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[EPUB] ✼ Someone Else's Secret ✿ Julia Spiro – Here’s the thing about secrets they change shape over time become blurry with memory until the truth is nearly lost2009 Lindsey and Georgie have high hopes for their summer on Martha’s Vineyard In Here’s the thing about secrets they change shape over time become blurry with memory until the truth is nearly lost Lindsey and Georgie have high hopes for their summer on Martha’s Vineyard In the wake of the recession ambitious college graduate Lindsey accepts a job as a nanny for an influential family who may help her land a position in Boston’s exclusive art world Georgie the eldest child in that family is nearly fifteen and eager to find herself dreaming of independence and yearning for first loveOver the course of that formative Someone Else's PDF \ summer the two young women develop a close bond Then one night by the lighthouse a shocking act occurs that ensnares them both in the throes of a terrible secret Their budding friendship is shattered and neither one can speak of what happened that night for ten long yearsUntil now Lindsey and Georgie must confront the past after all this time Their uest for justice will reuire costly sacrifices but it also might give them the closure they need to move on All they know for sure is that when the truth is revealed their lives will be forever changed once againFrom a fresh voice in fiction this poignant and timely novel explores the strength and nuance of female friendship the cost of ambition and the courage it takes to speak the truth.Someone Else's Secret


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  • Someone Else's Secret
  • Julia Spiro
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  • 01 June 2014

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    For my full review visit me at female protagonists in this story are excruciating they are desperate for acceptance from their peers and they cannot shake this emotion even as young adults It was painful to watch develop coupled with the fact that the majority of male characters are portrayed as predators The author makes it obvious where the story is headed and in the end I found I was bored and restless reading this novelFor my full review visit me at

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    I found the characters shallow and it was extremely hard to like or care about any of them The book plods alongs for 200 pages hits the important part and just ends very uickly like the author had to wrap it all up neatly

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    When Lindsey finishes college she gets a summer job as a nanny for a wealthy family with two children Their daughter Georgie is a fourteen year old with a rebellious nature and wants a summer job of her ownOne evening when Lindsey and Georgie are out at the lighthouse an incident happens that changes their lives foreverThank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for my e copy in exchange for an honest review

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    A story about friendship and secrets An incident witnessed ten years ago had its effect in the present timeA slow moving book with the characters going through a lot of angst Parts of it were difficult to read yet parts captured me The ending was rushed just felt the story needed a bit time to breatheOverall a good read

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    I got as far as 40% in but then packed it in The big event hadn't occurred by then and I was getting bored with it By the time I gave in we'd pretty much only learned which blokes the girls fancied and it all came across as like a YA story than for someone my age in her 50sSomebody reviewing this described it as suspenseful and dishy which I find an odd word to use and a couple of times she referred to 'on island' and not on the island and I imagine that is possibly the way they speak ?I did get a little confused between Lindsey's friends and Georgie's friends as we keep swapping narrators for each chapter There were no mistakes and it is presented really well which is impressive but the story itself was a bit too slow and dull for me This was my Kindle First choice for June

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    SOMEONE ELSE'S SECRETBY JULIA SPIROI have recently been in a terrible reading slump and am thrilled to say that this phenomenal book gave me a reprieve and I can't recommend this one highly enough If I could give it 100 stars I would Both the plot and characterizations were absolutely fantastic There is so much I want to say about this tale and how it affected me but I don't want to give away spoilers This novel had me feeling so much empathy and compassion for it's many character's except for the antagonistIt is college graduation time for Lindsey and it is 2008 during the time of this country's great recession If you are old enough to remember that year you will realize that the joblessness was at an all time low and if the government had not bailed the banks out for the sub prime lending regarding mortgages this country would have gone into a Depression People were losing their homes That doesn't have anything to do with this book except to depict one of our main female heroine who has just graduated college studying art and her job prospects are low to non existent She wants to work in Boston in one of it's art museum's and one day become an art curatorWhile Lindsey is celebrating her graduation from college and wracked with years of college loan debt she has been trying to find an internship and can't find one Most of them are unpaid but she is willing to take on any job while also working for free as an intern at one of the art museum's but she has found out that you have to know someone to get hired Lindsey is jobless and during graduation a professor comes over to her table and says she would like to introduce Lindsey to the Decker family The Decker's are on the board at the Museum of Fine Art and need a nanny this summer at Cape CodLindsey is an only child and doesn't have much experience with taking care of children Jonathan Decker says that if things work out this summer with Lindsey being their nanny he can introduce her to his friend whom both husband and wife can get Lindsey a paid job in the fall at Boston's Museum of Fine Art Lindsey is beautiful and has great ambitions of creating a great life for herself in the art world Jonathan and Carol Decker tell Lindsey that she will have a free place to live with food and all she has to do is take care of their youngest child Berty by taking him to tennis camp and getting him breakfast and her afternoons can be spent taking Berty to their beach club Berty is five years old and I just loved him He is a lovable child and easy to care for Lindsey decides to take the jobGeorgie is the Decker's fourteen and a half year old daughter who is going to be working her first job at the Picnic Basket She is disdainful moody with hormones and doesn't want to have to answer to Lindsey Lindsey is kind and friendly and doesn't force a friendship with Georgie Georgie is experiencing all of the teenager angst of wanting to find romance Georgie doesn't have any friends this summer as her former friend's are ignoring her and she is jealous of Lindsey Carol Decker is a very hands off mother and I didn't like her at first until later in the novel when I learned what she has gone through Carol seems very cold and uninterested in her children This leaves Lindsey with the full time care of Berty from morning until after he is read a bedtime story by Lindsey and he falls asleep for the night After that Lindsey is free to do what she wants and she usually goes outBrian is the character that most readers I suspect won't like at all His parents are wealthier than the Decker's and also the ones who are pivotal to Lindsey getting her job in the fall He is also Joanna's boyfriend Joanna didn't give Lindsey the time of day in college but for some odd reason she befriends Lindsey and there are many nights spent drinking at beach parties with Joanna Brian and all of the other wealthy 24 year old's who spend every summer at Cape Cod The first party that Lindsey attends Joanna leads Lindsey to do something to get back at Brian by keying his car When it is time for Lindsey to go home she meets a wholesome and kind working class guy named Dylan who sees Lindsey and offers her a ride home The two of them fall in love over the course of the SummerGeorgie has a deep crush on Brian even though their age differences are significant Brian goes into the Picnic Basket every day for iced coffee and again for lunch Georgie whose job assignment is to work in the back office sorting mountains of paperwork and inventorying all of the swanky merchandise that the establishment sells besides food When Brian comes in Georgie is often found sweeping and washing down tables escaping the back office so she can talk to Brian Georgie feels awkward and frustrated with her life and getting a few breadcrumbs from Brian makes her feel like he is interested in her One odd night Brian sees Georgie walking home from a party and he offers to walk her home They almost kiss when Lindsey being protective comes out and breaks it up This is where the climax of the story beginsGeorgie runs into her house and sobs uncontrollably over Lindsey ruining her big chance of romance with Brian Lindsey had that day off and she spent the day at Joanna's drinking and later that night went out with Dylan and drank After separating Brian and Georgie Brian asks Lindsey to go for a walk to the lighthouse on the beach What happens next will alter Lindsey and Georgie's Lives for the next ten years It will haunt them both and change who they are for the worst I felt so much pain for both of these two and felt like it happened to me I asked myself what would I do if I was Georgie or Lindsey Something brutal happens and the way they deal with it by keeping silent is the lesson of this excellent book This was a fascinating story that I will never forget Every once in a while I read something such as this excellent book and it is so compelling that it raises the bar so high that I never want the story to end This is a gripping narrative that examines so many important themes that I highly recommend this I thought about what would I do if I was in Lindsey Georgie or even Carol's position Thinking about the conseuences for these three character's if they face the issue and illuminate it could I do the same thing? Ten years later the issue will resurface and that is really the heart of this story I highly felt so much compassion for these character's and how much a single incident can bore away at your soul and obliterate the way in which you live and the way you view yourself and everybody else This author is one to watch out for and this was a fabulous debut which I loved so much I know it will take a long time for me to value a book as much as this one Don't read any reviews if you choose to read this as I didn't and it worked out in my favor Unforgettable Life changing Original and highly relevant in this day and ageThank you to Net Galley The talented Julia Spiro and Lake Union Publishing for providing me with my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review All opinions are my ownPublication Date July 1 2020#SomeoneElse'sSecret #JuliaSpiro #LakeUnionPublishing #NetGalley

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    This novel pisses me off Both in the way the author meant for the reader to be pissed off and in ways she did not But first let me say This book is good Damn good even Well worth the read and a stellar debut In fact probably the best I have read yet The whole thing was so deliciously yet painfully slow burn I dreaded continuing but I could not stop myself Beautiful torture The pain the characters endured The tangled messes they got themselves in It was like the best train wreck ever witnessed I was so ready to give this five stars And then the end happened Oh LordI am just gonna be straightThe end cheapened the story There was no need NONE to skip the story line ahead ten years AND THEN rush to a happy ending If the author wanted a story of redemption with a happily ever after there was a prefect moment at the climax of the main story line to pull it off Doing so would have made this story believable with a satisfying ending As is the whole thing felt rushed forced and too prefectI hate the ending But I love everything else Julia Spiro has my attention now

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    There is no shortage of pitfalls when it comes to being young and female; this author nails itSOMEONE ELSES SECRET was not like anything else I have read My feelings upon finishing the book are not so much conflicted as polarized What I liked about the book I REALLY liked What I didn't like was serious enough to dock it down to three stars I'll start with the good but first a warning if you are bothered by sexual content you will need to pass on this oneThe Good Stuff This story is current and parts of it are disturbingly similar to what we saw played out on television recently during coverage of the Harvey Weinstein trial This story is extremely relevant and explains perfectly why victims of sexual assault respond in ways that seem to go against their own self interest ways that seem illogical and cause others to doubt their allegations If you can't figure out why a woman would wait years to accuse someone of rape or continue to socialize with her rapist after the factlook no further After reading this book the answers to those uestions will be obviousThe author of SOMEONE ELSES SECRET is really talented Julia Spiro captured the absolute essence of what it is like to be young and female if you just want to understand what girls are like between the ages of 14 and 22 or you lived it and have forgotten this book is the only guide or refresher you'll ever need The inner turmoil and ANGST of the two narrators 14 year old Georgie and 22 year old Lindsey are so spot on perfect that it made me remember things i hadn't thought about in years Those memories aren't pleasant because young girls on the brink of becoming women who are trying to figure out their place and role in the world live lives of near constant inner turmoilAngst is a perfect word to summarize the internal thoughts of the two narrators myself at that age and every coming of age girl i've ever known Angst plays out like this lack of self confidence; the yearning to be all grown up and to be seen that way by others; many mortifying humiliations magnified well out of proportion probably mostly unnoticed by others; Over thinking EVERYTHING; analyzing everything trying to determine hidden meanings and motivations of others when interacting It is exhausting and I think very typical The emotional lives of Georgie and Lindsey felt so familiar and were filled with such uneccessarily harsh self inflicted drama it made me suirm for them and myself at that ageThe author perfectly captures the shame women especially young women have about their bodies the swimsuit coverups the towels wrapped around waists the baggy clothing used to hide themselves Lindsey is very large breasted which brings her a lot of unwanted male attention It also brings her unwarranted female resentment There is nothing she can do to stop it I didn't have a close girlfriend who was endowed with extremely large breasts until I was 30 I remember being shocked by the way men reacted to her We would go out for drinks and they would not leave her alone they practically salivated over her and made sexually charged innuendos I had never seen this dynamic played out before and I was shocked by it All that unwanted attention made me realize how thankful I was NOT to be big breasted My girlfriend had had years to learn how to navigate what was her unavoidable reality inappropriate sexual comments and touches by strangers CONSTANTLY This is Lindsey's reality and she is just learning to navigate it She is constantly jockeying her physical environment to keep men from making a move on her or otherwise doing or saying something inappropriate She already knowsthat they will be embarrassed by it later and will ultimately resent her or blame her either for rejecting them making tbem feel foolish or bothThere is no shortage of pitfalls when it comes to being young and female; this author nails itNow for the bad SOMEONE ELSES SECRET is slow Its based on emotion There is very little action Some of it feels repetetive All that inner turmoil gets tiresome it is almost entirely about the complicated inner lives angst and out of proportion realistic just not all that interesting turmoil experienced by two likeable realistic characters over one hot summer spent on Martha's Vineyard As most people already know hanging out with teenage girls gets old pretty darn uick I liked the book but I didn't love it

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    I gave up Whiny cardboard characters

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    Of all my First Reads options this month this book appealed to me because of the themes it promised and what was sold to me as an examination of why those who experience horrifying events often choose to hide it instead of try to get the world to confront it What I got was a not particularly good book that felt written to be akin to 90210 or The OC and wasn’t particularly good at tackling the themes it proclaimed in its blurb It probably has an audience in mind that isn’t me but it’s a pretty mediocre work at best that doesn’t deliver as strongly as it probably intended The word that came to mind repeatedly was amateurSo acknowledgement first this is a coming of age story about two young women one in her mid teens and who’s left high school and is naturally thinking about career future romance all that stuff It alternates a third person narrative from the perspective of each girl from chapter to chapter I appreciate some will say that as I am not female I don’t fully “get the book” That’s not an excuse as far as I’m concerned I don’t care about the individual characteristics of a character I just want to be invested in their storyA praise I will give the book is that the chapters are easily identifiable between the characters with each one given a distinct voice These are young women at different stages of their respective lives so it’s good that you can actually tell these are different characters when the book wants to swap perspectivesWhilst I will praise the book for having distinct voices I can’t add much praise for the prose Again this is far from the worst book I’ve ever read but I found often it was overwritten not in the sense that it’s I think the author was trying to show how smart she is; rather she just didn’t know when to stop describing One of the major characters comes from a rich and privileged background and she’s painting his personality Invocative of a lot of the characters in various TV shows but fine I get the character she’s building Then she has to offer a summary sentence after it stating “he was the image of entitlement” after already describing so much about himThe above became her style throughout the book and I’m not sure if this is meant to give the audience a sort of summary buzz card for the character or if this is the way she noted it during the writing process and never got rid of the placeholder If it’s the latter then she really needs to have faith in readers ability to comprehend a character If the latter it’s sloppy See if you’re painting a picture of a character for me and you need to add a summary at the end to make sure I got it uestion why I wouldn’t have got it and if your writing is to blame Contrast the descriptions in this book with Angela Carter’s Love that I loved earlier this year one is an author who can paint a character without having to spell out every detail the other seemingly can’tThere are mature things that happen in the book and I doubt that they were easy to write about The presence of a mature event and conveying a message about a mature event however are two different things This book seemed to have the desire to put the event in the book as a plot point and instead of actually examining the issue seemed to literally go down a list buzz wordsphrases instead of organically following a character I’ll get into that in a part of this review that I’ll label as a spoilerThe reason I voice this criticism is simple I want anyone considering reading the book that the titular “secret” of the book is very serious subject matter in this book and if you’re expecting it to actually be saying something about it you might end up disappointedBack to the less intense aspects of the book it seems obsessed with attractive young people Page after page you’re reading about the beach bodies; the size of breasts and hips; stunning faces; it’s very fascinated with skin deep beauty than personality which made it difficult to identify with the characters Less declarations of “she was stunning” would have been better I appreciate that the younger character is insecure and naturally she is focused on beauty of people she knows but it’s not limited to her perspective or even relevant at times It definitely felt either like padding or to remind you of CW style showsThis obsession with beauty is particularly notable as the author wants to have it both ways After all these descriptions of beauty throughout the book the youngest of the characters uestions what beauty has to do with whether one deserves to be single I thought that the author was evolving the character and her writing which made me think she was doing it in a similar intention to American Psycho albeit not getting into the absurd levels of violence Colour me disappointed when nine short paragraphs later she goes back to beauty obsession I was sincerely baffledThe characters change throughout the story which sounds like a good thing but the author ruins that I will detail in my spoiler section but let’s just say for now that a lot of the individual changes to characters in that book feel like they’ve changed for meta reasons and not as a response to what has happened in the storyThere were also times where I uestioned why the author told me something Not every word you write has to have a direct relevance to the story but when you tell me a characteristic I presume you’re doing it to give me layers to them I’m not content to accuse without giving an example so here goesAbout three uarters in the author tells us that a character was gay and had a thick New York accent Was there a reason to tell me the character's sexuality when we've just met him? I naively thought that this was going to be relevant but it goes nowhere The only reason I can think of for why we were told that the character was gay was so that the book could say that it had a gay character in it For the record I've no problem with gay characters being in stories Frankly the gay community could do with better representation in fiction both in uantity and uality I just want to point out that you don't get LGBT representation points for just telling me a character is gay If it was written naturally into the story it wouldn't have bugged me and it'd be fine For example write it like thisI'll be back in a second he said just going to find my boyfriendIt still communicates the same information but it's actually written into the book in a natural way instead of adding the characteristics for seemingly no reason You get your gay character in and treat it as just a normal part of the character instead of blurting it out to make sure I don't miss it This is just the example that comes to mind where the author writes about a characteristic in an inorganic way but it is far from the only exampleI can imagine this being something my mum would read on holiday and whilst I have issues with the handling of a subject matter it isn’t particularly damaging to the subject just not particularly good If you like the young adult dramas I mentioned in my first paragraph this might be up your street If you want something with a bit of nuance it won’t be for youThis is far from a complimentary review but I want to make one thing clear I’m sure the author is a nice person I did not get the impression at any point that she is mean spirited or deliberately downplaying issues I just think she’s demonstrated she has a long way to go in terms of being an authorSPOILERSview spoilerSo the titular “secret” of the book is that the older of the characters Lindsey is raped by the “image of entitlement” Brian The rape itself is difficult to read and I applaud the author’s efforts to detail it in a realistic mannerThough I’ve included this as a spoiler you’ll probably see it coming a mile off The book is far from subtle in setting up the event to the point that after two or three interactions with Brian I guessed what was coming When it happened I uestioned why and then it hit me similar storylines have appeared in coming of age dramas before with 13 Reasons Why being the first that came to mind This might be a problem of being well watched on general entertainment but I suspect that most people will have the same experience as meAfter the rape the book suffers Having worked in domestic violence in the past rape and sexual assault is something I’ve had to read and hear a lot about It does not get any less harrowing to read or hear about no matter how many times you go through it There are multiple problems with this book’s handling of the subjectLike I said the book starts listing a lot of the stock phraseswords you hear in any conversation about rapesexual assault Just to make it abundantly clear the notion of “the victim is NEVER to blame” is true; “maybe they should have worn appropriate clothes” is not something that should ever be legitimately considered as it removes the blame from the rapist; “it felt like their body did not belong to them any” is an experience I’ve heard countless times and offer sincere sympathies to Do not mistake my incoming criticism in any way of trying to downplay sexual assault rape or any unwanted contact for that matter My criticisms are entirely on how they were written in the bookTake the night after the rape for example within two pages it felt like 9 or 10 of the statements had been listed off as the character’s perspective and it didn’t seem an organic thought process It genuinely felt like the author had read some pages about counselling victims of sexual assault and just copied it into the book with no regard for how it would fit I suppose it’s technically true that the author has referenced on these issues but she’s a long way to go before she can say she’s added decent commentary to itThe book also wants to seem artistic with metaphors even if they’re in the wrong place Less than 10 pages after the rape the metaphor of a butterfly “being stronger than you think” and evolving from a weak past form is used in its entirety Again this feels far like it’s on the “post rape life checklist” than it does an organic part of the story Having communicated the metaphor on multiple occasions to people who have suffered sexual assault I know the powerful effect it can have on some people The important part is communicating it when relevant Even if she wanted to leave this in it would have been far powerful from a narrative position AFTER the character had somewhat recovered not when she was going through the immediate trauma It gets brought up again of course but once would have been enoughBut fine unskilfully repeating the same phrases is one thing Was there anything else wrong with it? Why yes Brian For the record Brian sounded like a douche I wouldn’t have wanted to hang out with before he rapes Lindsey He was highly privileged and entitled but had a layer of charm he used to win people over You could say he was an asshole but a believable one Well after the rape he seems to have broken the fourth wall and begins completely changing At one point he is asked by the younger of the characters “why are you doing this to me” and his response is “because I can” The way the author writes these paragraphs it’s like Brian knows he is the villain of the story and is playing up to it This was not the same character that she had set up to begin withIt was as if she wanted to make sure that Brian was not a character that we liked but we read him unuestionably raping one of the protagonists and the aftermath in her head Going from a selfish entitled person is one thing turning into a moustache twirling thing is the other I’m not saying that she had to make Brian likeable she had to make sure she continued writing the same character It communicated to me that she didn’t have the faith in her audience for us to remember that he was a rapist unless we were repeatedly reminded of it Towards the end of the story when he offers the excuses of “she said no but I knew she wanted it” it would have been far powerful and sickening if the author had continued writing the same entitled character instead of turning him into a plotting malicious oneSo yeah problems with the representation but to the book’s credit it doesn’t claim that all men are rapists or try to blame anything other than the rapist You’d do better to read other books on the subject or watch The Accused You’ll get far nuance and thought provoking ideas than you will this bookview spoiler hide spoiler

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