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[Read] ➳ One to Watch By Kate Stayman-London – Real loveas seen on TVBea Schumacher is a devastatingly stylish plus size fashion blogger who has amazing friends a devoted family legions of Insta followers and a massively broken heart Like the rest Real loveas seen on TVBea Schumacher is a devastatingly stylish plus size fashion blogger who has amazing friends a devoted family legions of Insta followers and a massively broken heart Like the rest of America Bea indulges in her weekly obsession the hit reality show Main Sueeze The fantasy dates The kiss off rejections The surprising amount of guys named Chad But Bea is sick and tired of the lack of body diversity on the show Since when is being a size zero a prereuisite for getting engaged on televisionJust when Bea One to PDF \ has sworn off dating altogether she gets an intriguing call Main Sueeze wants her to be its next star surrounded by men vying for her affections Bea agrees on one condition under no circumstances will she actually fall in love She's in this to supercharge her career subvert harmful anti fat beauty standards inspire women across America and get a free hot air balloon ride That's itBut when the cameras start rolling Bea realizes things are complicated than she anticipated She's in a whirlwind of sumptuous couture Internet culture wars sexy suitors and an opportunity or two or five to find messy real life love in the midst of a made for TV fairy tale In this joyful razor sharp debut Bea has to decide whether it might just be worth trusting these men and herself for a chance to live happily ever after.One to Watch

Hi Thanks so much for coming to my GoodReads page I love reading and writing the most and I'm amped as hell to connect with you and talk about both those things Or fashion Or reality TV Or Taylor Swift We contain multitudes You can also find me on Twitter ksl and Insta ksl if you're into that sort of thing Official bio below happy reading xxKate Stayman London is a novelist.

Paperback  · One to Watch ePUB Ç One to  PDF \
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  • One to Watch
  • Kate Stayman-London
  • English
  • 28 April 2016
  • 9780525510444

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    I went into this one without really having any expectations and it ended up BLOWING ME AWAY I loved this SO MUCH I can't find the words to express how much it meant to me to see a fat girl THRIVING the way that Bea thrived in this book I'm seriously just so happy This book was fantastic If you're like me and you also love love YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK It was SO MUCH FUN I CAN'T STOP YELLING IN CAPS LOCK ABOUT IT YOU JUST NEED TO READ IT Also I highly recommend the audiobook It was really well done and made the experience EVEN MORE enjoyable Just all around 1010 recommend this one IT WAS SO GOODTW fatphobia cheating

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    One of my fast smart entertaining feel good books It’s refreshing relaxing and motivational This is not only plus size fashion blogger’s journey to find her love of her life it’s her inner journey to realize she deserved to be loved cared and she have to make peace with her appearance and inner fears to live brighter future she dreamed of Bea Schumacher’s life changes when she takes a trip in Paris lately I read so much books about the city and I start to believe it has its own magical powers and change her fashion style gaining self confidence and voila she starts making videos finding her power at social media with her creative ideas and now she gets offer from Main Sueeze reality show Her brand new occupation reuires fantasy dates Another version Blind Date meets Bachelor meets Love is Blind my husband started to watch it can you believe it? I’m afraid the home uarantine will eventually fry the rest of his brain cells Bea’s heart is already broken after her long time crush a k a her best friend she should make better friend choices and she had a one night stand and he ghosted her Yes bastard ruined her self esteem and now she deserves to have fun And maybe but just maybe she can find someone she may truly fall in love I think her dating parts are a little superficial unrealistic but the parts about Bea’s inner fight her vulnerability and her insecurities prevent her share true self with the world are remarkable Those sincere parts help us connect with the heroine and understand her pain her struggle and her need of approval Overall Even though I didn’t get interested the reality show premise and dating parts I loved Bea and her self discovery journey and I also enjoyed the supporting characters who contributed Bea’s meaningful journey Especially Sam Asher and Marin So I give 35 stars and I’m naturally rounding them up to 4So much thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Dial Press for sharing this amazing ARC in exchange my honest review and help us get through these stressful days with the healing power of great books

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestONE TO WATCH is a book that perfectly captures all of the cringe of reality television while also providing a pitch perfect look at the behind the scenes manipulation of the reality TV industry the way people view women's bodies and what it means to be an empowered woman in a society filled with double standards This could have been a heinous horrible book in the wrong hands but in Stayman London's hands it became a new fave✨ Body positivity I feel like this book really does a great job with its heroine plus sized fashion blogger Bea She's just an ordinary woman who happens to wear a size 20 which is a pretty typical size for a lot of American women although a lot of us think of that as unusual because we don't see women with bodies like that in TV or magazines When Bea is called to be on the very show she criticized on her blog people treat it like she's breaking a very controversial barrier even though those barriers should not exist The body positivity movement has its flaws but I feel like those are addressed here there's a HUGE difference between living a healthy lifestyle and judging others for the way they look✨ The rep In addition to Bea who is plus size there is a lot of diversity in the guys she's supposed to date which she demanded on her show One of the love interests is Asian one of the love interests is black There is a character in here who is gender nonconforming and a character in here who is asexual One of the male love interests is a virgin and it's treated so respectfully which I definitely felt like was a call out to how The Bachelor and all of the promo handled Colton where everyone made SUCH A BIG DEAL OVER IT whereas here it feels totally normal✨ The portrayal of social media and reality television I loved all of the multi POVs in here which I usually can't stand But the blog posts the Tweets the comments the podcasts and the mailing groups were just spot on with how people talk I felt like the blog posts were a really great portrayal of how people really do consume and write about media The comments and Tweets about Bea are sadly an accurate reflection of how people talk to and about women with a prominent online presence especially if those women aren't considered conventionally attractive✨ The romance OH MY GOD so usually in reality TV about dating there's just a whole bunch of jerks and all the good guys get voted off immediately which is why I find watching them so frustrating you get invested you know? but here there are a number of good guys that I loved And also a ton of guys that I loved to hate and hated to love I'm so picky about chick lit and haven't enjoyed a book THIS MUCH since the heyday of Meg Cabot and Plum Sykes and Jennifer Weiner circa the late 90s and early 2000s This was SO MUCH FUN and I was obsessed with Bea's journey not just to find love but also to find happiness and to love herself✨ The feminist themes Honestly?? So good Bea was the perfect blend of vulnerability and empowerment She wasn't portrayed like an icon A lot of her insecurities were things that I as a plus size woman really related to She made mistakes and could be irrational and selfish but I could see myself making and doing a lot of her decisions and having those same doubts But despite all that there was an overarching message that women shouldn't have to settle for less and they shouldn't have to apologize for being the way they are I loved that about this book; it kept it from feeling exploitative because it had the heart and didn't portray this as a throwaway thing✨ The hate watching cringe ONE TO WATCH is seriously just like watching a television show and I hope there are spin offs because I WOULD TOTALLY READ MORE OF THIS WORLD I found myself rooting for various love interests and wanting to scream at the book when drama surfaced especially the love hate relationship between Bea and the director of the show omg Lauren like CAN YOU NOT I don't think I've ever read a book that captures the vibe of reality TV this well only it's better than any reality TV show that I've seen in like ten years soI found myself at a crucial point about 370 pages in where I knew it was a make or break moment which would determine whether this book was four or five stars for me The book didn't choose the ending I wanted though it one upped me and found an even better one I honestly hope that this becomes a movie because if it doesn't PEOPLE ARE MISSING OUT This is the best chick lit book that I have read in years and I honestly couldn't put it down once I really started readingLove Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 5 stars

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    I have only hate watched The Bachelor so maybe I wasn't the right audience for this book

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    Note I also have a 17 minute video review of this one is one of the most FRUSTRATING books I have read in a long time It had the potential to be truly incredible but in my opinion really dropped the ball This could have used another round of edits and sensitivity readers who might have caught some things I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people give high ratings to this though because 1 It has a fantastic concept The first plus size woman on a Bachelorette type show? Sign me up2 It's very easy to read I breezed through it and there's a lot that fun and melodramatic especially if you are a Bachelor fan which I am Despite recognizing it's real problems with diversity which I was excited to see addressedHOWEVER I've got issues with it And they are mostly things that could have easily been fixed with the above suggestion namely editing and sensitivity readers 1 This is marketed as body positive with fierce and fashionable plus size heroine looking for love I was anticipating a heroine who loves herself and her body and is ready to put herself out there knowing there are men who will be interested And I was READY for it Ready for a heroine I could identify with and root for as she she undermines problematic standards of beautyInstead what we get is a heroine who puts up a good facade but internally is deeply painfully insecure and refuses to believe that conventionally attractive men could be into her despite CLEAR EVIDENCE to the contrary She's so whiny about it and spends way too much time thinking and talking about how she's too fat for these men to actually want to be with her Not to mention the fact that she spent YEARS pining after this guy who was a shitty friend even after he was in a long term relationship Early on in the book she sleeps with him while he is ENGAGED to someone else and then is devastated when he ghosts her She's 30 years old and has the emotional maturity of a college student And this is a heroine I'm supposed to be identifying with and rooting for? Nope Sorry this is not what I signed up for At the show reunion she suddenly begins spouting all these mature and thoughtful things and it's a complete 180 for her character in a completely unbelievable way Where was all this maturity and confidence when you were actually on the show? Not that you can't have a heroine who has moments of insecurity or is hurt by the nastiness of internet trolls but this ventured so far beyond that it's scarcely relevant 2 On top of which I had some issues with the fatness representation On the show she talks a good talk about negative and false stereotypes but in practice she completely plays into them Shall I enumerate the ways? There is lip service paid to the idea that fat people can have healthy diets But we get a shopping list for her that is primarily lots of chips and soda nary a vegetable or fruit in sight Not that you can't have a character who indulges or enjoys richer foods but can we please have a fat heroine who enjoys a dessert but also eats a salad? I hate this stereotype and this book did nothing to combat it Another common misconception is that fat people are never physically active So does Bea talk about her yoga classes or her love of cross fit or dance? Nope She freaks out when bachelors who are personal trainers get judgmental but we could have had her snapping back about how she already has a fitness routine she loves and is happy with her body But we don't Then we get her at her high school talking about how she tried to get out of gym class and hated sports Way to go with all the stereotypes there We find out early on that Bea heroine did not go to prom because she couldn't find a dress Now Bea is 30 I'm 33 and I can tell you that when she was getting ready for prom as an American woman there were definitely options available for prom dresses A decade earlier? Maybe not I can't help wondering if the author wrote her own experience onto this but at least for me it didn't ring true Bea has this big moment late in the book where she sleeps with someone and leaves the light on for the first time I can't help wondering is this REALLY still a thing? And a heroine who's supposed to an icon for body positivity but she can't be seen while having sex? I justdon't get it There's a place for heroines who have this level of insecurity but based on the marketing this book wasn't it We deserve a fat heroine who has a collection of sexy plus size lingerie that she isn't afraid to show off I struggled with the fact that she is so certain thinner men won't be into her That certainly exists but there are plenty of men who aren't themselves fat that are into larger ladies And yes even in Los Angeles Like my husband Who I met in the LA area I mean you're a fashion icon Will you face some discrimination? Yes of course and that's worth talking about but the extremes this went to played into this negative stereotype of fat women being pathetic and desperate Does that change by the end? Sure but that never needed to be her character arc in the first place 3 oh you thought I was done? HaIt's clear that the author holds liberal ideals but the way it's done in this book feels like checking off boxes and feeling good about it while missing some of the racist and problematic depictions that again could have been easily adjusted Lesbian best friend? Check Guy on the asexual spectrum? Check Kid who is gender non conforming? Check Black and Asian love interests? Check and checkExceptthe POC men are not handled well at all Sam is a Black man who is introduced as a Michael B Jordan look alike Which yes please But then if you didn't pay close attention you might NEVER REMEMBER that he's Black No descriptions of warm brown skin when they're making out etc Nothing Until the very end of the book where we are suddenly reminded again that oh yeah I guess he's Black That was such a missed opportunity Especially because he comes from an elite and wealthy family with parents who have high expectations This could have opened a conversation about opportunity gaps and race in America But instead we get of Bea whining about how no one could be into her On top of which Sam is this kind and happy go lucky guy but he lives at home and doesn't know what he wants to do WhichI get what she was going for here but since there is a long history of Black men in America being negatively stereotyped as lazy and feeding off the system this feels like a real mis step She could have had him interested in writing or art still allowing for a conflict with his family who want their kids to be doctors or lawyers but avoiding this problematic depiction While Sam is the most egregious example of this we have similar problems with Asher our Asian love interest Again playing into stereotypes he's very academically minded a history professor and the most reserved and uptight of everyone not to mention hesitant to get sexy Even if he has other reasons for this it still plays into Asian men being viewed as less sexual especially with the emphasis on Bea's mental connection with him not a physical one But hey at least we HAVE an Asian man as a viable love interest sighOn a positive note the mixed media format was cool and she really nailed the reality TV aspect of this as well as the hate women and especially fat women can get from internet trolls I got a kick out of the nods to the Bachelor franchise and there were moments that made me giggle But ultimately? This book was a huge disappointment especially because it had so much potential I can't help but wonder if the author having had a successful non fiction writing career led to them not editing her the way that they should have If so it's really a shame because this could have been amazing But this just wasn't it

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    5 stars SpoilersOne to Watch is a story with nuance profundity and a cast of diverse characters I was wrung out and palpably affected by Bea and her not so merry band of suitors Note to authors This is how you represent people A plus sized lead A Black co lead who isn't the bad guy and an Asian love interest who isn't the stereotypical tech nerd Likewise myriad sexual preferences were respectfully depicted I swear this author exceeded expectations I never knew I hadStayman London has now joined a small but elite group of authors who use their platform and brand in advocacy for those who've been oppressed and underrepresented She's definitely one to watch Highly recommend

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    Yes indeed I read this book in one day that’s how much it pulled me in and made me want to keep reading It’s so fun and entertaining and also super smart about body image and the way the media treats women and I loved it a lot Anyone who watches The Bachelor should totally read this but I don’t watch it and I loved it anyway

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    Gah this was just perfection

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    This was so cute If you’re a fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette then I feel like this is a must read This book centers on this romantic reality show called Main Sueeze which is obviously very much inspired by The Bachelorette Our main character Bea is a plus size fashion blogger and she publicly criticizes the show for not having diverse body types on the show Then the show asks her to be the star of the next season and 25 men are selected to fight for her attention and date herThis was entertaining and dramatic as fuck in all the same ways that The Bachelorette is Even if it’s fictional it’s great to see what it would be like for a plus size person to be the star of a show like this This book also has some other diversity to it that I wasn’t expectingThis book got me out of a reading slump and I was enjoying the hell out of it but it’s not uite a five star book for me I got kind of tired of the news articles and the fan reactions to the show after a while And I feel like the timeline of this story didn’t always make sense to me I feel like she went from 25 guys to 5 guys so fast and idk the pacing was just all over the place? Also I didn’t like how sometimes we missed the big moments in this book we just find out about them from a news article when I would’ve liked to see Bea’s reaction to things in the moment they happen The ending of this book ended up being just okay for me but mostly over the top dramatic in the same kind of way The Bachelorette is haha I guess I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re reading it for the romance but I would if you are reading it for the fun reality show drama kind of stuff which is why I wanted to read it because I’m trash for romantic reality tv shows 😅I’m kind of hoping the author writes a seuel with the next season of the show cause I would auto buy that 😌

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    Boy I sure did love this oneBea Schumacher is a popular plus size fashion blogger determined to show women they can look and feel beautiful no matter what the fashion world and others may demonstrateBut while she demonstrates confidence and pride outwardly she doesn’t always feel worthy inside And when the one man she’s been in love with forever leaves her hanging and hurting one time too many she wonders if she’ll ever find the right personAfter a ranting blog post about a popular dating show’s lack of body diversity the show’s eager new producer offers Bea the chance to become the next bachelorette on Main Sueeze so she could choose one lucky suitor among men vying for her heart Bea wants to do it to show the world that you don’t have to be stick thin to be worthy of love and she hopes that she can further her career by appearing on the showHowever the one thing Bea does NOT want to do is fall in love Yet as much as she steels herself against getting her emotions involved when amidst a group of handsome men some of whom seem genuinely interested in her going on romantic dates to beautiful locales and being dressed in gorgeous outfits how can her heart not be moved? But is true love possible from a show like this or does her heart still belong to the man from her past?I’ve never watched “The Bachelor” in its various permutations but I was utterly hooked on One to Watch Having struggled with my weight most of my life I recognized some of the things that Bea felt and thought the book did a great job in being realistic about the various reactions people had to her All of the various dates and manipulations were pretty interesting as well and I wondered how closely they hewed to the shows this was modeled onThis is a funny sexy emotional book that I stayed up super late to finish I could totally see this as a movie or series I’d absolutely binge watch Kudos to Kate Stayman London for such a great story Check out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at

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