Cato and Varro: On Agriculture (Loeb Classical Library No. 283)

Cato M Porcius Cato The Elder 234 149 BCE Of Tusculum, Statesman And Soldier, Was The First Important Writer In Latin Prose His Speeches, Works On Jurisprudence And The Art Of War, His Precepts To His Son On Various Subjects, And His Great Historical Work On Rome And Italy Are Lost But We Have His De Agricultura Terse, Severely Wise, Grimly Humorous, It Gives Rules In Various Aspects Of A Farmer S Economy, Including Even Medical And Cooking Recipes, And Reveals Interesting Details Of Domestic Life Varro M Terentius , 116 27 BCE, Of Reate, Renowned For His Vast Learning, Was An Antiquarian, Historian, Philologist, Student Of Science, Agriculturist, And Poet He Was A Republican Who Was Reconciled To Julius Caesar And Was Marked Out By Him To Supervise An Intended National Library Of Varro S Than Seventy Works Involving Hundreds Of Volumes We Have Only One On Agriculture And Country Affairs Rerum Rusticarum And Part Of His Work On The Latin Language De Lingua Latina Loeb Nos 333, 334 , Though We Know Much About His Satires Each Of The Three Books On Country Affairs Begins With An Effective Mise En Scene And Uses Dialogue The First Book Deals With Agriculture And Farm Management, The Second With Sheep And Oxen, The Third With Poultry And The Keeping Of Other Animals Large And Small, Including Bees And Fishponds There Are Lively Interludes And A Graphic Background Of Political Events.Cato and Varro: On Agriculture (Loeb Classical Library No. 283)

234 BC 149 BCMarcus Porcius Cato, Roman statesman, surnamed the Censor Censorius , the Wise Sapiens , the Ancient Priscus , or the Elder Maior , to distinguish him from Cato the Younger his great grandson.Not to be confused with Dionysius Cato 3rd 4th century A.D , author of Cato s distichs.

[Epub] ↠ Cato and Varro: On Agriculture (Loeb Classical Library No. 283) Author Marcus Porcius Cato –
  • Hardcover
  • 576 pages
  • Cato and Varro: On Agriculture (Loeb Classical Library No. 283)
  • Marcus Porcius Cato
  • English
  • 19 February 2017
  • 9780674993136

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    How it was before plastic, tractors and freedom.

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    Two farming manuals, one of the middle Republic, one from the late Cato quid est agrum bene colere bene arare quid secundum arare quid tertium stercorare Cato is full of such wisdom, and tips on how store pigeon manure and how to water down wine for your workers He also prescribes a complete inventory of farm implements down to their materials and dimensions and where they can be cheaply procure...

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    This is a translation of two Latin works on farming, which were often copied together in the manuscript tradition Cato wrote the older of the two, which is a practical guide to viniculture at one point he includes recommendations for the best sources for farm tools These merchants may be assumed to no longer sell these items Varro was an encyclopedist, and his work is presented in the form of a dialogue between aristocrats whiling away ...

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    Nothing like learning of Roman methodologies from those who lived in Roman times While De Agricultura can read dry in places, there are spots of humor o plenty, too Or at least I found that to be true This is a treasure trove of information regarding agriculture probably a necessity for anyone researching the ever fascinating Roman era.An additional bonus The original LATIN writing alongside the English translation Me, I m of the opinion the whole world should speak, read, and write Latin ...

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    i read this online at love it

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