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Some People Are Extraordinary Some Are Just Extra TJ Klune S YA Debut, The Extraordinaries, Is A Queer Coming Of Age Story About A Fanboy With ADHD And The Heroes He LovesNick Bell Not Extraordinary But Being The Most Popular Fanfiction Writer In The Extraordinaries Fandom Is A Superpower, Right After A Chance Encounter With Shadow Star, Nova City S Mightiest Hero And Nick S Biggest Crush , Nick Sets Out To Make Himself Extraordinary And He Ll Do It With Or Without The Reluctant Help Of Seth Gray, Nick S Best Friend And Maybe The Love Of His LifeRainbow Rowell S Fangirl Meets Marissa Meyer S Renegades In TJ Klune S YA DebutThe Extraordinaries

TJ KLUNE is a Lambda Literary Award winning author Into This River I Drown and an ex claims examiner for an insurance company His novels include The House in the Cerulean Sea and The Extraordinaries Being queer himself, TJ believes it s important now than ever to have accurate, positive, queer representation in stories.

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  • Hardcover
  • 405 pages
  • The Extraordinaries
  • T.J. Klune
  • English
  • 27 July 2017
  • 9781250203656

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    Coming July 14, 2020 from Tor Teen Cover by David CurtisPre Order people are extraordinary Some are just extra.Nick Bell Not extraordinary But being the most popular fanfiction writer in the Extraordinaries fandom is a superpower, right After a chance encounter with Shadow Star, Nova City s mightiest hero and Nick s biggest crush , Nick sets out to make himself extraordinary And he ll do it with or without the reluctant help of Seth Gray, Nick s best friend and maybe the love of his life.

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    superheroes fanfic writers queerness this could not be firmly inside my circle of interests

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    OMG this book was hilarious I ve always loved T.J Klune s sence of humor, and this one made me laugh out loud in several scenes It was fantastic I think at one point I started crying out of laughter.Besides that, the book itself is amazing and I loved it I don t know how to start describing it it s like a urban fantasy with superheroes called Extraordinaries and the main character is obsessed with them, I mean, he writes fanfiction about them in which he s the main character and one very famous Extraordinary is in love with him lol It also has ADHD rep and obviously LGBT rep I really liked the plot, it has some twists and turns, and though I guessed them all, the ride was enjoyable And I think the author does a good job foreshadowing everything What I loved the most about this books are the characters, especially Seth, who is Nick s best friend.The main character is Nick Bell He s the one with ADHD and also the one that is obsessed with the Extraordinaries He s endearing and never shuts up He also has the best lines Then we have Seth, who is a cinnamon roll that wears bow ties to school and is so obviously in love with Nick Then we have Gibby and Jazz, who are simply the BEST.Oh, and Nick s dad He was the real MVP in this book I love that we get to know him, that he s not an absent parent and that we get to see his relationship with Nick It was one of the best aspects of the book the father and son relationship.The only thing I didn t really like in this book is that the characters especially Nick sometimes felt really immature for their age There were scenes that made me roll my eyes and others that were a little cringy, but that s all.So yes, I recommend this book It s lighthearted and soft and fun, but it also deals with some dark and serious stuff I can t wait to read the second installement Too bad I have to wait than ONE YEAR for it UGH.Also, I will post a full review on my Youtube Channel when it s time for the April Wrap Up ARC provided by NetGalley Tratar de escribir pronto la rese a en espa ol.

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    this is what i wanted renegades to be lean in to the cheese and the camp adored this thoughts coming in a vlog.

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    If you ve ever wanted a book that could be described as a soft superhero queer disaster, then this one is for you It s like a combination of all those tumblr posts you see about inverting superhero tropes mixed with genuine odes to fanfiction and with a good bit of absolute dork mixed in And it s funny And fun You don t want to go in thinking too deeply Be here for a good time, not an academic time But it s basically your traditional superhero story but told by the comedic love interest who just is a DISASTER on spindly spaghetti legs and extremely self aware of the fact he is, in fact, the comedic love interest and not the hero and he s a bit put out about it.You know what I really loved about it The fact it s ownvoices queer and neurodiverse I ve read only a handful of books with good adhd rep I don t have adhd, but it s ownvoices so pretty solidly standing behind this rep and I related to it a lot since I have other neurodiversities myself And the adhd isn t just something that pops on the page when it fits It s EVERYWHERE And I freaking love this Nick talks all the time, he s ridiculous, he has zero impulse control, he is absolutely wholesome as well as clueless and blushing and fun His brown bounces from one thing to the next so hard and fast The books actually follows his tangents though, so I was tornlike I felt everything was a good view into an adhd mind as well as sometimes chaffing at the slow pacing It did feel very slow Enjoyable, but ambling I did read an ARC so I m hoping it got edited for the final copy.but look This book is GAY It is NEURODIVERSE It is super funny and cute I call that a win.It read mostly like a contemporary too Like in the background, we have superheroes going off But the book focuses on Nick s chaotic life He has a crush he won t admit to on his best friend, a sleazy ex to ignore, he s got a really loving dad and their relationship is both hilarious and so so sweet if you think YA doesn t do good parents any, HERE is one He s failing but trying hard in school And he wishes he was an Extraordinary so he could save his dadlike he couldn t save his mum.It also has really epic friendships His best friends are Seth, Gibby, and Jazz Gibby and Jazz are badass lesbians who are so soft for each other and just like to stand and eat popcorn and watch Nick descend into chaos There s banter and quips I also liked that his friends never mocked him derisively If Nick when on a spiral tangent, they d tease him, but when it came down to it, they absolutely loved him for being himself I will be emotional over this.The superhero part was pretty typical I just wish there had been backstory I don t really know how they came to be, if most people had powers etc etc Maybe sequel will explain Also okay THE EPILOGUE I scream I very much want the next book.Overall this was is just like shoving a fun, wholesome chaotic box of confetti into your mouth It s soft and the relationships will melt you It is ridiculous If you re not into cliches and tropes, I wouldn t recommend it But if you love fanfic and think the comedic sidekick deserves his own storythis is it Nick Bell is here to be extra.

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    superheroes gays bookish perfectionmath comes to save the day again Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram

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    5 stars Is there such a thing as TJ Klune writing a bad book I think not as I ve yet to find anything that I haven t loved The Extraordinaries was such a different yet amazing book, there s nothing like it out there From the main characters, to the plot, side characters, emotions, humor, the romance, it all just worked There were a few things that I did catch on to early enough in the book most people I think will but it nothing to lessen the enjoyment of the story There were enough happening to keep me at the edge of my seat and I couldn t be happier for it.I absolutely loved Seth and Nick You guys do not understand the level of adorable they really are Like omg pinch my cheeks Once Nick realizes the things in front of him, it just made me smile even then before.I m being vague for a reason and it s also to let you all enjoy the book without giving anything away And with the release day being pushed back because of the virus, just know that it will be worth the wait A TJ Klune book normally is I need the next one like today And if it s anything like this one, I know I will definitely love it.

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    Oh yeah, oh yeah ARC received Thank you, Tor Teen I love you.

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    I have many feelings, the first one being TJ Klune is an absolute gift for this world I m honestly so happy he s coming to the dark side of the force YA because it means people will be able to discover his books and see how talented he is, and we stan my second feeling is I d give my life for Nick and Seth and can I please kick Rebecca Firestone in the face okay, let s be serious this book was the funniest thing I ve read in a very long time I m talking about full belly laugh while still talking about serious matters, such as death of a parent, grief, living with a disorder and, you know, saving the world I fell in love with it right from the start Nick is such a lovable character even when he s being annoying, and his entire group of friends made my heart melt I m so so very excited for the rest of the trilogy thank you and Tor Teen for the audio listening copy and the e arc

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    Thank you to Tor Teen for this ARCRelease Date 5 March 2020 Pushed back to 14 July 2020 notes this sounds like everything I have ever wanted

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