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✷ [BOOKS] ✫ Girl Serpent Thorn By Melissa Bashardoust ❁ – A captivating and utterly original fairy tale about a girl cursed to be poisonous to the touch and who discovers what power might lie in such a curseThere was and there was not as all stories begin a A captivating and utterly original fairy tale about a girl cursed to be poisonous to the touch and who discovers what power might lie in such a curseThere was and there was not as all stories begin a princess cursed to be poisonous to the touch But for Soraya who has lived her life Girl Serpent PDF/EPUB or hidden away apart from her family safe only in her gardens it’s not just a storyAs the day of her twin brother’s wedding approaches Soraya must decide if she’s willing to step outside of the shadows for the first time Below in the dungeon is a demon who holds knowledge that she craves the answer to her freedom And above is a young man who isn’t afraid of her whose eyes linger not with fear but with an understanding of who she is beneath the poisonSoraya thought she knew her place in the world but when her choices lead to conseuences she never imagined she begins to uestion who she is and who she is becominghuman or demon Princess or monster.Girl Serpent Thorn

Melissa Bashardoust pronounced BASH ar doost received her degree in English from the University of California Berkeley where she rediscovered her love for creative writing children’s literature and fairy tales and their retellings She currently lives in Southern California with a cat named Alice and copies of Jane Eyre than she probably needs Girls Girl Serpent PDF/EPUB or Made of Snow and Glass is her first.

Girl Serpent Thorn Epub à Girl Serpent  PDF/EPUB or
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Girl Serpent Thorn
  • Melissa Bashardoust
  • English
  • 24 July 2015
  • 9781250196149

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    ✧ find this review others on my blog ✧The story of the Shah’s twin sister came to the people of Atashar as most rumors do as a drifting set of jokes and have you heards that combined and recombined themselves slowly into a single tale a poisonous girl with the blood of a div moving in her veins a burden to her family living in the shadows cursed and reviled But unlike most rumors this one is true Soraya knows fear in the shape of her own face She felt it in her poisonous blood an iron weight she had borne for so long But it was a familiar feeling the nagging sense that she was teetering on a knife’s edge and all it would take was one push in the wrong direction and she would surrender to the deepest pull of the darkness that prowled inside her For years Soraya has walked the edges of her curse looking for a crack but it held on Until Azad a handsome young soldier captures a female div named Parvaneh and all the hope Soraya had shut out comes roaring back in Parvaneh might be the only one who can show Soraya the gaps between the bars of her curse but to escape her life Soraya might have to tear a hole in her family’s Aren’t you made for death? The premise promises a story that bears the indentations of a dark and twisted fairytale with all the rich density of horror a tale that gathers Persian mythology into an exhilarating antiheroic slant a world where the truth of who is right or wrong is as cold and unreachable as the stars—and the potential is definitely there The novel is heavy on the foreshadowing the story often feels like a clock winding tighter as the ending draws near and the world—though only delicately sketched since the author does not explain or engage with every aspect of its nature—is sharpened with urgency There’s a suggestion of a trapdoor waiting under every page and the possibilities bristled in my thoughts Soraya is an interesting protagonist She was shot through with that dark smoky core of poison and it sung in her It bloomed power in her blood and made her something than human It made her unstoppable A kind of awful pleasure sliced through Soraya at the realization that she’s far powerful than she’s ever given herself credit for a uestion winding around her like a rope “What would she allow herself to become?” The helpless girl locked away and withering on the vine of life? The uiescent serpent ignoring the coiled thing inside her that gathering of something hard and unyielding? Or the girl made of thorns as long as spears and as sharp as needs with a sting like fire? When the tilted emptiness that has settled inside Soraya begins to fade replaced by stubborn determination I wanted—abruptly and with an absurd intensity—for her to kindle it to shield and nurture that flame until it takes far than a single breath to blow it out And for a while I thought the story would balloon in that direction But the narrative often retreats into a flimsy plot populated with characters that could have been substantially fleshed out and culminating eventually into a big reveal that’s obvious from the book’s earliest pages—and one that isn’t all that gripping in the first place Ultimately that’s my biggest uibble with the story—that it cries out for a challenging better developed execution of a really involved and interesting premise Still that’s not enough to put a permanent dent in the novel’s spell As the story powers forward and Soraya is forced to brush with her moral code the novel probes painstakingly at Soraya’s desire to be just to somehow behave well despite the contradictory desires of the heart The author also affectingly articulates the ways that humanizing and dehumanizing those we love can be flip sides of the same coin Here I wish the novel had dwelled longer on the sapphic romance that blossoms between Soraya and Parvaneh who amid the swirling chaos have looked at each other and found a possibility of something All uibbles aside this was a solid read I just wish I enjoyed it ☆ ko fi ★ blog ☆ twitter ★ tumblr ☆

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    A poisonous girl threatens the people’s lives who dare to touch her intentionally or accidentally Poor Soraya suffers from loneliness is exiled from her inner circle living in the shadows because poison flows through her veins and she can kill somebody anytime But a mysterious boy gets interested with her situation and he seems like he is not afraid of her You may think what a great pilot the boy will break the curse fight with the demons and ride to the sunset singing “take my horse to the Old Town Road duct taping Billy Ray Cyrus’ mouth not to join him singing Nope when you reach half of the book you just say “oh I didn’t see it coming it just moved to the different direction Actually this book makes you feel like you read than one books I think a trilogy is hidden inside of this story and I wish the author told Soraya’s beautiful emotional awakening self discovery story in than one book So this fairy tale mixed with Persian culture and magical elements kind of story A girl does not want to use her curse to gain power and threat people’s lives She accepts her unfair faith and we catch glimpses from her early life and witness that she had a crush to a girl which is reciprocated Yes we have a bisexual heroine on the board which is a different and uniue touch And yes Soraya loves to see the roses’ growing because instead of killing or hurting any living thing she wants to give them live and see them grow Second part we just realize main love interest of this story is ff relationship But as I said from the beginning this is not romantic fantasy about a girl who needs to love for breaking her curse and having her HEA When we learn about both of their skeletons they hid in their closets we may see they are so flawless pure golden hearted characters So we have two realistically developed female characters’ uniuely developed story are ready to atone their sins because they are not the villanelles They are just humans who made mistakes and wrong choices in their pasts and now they want to correct them Overall this book is definitely not only a love story it’s about a girl’s evolution learning from her mistakes choosing what she wants from her life discovering her own strengths sensibilities and forming her own path story World building with Persian cultural elements and magical touch is also one of the best parts I truly enjoyed about the bookI have to admit longevity of this book made me a little hesitated before I decided to start it I still wish the story could have told in than one book because the writing is intriguing characters are easy to connect pacing is balanced not too fast or slowIf you keen on reading some original different approach with feminist vibes to the fairy tales this book is definitely a great choice I gave 35 stars and of course the author’s hard efforts and lyrical magical story telling forced me to round it up to 4 starsSo much thanks to NetGalley and Flatiron Books for sharing this unconventional uniue ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    45 stars ‘Sometimes the Princess is a monster’ Girl Serpent Thorn is Melissa Bashardoust's sopho novel; one I have been very highly anticipatingHer debut Girls Made of Snow and Glass a wildly creative reimagining of Snow White blew me away when I read it back in 2018 I was astounded by her vivid imagination and ability to uniuely recreate a well known taleThis latest story is an original fairy tale following a princess Soraya who due to a curse is poisonous to the touch Because of this her family has kept her locked away a secret hidden from the rest of the kingdomAs she grows older watching the world move around her from high atop the castle unseen she begins to grow resentful Her brother the Shah is set to marry a girl she once considered her best friend; who was in fact her only friendWhen circumstances arrive that bring a captured Div a magical demon into the castle’s dungeons Soraya believes they may hold the answers she seeks The cure for her curse Little does she know that one bit of information could actually be the downfall of them allI really enjoyed this Bashardoust’s writing continues to impress The world building was fantastic and I loved the Persian feel of it allAlthough this is an original story I could feel the influences from many other mythologies and fairy tales I thought it was executed beautifully There were moments when I could see a bit of Sleeping Beauty Beauty and the Beast Arabian Nights or Rapunzel to name a fewAlthough it is a story full of magic powers and beings the writing didn’t suffer from trying to be overly whimsical I find with some stories they try to up the magical feel in a way that ends up overshadowing the actual plot That certainly wasn’t the case hereAs Soraya discovers the truth of her curse she begins to uestion her entire life what she has been told and who she can trust There was a lot of back and forth between different characters where as the reader you weren’t even sure who she could trustThere were a few deep deceptions a lot of plotting and a lot of monsters The stakes were high and I was definitely cheering for Soraya the whole way through She has a great arc over the course of the story as she grew in confidence and courageI would highly recommend this to YA Fantasy readers If you are looking for a diverse Fantasy Soraya is a bi MC and the Persian influence can be felt throughout I think this book really has something for everyone There is a lot I could talk about with regards to the plot it has plenty of depth and intricacies to explore but I think it is best to go into the story knowing as little as possibleYou can enter this one confident you are in the hands of a skilled storyteller Bashardoust has never let me down and I will continue to pick up anything she has publishedI would like to thank the publisher Flatiron Books for not only providing me with a copy of this read and review but also including me on the blog tour for its release It is an honor to be able to help promote Bashardoust and her beautiful stories

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    slams hand on table I wanted GAY—★—Girl Serpent Thorn is an enthrallingly written fantasy drawing inspiration from Persian mythology and Sleeping Beauty Soraya the twin sister of the Shah should be able to walk the streets of her country freely and touch anything without the worry that it will wither away But for her entire life she has been cursed with a poisonous touch with the blood of a div demon coursing through her When a div is captured in a local village Soraya may find the cure to her curse—or a threat that endangers her family and countryAfter reading the first few chapters I was afraid that I might end up disappointed There is a plot twist—though I’d say it is like a plot reveal since it wasn’t particularly surprising—and when it happened I feared that its obviousness would ruin the rest of the story for me Fortunately the remainder of the book unfurls deliciously without as much predictabilityI flew through this book in a matter of only a few days I remember staying up late in bed to read this with only the warm light of my lamp and this immersive twisting story to keep me company Something about Bashardoust’s writing is gripping and lends this book a classic fairytale feeling While I may have liked her previous book Girls Made of Snow and Glass I think her writing definitely improved in this one and it is utterly transportive She had read enough stories to know that the princess and the monster were never the same She had been alone long enough to know which one she was Soraya was a fascinating character to follow throughout this book She grapples with her inability to become close with anyone—from a fear that stems both from herself and everyone around her a fear that she is nothing than her curse and a blight on her family Her loneliness became a part of her as did her feelings of shame and self loathing and all of this only contributed to the uestionable decisions she madeHonestly I found myself wanting from her—perhaps it’s the lady villain lover in me but I just really would’ve loved to see her give in to the idea that she was a monster and relish in it But that truly was an issue with my own personal taste and I also realized that that isn’t the point of her character Soraya is someone who is learning how to be herself and how to love herself after fearing what it means to be Soraya And all of this growth happens as she gets closer to a villain that she can actually envision herself becoming which just makes her development even better She explores her own monstrosity and reclaims what it means for her after having it defined by everyone her entire lifeI also had the same issues with the side characters; I wanted to see from both the villain and Parvaneh They certainly didn’t feel two dimensional and were both interesting characters and I enjoyed learning about them and their backgrounds But for me there was still something missing from themProbably my biggest source of dismay was that the romance between Soraya and Parvaneh did not deliver everything I wanted and I ached for from it I think this was due to the false advertising that this would be pretty focused on the ff romance While the romance is there and it is wonderful and lovely and I adore it it definitely wasn’t as central as I was expecting and I really wish it had been I felt the same way with Bashardoust’s previous book so perhaps it is a stylistic choice of hers to not write too much romance in her books? But I think their relationship would have benefited from developmentscenes regardless—I loved the scenes between them and I simply wanted sapphic goodness She had thought nothing would be incredible than the simple sensation of touch but she’d been wrong incredible still was the idea that she could be dangerous all her thorns on display and that someone would dare to touch her anyway Even though I don’t think the full potential of this book was reached I still found it to be a captivating story and I thought it was a well done exploration of loneliness self loathing and the impacts of being raised to fear yourself If you’re looking for an entrancing fantasy that feels like a fairytale with an antiheroine who goes on a journey to learn and love who she is this book is for you Unfortunately I just wanted a little bit from it—★— rep Persian coded cast wlw MC multi gender attracted and LI content warnings violence murderdeath imprisonment war depictionsmentions of bloodAll uotes are taken from an advance copy and may differ in final publication

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    A new BookTube Video is Up all about whether you should buy borrow or burn 2020 YA books Let me know what you think The Written Review Stories always begin the same way There was and there was not There is a possibility in those words the chance for hope or despair Soraya is a princess but she has spent her life in fairytales and hidden away because of her deepest darkest secret the div cursed her firstborn daughter making her poisonous so that anyone who touched her would die After a lifetime without touch Soraya finds herself yearning ever for someone anyone to break her isolationWhen a div demon is taken into the dungeons she finally realizes that she might have a chance to learn about her curse and possibly break freebut she knows demons lie Is she willing to risk it all for a chance at freedom? Do you see now why I recognized you? You're my favorite story I feel like I've known you for a long time First of all GORGEOUS cover on this one I absolutely LOVED the color scheme the roses thorns and snakes Really eye catchingI loved the concept of this book the poisoned princess the demon in the dungeon and the mysterious stranger who loves her The three major characters played well off of each other and had a pretty good balance between the three of them There were a few moments that felt a bit predictable but overall I was entertained by the direction of the bookThe plot was interesting but it was missing a little sparkle I think it's because we spend a lot of time inside or hiding which is confining to astoryThe pacing felt a bit slow as Soraya waffled about whether she should take a plunge or stay in safety which gota little annoying after a bit but once she finally made up her mind the plot took off like a rocketAll in all I uite liked this one and I'm looking forward to what the author writes next With thanks to Netgalley Flatiron Books and Melissa Bashardoust for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Dark Unexpected and Completely OriginalThis book was totally different than I thought it would be I expected something along the lines of Rapunzel with a princess locked away in a castle only to be rescued by a prince who is able to see who she really is despite her differences However what I got was a girl who didn’t just sit in her room locked away and waiting to be rescued but one who did what she could to rescue herself and she didn’t always do what was right or proper She makes mistakes big mistakes with far reaching effects I couldn’t always tell who was good and who was bad in this fairytale and it made it truly suspenseful and original Soraya is the lead character and she is a twin to Sorush the current Shah of Golvahar She is cursed with poison in her veins and is unable to touch any living thing without killing it She longs to get rid of her curse and be normal Her family travels every summer and she is left behind only able to watch them return each fall from her tower where she is hidden away After their return one season she sees a new face among her brothers guard and looks to the tower and sees her as well His name is Azad and he is a commoner that has become a royal guard because he saved the Shah when a div attacked him Div’s are from Mount Arzur Everyone there knew never to go wandering too close to the mountain because it was the home of divs—the demonic servants of the Destroyer whose only purpose was to bring destruction and chaos to the Creator’s world Soraya learns that the div that attacked her brother was caught and now resides in the dungeon She believes that the div might have the answer to reversing her curse Soraya uses the tunnels in the castle to sneak down and speak to the div she meets Azad who helps her and she finds information that may help her I don’t want to give any away than that However Soraya the div named Parvenah and Azad become entangled and what happens after that is uite a tale There are many other characters is this story and the character development and world building is terrific This was a dark fairytale with monsters curses and evil but the Soraya’s journey is uite different than I have seen in other fantasy novels and fairytales Sometimes it is hard to tell if she is good or bad and the same is true for many of the other charactersThough it wasn’t the best I have read it was definitely very good and worth reading I have this book 4 stars for all the things I truly liked about it I would definitely watch a movie of this one I love fantasy and fairytales and this is one of the most original I have read though it is a retelling I’ve never heard the fairytale before It is nice to see a flawed heroine especially one as strong as SorayaI voluntarily read reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts opinions are my own Blog|Goodreads|Facebook||Twitter|BookBub

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    I am both the Sleeping Beauty and the enchanted castle; the princess drowses in the castle of her flesh Angela Carter VampirellaAs someone who is new to Melissa Bashardoust's novels I can't really say how this novel compares to her previous one but what I can say is that Girl Serpent Thorn is a delightful breath of fresh air in the YA fantasy genre I'm always on the search for fairytale retellings that incorporate non Western stories and this Persian inspired spin on the poisonous girl in the garden was truly incredibleIt's really hard to touch on the plot aside from what is shared in the synopsis because there were many twists and turns that I wasn't expecting across the length of the book Let's just say that secrets abound and characters can't always be trusted Your emotions will be tested not only by the sort of love triangle but by Soraya's inner battles with the affliction that holds her I cannot imagine not being able to touch or be touched by another soul and I was intrigued by the physical and mental conseuences that this brought on our main character I think I'm going to stop here and leave it up to you to decide if you'd like to read this story for yourself but I'm really glad to have read this one and I'm very interested in going back and picking up Girls Made of Snow and Glass while waiting for whatever she decides to write next Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley

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    She had read enough stories to know that the princess and the monster were never the same She had been alone long enough to know which one she was Friends no matter how excited I was to read this gorgeous Persian fairytale retelling with ueer girls and demons — a description that had all of my interests piued entirely on its own — and no matter how many rave reviews I'd already seen nothing could have prepared me for how utterly captivating and entrancing and gorgeous Girl Serpent Thorn was Beautiful yet deadly he had called her Somehow he made one sound as sweet as the other First of all the entire atmosphere and aesthetic of this story — please this has to be made into a film because I think it would be breathtaking And the characters? They're genuinely complex even some of the minor roles we don't see often but don't even get me started on Soraya and Parvaneh and how dear these two women are to my heart Soraya is an incredibly three dimensional protagonist with flaws and values fears and desires and my heart absolutely ached for her all of the time — but don't get me wrong she's tough as nails and a fierce protector too And Parvaneh? What I wouldn't give for a preuel novella about her before meeting Soraya I'm such a sucker for demons as characters in the first place but when you add in the complexities of the div types and the sisterhood of the parik on top of Parvaneh's charm and general existence as a total badass? I like Soraya was doomed from the start There's something restless growing within you We're all very curious to see what happens when it breaks free As far as the plot goes while the characters shone for me I loved the entire storyline too I felt like Melissa Bashardoust took an arc that could've been dragged out into 2 or 3 books easily yet she slimmed it down into just a few hundred pages without leaving me feeling as though anything was missing and that's an incredible talent in my eyes I couldn't get enough and the pacing kept me interested from cover to cover I loved the exploration of Soraya's curse but even I loved the familial aspect to it and her gradual understanding of why these things came into being Nobody is innocent here but everyone has a genuine motive and it makes it hard to dislike any of these characters — even the villain I've been expecting you And you are very very late I also have to mention one particular plot point about three uarters through that I won't spoil but if you've read it I'll just say a character is introduced who absolutely broke me Watching Soraya reach this depth in understanding her ancestry and the connection she is granted It's hard to be vague here because all I want to do is weep incoherently about how powerful the entire final act of this book was and how beautifully it all wrapped up If I am being cruel she decided then it's because he taught me how I'll wrap this up in a moment but finally the discussion of betrayal and manipulation in Girl Serpent Thorn is so subtle and elouent Too often we see princesses in fairytales who are tricked by wicked men and blame themselves or are blamed by others; finally Melissa Bashardoust has given us a princess who has been tricked and grows to recognize that she didn't deserve this behavior and that if her only fault was trusting a cruel man the blame resides in his cruelty — not her kindness Truly what an empowering story of hope and strength and I know this one will stick with me for a long time to come✨ Representation Girl Serpent Thorn is inspired by the Persian epic Shahnameh and the author's exploration into her own culture Soraya and Parvaneh are both ueer while Soraya is attracted to multiple genders in the context of the book no labels are used for either character✨ Content warnings for view spoilerviolence death betrayal manipulation war kidnapping torture in reference only hide spoiler

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    Fairyloot's May 2020 Box DESERT DREAMS 🖤My Rep Code MEL5 ❤️Oh I wanted to love this one so very badly Sadly most of the characters just felt so insufferable and their actions felt so convenient and uestionable This is ownvoices for the Persian mythos and does star a bi MC the author is ueer but I’m not sure what they ID as But this is a story about a princess who is cursed with a poisonous touch and because of that she is constantly alone and locked away by her family because they don’t want anyone to know and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone on accident That is until she meets a boy named Azad who not only finds out but is not scared of her or her touch You know until bad things happen and her her family and her entire kingdom is in grave danger Now this is where the insufferable MC comes in because Soraya truly just makes the most uestionable of choices while the other characters just magically choose to believe her for progression of the story Meanwhile a demon girl named Pavenah is everything and I loved her with the sum of my being This had a lot of potential and I liked the talk on power dynamics and imbalances a lot but the story just never made me feel like there were any risks because they always conveniently worked out over and over again Truly even the villains in this book were the most trustworthy for no reason Yet I will say that I am very much in the minority with my feelings on this book so maybe check out some other reviews Also I never want to read about convenient secret passages again either Content and Trigger Warnings blood gore violence captivity panic attackanxiety depiction Blog | Instagram | Youtube | Ko fi | Spotify | TwitchBuddy read with Romie Maëlys Amy we love an accidental Dragons Tea buddy read ❤❤ Reading Rush 2020

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    45 Stars This book wasn’t on my radar but it came today in my MAY FairyLoot yes still covid lateHere’s a pic of the stuff with the exception of the bath salts I tossed them off to the side and forgot to add them Anyhoo1 Bookish Tin inspired by We Hunt The Flame2 Bookish Wooden Spoon with a uote from Hero Of The Fall3 Tea Towel inspired by The City Of Brass4 Desert Bath Salts 5 Tribal Desert Candle inspired by An Ember In The Ashes6 Sunglasses Pouch with uote from The Forbidden Wish7 Tarot Cards inspired by Throne of GlassI’m so glad I got this book in my FairyLoot box now It was soooo freaking good I loved the poisonous girl with all the fairytale goodness I loved the characters even though I wanted to smack them around a few times but I digress Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾BLOG

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