That Sleep of Death

Sam Wiseman Runs An Independent Bookstore Near McGill University In The Heart Of Montreal His Existence Is Untroubled And His Relationships Are Steady Until The Day He Stops A Shoplifter Out Of This Seemingly Innocent Incident, Sam Becomes Friends With Gaston Lemieux, A Police Detective With A Great Affection For Nineteenth Century British Novels.The Friendship Comes Into Play When Sam Discovers The Body Of Professor Harold Hilliard A Long Time Customer Of The Store Dead In His Office At McGill Sam Is Implicated In The Murder When It Is Discovered That The Victim Is Clutching A Special Order Form From Sam S Store In What Clearly Is An Attempt To Reveal The Identity Of His Murderer.Part Police Procedural And Part Cozy Mystery, That Sleep Of Death Introduces A New Sleuth To The Canadian Murder Mystery Scene One Whose Continuing Presence Will Be Anticipated And Enjoyed For Mysteries To Come.That Sleep of Death

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the That Sleep of Death book, this is one of the most wanted Richard King author readers around the world.

Read ✓ That Sleep of Death By Richard King –
  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • That Sleep of Death
  • Richard King
  • English
  • 14 February 2019
  • 9780888822291

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    There is way too much telling going on You have two book lovers, and we are told what their conversation is about not shown Further, why would you keep referring to your friend and business partner by both her first and last name King captures...

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    3.5 starsLet s make one thing clear right at the start if you re looking for a thrilling crime novel that has you on the edge of your seat and makes you bite your nails in constant excitement then you can already stop reading right here because Richard King s book A Death at the University definitely won t provide that Instead this book comes with the teaser of being a classic murder mystery and the first book in a new cosy crime series for fans of Agatha Christie and Midsomer Murders and that s exactly what you can expect from the book What made the book so interesting to me is that the main character is not a police detective or a private investigator but a bookseller that runs a little independent bookstore in the heart of Montreal and I just couldn t resist the combination of murder and books It all starts when protagonist Sam Wiseman wants to collect the money from one of his long time clients for the latest book orders when he suddenly finds this professor Harold Hilliard dead in his office at the McGill University In every other crime novel being the first one at the crime scene would probably make him suspect no 1 especially since in the victim s hands the police finds a special order form from Sam s bookstore that the dying professor must have grabbed to give the detectives a hint at the...

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    I received a digital copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley.Ten Second Synopsis Sam owns a bookstore Upon going to collect money for an unpaid order, Sam discovers his customer a history professor murdered Luckily, Sam is friends with the local detective Investigation ensues There was nothing glaringly wrong with this book, except that there was far too much telling, rather than showing, and clunky dialogue that was mildly, but persistently, irritating.Sam is an unassuming, laid back kind of a guy so much so that he is happy to leave the business he owns for hours at a time in order to help the police investigate the murder of one of his clients While detective Gaston Lemieux does the official business, Sam potters around trying to sniff out leads and find that extra bit of information that may prove crucial to the whole operation The book has the quirky aspect of featuring Sam as a suspect early on, but this is put aside almost immediately, which I thought was unfortunate because it could have added some much needed suspense to the plot.Unfortunately, I found the investigation to be tedium itself There is very little in the way of danger and Sam seems to be able to wander into any suspect s circle of awareness, ask some questions, get some reasonable ans...

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    Sam Wiseman co owns a bookstore in downtown Montreal, where he meets and becomes friends with people from all walks of life, including professors at McGill University and police detectives So when one of his professor friends is murdered while holding a book order traced to his store, Sam is happy to assist his police detective friend in investigating the crime, especially as he himself might be a suspect Richard King is actually the former owner of Paragraphe Books in downtown Montreal, so he knows whereof he speaks in that regard He also nicely captures the bilingual nature of the city, having individuals speak French from time to time without translating nothing crucial is missed if you don t read French, however I m not entirely convinced that a homicide detective would welcome the assista...

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    Just as some information which might be useful to you, this book was previously published in 2002 with the title, THAT SLEEP OF DEATH.A career policeman allowing a totally untrained civilian to help him solve a murder case only works if the civilian has a legitimate reason for being allowed inside the inner circle and I, as the reader, fully accept this intruder into that privileged circle In this case bookstore owner Sam Wiseman was allowed to follow Detective Sergeant Gaston Lemieux throughout the investigation of every situation and every witness or suspect without convincing me that he had any right to be there Where were the other police The amount of latitude given to both Lemieux and Wiseman will surely make any Canadian attorney cringe if they ever read this novel Believability is the major obstacle for an author when setting up a co investigative team, both members must bring an invaluable asset to the amalgamation of talent and I don t mean just being able to read Hamlet This one was a miss all the way for me.Sam Wiseman is given the task of going to the campus of McGill University in Montreal to collect the money several professors owe for books ordered through his bookstore When he opens the door of the office of one of the Professors ...

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    I was given this book by Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for a honest and unbiased review of this book, so allow me to get started with my review.For a start, the story had began with the soon to be dead professor and his killer I m a room There s not much drama or tension beside the fact that he was then killed It didn t really pick up all that much from there, as the story then cuts to the first person perspective of a bookstore owner that had started telling the story of how none of the later events would ve happened had he not caught a shoplifter and called the cops Overall, the beginning isn t exactly fast, or well written As the story progress, I feel like the writer had started to get serious about telling the story and finally started picking things up a bit It s something that you...

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    Lately it seems that these thrillers that take place in North American universities, where a professor of clear academic reputation, but equally well known for a bad character is found murdered, and the featured amateur detective shows to be crucial to solving the mystery, are fashionable They are affected and well meaning thriller, with beautiful and educated people, who usually do cool jobs and have sympathetic colleagues.The book is discretely written and read well, especially with the help of a bout of insomnia The thanks to Maeve Binchy could explain the excess of sugar.Thanks to Bonnier Publishing and Netgalley for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.Ultimamente sembra che vadano di moda questi thriller ambientati nelle universit del Nord America, nei quali un professore di chiara fama accademica, ma altrettanto chi...

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    Sam Wiseman is co owner of a bookstore in Montreal While he enjoys all things literary, he loves a good mystery When he stumbles upon the corpse of Professor Harold Hilliard in the course of collecting payment from him, Sam gets his dream of becoming involved in a mystery as a suspect Inspector Gaston Lemieux is in charge of the case and Sam is lucky enough to have a previous friendship with Lemieux Now he has to chance to clear his name and aid in the investigation As Sam and Lemieux navigate their way through the collegiate world, it becomes apparent Professor Hilliard was not always the amiable man Sam knew from the bookstore But who disliked him enough to kill him And why was he clutching the special order slip for the books Sam was there to collect on I read enjoyed this ARC provided by NetGalley...

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    The real mystery and the real question to a one star review is probably why did you finish the book The answer is because I downloaded it with some anticipation because the setting was partially a bookstore Oh well.It would be unfair and unkind to compare this mystery with a P.D James, Martha Grimes, Peter Robinson or Louise Penny This mystery does not pretend to be in that league It is, as they say, a cosy mystery, and I should have known better.The story s premise is that a police detective who enjoys Charles Dickens novels enlists the help of a book store owner to help solve a murder on the campus of McGill University in Montreal The detective allows Sam, the bookstore owner, who discovers the first body, to accompany him on his investigations, the interviewing of suspects and everythin...

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    Richard King That Sleep of Death Dundurn Press 2002 3 StarsWhen Montreal bookstore owner Sam Wiseman finds a body of a client dead, his life changed He now finds himself trying to clear his name and find out just who was guilty of the murder Working with the police he finds himself out of his league, but is intrigued by the investigation.It was a bit of a slow start to the book, that had me unsure if I would finish It never did really become gripping, but was still interesting enough to keep me reading It was also kind of cool to see the bookstore angle, and a little of the behind the scenes work that goes on The characters were okay for me, not great, but not terrible either I found that his relationship was distracting and kind of pointless The setting was nice to see, as it was taking place in Canada, but it did not get into the setting description much Overall it was an okay book, good for a one time read.For of my reviews check out my website, www.tonypeters...

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