Agriculture Course: The Birth of the Biodynamic Method

Ebook Agriculture Course The Birth Of The Biodynamic Method By Rudolf Steiner 8 Lectures, Koberwitz, June 7 20, 1924 CW 327 The Audio Book, Complete And Unabridged 10 CD Set , Is Read By Respected Actor And Speech Teacher Peter Bridgmont, Author Of Liberation Of The Actor When Rudolf Steiner Gave These Lectures Eighty Years Ago, Industrial Farming Was On The Rise And Organic Methods Were Being Replaced In The Name Of Science, Efficiency, And Technology With The Widespread Alarm Over Food Quality In Recent Years, And With The Growth Of The Organic Movement And Its Mainstream Acceptance, Perceptions Are Changing The Qualitative Aspect Of Food Is On The Agenda Again, And In This Context Steiner S Only Course Of Lectures On Agriculture Is Critical To The Current Debate With These Talks, Steiner Created And Launched Biodynamic Farming A Form Of Agriculture That Has Come To Be Regarded As The Best Organically Produced Food However, The Agriculture Steiner Speaks Of Here Is Much Than Organic It Involves Working With The Cosmos, With The Earth, And With Spiritual Beings To Facilitate This, Steiner Prescribes Specific Preparations For The Soil, As Well As Other Distinct Methods Born From His Profound Understanding Of The Material And Spiritual Worlds He Presents A Comprehensive Picture Of The Complex Dynamic Relationships At Work In Nature And Gives Basic Indications Of The Practical Measures Needed To Bring Them Into Full Play These Lectures Are Reprinted Here In The Classic Translation Made By Rudolf Steiner S English Interpreter, George Adams This Edition Also Features A Preface By Steiner S Colleague The Medical Doctor Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, As Well As Eight Color Plates This Is The Course That Began The Biodynamic Movement Rudolf Steiner S Agriculture Course Is The Essential Work For Anyone Wanting To Understand And Use Steiner S Methods Of Food Production This Book Is A Translation From German Of Geisteswissenschaftliche Grundlagen Zum Gedeihen Der Landwirtschaft Landwirtschaftlicher Kursus GA 327.Agriculture Course: The Birth of the Biodynamic Method

Steiner was a philosopher, social thinker, architect, and esotericist Steiner led this movement through several phases In the first, philosophically oriented phase, Steiner attempted to find a synthesis between science and mysticism his philosophical work of these years, which he termed spiritual science, sought to provide a connection between the cognitive path of Western philosophy and t

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10 thoughts on “Agriculture Course: The Birth of the Biodynamic Method

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    If you want to practice witchcraft in your garden, this is the book you looking for.

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    This review is not directed at the teachings of Rudolf Steiner or the biodynamic method itself, but rather at the presentation of those concepts in this book I suppose it is a straightforward translation of several Steiner lectures, so maybe I should not have expected But I did And this book did not deliver.When writing about something as complex and unfamiliar to most people, even farmers as biodynamic farming, an author or translator should expect the reader to be at some kind of comparable disadvantage I am not a experimental farmer in 1920s Germany, so how can I be expected to assimilate Steiner s lectures to that audience into a coherent understanding or practical use in modern day America Maybe I m not expected to But, in that case, this was a pretty useless read.I would suggest reading this book if, and only if, you re curious about Steiner himself or the historical culture ...

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    This series of lectures is the fruit of a study of both the latest scientific and agricultural works of the time along with esoteric alchemy I cannot trace analogical thinking backwards because of my own limited grasp of imaginative intuitive thinking and my own research But his poetic thinking has a deep logic and coherent rules These lectures were given to anthroposophists who happened to be farmers No time is given to catch up outsiders For that, read Steiner s Theosophy, How to Know Higher Worlds, Esoteric Develo...

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    So there is style and there is content The style is lecture, and I found that trying to interpret and retain every detail was impossible so I just read it straight through, as if I were sitting there listening to him speak That was good, turned out to be a fun and easy read taken like that Then I later joined a study group to nit pick each line paragraph chapter.On the content side, it s p...

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    Steiner s ambiguously titled agriculture course was a fresh breath of strange theosophy a mixture of scientific agricultural methods with anthroposophy essential practical magical methods of fertilization and empowering one s fields while it may sound bizarre, these methods are not completely foreign to agriculture, and essentially have...

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    I have a warning for everyone trying to read this book You may realize the tragedy of nowdays agriculture full of chemicals, genetic changes and other travesties and it may tear your world apart.

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    I m reading this as part of a BD group with a bunch of other winemakers growers gardeners here in Napa Sonoma.

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