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[Reading] ➸ Survivor Song By Paul Tremblay – A riveting novel of suspense and terror from the Bram Stoker award winning author of The Cabin at the End of the World and A Head Full of GhostsIn a matter of weeks Massachusetts has been overrun by a A riveting novel of suspense and terror from the Bram Stoker award winning author of The Cabin at the End of the World and A Head Full of GhostsIn a matter of weeks Massachusetts has been overrun by an insidious rabies like virus that is spread by saliva But unlike rabies the disease has a terrifyingly short incubation period of an hour or less Those infected uickly lose their minds and are driven to bite and infect as many others as they can before they inevitably succumb Hospitals are inundated with the sick and dying and hysteria has taken hold To try to limit its spread the commonwealth is under uarantine and curfew But society is breaking down and the government's emergency protocols are falteringDr Ramola Rams Sherman a soft spoken pediatrician in her mid thirties receives a frantic phone call from Natalie a friend who is eight months pregnant Natalie's husband has been killed—viciously attacked by an infected neighbor—and in a failed attempt to save him Natalie too was bitten Natalie's only chance of survival is to get to a hospital as uickly as possible to receive a rabies vaccine The clock is ticking for her and for her unborn childNatalie’s fight for life becomes a desperate odyssey as she and Rams make their way through a hostile landscape filled with dangers beyond their worst nightmares—terrifying strange and sometimes deadly challenges that push them to the brink Paul Tremblay once again demonstrates his mastery in this chilling and all too plausible novel that will leave readers racing through the pages and shake them to their core.Survivor Song

Paul Tremblay has won the Bram Stoker British Fantasy and Massachusetts Book awards and is the author of Survivor Song Growing Things The Cabin at the End of the World Disappearance at Devil’s Rock A Head Full of Ghosts and the crime novels The Little Sleep and No Sleep Till Wonderland His essays and short fiction have appeared in the New York Times Los Angeles Times Entertainment Weekly.

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Survivor Song
  • Paul Tremblay
  • English
  • 21 August 2016
  • 9780062679161

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    NOW AVAILABLEmonths later i am still in uarantine wondering if all of this has been an extremely ballsy publicity stunt by paul tremblay to promote this book WELL PLAYED TREMBLAY when is a zombie novel not a zombie novel? when paul tremblay’s writing it I was kind of joking when I said zombies but not joking at the same time They’re sick people and they turn delusional and violent and they bite but it’s easier to say zombie than “a person infected with a super rabies virus and no longer capable of making good decisions”with all the coronavirus panic going on right now this was a perfectly timed read for me ain’t nothing like reading a horror novel about a highly communicable disease whilst riding on a subway car filled with people wearing surgical masks it’s right up there with the time i was reading The Plague on a deserted subway platform around 2am and a rat ran over my foot good times this is one horrifying propulsive ride where all the action takes place over the course of a few hours in the book version of ‘real time’ telling the tale of a super rabies virus that is fast acting reason obliterating communicable AF and fatal oh and bitey soooo bitey if you’ve read The Cabin at the End of the World you know that tremblay is not going to pull any of his punches he’s an old school concrete surfaced playground beckoning you to come skin your knobby little knees this one starts brutal and doesn’t let up and it’s a reminder that effective horror needn’t have any supernatural elements at all—science is than terrifying enough the descriptions of afflicted humans—how their lurchy staggery gait sounds across gravel their word salad babblings and barking coughing ejaculations and—dear god—the way they BITE it is intense it is chilling it is goddamned good funthe horror is offset by humor pop culture references and he even managed to sneak some MATH in there like it’s SCHOOL like The Cabin at the End of the World it centers around the uestion of “what are you willing to do to save the ones you love?” and while some of the decisions here are ethically dubious and put innocent uninfected lives at risk hey—times is hard and this playground ain’t padded a special shout out for “the tiny terrors” of infected cutiesDanger skulks undercover in the fields; the tall grass bows and waves whispering of the epic battle to come The zombie foxes are the first to attack The scent of their musk announces their stealthy approach The zombie raccoons are next Their snorts and chitters fill the air broadcasting their immutable intentionsand—you guys—a zombie deer all of this woodland animal menace occurs in the section called You Will Not Feel Me Between Your Teeth which—if i am remembering what he told me correctly—was paul’s desired title for this novel inexplicably shot down but at least there’s a tiny fox on the bookspinea wonderful terror of a book THIS ONE HAS TEETHrabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay RABIES TREMBLAY FOX ON THE COVERand just like that i'm having a better dayeven BETTER than that day was when i got my inscribed ARC of this in the mail along with this crazy little bookmarkpin combo and i don't yet know what it MEANS but it looks like The Tailypo A Ghost Story so i am already deliciously freaked outREVIEW TO COME SO MANY TEETH YOU GUYScome to my blog

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    Things I have learned while reading this book in no particular order1 Never leave you door open while bringing in the groceries2 People who force their way into your home are dangerous3 Rabies sucks4 Paul Tremblay has done it againMassachusetts has been overrun by a rabies like virus that affecting both animals and humans alike Its incubation period is short Symptoms will come on fast If bitten you must get help faster than the virus can go through your system Plus hospitals are inundated and there may not be enough vaccines Hysteria has kicked in people are panicking and society is breaking down Never leave me and I will never leave you Neither now nor everDr Ramola Rams Sherman is a pediatrician who received a phone call from her eight month pregnant friend Natalie Natalie's husband has been killed and she has been bitten Natalie and her unborn child's chance of surviving is getting to a hospital in time Will Natalie make it? How will Rams help? This book takes place over a short period of time as these two women try desperately to get Natalie help There is danger out there the night is dark and Ramona must examine what she is willing to do to save her friend What would you do?Tremblay sets the stage and has the reader in position as a silent observer as these two women try to survive in this scary tale of survival I rooted for them both and for other characters as well Tremblay knows how to create characters the reader will care for he sucks you in so that you feel their pain their sense of loss their fear and their hope Friendship the ties that bind and the things you do for love really make this book both enjoyable and heartbreaking Did I mention that rabies sucks?Another brilliant book to add to his collection A very timely book that deals with a virus that has come out of nowhere Well written well thought out perfected paced and scary It's one you will want to sink your teeth into I know I know bad pun But it will have you turning the pages and feeling the tensionThank you to Paul Tremblay William Morrow and Goodreads who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own

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    45 stars rounded upTHERE WILL NEVER EVER EVER BE A BETTER TIME TO READ SURVIVOR SONGAfter the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is hit by a super contagious strain of a rabies like virus spread by saliva the entire state goes on lockdownHospitals are overrun public resources drained people ordered into uarantine and it is literally dangerous to go outsideDr Ramola 'Rams' Sherman receives frantic news from her best friend Natalie who is currently 8 months pregnant with her first child Apparently Natalie's husband has been killed after an infected neighbor broke into their home and attacked them Making matters worse if that's even possible Natalie was bitten by the infected individual during the attackDue to the very rapid rate of progression for the virus the clock is ticking for Natalie She needs to get medical care right away and calls the one person she knows who can help herNatalie makes her way to Rams and the two women then set out for the nearest hospital Even though the hospitals are at max capacity the fact that Ramola is employed there as a pediatrician makes them think that they will be able to receive careThe rest of the novel takes place over just a matter of hours as the two women race against the clock and numerous other obstacles to try to save Natalie and her unborn childThis book is compact and extremely intense Following Rams and Natalie on their journey was so incredibly vivid I could completely imagine what they were seeing hearing and feelingPicking up Survivor Song in the midst of a global pandemic is a surreal experienceWithin the first 20 pages I'm thinking is Paul Tremblay clarivoyant? How the heck did he release this book at just the right moment?I think reading this hot on the heels of the beginning of the pandemic when we were first coming under uarantine for the first time in my life made this soul shattering story even impactfulWhile this is a horror story that in concept is as frightening as hell to me the most important aspect of the story the aspect that effected me the most was the relationship between Rams and NatsTheir relationship reminded me so much of my own relationship with my best friend Nichole Just imagining going through what these women were going through the choices they had to make it tore my heart outI'll admit it I cried It was very much one of those there but for the grace of God go I moments It was hard to readI texted her a few times throughout the ending of the story and of course she was sympathetic She knows how I get with my storiesThere was one scene that I did have to skip over but I don't think editing that out for myself diminished any of the story for meFor those curious view spoilerit involved what I believe would be the death of a dog as a group of characters were forcing their way into people's homes and killing family pets hide spoiler

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    I'm not sure if I fall under the glutton for punishment umbrella or if I just really enjoy apocalyptic horror but I have been reading all of the horror books that should make me uncomfortable during a worldwide pandemic If you are the type who won't be able to sleep after reading a book about people getting sick and dying in a widespread manner right now that's completely understandable but my hope is that things will be settling into our new normal by July when this book is set to be published Most of the plot is listed in the synopsis so other than the very end of the book there aren't a ton of traditional surprises but I felt the purpose of this book was beyond twists and surprises and with the level of terror that the author instills in the reader Also I don't believe I've read a book to date that included zombie animals and that was pretty cool If you're a horror junkie who enjoys the running from bad things and a ticking clock that resembles a metaphorical bomb you need this book Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy

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    I enjoyed this book it kept me turning the pages by continually ramping up the tension There are two strong female characters that are easy to cheer for The story is an odyssey where the two women have to get from point A to point B during a viral pandemic Because what’s happening out in the world I was hesitant to read this one It’s not a true zombie movie it’s a mutated rabies virus that makes people crazy and highly contagious I hesitate to say without spoiling the plot This is a short uick read with a lot of tension For those readers who like this sort of conflict I highly recommend the writing craft is above average Won this ARC in a Goodreads contestDavid Putnam author of the Bruno Johnson series

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    In the coming days conditions will continue to deteriorate Emergency services and other public safety nets will be stretched to their breaking points exacerbated by the wily antagonists of fear panic misinformation a myopic sluggish federal bureaucracy further hamstrung by a president unwilling and woefully uneuipped to make the rational science based decisions necessary; and exacerbated of course by plain old individual everyday evil There is something very eerie at work in Paul Tremblay’s latest novel Survivor Song but not in the way you might expect from this author It was written before the current Summer 2020 corona virus pandemic became a global menace It portrays a smaller event an epidemic focused in New England but anticipates many of the issues that now manifest as real We will come back to this Paul Tremblay image from wikimedia In case you have not had your RDA of zombie based entertainment Paul Tremblay’s got your back and no he won’t bite it Tremblay is very fond of identifying a horror trope and then creating his own take on it The zombie trope like many is a format within which to write about other things It is supposed to be a scary story of course but in the same way that the format of a sonnet offers a structure but no real direction on content There are common elements to zombie storiez Create immediate crisis add a clock to it Gotta rush or something awful will happen Check – Zombie invades the home of a couple kills the guy bites the woman before she kills him But this is a new sort of virus a special form of rabies with an insane rate of development so our heroine needs to get to serious medical care ASAP There is a vaccine at the hospital Tick tockGive your characters somewhere they need to be and start stripping away the means they have to get from here to there Yep – all modes of transportation are challenged in one way or anotherAdd to the unnatural evil loose on the world a large dose of stupidity andor human malevolence You know the sort the persons who will absolutely positively not believe a word our hero or heroine says and will try to clamp them in irons kill them or in some other way impede their progress sooner than heed reality Sometimes it’s the government official trying to hide evidence of a secret experimental program gone awry or a bigoted southern hayseed sheriff who pulls you over for driving while desperate Uh huh More the latter here northern this time Streetside vigilantes Give them AR 15s and have them tricked out head to toe in the latest in camo couture toting all the military gear they have been collecting in their basements and have them menace anyone not in their tribe as they seek to apply their very non scientific solution to the problem If the zombies here were looking for brains and came across these folks they would come away unsatisfied I happened to be in England for my first time ever doing some book events I was sitting on a train and I started writing in my notebook I thought about some of my previous novels most of which sort of take the horror trope and try to look at it in a different way or if not a different way — I try to maybe ground that story in reality I wrote down ‘zombie’ I was like ‘Oh how would I do that?’When I first asked myself ‘How would I read this in reality?’ the rabies virus instantly occurred to me So I had some of the science there that I wanted to have the characters deal with I tried to take real rabies and just move up the speed of infection rate from the Rollingstone interviewIf the elements noted and I am sure there are are a part of the or a standard zombie framework I’m fine with that This is a favorite approach of Tremblay’s offering his own take on an established trope But it felt a bit excessive to go after reader affections with a just a few moments ago widowed pregnant woman Maybe give her cancer too? Oh wait she was bitten by the zombie that killed her husband and has only so much time before she manifests the symptoms Fine whatever I was reminded of Harper in Joe Hill’s The Fireman also pregnant also afflicted with a MacGuffin osis dragonscale in that case Will Harper burst into flames? Will Natalie lose her mind to the super rabies that is spreading so dynamically and become a mindless violence machine? Has this become standard fare in the zombie ouevre? Am I wrong to see this as excess? Seriously I am not sure Zombie philes Z files? please let me knowOk so Natalie is in need of medical intervention Good thing her bff is Doctor Ramola Sherman aka Rams Nats gets in touch Rams gets moving and these two will face the next few hours the fast paced duration of this novel together Nats deteriorating Rams trying to cut through red tape and BS to get Nats the help she needs Will it be enough? Will it be in time? Tick tock So fast paced action adventure of type Z The bond between Rams and Nats is nicely drawn looking back at their time together in Providence before life added responsibilities and catching up on their friendship to the present Our focus remains on these two throughout with only occasional side trips to social media or alternate character perspectives There are attacks to be survived and progress to a destination to be made all within a relatively local range I had no contacts in the CDC or anything like that I really wanted to focus on what it would be like at a small suburban hospital — a local outbreak My sister is a nurse at Beth Israel Hospital in downtown Boston so most of my research on what the response would be was through her I got to see what some hospitals’ response plans would be from the Rollingstone interview Now to the eerie bit Sorry zombies are pretty garden variety these days even though Tremblay does his bit to differentiate them by making their zombie hood short term They do not die and return to chase brains ad nauseum He also tosses in zombie animals which is a totally fitting touch given that this is super rabies epidemic At almost every step of the way Nats and Rams encounter impediments uestions or problems that could have been taken from any newspaper over the last several months Looks like Tremblay’s sister knew what she was talking about ICUs being overwhelmed hospitals being overwhelmed physician shortages materials shortages not enough PPEs not enough vaccines talking about which state might be safer to be in limitations on state border crossings governments not having their acts together to cope with a sudden crisis Tremblay had some serious voodoo working to have predicted with such creepy accuracy the challenges that our advanced medical care system would experience when faced with an epidemic level crisis And while the malady in uestion is no doubt extreme it is not supernatural Really how big a stretch is it to posit a variation of rabies that was faster acting and virulent? So Survivor Song is worth checking out for this frisson of recognition you will experience in ripping through this very fast read While the speed with which this virus infects is terrifying it shouldn’t prevent us from containing it If anything given how uickly people succumb to the virus if we can maintain a proper uarantine and isolation we should be able to contain the outbreak But that presumes people do not panic that correct information and instruction are disseminated efficiently to the public that the federal government follows the CDCs recommendations to be proactive with vaccine and not reactiveWe should be offering prophylaxis to whoever comes through these doors”“Do we have enough vaccine to do that?” “No we don’t” Only Spot Fricking On Finally there is the content that is being carried along by the trope Not tough seeing what that might be Tremblay points it out to us from time to time A woman shouts from above “She had great power and was dreaded by all the world” The door slams shut and then swings open without a pause “Surrounded by a high wall” she says sing song lilting at “high” and separating “wall” into two syllables Her voice is the same tone and pitch as the alarm and it sounds like there are two of her The woman continues shouting between the piston like opening and closing of the door “Let it cost what it will cost” Could be a segment on Fox and Friends It is not just Trumpkins who are targeted but those in society who make careers of denying reality it will burrow digging like a nasty tick; it will migrate; and it will return all but encouraged and welcomed in a country where science and forethought are allowed to be dirty words where humanity’s greatest invention—the vaccine—is smeared and vilified by narcissistic purposeful fools the most dangerous kind where fear is harvested for fame profit and self esteem The militia sorts shown here would have fit in uite nicely in CharlottesvilleOne of the things about being an excellent writer is that one’s prior work has established a high bar The result is that any new work that does not meet that previous high level can be seen as disappointing even if had it been put out by an unknown writer it might be seen as top drawer Survivor Song has a lot going for it Page turning fast action it is teeth deep into a version of real contemporary plague and offers some intelligent perspective on real world problems Yet after having loved The Cabin at the End of the World and Growing Things and Other Stories I liked this one but did not love it While I liked Rams and Nats I did love them Does that make me a bad person? Gut level three and half boosted up to four for the thoughtfulness of the real world considerations and excellentawkward timing of putting out a plague book during a time of actual plague At least Tremblay’s plague is not one we have to cope with in the real world yet Review posted – July 3 2020Publication date – July 7 2020EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pages AI wondered if Tremblay was maybe poking a little fun at himself by introducing a character named Paul who drove a stick shift Subaru with over 200K miles on it and who clung dearly to an outmoded phone So I did what one does I asked GR has an ask the author feature on author profile pages Tremblay was extremely gracious and uick in his response Maybe a small self tweak I do missing driving a stick I currently drive a hybrid but that Paul and me don't share an affinity for old tech and things that break down easilyI also asked why he used “Song” in the title My favorite songs tend to be short fast and a mix of hopeful and melancholy It was the vibe I wanted to go for with this book If you have any uestions for one of our best writers of horror you might check out his profile page and just go on ahead and ask You can do so hereInterviews Rollingstone What It’s Like Releasing a Novel About a Deadly Virus in the Middle of Pandemic By Brenna Ehrlich Blood in the Gears Paul Tremblay on the Craft of Writing mostly on Cabin at the End of the World but enough is generic to make it useful Hangouts on Air 21745 – Tremblay with othersSongsMusic The Cranberries Zombie A literal Survivor Song Do Nats and Rams have the Eye of the Tiger?My reviews of other books by Paul Tremblay 2019 Growing Things and Other Stories 2018 The Cabin at the End of the World

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    455 starsSURVIVOR SONG consists of the fastest 320 pages I've ever read Nats Natalie is waiting at home for her husband to return from the store This is no ordinary trip however In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts there is a virus loosea fast acting rabies virus that turns its victims animal and human alike into rabid see what I did there? strong uber violent attackers Those infected will attack cars humans pretty much anything at all and Natalie's husband is late With Natalie being very pregnant this is uite a scary turn of events Will Nats' husband ever return? If so will he be infected or not? What happens to Natalie's unborn baby? You'll have to read this to find out I started this book in earnest early yesterday afternoon with only part of a previous lunch hour dedicated to it previously and I had a hard time putting it down The main characters the previously mentioned Natalie and her friend Ramola were so human so REAL that I never doubted the actions of either one of them Unfortunately I never doubted the bad guys in this story either I have to admit though that some I thought were bad guys weren't spoiled through and through and I ended up shedding some tears for a couple of them to be honest Most of the others though? I had no problem believing in them either because all I have to do is turn on the television any time night or day to see them in real life As in any zombie story I can hear Ramola now in her British accent They're NOT zombies the real story is with the survivors The things they have to do or are forced to do to save lives or to take them This tale is brutal in that regard the loss of humanity or perhaps the salvation of humanitywe never know which is which at the time do we?I got a bit of a kick that the story takes place in my home state and that I was familiar with some of the places mentioned For me the locations made this tale even real The only issues I had were that I wished it was a bit longer and though I enjoyed the denouement and the end I would have preferred a bit explanation For the latter reason I deducted half a star I don't need everything wrapped up with a bow but some elaboration would have pleased me SURVIVOR SONG is destined to be up there on top tens lists this year and it deserves to be My highest recommendationAvailable July 7 2020 but you can pre order here  I received the e ARC of this book from William Morrow via NetGalley in exchange for my honest feedback This is it

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    DNF at 50%Not rating this book and there's nothing wrong with it to not make it enjoyable for others I personally just have very limited time to read and I don't feel invested in it enough to continue

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    Original review posted at Cemetery Dance July 10th 2020httpswwwcemeterydancecomextrasBeware Paul Tremblay is not interested in writing stories readers can walk away from unscathed Survivor Song will leave emotional trenches in your heart long after you’ve finished trying to ugly cry and read at the same timeMassachusetts becomes ground zero in a rabies like outbreak Readers follow a pregnant woman named Natalie as her life is upended by the uickly spreading disease In a panic to survive Natalie reaches out to an old college friend Dr Ramola Sherman who is a pediatrician Together these two women navigate a series of obstacles in order to get Natalie and her unborn baby to safetyIn classic Paul Tremblay style large scale horror tropes global pandemic demon possession home invasion missing persons are funneled down to focus on just a handful of well developed characters It’s this kind of concentration and intentionality that Tremblay fans show up for time and time again As the world around our protagonists gets increasingly violent and chaotic Tremblay never once allows the lens to take in the full scope or magnitude of the situation Instead he keeps our attention honed in on Natalie and Ramala developing a deepening intimacy with these two characters that weighs heavily on reader’s hearts The stakes are very high The suspense and building tension is what turns the pages but it’s the emotional investment that generates the urgency to see Survivor Song through to the end In other words there is never a good time to set this one down to catch your breath No bookmarks necessaryWe’ve been here before with Tremblay This is what he does Each one of his stories is a uniue brand of horrors that are frighteningly plausible; hitting so close to home There’s no way Paul Tremblay could have ever known that Survivor Song would find its readers struggling amidst our own pandemic crisis So many details in this book are shockingly prophetic I believe this speaks to Tremblay’s uest to deliver horror that is first and foremost authentic and realistic So much so he wrote a book that almost perfectly mirrors our current situationSome might say the timing of the two is just a freak accident and I would agree; Tremblay had no idea Covid 19 was soon to make history But I would also offer my opinion that Tremblay’s mind is busy creating relevant stories that appeal to our humanity stir up empathy and light our imaginations on fire Survivor Song is a gift to readers right here right now

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    Massachusetts under the attack of pandemic virus mutated rabies pandemic spreading by saliva The zombies who are fed by fresh human flesh are out there to attack you Oh no somebody is already knocking on your door Paul please lock the door you gotta think your pregnant wife Hey who am I talkingtoo Okay another Paul bites the dust in the beginning of the book as I start screaming biting my nailsWTH a high tension heart throbbing body hair epilator jaw dropping teeth rotting story because of too much stress sugar eating started with a shocking chapter Very pregnant Natalie is so close to her due date waiting for her husband Paul return back to home from grocery shopping safe and sound He actually made it but a few second later unexpected visitor brutally murdered him Or let’s stay massacred himWith a bloody dark gory beginning Do I want to go on? Oh hell yes I doThe next chapter we’re introduced another strong badass heroine of the book Dr Ramola“Rams” Sharma in her mid thirties pediatrician who may successfully communicate and empathize with her patients during the hysterical outbreak She takes a call from Natalie who needs her help to get in hospital on time for giving her baby a chance to surviveWill Ramola help her friend in expanse to put her on life in danger? Yes she will Time is ticking There’s not much left Two women need to cooperate and bring Natalie in hospital just in time Hands clenching hearts pounding feet tapping you will be scared to breathe because of growing tension and thanks to the well crafted characterization you will be truly root for these two women Will they make it? Will they survive?Go on get a copy for your own just like I did because my reuest from NG may have been directly sent to rot at the pending purgatory This is heart crushing dark graphic disturbing but definitely unputdownable heart pounding entertaining well written story and I enjoyed each chapter I sat at the edge of my seat murmured prayers for the charactersOverall I hated rabies I hate all kinds of PANDEMICS But I loved this book Thankfully Paul Tremblay never disappoints mebloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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