodreads instagram twitter blog

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    I m so excited to get a copy to review folks are saying it s the next Red, White and Royal Blue Fingers crossed PS check out this week s BookTube Video to see why I m psyched about this one and the other fabulous books I picked up

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    Imagine a book like a Four Weddings era Richard Curtis movie and not , let me be clear, like the vomitous Love Actually , with the feelgood elements and the genuine romance and the terrific cast only diverse than Curtis is capable of , and real pain and emotion grounding the hilarious banter Sounds amazing Well, here you go.The joyfully queer British romcom escape book I desperately needed It s absurdly funny like proper laughing out loud and swoonily romantic, with a sharp edge of wit and observation that keeps the story bounding along, bad actors that you can really dislike, a lovely supporting cast of friends and family, and two flawed but deeply likeable leads An unbridled one chapter oh no it s 3am oh well delight Disclosure I had an ARC from the publisher and share an agent with the author Notwithstanding, I don t leave rave reviews if I don t mean them.

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    THAT, my friends, is how to do a Rom Com mic drop Review to follow at AAR closer to publication date And now I have a book hangover.

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    This was one of my most anticipated books of the year and while I know this year has gone mostly to shit, and expectations should be rightly tossed into the incinerator at this point, I didn t think I d have to add BOYFRIEND MATERIAL to the heap of 2020 disappointments Because this should be everything I could ever want queer, fake dating, Hall And it was those things But I was scraping near the bottom of the barrel to round up past average feelings of like for the first half and by the end I just sat on my couch, looking around, feeling let down.If you re into quirky strange characters, love a heaping pile of British in your contemporaries, you might like this If you don t normally care for either but you loved Hall s take on FSoG, you also might like this spoiler I didn t, and in hindsight I think my dislike of both are rooted in some of the same issues Overall, the premise, the concept, it will definitely appeal to many it appealed to me but this just didn t pan out And as a result of yet another recent failed to enjoy a new release from what I thought was a favourite author, I may just resign myself to rereading my two favourite Halls in the future instead of stumbling through anything new I m sad about it but alas. here we are.2.5 starsFull review to come I received an ARC from Edelweiss and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review.

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    What a superb story Fans of Alexis Hall know to expect something marvelous, but Boyfriend Material goes above and beyond The dry, silly, often heartfelt humor keeps this one moving at a fast pace, and I found it was over much too soon Hall writes incredibly interesting characters From Luc s zany group of friends, to his complex relationship with his folks and the same to be said about Oliver s people Bonus the whole thing comes from Luc s point of view, which just keep the light hearted insights rolling along.An absolutely charming romance, plus a lovely hurt comfort aspect, and a fabulous fake relationship trope make Boyfriend Material one of the most enjoyable novels of the year an ARC of Boyfriend Material was provided to me by NetGalley for the purpose of my honest review

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    that weird rustling you can hear in the back that s my money flying towards this book

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    Before reading Boyfriend Material me I m not a good person, nor was I born good My soul, like my wardrobe, is as black as tar I m 30 but look almost 10 years younger, and I m sure it has nothing to do with good genes and everything to do with the fact I don t smile and haven t smiled since about 2014 you can t get wrinkles if you don t do things to cause them, natch My favourite season is rain which is probably a good thing because I live in London and we get a lot of it Kids are yuck Hummus is yuck Kids who eat hummus are the biggest yuck I m mortally offended by those who self define as a morning person or use lol lmao to me in text speak I unironically love the Twilight films and will absolutely fite you if you spout any slander about their genius in my presence I will forever be pissed off with Grumpy Cat for stealing my Grumpy Kat shtick and becoming rich and famous with it Speaking of grumpy, look up the word misanthrope in the dictionary and you will see an image of me snarling like the most snarly thing while doing a double flipping the bird la Stone Cold Steve Austin And I m genuinely looking forward to growing old because I plan to fully embrace being the most crotchety old person, enthusiastically yelling at folks to get off my fucking lawn After reading Boyfriend Material narrator And what happened, then Well, in Londonville they say that Kat s small heart grew three sizes that day.

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    rep gay mc, gay li, Black bi side character, South Asian Muslim lesbian side character, gay side characters, lesbian side characters ARC provided by the publisher. When it comes to books with the fake dating trope, different people will have different expectations and I m pretty sure it comes down to what fics you have read in the past And yes, this intro is necessary for me to explain why I feel about Boyfriend Material the way I do.See, what I m personally hoping to get from a story like this is some cute shenanigans while the pair pretends to be a couple in public, with some mandatory careful and constantly over thought touches and kisses two people who already knew each other before and actually might be harboring secret feelings for one another lots of pining and angst because none of this is real and that angst ending with the couple breaking up before they start dating for real some time later Boyfriend Material gives you bits and pieces of that, but never concentrated enough It glosses over the parts where real feelings could be had And yes, mostly it happens because the guys have adult conversations and that is healthy, but at the same time, the fake dating trope demands some miscommunication to work in a story This is not to say Boyfriend Material is a bad book Not at all It s well written, the characters are great, the humour is very good and just how I like it Oliver s texts alone are hilarious and make the book a must read It s all good Which is exactly my problem I didn t come here for pure fluff.So this is really a very subjective matter if you want a light, cute, fluffy novel with basically no angst, read Boyfriend Material If, like me, you like to suffer a little bit before you get to the happy ending, maybe read a fic.

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    Boyfriend Material was the M M rom com novel that I needed right now With COVID 19 and a dismal economy, this book really put me in great spirits Alexis Hall is going to be my new M M romance novelist, I just know it Thanks for being there for me when I needed this book the most.Luc O Donnell, son of a rocker and tabloid star and a French songwriter, is constantly in the press for his antics ever since his ex boyfriend leaked a story about him for a payout Vulnerable and depressed, Luc continues to stumble quite literally into these public scandals and is known as a gossip magazine topic than as a fundraiser for a local charity After one of his nights out, Luc is put in the press again and this time it s affecting his job Luc s boss wants him to clean up his act and find a nice, reputable boyfriend to put donors at ease Luc and his friends decide that they need to find the perfect candidate And that candidate is Oliver Blackwood a rigid and uptight, but muscular and sexy, barrister who is the complete opposite of Luc The plan seems simple, but just one catch feelings aren t supposed to get involved Boyfriend Material is the perfect gay romance novel to get you out of your slump or bad mood, I promise It s funny, kind of steamy not explicitly so, so you re ok Karen , and very relatable I related to the dynamics between Luc and Oliver a lot and I think whether you re queer or not, you will as well I loved the nods to pop culture references and true to form romance and not the stereotypical BS that we ve come to see in a lot of M M romance novels I am unsure if you should consider this as a YA novel, because it s very graphic in terms of language and I would legit cringe seeing a younger family member of mine reading this, but at the same time you won t be clutching your pearls gasping If you want a gay Christina Lauren rom com, Boyfriend Material is your best bet Alexis Hall, thanks for keeping me up until 2 30 AM to finish this wickedly funny and cute book.

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