Unsuspecting Souls: The Disappearance of the Human Being

During The Nineteeth Century, Something Vital Went Missing The Human Being In Unsuspecting Souls, Barry Sanders Examines Modern Society S Indifference To The Individual From The Industrial Revolution, Where The Disappearance Of Care For Human Beings Begins Slowly, To Our Own Age, Where Societal Events Require Less Person To Person Interaction, Sanders Laments That What Makes Us Most Human Is Slowly Dying Our Days Are Filled With Little But A Continuous Bombardment Of Information, Demands On Our Attention, That Brings Us Out Of Our World And Into One Of Inhumanity And Abstraction We Are Losing Entirely Any Palpable Attachment To Our Physical Reality.And We Ve Also Lost The Original Sense Of A Collective Consciousness This Loss Has Been Fomenting For Two Centuries Now, Dating Back To The Rise Of European Powers And Worldwide Colonization This Has Led To The Notion That We Need To Define What Is Torture, An Idea That Not Long Ago Would Have Seemed Absurd, And Need To Pick Our Poisons Among Several Forms Of Radical Fundamentalisms, Each One Not Only A Threat To The Other But A Threat To Humanity Itself From Edgar Allen Poe To Abu Ghraib, This Is A Fascinating And Worrisome Story, Impeccably Researched And Compellingly Written.Unsuspecting Souls: The Disappearance of the Human Being

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Unsuspecting Souls: The Disappearance of the Human Being
  • Barry Sanders
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9781582434728

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    Every so often I interview an author on my Pathways radio show who presents a unique idea Professor Barry Sanders is one such person Observing the culture wars that are being fought in the press, I was surprised from reading his new book to realize to what extent our strong cultural attitudes and conflicts were formed during a spooky 19th century I enjoy history when it is made as interesting as this Sanders give us the background for our tendency for escapism, wherein we would usually rather imbibe the shadow images of film via movies and tv than we care to FEEL our bodies, our feelings, all of our senses As a result, he says we have become largely disembodied creatures, losing what he refers to as a haptic sense of life I love learning new words Unsuspecting Souls The Disappearance of the Human Being is the history of how humanity lost its bearings how we had an identity crisis, if you will in and throughout the 19th century It is an extremely readable and fascinating history of the period, as well as an examination of how...

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    It is a challenge and a delight to read anything by Barry Sanders.He knows a lot than I know Every paragraph is amplified by his broad knowledge, and by the analogies and contrasts that he is able to explain.Unsuspecting Souls is a road map to so much that is to be found down the rabbit hole of human culture and history.Sanders makes the case that our experience and conception of human life has been continuously battered since the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, the emergence of mass production culture, and the shattering development of technology that disrupts human interaction and represses our understanding of the good life.It s difficult to read Unsuspecting Souls because, like other Sanders books, it s so full of facts and connections, and because his writing is undisciplined it s dif...

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    I really, really, really wanted to give this one a one star review, but there were enough cute stories about the 19th century I just couldn t do that Give me a chuckle or two, and I ll never one star a review.Still, I have no idea how this mess was published by anything but a vanity press To call this load of twaddle incoherent is probably the fairest summation, but it actually goes far beyond that, almost to the point it seemed the author was going out of his way to say absolutely nothing in as many words as possible Take the subtitle The Disappearance of the Human Being If you re throwing that out front, hadn t you better define the term human being, somewhere along the line Well, Sanders doesn t Huh I suppose we get something of a negative definition in the sense that human beings don t go to Coney Island, don t think very highly of Thoreau, don t eat hot dogs and may or may not undergo psychotherapy, depending upon where you are in the book They also apparently admire Marx, Emerson and Freud, well sort of.Alternatively, since human beings started disappearing at the beginning of the 19th century, presumably somewhere along the line in human history human beings predominated Or, perhaps all or most of humanity prior to 1800 could be so classed Sanders never says In fact, I cannot recall one instance where Sanders actually says so and so was a human being, and so and so was not He certainly looks down hi...

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    It was full of interesting facts But also his theories are amazing

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