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➱ [Read] ➬ Boyfriend Material By Alexis Hall ➼ – WantedOne fake boyfriendPractically perfect in every wayLuc O'Donnell is tangentially and reluctantly famous His rock star parents split when he was young and the father he's never met spent the next WantedOne fake boyfriendPractically perfect in every wayLuc O'Donnell is tangentially and reluctantly famous His rock star parents split when he was young and the father he's never met spent the next twenty years cruising in and out of rehab Now that his dad's making a comeback Luc's back in the public eye and one compromising photo is enough to ruin everythingTo clean up his image Luc has to find a nice normal relationshipand Oliver Blackwood is as nice and normal as they come He's a barrister an ethical vegetarian and he's never inspired a moment of scandal in his life In other words perfect Boyfriend Material Unfortunately apart from being gay single and really really in need of a date for a big event Luc and Oliver have nothing in common So they strike a deal to be publicity friendly fake boyfriends until the dust has settled Then they can go their separate ways and pretend it never happenedBut the thing about fake dating is that it can feel a lot like real dating And that's when you get used to someone Start falling for them Don't ever want to let them go.Boyfriend Material

Genreueer writer of kissing books.

Boyfriend Material eBook ò Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 427 pages
  • Boyfriend Material
  • Alexis Hall
  • English
  • 21 December 2014
  • 9781728206141

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    Boyfriend Material spoke to me I was truly not expecting to love it I've had mixed experiences with Alexis Hall in the past and I honestly didn't know he could be so funny This book is hilarious especially if you like kind of snarky British humor and I found myself laughing out loud to myself in bed shoulders positively shaking my husband did not appreciate this But that's how this book gets you Under the humor lies the feelsThe emotions that I felt for these characters snuck up on me and before I knew it I was hooked I really couldn't stop reading and I stayed up nearly all night to finish I know it sounds cliche but I laughed I cried and I would do it all over again It's funny because plot wise nothing much happens in the story It's sort of a meandering series of events in the MC's life where nothing seems to go uite right The MC screws everything up time and time again and puts his foot in his mouth so many times it might as well be permanently lodged there However he grows on you The main characters are so multilayered that they feel like real people and the secondary characters are so uniue and well conceived that you'll want them to have their own stories This story has self righteous vegans dung beetles banana curries dick pics poshidiot co workers and humor woven around each and every thing that makes it all come together effortlessly But while you are laughing be prepared for the feelings a surprising amount of angst and the strong strong chemistry to hit you right when you least expect it These guys are great for each other baggage and all and I was rooting for them like I haven't in a long time But don't read this story if you are expecting steam because this story is fade to black However I didn't mind the lack of steam with this one My favorite Alexis Hall book to date Boyfriend Material delivered right when I needed it to most I think the author did something special with this story Copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewgoodreads|instagram|twitter|blog

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    edit joy officially restored to my liferumor has it this is a ueer romcom that features the fake dating trope two grumps and there was only one bed Muslim sapphics the Token Cishet trope and lots of laughs can't wait to restore some semblance of joy to my life

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    New Month New Tierlist BookTube Video is up click the link to check out my August Reading Vlog The Written Review Luc O'Donnell also known as the son of two incredibly famous rock stars has hit the yet another speed bump of his lifeHis dad just picked up another show and his fame is on the rise againand with that comes increased paparazzi for all those tangentially relatedlike poor Luc Luc's latest scandal though relatively minor was enough to send his bosses heads flying and the donors for his work scrambling awayThe only solution? Find a cute stable and SAFE boyfriend to settle down with until it all blows overEnter Oliver Blackwell the epitome of the bring home to the folks trope He's a barrister he loves spending the night in and above all he's scandal free AND he needs a fake boyfriend to bring home to the folks as well Only what once was a clear cut fake relationship is uickly feeling incredibly and permanently realOverall I LOVED this bookI know I know It definitely looks like just another fake to real boyfriend trope but the way it was executed flawlessI've read so many of those books that every moment of this book I thought I had a pretty solid prediction of where it was going BUT I was wrong nearly every time and the few times I was right I was SO happy the book was taking that direction So much of the book is pure dialogue but the two main characters had such sass and class their uips and uotes had me literally laughing out loud All in all I adored this book I loved this book I'm going to be devastated if there isn't another one With thanks to Netgalley Alexis Hall and Sourcebooks for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review I'm so excited to get a copy to review folks are saying it's the next Red White and Royal Blue Fingers crossedPS check out this week's BookTube Video to see why I'm psyched about this one and the other fabulous books I picked up

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    I received an advance copy of this book from SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own Thank you so much for approving me for this ARCI’m aware I rarely say this about books but this was FANTASTIC Once I started to read “Boyfriend Material” I couldn’t stop any and with every chapter I read I was drawn even into the story The conversations between the two MCs Luc and Oliver were so much fun and I found myself clutching the pages while laughing out loud Sure not everything in this book is hilarious and Alexis Hall tackles plenty of serious topics as well She always does it with a little humour though and this made this a really enjoyable and entertaining read For instance Luc’s boss is a horrible person I mean I get it beetles are important for the environment but boy does she lack the finesse of human interaction Some of the things she said at the beginning of the book were flat out rude and inappropriate and if Luc wouldn’t have been such a nice person she probably would have lost her company a long time ago The good thing about those moments is that they were all either called out or challenged by some of the characters and I really appreciated this approach Alexis Hall deals with prejudices bias and a good dose of discrimination but she does it in a healthy kind of way For such a funny book this is uite remarkable and before I dwell on those topics even I’ll just go for the good stuff Namely the easy banter of the two MCs the fact that Luc whose full name is Lucien btw and we all know about my weakness for that name ; P is a disaster gay and the amazing portrayal of friendships which gave this all such a wholesome and healthy vibe “What if someone asks? I should know for verisimilitude”The corners of his mouth twitched slightly “You can say I’m a gentleman and we haven’t got that far”“You” – I gave a thwarted sigh – “are a terrible fake boyfriend”“I’m building fake anticipation”“You’d better be fake worth it”“I am”I swear Luc and Oliver were such a formidable couple Yes they might have started fake dating because at that point of their lives they both needed it to save their reputation; they were always honest and forthright though And this was so so so so refreshing Most of the conflicts in “Boyfriend Material” didn’t come into being because of some miscommunication between the MCs but because the characters were used to deal with their problems on their own They were stuck in their habits and problems and had a tough time letting anyone in which considering both of their backstories was actually pretty relatable “Are we really bad at this?” I asked “We’ve been fake dating for three days and we’ve already fake broken up once” “Yes but we fake resolved our difficulties and fake got back together and I’m hoping it’s made us fake stronger”As were their friendships I loved Bridge and the funny dynamic between Luc and his other friends They were exactly like you’d expect good friends to be and their support for Luc was amazing Funnily enough I even liked Alex Luc’s gullible innocent and totally clueless co worker who wouldn’t even notice if he would put his foot in his mouth Let’s just hope the Alex’s of this world will never be confronted with harsh reality XDThis said the only thing I didn’t like were the two storylines about Luc’s father and Oliver’s family Whilst the plot that dealt with Luc’s father might have been dissatisfying but realistic the part that focused on Oliver’s family fell short for me I really wish we would have gotten of his storyline throughout the entire book and not only on the last 30 pages I get why Alexis Hall did it that way and I appreciate the point she made but for me this came out of the blue and kind of spoiled the ending I guess this might be a typical it's not the book it's me situation though Well at least so far no other reviewer seems to have mentioned it “I'm conscious this could be rather burdensome to hear but you remain the thing I have most chosen for myself The thing that's most exclusively mine The one thing that brings me the deepest joy”All told I really enjoyed “Boyfriend Material” and had a than just tough time to put it down The hilarious humour and easy banter made it really addicting and before I even knew it I found myself rushing through the pages If you’re looking for a sweet rom com that isn’t afraid to tackle a few serious topics and will make you laugh out loud this might be exactly the right book for you ; Happy readingIt’s time to tackle this before my ARC runs out My time management still erm scks lolAnyway let’s do thisI’m sooo ready to be swept off my feet XDWish me luck I hope this is going to be a good one First things firstThank you so much SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca and NetGalley for accepting my reuest and giving me permission to read and review this book And now that this is out of the wayOMG OMG OMGADFADKFASJFDKSADFJASJ I've been dying to read this and I got approved YAY And now excuse me while I jump around in my flat and do an embarrassing happy dance lolI can't believe I got approved for this ARC TT happy tearsPS For some reason my first pre review for this got deleted I'm so happy right now that not even a goodreads glitch could destroy my excitement 333

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    The core ingredients in my fighting depression arsenal➊ book with an i am dying level of hilariousness➋ book with an i shall overdose level of adorableness➌ book with an oh my rainbow heart level of LGBT rep➍ accordingly chosen music for playlist ➾ Spotify linkOr you know in short this book aka Boyfriend Material “I’m in love with you Lucien But it seems hardly adeuate” You need to understand the humour in this book shines uite blindingly through every scene be it awkward sweet or emotional making it less a hot and sexy adult romance and a lethally cute and funny one Honestly it’s just heart emoji if it had two covers and 400 pagesSo if you’re looking for a rolling on the floor laughing my ass off type of book about fake dating going horribly wrong or right depending on your perspective sprinkled with life as adult gay men clueless posh English nobles being haunted by rockstar parents some insight to life as a vegetarian work as a barrister and a job at a charity I mean insights into getting people to give you their money without shouting “give me your money you potato burger” dripping with too adorable lessons on the complications of relationships and trust and generally oh my god I have feelings what do I do for a hedgehog main characteryou’ve come to the right placeI loved it not least because it was not set in America thank you lord? “You really do own your illiteracy don’t you?”“Yeah I’m thinking about moving to America and running for public office” Guys I swear I made an effort to keep it short this time I swear but then I started writing and I have no idea what happened next CW homophobia abandonment by parent narcissistic parent emotional abuse The Humour That Be You all know me I’m a clown I admire clowns and I value humour most in my books And I realise that I’m also an unstable weirdo who laughs at worldwide disasters and a crack in the wall which in reality is funny but that’s another conversation BUT oh my god this book is absolutely hilarious Like asphyxiation suffocation choke you till you die hilarious which is not as grim as it may sound—a worthy end to a life reallyThe writing is so witty and absurd; it makes jokes the way you chat up ab attractive lady slash dude slash whocaresaboutgender—rather smooth and disarming is what I mean The banter is only the start of it what’s most uniue about Boyfriend Material is its creativity in creating iconic and insisting patterns and brands of humour and weaving them all throughout the pages from one cover to the other I had a blast with every page The Representation That Be Anybody can put together a cast of lesbian gay bi etc characters and call it a yay day but it’s uite something else for the baggage they drag into the page to make them feel less like boxes ticked off a grocery like list and like you know actual human beings With Boyfriend Material even though the aforementioned baggage is not fully and deeply opened and stifled through it’s constantly present and considered in the character’s everyday lives and conversations to be real rather than fake or overwhelming “You should never let anyone tell you it is wrong to be how you are” Too many LGBT books are about only the most painful andor prominent moments of a person’s life and while there is never enough books on stepping out of the closet and finding yourself and your place this community also needs easy rep of everyday dramaWhat if you’ve come out to all your friends and family and have a healthy relationship of love and acceptance with all the people in your personal life? What’s next? How do you live a normal life and deal with all the different people out in the world having their own understanding ignorant or veiled homophobic opinions? Those are the exact type of uestions Alexis Hall tells a story aboutThe Characters That Be this got long whoops★ Protagonist Luc is the human euivalent of a hedgehog You might want to hug him but as soon you get remotely near you should pick up a shield because ohmygod ohmygod vulnerability alert cannot deal i repeat cannot deal ready for launch I’m not even kidding “It’s justit’s going to be all hard and messy”“Lots of things are Many of them are still worth doing”It was a sign of uite how fucked up I was feeling that I didn’t try to make a joke out of hard messy or indeed worth doing He’s such a haunted wounded pessimistic self deprecating miserable sarcastic paranoid mess of a drama ueen rightfully so because when all you see of yourself is what the tabloids show you what else do you expect who’s rather fond of his teenager mode that I just want to hug the 28 yo bellend damn being impaled His growth was handled so deftly and smoothly with the necessary bumps in the road of course and it was so heartfelt and precious to see him learn to communicate and trust✯ Love Interest I have zero idea what to do with Oliver because oh my god this dude Really as Luc put it “Normally I didn’t do sweet but well Oliver” He’s the very definition of a gentleman ugh Respectful and considerate yet opinionated and ethical I mean jeez only Oliver could turn a brownie into an ethical uandary clean and serious yet secretly funny and rebellious soft and delicate yet protective and slightly controlling So patient so caring so outrageously thoughtfulAnd he’s trying so hard and ugh dammit it turns him such an adorable secretly anxious lion looking puppy—which makes no sense what with one being from the dear old cat family and one the loyal dog one I just cannot resist sharing his texting panicI was unexpectedly de sleeped by a buzzing from my phone at 500 am My apologies Next time I’ll send a photograph of my penis And then several further buzzings That was a jokeI should probably make it clear that I’m not intending to send you any picturesI’ve never sent that sort of thing to anybodyAs a lawyer it’s hard not to be aware of the potential conseuencesI also realise you’re probably asleep at the moment So perhaps if you could just delete the previous five messages when you wake upOf course I should emphasise that I am not meaning to imply any judgment about people who do choose to send intimate photographs to one anotherIt’s just not something I’m comfortable withOf course if it is something you’re comfortable with I understandNot that I’m suggesting you have to send me a picture of your penisOh God can you please delete every text I’ve ever sent you He had me frustrated yet amused and drowning in adoration shaking my head and going awwwwwww every other chapter while frankly if I met him in real life there would probably be less amusement and adoration and devising an evil plan to shake his life to the core driving him right over a metaphorical cliff uestioning all his beliefs and messing up all the meticulously ordered aspects of his life Don’t look so surprised you already know I’m evilNow that I really think about it though I’m starting to come to the conclusion that I have indeed met him in real life He’s my eldest brother insert poker face II don’t uite know what to do with that information☆ Sidekicks You know that friend or maybe not friend maybe it’s yourself who is so absurd or weird or different that ends up always standing out like a sore thumb whenever and wherever for good or worse and has people whispering that one is such a character? That’s all the characters in this bookLike Alex The Posh And Incomprehensible Co Worker who if you held an exam on puns with scores from 0 to 100 would get a pretty minus with adorable bunny ears No scratch that he’d receive a full mark and forever ruin all kinds of jokes for you—I honestly don’t think I can listen to the knock knock joke or the elephant ones without thinking of his take; which is a good thing I believe since it would drive me to laugh harder than asked for by the dear joker Seriously the man uses hashtags like this #ColeopteraResearchAndProtectionProjectAnnualFundraisingDinnerAndDanceWithSilentAuctionOfEtymologicalSpecimensAlsoKnownAsTheBeetleDriveAtTheRoyalAmbassadorsHotelMaryleboneNotTheOneInEdinburghTicketsAvailableFromOurWebsiteNow Or Priya The Only One With An Automobile AKA Truck who even in her short scenes managed to steal my heart with her ice thorny attitude and steadfast support Not gonna lie it might be because she unbelievably reminded me of Amren from my other current readOr Bridget The Group’s Token Straight Girl and her publishing industry dramas sweeping in with a you are not gonna believe what happened and an I can’t really talk about it but and a I’m definitely gonna get fired I was literally sitting with my eyes glued to the metaphorical door waiting for her to make a hasty entrance and steal the stage “Either you never trust anybody ever again and pretend that stops people hurting you when clearly it doesn’t Or um don’t do that And maybe your house will burn down But at least you’ll be warm And probably the next place will be better And come with an induction hob” Or even Sophie The Evil Lawyer From The Other Gang who I immediately became obsessed with Or truly Tom who was the rare sensible one among them and I have no idea why he would bother to hang out with these nuthouses except if he’s got a secret weird fetish for their weirdness and needs them in his life the way you’d need puppies Or Dr Fairclough whom I can’t begin to summarise in one sentence—I mean I could but I don’t want toI’ll be honest at first I felt as if the friends and family coming along for the ride all sounded the same but that is so not the case Yes the MC and most of his group of friends do have constant banter that feels on the same wavelength but of course it makes sense that birds of a feather flock together Most of their gang and even his duh mum speak the same language seriously I have the same out of nowhere back and forths with folks who share my crazy or are compatible with it while that very humour applied to people outside of their circle could invite amusement bewilderment or nothing falling flat with a loud awkward thump It was when I could say which of the two James Royce Royces yes they’r married don’t even ask was speaking that I saw how real these words on a page had become to meThe way I see it what makes these characters remarkable and tangible is their small uirks annoying habits and persistent figures of speech and thought— I know that’s not an actual thing but please bear with me Such as the way Luc’s mum could say such well meaning clueless things that would be possibly harmful but are not because she succeeds in getting her wisdom and actual meaning across Somehow The Relationships That Be This was why relationships sucked they made you need shit you’d been perfectly happy not needing And then they took them away I don’t think I’m actually in fit condition to discuss thisbeautiful unforgettable filled with endearing arguments so palpable it was about to step out of the page and murder mematter seeing as I’ve had a couple of peculiar near death experiences from cuteness overdose So forgive me as I skip this step and just very calmly thank the author for having the characters uickly address problems arising from lack of communicationThe wholesome fully developed friendships and familial bonds despite—or should I say because of—complications were also nothing short of marvelous And I wholeheartedly appreciated how the family struggles were concluded realistically if not happily or in one case only began to be dealt with—it was refreshing so there’s that Shoo now The Themes That Be If you were not wondering whether I’d misplaced or forgotten my let’s dig deep and see what the book really had to say and generally overanalyse everything part that you do not know me my dear—which is for the best really Do say a prayer of thanks “I’m coming to the conclusion I might be unbelievably terrified”“Me too” I said “But let’s be terrified together” With all its jokes and fun times Boyfriend Material is about dealing with and facing life head on because the we try to hide from something the power we give it It shows why you need to accept that you need help and realise that no one else is going to sweep in and suddenly turn your life upside down; no matter how much they help you move forward and see your path clearly it’s you who walks it And importantly it’s about understanding and taking the first step and the second step and the third one rather than finishing a journey that doesn’t really have an end That in the end the world is not going to become heaven populated by nice and kind peopleAnd that really it’s not about the three words it’s about everything that came before it and everything that comes after it

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    Imagine a book like a Four Weddings era Richard Curtis movie and not let me be clear like the vomitous Love Actually with the feelgood elements and the genuine romance and the terrific cast only diverse than Curtis is capable of and real pain and emotion grounding the hilarious banter Sounds amazing? Well here you goThe joyfully ueer British romcom escape book I desperately needed It's absurdly funny like proper laughing out loud and swoonily romantic with a sharp edge of wit and observation that keeps the story bounding along bad actors that you can really dislike a lovely supporting cast of friends and family and two flawed but deeply likeable leads An unbridled 'one chapter oh no it's 3am oh well' delightDisclosure I had an ARC from the publisher and share an agent with the author Notwithstanding I don't leave rave reviews if I don't mean them

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    Okay so this book Let me tell you about this book This book is forking great And perfect and sexy and hysterical and romantic and fun and devastating and sweet and oh my god this book I want you to read it right now this very second

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    Basically the book of my dreams The perfect romcom Flawless An instant classic Hot mess POV hero who you will want to cuddle Enigmatic perfect love interest who’s not so perfect after all except I love him so he is Iconic friendship group Glittering knife’s edge prose I have lost the ability to sentence because I will never be as good at it as Alexis Hall so what's the point I'm not even mad I'm just ready to read it all again Six stars Seven Ten Let's GO

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    It was just so fucking heart emoji that I actually had to take a moment Permission to suee for the rest of all time I know I have often referred to romcoms leaving me a pile of warm gooey goodness but I can't help it if it's trueThe year 2020 is one that will go in the history books as one where the world went topsy turvy My 2020 disasters bingo card basically became obsolete when China diagnosed the bubonic plague and there was a rabbit ebola outbreak in the US Clearly the universe is telling us something but like the admirable ostrich I shall bury my head in the sand and lose myself in books that make me feel part marshmallow and swan feather pillowsBoyfriend Material is my favourite fake boyfriend book along with Trick Play But while Finley's book was a formulaic contemporary romance this one isn't It's a delightful breath of fresh air Our narrator Lucien is a hot mess who works for a dung beetle charity He is the son of a Mic Fleetwood wannabe who fought with Alice Cooper over a grammy and a French lady who is the best book mum I have come across since Molly Weasley Lucien is also the funniest narrator I've read in a while but that may be because I'm partial to sarcasts and Brits His conversations with his mum may have been my favourite thing ever Your father she declared He has not aged wellGood to knowHis head is bald as an egg now and a funny shape He looks like that chemistry teacher with the cancerThis was news to me But then I haven't exactly gone out of my way to keep in contact with my old school To be honest I haven't exactly gone out of my way to keep in contact with people who live on the wrong side of London Mr Beezle has cancer?Not him The other oneDo you mean Walter White?Oui oui And you know I think he is too old to be hopping around with a flute these days Perhaps the best part about this rom com aside from the obvious slow burn romance is the colourful cast of side characters They're all so compelling I could almost ask for a book about all of them There is the James Royce Royces yes they're both called James Royce Royce Bridget who is always dealing with a literary crisis that deserves a series all on its own Priya the tiny metal art sculptor Luc's workmates at the dung beetle charity most memorably Rhys Jones Bowen who has only recently heard about hashtags on Twitter and just discovered the instagram Lucien and Oliver's love grows so strong and sure because their flaws are there for us to see I am also beyond ecstatic that the entire book is in first person The book also managed to subvert a bunch of romcom tropes going as far as giving us a sunrise reconciliation scene rather than one in the rain or the airport or the hotel where the love interest ran away to etc I can only hope that we get a seuel because I'd love to see Lucien and Oliver when they're playing boyfriend and boyfriend for real I mean it was so heartwarming to see these 2 men who have to pretend to be a couple for their own reasons and in the process fall in love and learn how they are people worthy of love and though they're imperfect make perfect boyfriend material Ooooooooh Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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    375This was a fun delightful rom com that had me smirking at Luc and his antics The poor boy just can't get out of his own way Luc O'Donnell is the grown child of 2 celebrities As such his life is always present in the tabloidsand never in a good light His boss needs him to prove he’s finally matured and becoming settled in his life Luc realizes that he uickly needs a boyfriend to show everyone he’s no longer the playboy the media has been made out to beEnter Oliver Blackwood “Whatta man whatta man whatta manWhat a mighty good manGotta say it again now” Salt n PepaAs opposite to Luc as could be Mature a barrister level headed and in Luc’s eyes drop dead gorgeous Can Oliver successfully play the role of fake boyfriend to help clean up Luc’s image? Or will Luc destroy the only good to come into his life? I loved the character of Oliver and how their differences made for great attraction Though hoping for a bit from the comedic side of this story it did deliver a few chuckles and overall a fun readThank you to librofm for an 🎧 ARC

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