The Silent Wife

Atlanta, Georgia Present Day A Young Woman Is Brutally Attacked And Left For Dead The Police Investigate But The Trail Goes Cold Until A Chance Assignment Takes GBI Investigator Will Trent To The State Penitentiary, And To A Prisoner Who Says He Recognizes The MO The Attack Looks Identical To The One He Was Accused Of Eight Years Earlier The Prisoner S Always Insisted That He Was Innocent, And Now He S Sure He Has Proof The Killer Is Still Out ThereAs Will Digs Into Both Crimes It Becomes Clear That He Must Solve The Original Case In Order To Reach The Truth Yet Nearly A Decade Has Passed Time For Memories To Fade, Witnesses To Vanish, Evidence To Disappear And Now He Needs Medical Examiner Sara Linton To Help Him Hunt Down A Ruthless Murderer But When The Past And Present Collide, Everything Will Values Is At StakeThe Silent Wife AuthorKarinSlaughter Website

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  • Hardcover
  • 496 pages
  • The Silent Wife
  • Karin Slaughter
  • English
  • 07 January 2019
  • 9780062858108

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    Karin Slaughter s latest addition to her Georgia Bureau of Investigations GBI agent Will Trent and medical examiner, Dr Sara Linton, series is a dark, unsettling and disturbing nightmare of a affair GBI have been called in to to investigate the murder of inmate, 38 year old Jesus Vasquez, at the penitentiary during a riot, when they are offered information on the perpetrators by another prisoner, Daryl Nesbitt He claims that he is innocent of the brutally devastating attacks, sexual assaults and murders of women in Grant County, pointing the finger at the then Chief of Police, Jeffery Tolliver, Sara s dead husband, and his fellow police officer, Lena Adams, as responsible for a corrupt investigation Nesbitt says he can prove he is innocent, that there have been at least eight other women murdered since his imprisonment, by the real serial killer, furnishing GBI with newspaper articles on their deaths, demanding they investigate in exchange for revealing who killed Vasquez.Will and Sara s relationship develop tensions, fears and insecurities as Sara is plunged into her past, the trauma of Jeffery s original investigations, a bitter period where she had been divorced from the handsome Jeffery after his infidelities, before she later married him again as she had never stopped loving him GBI and Sara begin to look at the deaths of the women, beginning with the most recent, Alexandra McAllister, thought to have been an accident Lena, loathed and not trusted by the GBI in the slightest, is now pregnant informing them she has shredded her notebooks, making it difficult to uncover the truth of her and Jeffery s actions that led to Nesbitt being identified as the killer It soon becomes alarmingly clear that the serial killer has continuing raping and killing women through the years, becoming adept at disguising the deaths as accidents His MO though has remain the same, stalking the women, stealing hair accessories from his victims as trophies, hitting them on the head with a hammer, drugging them, rape and sexual assault, paralysis, leaving their bodies in the surrounding woods.GBI find themselves up against a killer that is smart, deliberate, methodical, a risk taker, relishing hiding in plain sight, continuing to prey on women relentlessly, with never a flicker of remorse Sara s personal relationship with Tolliver comes under the spotlight, the past taking up so much of her head space in the present, impacting on her relationship with Will, and having her examining the different natures of the men she had fallen in love with The highlights in Slaughter s terrifying narrative of extreme violence and rape against women, is the sliver of hope in the theme of survival through the worst of horrors and trauma that could befall a woman, and the undeniable love portrayed between Sara and Will This is brilliant, if tortuously dark and disturbing, storytelling that I highly recommend to crime and thriller readers Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC.

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    When you find out there s going to be another Will Trent book less than a year after the last one came out..

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    Spoiler Free Review Eight years ago, most Grant County authorities were confident they had locked a serial rapist and murderer away for life Recent brutal cases of misogynistic attacks on women bearing the same horrifying MO suggest the serial killer is still out there preying on women The convicted inmate s declaration of innocence and disturbing accusations of dirty cops add fuel to the flame indicating a deadly mistake and gross injustice may have occurred In a race against time, GBI Agent Will Trent and team, including girlfriend Medical Examiner Sara Linton, begin the monumental task of sifting through disturbing past GC cases in search of an illusive missed detail that links past with present As a result, ghosts from the past escape, old wounds flare, and painful memories surface straining the fragile relationship between Will and Sara That is all I can say about this story without huge spoilers Do yourself a favor by going into this story blind It ll spear you straight through the heart if you do The Silent Wife is another raw, gutsy, graphic, glorious addition to the Will Trent series The riveting story unfolds through alternating periods of past and present that served to keep me burning through pages to reach the end I admire and appreciate Slaughter s gift for setting scenes that pull readers in via all five senses, but consider yourself forewarned that graphic crime scenes may be disturbing to read as they are brutally realistic leaving no doubt the author has once again done her homework right down to the most meticulous detail This author s signature sharp prose and intimately woven plot lines propel characters and readers forward at a frantic life or death pace Readers can count on being plummeted into the chaos of characters minds while finding themselves charged with unmasking a deadly predator hiding in plain sight before he kills again Those familiar with the Grant County series will recognize past characters they love or love to hate There s not much I can say about this author s characterizations without sounding like a broken record They re amazingly accurate, detailed, dimensional, and alive with main characters who are deeply flawed, vulnerable and so unbelievably real that my heart aches for them whenever I m back in their world The Silent Wife is everything I hoped it would be and I started it with anticipation, read with trepidation, and finished it with cautious optimism It s gritty, graphic, emotional, heartbreaking, and what does it say about me that I can t wait for the next book I applaud Slaughter for shining a light on assault survivors who struggle to escape the darkness and overwhelming sense of loss and grief to find their path forward again Their strength and will to live are an amazing inspiration to all Needless to say, The Silent Wife has a place of honor on my All Time Favorites Shelf I ll even venture to say it s the best of the series thus far This story embodies everything I love about suspense thrillers and complicated love stories Highly Recommended Special thanks to publisher William Morrow for an arc of this book via Review posted at Cross My Heart Reviews

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    Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for my copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.Karin Slaughter KS is one of my auto buy authors, anything she writes I have to read because she always transfers me from my world and drops me into a world that it you can see, feel, and smell Whether it is small town America or large City, wherever she puts you she is in control It can be dull Not usually for long , exciting or terrifying as she wants it to be The Silent Wife is the 20th book and it is a continuation of the Will Trent series As always KS writes with brutal honesty, the descriptions of the crimes can often, be so disturbing that you may need to take a breath before moving on This book can be read on its own, but it has even meaning read in order as part of the series.Most of the characters have evolved over the last 20 years and feel like old friends The new characters are well developed, as you belt through the story Before starting this clear your diary as this is a fast paced book It will keep you racing through the chapters to discover how the killer is found, the way the details of investigation, medical examinations, police procedures, thought processes are described is brilliant A word of warning though, be aware that the level of gore and violence in this book is on another level Not for the faint hearted The book does jump backwards and forwards in time, as the extreme violence and rape against women is investigated, but it is managed well At no point did I wonder which time period we are in I loved revisiting the old town and its characters, plus small town nuances Quite nostalgic.As with most of KS books its gruesome, gritty and violent, with a good dollop of romance thrown in You must read this, you won t regret it, as long as you can cope with the nightmares anyway Strongly recommend reading all the others in the series, mainly as it is an awesome series.

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    Well, it s been some time since I read a crime novel that is as page turningly gripping as this I would normally avoid anything about serial killers, especially killers fixated on violent sexual crimes against women there s a disturbingly fine line between books which luxuriate in misogynistic brutality and those that call it out this one manages to stay in the latter field, with scenes that made me flinch But the portrayal of trauma, grief and what it might take to survive, even barely, is hard hitting and feels authentic there s interest here in the victims and their various hard won strategies for survival than is typical in the genre.After being underwhelmed by Slaughter s last two books Pieces of Her, The Last Widow , it s good to find her back in top gear In an ingenious double time frame plot we have Will, Sara, Faith and Amanda investigating in the present, and a return to divorced Sara, Jeffrey and Lena Adams investigating in the past this is before Blindsighted so a kind of prequel to the Grant County series, and Sara is raw over Jeffrey s infidelity and boy, does she show it The crimes are gritty, the plotting twisted, but what really makes it is the characterization is right back on track Seeing Sara with both Jeffrey in the past and Will in the present made me realise how much invested I was in the former relationship Sara and Will are just too juvenile for my tastes and however much baggage they both carry, there s an air of creating conflict just for the sake of it view spoiler what are they even mad about And after hundreds of pages, one hand cream application and they re magically ok hide spoiler

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    Torturously terrifying and one of my favourite Slaughter novels yet.Will Trent and Sara Linton are back again in this chilling and suspenseful thriller While I throw the term thriller around from time to time, this was a genuine thriller and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout I had to stop reading in the middle, as it was truly terrifying A murderer waits and watches A women runs alone in the woods She senses someone watching but dismisses it The predator watches her and waits for the perfect time to attack Repeat A decade later, the killer is behind bars and the case is closed Except another women goes missing and the MO is identical Each time he takes his victims by surprise and we are left in suspense wondering who he will target next Will Trent and Sara Linton are tasked with re opening the cold case to find the real killer, along with their supporting cast It is a race against time as the violent crime spree continues and women are taken and tortured Friends This one is not for the feint hearted It is gruesome, as are most of Slaughter novels, yet it is such a crucial part of her writing I would wish for nothing else It is gritty and violent and you really must know every warning possible applies before going into this one With all of that said, I loved it It was fabulous, continuing the story of Trent and Linton and following them through the investigation There were flashbacks to Sara s ex husband, Jeffrey, who was a large part of the previous investigation a decade before and part of the story is in his POV which makes it all the interesting Definitely one I recommend.

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    Not entirely sure where to start First of all this book was amazing, second of all I have so much to say and when I read this book I had no one to talk about it with Third of all, this review is going to have spoilers in it I will put a massive spoiler warning before I get to those bits though The Silent Wife is Karin Slaughter s 20th book and it is a continuation of the Will Trent series After a little run of standalones Pieces of her, The Good Daughter Karin gave us The Last Widow last year, and now The Silent Wife to give us our fill of Will and Sara The blurb tells us that there is a brutal murder case always that Will and Sara need to solve The tricksy bit is, that the MO is similar to a murder 8 years ago I ll come back to this time frame later however there is already someone in prison for that crime Sara and Will need to go back and solve the original case before they can solve the latest one OK this is where I have to say SPOILER ALERT AHEAD If you are going to read the book PLEASE don t read on I really really want you going into this book blind, it will be so worth it, I promise.I d recommend reading the series from the start, but you can read it on it s own You d get out of it if you read from the beginning though Remember Jeffrey Ahhhh Jeffrey I love Jeffrey Always have been, and always will be, Team Jeffrey So this book brings back our favourite small town police chief Karin teased us with this last month on her various social media platforms and since then I have been waiting for a chance to read this book The original murder case was Jeffrey and Lena s Pah Stupid Woman , and the book jumps back and forth between present day and back then I liked this format and it was really well done, and easy to read It flowed the way it should and I never didn t know what time period I was in.The earlier story was during the time between Sara and Jeffrey s two marriages, so to put it mildly they weren t on good terms Now, I said I d come back to the time thing well KS put a note at the end of the book to explain that although the original story in the book is set 8 years previously, in fact it has been 19 years since Blindsighted she just said that it s fiction and she can do what ever she wants basically Which I wholeheartedly agree with however, I would have appreciated this note before I read the book because I was constantly thinking I was going a bit crazy with my timing.Also there is a bit where it says Lena is 32, and has 15 years police experience behind her I make her 17 , then, when she became a cop I think I must have misread or misunderstood a bit somewhere, but that stayed with me for a bit Anyway, that isn t important.In regards to the series Grant or Trent I have always preferred the Grant County Series of books Probably because I read them first and I am loyal to my favourite book Blindsighted So I was really glad to be able to revisit the old town and set of characters from back then I loved being back in a small town, where everybody knows everybody, and we are amongst old friends.The Lintons Tessa, Eddie and Cathy Brock Marla The police squad Frank, Matt, Lena I am 100% not a fan of Loser Lena, as you will know from ANY of my other Grant County reviews.The original murder was of a college student, out in the woods near the college She was brutally attacked and left for dead, the offender using his knowledge of anatomy to paralyse her so that she was still alive during his sickening abuse, but couldn t move Loser Lena makes a nearly fatal error of not checking properly if the girl is alive or dead costing her half an hour of time where the victim could ve been receiving medical treatment.When Sara and Will eventually solve the case and the bad guy gal was revealed, I was a bit gutted that it was them About 60% of the way in, I started cottoning on to the idea that it could be them, and then at 90% when it was confirmed I was a bit saddened And I think you will be too, if you have followed the whole series.Running along in the background is the ongoing story between Will and Sara and the will they won t they get married storyline This rumbles on throughout the book, and although I enjoyed it, I did want to shake them both at points and just bash their heads together.Faith and Amanda are both back As is Nick Shelton I love Nick, he is adorable I ve said before that I think he and Sara should ve got together in another world where Jeffrey didn t exist So overall this was a fantastic book, a great addition to the Will Trent series I am pretty sure that we won t see Jeffrey again though, which upsets me no end But then I thought that after Skin Privilege and here we are Sorry that this was such a babbling review, but as I said at the start, I ve had no one to talk about this book to Definitely read this if you are a thriller fan, a KS fan, if you want gore and violence and plenty of small town nuances KS writes very gory details and the level of violence in this book is another level I think it is probably at the very top of my threshold for reading about, but as she mentions in a passage after the book she has always written gritty books about violence against women and she believes it is a story that needs telling Ok I ll leave it there If you ve made it this far, well done

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    I m almost 2 weeks in to coronavirus social isolation and very sadly haven t been able to find a book that will drown out the anxiety and capture my attention this whole time I actually had the thought I wish Karin Slaughter had a new book And then I signed into NetGalley and The Silent Wife was there I seriously almost cried from happiness And then tore through it in 2 days The Silent Wife is the latest installment of the Will Trent series This book flashes back in time so we get to see some of our old favorite characters from the Grant County series as well Ten books into this series and it is still going strong The characters are still likable, the story was unexpected, and I didn t know it was possible but Slaughter may have one upped herself with the horrific, disturbing crimes in this one.

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    Dying to read it

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    As a long time avid reader of psychological thrillers and mysteries, and an Atlanta resident for 25 years, I am embarrassed to admit that this is the first Karin Slaughter book that I have read No excuses except that as a school librarian, I mostly read children s books The Silent Wife is the kind of read that I could not put down, reading late into the night and into the early morning hours to watch the mysteries be solved I began reading, not knowing that this is book 10 in Slaughter s Will Trent series Since the chapters alternate between past and present events, I quickly suspected that the main characters had a history unknown to me I resisted the librarian temptation to do some research before reading further One of the hallmarks of a truly great story is that it can stand alone, while still being an integral piece of a continuing saga of people known by many readers GBI Investigator Will Trent encounters a prisoner who continues to proclaim his innocence for a murder from several years before He offers proof to Will who then enlists the assistance of Sara Linton, medical examiner, to solve what turns out to be serial rapes and murders Ms Slaughter s characters are fully developed throughout the story as she methodically describes graphic scenes of brutal attacks on a series of women This book is a fast paced read It will keep the reader racing through the chapters to discover how the killer is found, through the expertise and persistence of characters that are real and relatable Though this is my first Karin Slaughter read, it will not be my last.

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