The Safe Place

[Read] ➵ The Safe Place ➱ Anna Downes – Emily is a messEmily Proudman just lost her acting agent her job and her apartment in one miserable day Emily is desperateScott Denny a successful and charismatic CEO has a problem that neither his bu Emily is a messEmily Proudman just lost her acting agent her job and The Safe MOBI :ò her apartment in one miserable day Emily is desperateScott Denny a successful and charismatic CEO has a problem that neither his business acumen nor vast wealth can fix Until he meets Emily Emily is perfectScott offers Emily a summer job as a housekeeper on his remote beautiful French estate Enchanted by his lovely wife Nina and his eccentric young daughter Aurelia Emily falls headlong into this oasis of wine soaked days by the pool But soon Emily realizes that Scott and Nina are hiding dangerous secrets and if she doesn't play along the conseuences could be deadlySuperbly tense and oozing with atmosphere Anna Downs's debut is the perfect summer suspense with the modern gothic feel of Ruth Ware and the morally complex family dynamics of Lisa JewellWelcome to paradisewill you ever be able to leave.The Safe Place

ANNA DOWNES was born and raised in Sheffield UK but now lives just The Safe MOBI :ò north of Sydney Australia with her husband and two children She worked as an actress before turning her attention to writing She was shortlisted for the Sydney Writers Room Short Story Prize and longlisted for the Margaret River Short Story Competition The Safe Place was inspired by Anna’s experiences working as.

The Safe Place PDF ò The Safe  MOBI :ò
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • The Safe Place
  • Anna Downes
  • English
  • 23 March 2016
  • 9781250264800

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    It was gripping entertaining weird predictable but great choice to spend your time without thinking apocalyptic and horrifying news and getting rid of your daily paranoia by focusing on something crazierThe story’s told by Emily her boss Scott and his boss’ dear wife Nina Let’s talk about Emily in mid twenties gullible naïve talkative confused friendly suffering from her wrong life choices having problematic relationship with her parents finally when she decides to call her mother to get a loan she finds out that was her mother’s birthday and her mother dearest normally expected her to call to congratulate her after a long time Yes Emily you suck Now she’s sacked from receptionist job and lost her acting agent her rent check is bounced and she has no income is so close to get evicted and suffering from starvation But she has no idea somebody orchestrated everything about her financial failure and watches her every move like a hunter coming out for his prey We’re talking about wealthy charismatic CEO Scott Emily’s ex boss who decided her termination coincidentally saved her from crushed by a boss when he was passing by the very same street she walked He acts like he has no idea about her termination and he wants to compensate his fault by offering her a new job she’s going to be housekeeper landscaper lawnmower nanny painter cook etc of his mansion in France Emily hesitates at first but later she decides she has nothing to lose so she takes the deal Scott acts like he’s working on crazy scheme which made me think he may be a cult leader and he sent Emily to be sacrificed at his mansion It could be interesting plot but unfortunately the conclusion of the story was easy to predict We get snippets from Scott and Nina’s marriage having children and we understand that Nina suffers from mental illness and she is over protective mother When Emily takes her first step to the grandiose but also eerie mansion she meets with perfect and ghostly wife Nina building a friendship with her even though she is a little jealous because she might have a crush of her boss But she gets a little startled after meeting Aurelia shy introvert little girl suffering from skin disease keeping her silence all the time showing awkward reactions when Emily accidentally touches her Something seems fishy and suspicious about the girl’s condition but Emily didn’t want to dig around because she adapts in her new life and she gets used to the antics of mother and daughter But when Scott decides to visit trio Emily’s suspicions grow faster and when she visits Nina’s part of the house even though she’s forbidden to go there the things she finds out confuses the hell of her And let’s not forget her attraction to her boss makes things complicated Overall It’s foreseeable but fast enjoyable reading with weird relationship dynamics between characters So I’m rounding up 35 stars to 4 Without expecting too much uestioning the characters’ motives deeply you may entertain your time with its moving and fast pacingSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Minotaur BooksSt Martin’s Press for sharing this intriguing ARC with me in exchange my honest review

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    HAPPY PUBLICATION DAYEmily's life is a mess Her employer offers her an opportunity far too good to be true and things go the way you think they willThis book was interesting and fun to read but unfortunately suffered from two shortcomings1 A mostly predictable plot2 An ending that offered resolution but ultimately felt unfinished and left me with uestions than answersThank you to Anna Downes Minotaur Books and NetGalley for providing me with the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review

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    35interesting a bit predictable I think I wanted a bit When Emily finds herself fired from her temp jobshe is at a loss for what to do Her acting career is not taking off she is not close with her family in fact she resents them Then her ex boss of all people offer her a job that seems too good to be true Okay Emily that is your first hinttoo good to be true go with your gutbut nope she took the easy route and thought what the hell I have nothing to loseScott wants her to be a housekeeper au pair personal assistant to his wife and daughter The two that appear to be living in a snowglobe environment They have an isolated estate located in France Gorgeous home guest house pool and isolatedvery very isolatedHelllloooo Emily this is your second big hintstep away from the offer and nobody gets hurtEmily uickly discovers there is no internet connection no phone signaloh oh nooo Yet Emily doesn't believe this is a problem you know being cut off from all contacts stuck on an estate in the middle of nowhere with virtual strangersyou see she was a temp working for Scott she didn't know him very wellWell I must say I was very intrigued and excited to start this debut book I always love checking out a new author I loved the writing style it was really good and kept me hanging on to every word Yet I felt a bit let down at the ending I found it a bit too predictable I wanted of something not sure what? I think I have just been reading so many thrillers that it gets harder and harder to shock me I defiantly am looking forward to from this author

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    A strong debut engrossing and intenseEmily Proudman is struggling Secretly she wishes for rescue Is that too much to ask? As luck would have it just in time a white knight comes charging through to save her And by white knight I mean uber wealthy Scott Denny Emily's former boss who offers her an unusual opportunity she cannot turn downBefore she knows it Em is being whisked off to the coast of France to live in a Guest Cottage at the Denny's secluded waterfront estate uerenciaScott's mysterious wife Nina lives there with their young daughter Aurelia While the job description is foggy Emily assumes she will be acting as part housekeeper and part nannyAnd while she does perform a large amount of upkeep including small renovation projects as the days pass it begins to seem she is of a companion for Nina than anything elseThey sit by the pool drink wine play with Aurelia It's a dream job Until it's notThis book really intrigued me For the first 60% I could not figure out where it was going Obviously something was amiss it's a Thriller but what was it?Was Scott up to something? Was Nina? Aurelia seemed a little strange was she possessed? What about Emily? An unreliable narrator if ever there was one right?Then at 60% there was one sentence one sentence that made every single puzzle piece fall into place for me It was so glaringly obvious to me after that what was actually going onWhile I don't believe that is where I was suppose to figure it all out as looking back it was a fairly mundane sentence I did and it sort of sucked a little of the joy out of it for meBut just a little Overall I did have a ton of fun reading this It was uite intense towards the endEven though the characters might not have made the choices I would have made I was satisfied with the conclusion It felt completeThank you so much to the publisher Minotaur Books for providing me with a copy to read and review I definitely think it will end up being one of the hottest Thrillers of the summer Available now

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    Emily is having a bad day; a very bad day and it leaves her not only in a bind but in a mess She has been fired from her job lost her agent and given the notice to vacate by her landlord Scott appears to have it all he is successful wealthy and handsome but he has a problem that he can't fix that is until he meets EmilyScott offers Emily a job at his remote home in France to help his wife Nina There she meets both Nina and Scott and Nina's daughter Aurelia It is also there at the home in France that Emily learns that Scott and Nina have secretsI found this book to be both interesting and predictable Will I remember it in months to come probably not but it did serve to entertain me The characters are interesting The storyline is intriguing and the French home while it sounds like a dream come true turns out to be creepy and strange Although I enjoyed this there was just that little bit of something missing in this for me This is the Author's debut novel and it shows promise and I will be on the lookout for books from her in the futureThank you to St Martin's Press and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own

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    The beautiful cover made me want to hop on a plane and go somewhere nice and tropical to read this book but that was not an option so I found a comfy chair in a warm room insteadI think I can safely say that the main character Emily needed help urgently To accept a job in France from someone she does not know leave without telling anyone and then toss her phone as soon as she gets there and cease any contact with home She was asking for everything she got However despite the rather dodgy way the author set this all up once Emily was in situ the story took off and I had trouble putting the book down I guessed some of it as it went along but there was still plenty of suspense and I was so sad for that poor little girl I loved the spooky caretaker the magnificent house the charming but slightly evil husband the crazy wife It was a Gothic novel translated into modern times The ending was realistic but I was still sad for the little girl I thought this was an excellent debut novel and will look out for from this authorThanks to Netgalley and Minotaur books for the opportunity to read and review this book

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    After 2 weeks of not reading a thing and with 3 hours left on my loan from the libraryI HAVE FINALLY FINISHED A BOOK Too bad it was mega mehTW Because this is a thriller I've hidden them behind a spoiler tag Click 'view spoiler' if you would like to see them view spoilerself harm death of a child child abductionkidnapping suicide hide spoiler

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    35 starsI love the book cover design for this one as it practically begs you to read the book during the summer or while on vacation The story hooked me from the beginning because it had a creepy factor to it in which I wasn't entirely sure which direction the author was going to go because it felt like there were endless possibilities I do have some mixed feelings about the big reveal and the last uarter of the story so that's why I landed on a 35 star ratingEmily's life is a bit of a mess at the moment Scott Denny is a CEO and he offers Emily a job as a housekeeper at his family's French estate Desperate for money Emily accepts the job The estate is beautiful although very secluded While Scott works in London Emily spends her days with his wife Nina and their daughter Aurelia Emily works hard sprucing up the place but she also gets to relax by the pool and eat good food Sounds like a plum gig for Emily right? Well this story has thriller and suspense elements so of course something ain't right The story is told from multiple perspectives which I think was a wise choice by the author as it clued in the reader that something was off with Scott pretty much from the get go That's not a spoiler You know this isn't an ideal situation for Emily but you're not sure what is wrong or at least I didn't have a clue And that brings me to the reveal Somehow it managed to be both surprising and lackluster at the same time Perhaps other readers saw it coming a mile away but I was caught off guard which is a positive in my opinion The problem is it feels like an ordinary uninspiring revelation I thought the author had a good setup to something awesome and it just didn't meet my expectations Once you find out the big thing it's kinda downhill from thereEven though I didn't think this book uite met its potential I thought it was a pretty decent read If you are looking for something fairly easy and uick to read this isn't a bad choiceThank you to Netgalley and Minotaur Books for providing me with an advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Emily Proudman's acting career has come to a standstill None of the auditions she's gone to have been successful and her agent is leaving for the US On top of that she's just lost her most recent job as a receptionist Her rent is overdue and without work she can't afford to stay in London but she also can't go home to the parents she's been neglecting But then she runs into her former boss Scott Denny who offers her a job as a housekeeper and personal assistant to his wife Nina who lives in France with their daughter Aurelia Jumping at the chance she soon finds herself living at uerencia a beautiful secluded estate on the coast and becoming friendly with Nina and Aurelia Life seems almost perfect but something seems just a bit wrong with Nina her need for privacy and her over protectiveness of Aurelia However the estate is so beautiful with it's lovely pool wonderful local food and wine and her growing friendship with Nina that she tries to suppress any niggling doubts she hasTold in alternating points of view by Emily and Scott with some prior history filled in by Nina it will take a while for Emily to work out what secrets are being kept hidden at uerencia and by then it might be too late to escape the nightmare she has landed in The reader is also lulled by the plot full of serenity and sunny days with Aurelia's odd behaviour explained away by her health problems The characters are also complex than they first appear Nina might seem like the perfect mother but there is a brittleness to her character that is easily shattered allowing hints of her unstable mental health to leak through Scott is puzzling in his failure to spend much time in France which he attributes to his heavy work load but when he does arrive at the estate does not seem to engage with Aurelia and is distant with Nina At first Emily seems to be the naive downtrodden and placid girl Scott manipulates into becoming a companion for his wife but she is smarter and resilient than either of them realises An enjoyable and edgy debut novel from a promising new author 35★ With thanks to Affirm Press and Netgalley for a copy to read

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    A bit predictable but a nice escape from worldwide pandemics nonetheless Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy

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